Alex's Guardian Angel

by Anthony Lane

Chapter 33

Hi everyone, I know this will get you all confused, but the new characters in this chapter do have a part to play in Alex’s story.

Lucas and Liam loved spending time with each other, they'd had a few rows over the years, but they never went to bed angry with each other. As babies they shared a cot and their parents had no problems getting the boys to sleep. The problems started the minute they tried to get the boys to sleep apart. They'd bought the boys single beds when they were too big for the cot. When they tried to get the boys to sleep in the new beds, they wouldn't settle or go to sleep. In the end their father had the idea of pushing the two singles together, the boys slept like a log almost from the instant they got in, and they continued to sleep together as they grew older. They were comfortable being naked in front of each other. When they got erections, they were proud enough of them to show them off to each other.

Their parents did what a lot of others with twins did; they treated them in exactly the same way. If Lucas had a blue train, so did Liam; if Liam had a set of rollerblades so did Lucas. Their schooling went the same. When Lucas got an A in spelling, so did Liam.

Lucas and Liam had a few special gifts they thought was a result of their being identical twins. There was a sort of telepathic link between them which meant that sometimes they didn't need to talk to know what each other was thinking or feeling, this still worked on times when they were separated. They also had their own language which allowed them to talk to each other without people understanding them and very often when they were alone they would slip into using it instead of English. These two gifts had come in handy as they were growing up.

When they started in Connor High they joined the swim team. The coach found it so difficult to tell them apart, he made them wear different coloured Speedos. Over the years, although they didn't admit it to others, they attributed their successes at synchronized diving in part to their telepathic link.

They discovered masturbation one Friday afternoon in October after swimming practice in their second year. They had stayed in the pool later than the others to work on their endurance. When they got out of the pool and went into the changing room no one else appeared to still be around. They stripped their Speedos off, grabbed some shower gel and headed to the shower room. Just as they got there they noticed Aaron was in there. They liked Aaron, although he was two years ahead of them he wasn't bothered about spending time showing them where they were going wrong or how to do things better. Up to that Friday afternoon, Aaron had only talked to the twins when they were in the pool or changing rooms.

With Aaron being older his body was more developed. He had hair above his cock and under his arms, unlike the twins who were still hairless everywhere except their heads. Like the twins, Aaron had blue eyes, unlike the twins blonde hair though, his was brown. When they saw him that day in the shower room, he was facing the door with his back to the shower. It wasn't the first time Lucas or Liam had seen Aaron naked, but it was the first time either of them had seen an erection other than their own or each other's. He had soap all over his body and his left hand was purposely stroking his cock. This was new to them and instinctively they knew that if they were to walk straight into the shower room, Aaron would stop what he was doing and make out he was just soaping up like normal; so they kept just outside, poking their heads around the door so they could still see.

Aaron continued to stroke his cock until he gasped. The twins saw something shoot off his cock but they didn't know whether it was soap or something else. From the look of joy that was showing on Aaron's face, they knew that what he had been doing was something they wanted to know more about. When they could see Aaron begin to get on with his shower they walked in and said hello.

Aaron instantly went as red as a beetroot as he wondered just how long they had been there and how much they had seen. He had never jerked off at school before; he was usually too tired after swimming to take much notice. But he had spent the first half of practice showing the twins how to improve and so he hadn't tired himself out as much, despite staying in the pool for half hour longer than most. He'd noticed the twins were still in the pool when he got out but from talking to them earlier, knew they'd be in there for a lot longer so when he got to the shower he thought he had time to get one off before they got there.

Aaron wasn't ashamed of masturbating, but he could imagine some of the taunts that would be thrown at him if others found out he had been doing it in the school showers, let alone what the coach would say or do about it. So he asked them to keep what they'd seen to themselves.

Wanting to know more about what he had been doing, the twins agreed to keep what they had seen a secret on one condition; that he answered a few questions they had about it.

Feeling like he didn't really have much choice, other than to threaten them into silence, and that wasn't his style, Aaron agreed to answer their questions, but away from school. He told them he'd wait by the front door for them and then they could go to the park across from school and talk there.

The twins met up with Aaron as agreed and all three headed to the park. Aaron started off by talking to them about puberty and how it changed their bodies, pointing out the obvious differences between his body and theirs. He talked a bit about erections and then he went on to explain about how a man's erect cock is inserted into a woman's vagina. He told them that that was how a baby could be made, but it didn't happen every time a man and woman had sex. Then he told them about masturbation and how, although most if not all, teens did it, they didn't go around talking about it.

As Aaron was talking about masturbation, the twins realised that was what they had seen him doing in the shower. Despite Aaron telling them people didn't talk about it, they wanted to. They asked questions about it, such as did it hurt, did you have to do it a certain way or for a certain amount of time, did the white stuff come out every time and so on. Aaron was sure they had asked every possible question but was shocked when they asked the last one. They just nonchalantly asked when he was going to show them how to do it properly.

Aaron didn't know how to answer. Were they pushing him to see how far he'd go or were they just curious about this new thing they had seen? Did they mean they wanted to see him jerk off again or did they mean they wanted him to jerk them off? He tried to ignore the question by talking about using protection to prevent against STDs, but the twins were not going to let him off the hook. Before he could answer them he needed to know what they meant. That question would lead to many more, and they could be really dangerous for him.

Aaron had managed to go through school so far without anyone knowing he was gay. Could the twins work it out and tell everyone? A few of the boys on the swim team had already voiced their attitudes about 'queers' and how sport was no place for them. Should he risk losing something he loved because of something he had no control over? In the end it all boiled down to could he trust the twins. The only way to answer that was for them to prove to him they were trustworthy.

He told them that while they may have seen him doing it in the shower; he didn't know them well enough to show them. They looked disappointed until he told them that he was willing to try to get to know them better, and while that didn't mean he would show them, it wasn't a refusal either. So as a way to get to know the twins better, he asked them over to his house the following day to hang out.

Aaron had never had many friends; he spent most of his time training or with his big brother. Over the summer he had been lost without Danny when he left to join the army. They had been close as they grew up and his brother was the only person to know he was gay. Aaron cried when he told his brother because he thought there was something wrong with him. Danny simply sat down next to him, hugged him and told him there was nothing wrong with fancying other boys.

Aaron enjoyed the day he spent with the twins, it made him think of the times he had spent with Danny. The following day Aaron noticed it was lonely at home on his own, and found himself looking forward to training the next day, where he'd see the twins again.

The three of them found that working as a trio had more benefits than the way they'd been working before. The twins were able to keep up with Aaron over the short distances, so he would swim with one of them to help keep his pace up while the other one kept their times, then after a few laps the twins would change places. The twins loved swimming but preferred diving and that's where they found Aaron to be of more help. He was able to tell them where they were going wrong when they dived together. He also insisted that they continue to push their endurance work.

After their discovery on the Friday, Aaron had wanted to avoid showering in front of the twins for a while, but this became difficult when on their first training session they decided to stay a bit longer. He was nervous about it, he wasn't sure if they might expect him to put on a show for them being as everyone else had gone home. He needn't have worried, apart from a little horsing around between them, the twins didn't mention it.

Over the course of the week, they fell into a routine where the twins would help push Aaron to get better times and then he would help the twins perfect their diving. The coach had noticed the interaction of the trio and started to pay more attention. He noticed as the week went on how all three seemed to be improving, slight as it was. He was curious as to how the three had started to work together considering their preferences in different areas of the pool and their ages. It was a question he would never get an answer to.

When Friday came around, Aaron was hoping the twins wouldn't have any plans for Saturday so they could all hang out again, but he felt apprehensive about asking them, after all, would their parents think it strange that a boy older than them suddenly wanted to spend time with them. Training went the same way it had all week, the twins swam with Aaron, then he would watch them diving before the three of them swam laps to work on their endurance. By the time the three of them were walking to the showers, they were the only ones there. Aaron was sure the fact the twins hadn't mentioned anything about the weekend, meant that he would have to spend it alone. He was wrong, as they finished their showers Liam asked him if he wanted to spend the weekend at their place, their mom had agreed to him sleeping over, if his parents agreed.

When Aaron heard the offer he felt all excited, he'd never been invited to sleep over before. He told them that he'd check with his parents as soon as he got home, but they would probably want to speak to the twins' parents before they agreed to anything. When they had finished getting dressed, the twins gave Aaron their phone number and address so he knew where to go the next day. They also told him that regardless of whether he could sleep over he was still welcome to hang out with them all day.

Aaron told his mother as soon as he was through the door, she was glad he appeared to be making friends although she was a little concerned that they weren't closer in ages. She had been worried about how lonely he seemed to be, and then realised how happy he was last Saturday when the twins were there. She quickly agreed to let him sleep over so long as the twins' mother or father said it was alright.

The twins were just as excited as Aaron when they heard their mother talking to his on the phone. They'd planned the weekend out in their heads all week and had been working on getting their mother to agree to let Aaron stay overnight. They hadn't asked Aaron sooner because their mother had only agreed that morning.

They'd decided that for most of Saturday they were going to just play video games if the weather was bad, or go to the park for a kick about if it was dry. They saw enough of the pool during the week so the weekends they tended to avoid it, although they knew that soon enough the pool would be where they spent most of their free time. Their plans for Saturday night though were a lot more fun. Their mother had agreed to rent a few scary movies for them if Aaron had agreed to sleep over. They'd decided on some of the titles but final decision would wait until Aaron could have his say. Sunday they were going to wait and see what the weather was doing before deciding on what to do.

When Saturday came in glorious autumn sunshine, the twins were eager to get to the park. When Aaron arrived they quickly showed him where he'd be sleeping before dragging him to the park. After a few hours of kicking the ball about and running around, all three were pretty sweaty and were more than happy to head back. They munched down sandwiches and crisps, washing it all down with coke while talking about the movies they wanted to watch later. While they were eating they agreed on a few different titles. They gave them to their mother Myfanwy ( pronounced Ma-van-wee ) when they'd finished before heading back to the park for more running around.

It was close to four o'clock before they'd had enough for the day and started walking back. When they got home, Liam asked if it was alright for the three of them to have a shower before they settled down to watch the movies. Myfanwy said it was a good idea as they all appeared to be sweaty, but suggested that as Aaron was the guest he should go first.

Aaron hadn't had any chance to take much notice of the layout of the house before the twins dragged him to the park earlier, so when they went upstairs for their showers he asked about the rooms. The twins pointed to one door and said that was their parent's room, the next was the bathroom. The room where he had left his things earlier and told him that was the guest room and the last door was their room.

Lucas got Aaron a towel and told him to let them know when he was finished so they could jump in. Aaron went into the bedroom he'd be using and got undressed before wrapping the towel around his waist and heading to the bathroom. As he was washing his hair he wondered why Liam had referred to the bedroom he was using as the guest room not his or Lucas', then he remembered how there was no indication either of the twins used it as their room. He couldn't work out why they would share a bedroom when they obviously didn't have to.

When he was finished he went to the twins' bedroom and knocked. Liam answered, telling him to come in. When he opened the door and walked in the first thing he noticed was that there was only one bed. This added to the confusion he had noticed about the bedrooms while in the shower.

Liam noticed the confusion on Aaron's face and started to laugh. He quickly explained about how their parents had tried to get them to sleep in separate beds when they were younger only to find they slept better when they were in the same bed. And even though they were almost in their teens, they saw no reason to change their sleeping habits. While Liam explained about their sleeping arrangements, Lucas stripped off and headed to the bathroom not bothering to put a towel around him to cover up.

While Lucas was in the shower, Aaron went back to his room to finish drying off and get dressed. Aaron put on his briefs and t-shirt with a pair of pyjama bottoms. If he was at home he would walk around in just the bottoms, but he was in someone else's home so he thought he'd be respectful.

When he went back to the twins' room the door was open and Lucas was busy drying off with his back to the door. Aaron coughed so Lucas was aware of him being there, Lucas told him he could sit on the bed while he carried on drying off. Aaron sat on the corner. He found it amazing how the twins weren't bothered about being naked in front of him. It had taken him nearly three years of being on the swim team before he stopped worrying about it.

As Lucas was drying off, he told Aaron they'd be watching the movies in their bedroom because their parents preferred to watch other things, but his mom was going to order pizza and she had microwave popcorn in the cupboard as well. It didn't go unnoticed by Aaron how there was only the bed or the floor to sit on while they watched the films. Liam walked in at that point with his towel over his shoulder and nothing covering the rest of him.

Aaron had spent quite a bit of time with the twins now over the course of the week and he still couldn't work out how to tell them apart. While they were drying off he took a closer look and realised that he couldn't see a single thing that would help him. In the end he asked them if there was anything that would help him.

Liam giggled before answering that as far as they could tell there was only one thing and for him to see that, they'd have to be naked so it wasn't really much help when they weren't. Aaron wasn't so slow that he didn't notice how Liam hadn't told him what that one thing was. Lucas put a pair of white briefs on before going downstairs to get the films.

When Liam had finished drying off, just like his brother he put a pair of white briefs on before sitting at the head of the bed.

Lucas came back with the movies and a bowl of popcorn to get them started. He asked if there was any preference to which one they watched first. As both Aaron and Liam shrugged he chose Underworld and put it on. As he turned around he noticed Aaron was still sat at the bottom of the bed, he told him he'd need to sit between him and his brother so he could hold the popcorn. He also told him that he could take his t-shirt and bottoms off if he wanted to as they weren't going to bother putting clothes on.

Aaron moved up on the bed so he was next to Liam, leaving his t-shirt and bottoms on. Lucas handed him the bowl of popcorn before sitting next to him. He placed the popcorn between his legs where all three of them could get it easily. It was all gone before they'd watched an hour of the film.

Liam got up and put the film on pause so he could go downstairs and get drinks for them all. He was only gone a few minutes before he returned with three cans of Pepsi. He handed the others their cans before he pressed play on the film and got back on the bed.

Aaron got another surprise at the end of the film. They all needed to use the toilet so the twins let him go first before they went in together. While he was waiting for the twins to finish he took his t-shirt off, feeling a little silly being completely dressed when they were only in their underwear.

When the twins came back, Liam went to put the next film on. He chose Blade and was soon sat on the bed next to Aaron. About a quarter into the film Liam moved closer to Aaron. When they were halfway through, Liam took hold of Aaron's right arm and moved it so he could rest his head on Aaron's chest. Lucas seeing what his brother had done decided to do the same with Aaron's left arm.

It felt good to Aaron that the twins were comfortable being this intimate with him but he knew that this was as far as he was comfortable going.

Before the film finished Myfanwy called up to let them know the pizzas had arrived. Lucas put the disc on pause and all three headed downstairs. As Aaron was heading to the door he picked his t-shirt up and put it on. In his head, being shirtless with the twins wasn't much different than when they were in the pool but he didn't know if their parents would be ok with that.

After they had eaten their fill of pizza and guzzled more coke down they headed back upstairs to watch the rest of the films. When they got into the bedroom the twins turned on Aaron and while Liam pulled his pyjama bottoms down, Lucas went to work on getting his t-shirt off him. Despite putting up a good fight, the twins were too much for him, and had him standing in just his white briefs in quick time. He didn't try putting the clothes back on, he guessed they'd only take them back off him, so he got on the bed and the twins sat either side of him like earlier. Before Lucas got back on the bed he put the film back on.

Lucas and Liam insisted that Aaron choose the next film, so he chose The Terminator . When he got back on the bed the twins cwtched up to him, they rested their heads on his chest and one of their arms on his stomach.

Whether it was all the running about in the park, the full stomachs or even being cwtched up to Aaron, the twins had fallen asleep before the film was finished. Aaron wasn't sure how to move without waking them but knew even if he had been told he was sharing the bed and sleeping with them, he'd have to get up to switch the telly off. So he gently moved his arm from around Liam and used it to move Lucas off his chest before sliding out from under Liam. He managed to get out from under them without waking either one. He used the light from the telly to help him see enough to get a blanket over the twins before picking up his pyjama bottoms and t-shirt then switching the telly off and heading for the guest room.

Aaron went to sleep that night feeling the best he had since his brother told him it was ok to be gay. Was it because he had found not one but two boys he could call good friends, was it that he had found friends to fill the hole in his life that had been created by his brother leaving?

Aaron was woken up on Sunday by Lucas and Liam tickling his feet. As he started to come around he realised they had taken his duvet off and that he was sporting a hard-on. The twins didn't seem to take any notice of it, for which he was grateful. After their torture on his feet was over they ran back to their bedroom and that's when he noticed they were butt naked again. Aaron got up and put his pyjama bottoms and t-shirt on before going to the bathroom. When he finished, he went to the twins' room and found them wrestling each other on the bed.

With a quick look out the window, Aaron realised that they wouldn't be going out to the park that day. Liam told him they were going to have to spend the day playing video games or watching a few more films.

Aaron told them that they'd be doing nothing until the twins put at least some underwear on. The twins looked at each other and laughed. They picked up the white briefs they'd been wearing the night before and put them on before sitting on the bed waiting for Aaron to decide what he wanted to do.

They ended up playing video games until lunch. Aaron was still surprised how neither the twins nor their parents were bothered about how little clothing the twins wore around the house. After lunch they went back to the bedroom where they decided to watch a few more films before Aaron had to go home.

Lucas allowed Aaron to choose the first film; he chose Spiderman and passed it to Lucas to put on while he got onto the bed. The film had only just started when both the twins cwtched up to Aaron like they had the night before. They didn't move again until the film finished, Liam got up and put Pirates of the Caribbean on before getting back on the bed and cwtching up to Aaron.

About halfway into the film, Lucas got up to get drinks and was just about to ask Aaron if he wanted something when he noticed he was asleep, Liam noticed a split second later. They discussed whether they should do anything to him while he slept, like they had earlier to get him up or leave him sleep. Liam suggested he go down and get drinks for them all and when he came back up, they could try tickling him again.

When Liam came back, he put the cans on the side then he and Lucas knelt down at the bottom of the bed and started to tickle Aaron's feet. It didn't take Aaron long to wake up and pull his feet away from the twins' fingers.

Aaron decided enough was enough and it was time for some payback, having been awoken twice by them tickling him. He jumped up off the bed and went for Liam who was closest. He wrapped his right arm around his chest so he had a good grip and with his left hand, started to tickle him where ever he could reach. What the twins didn't know was that the only place Aaron was ticklish was his feet, so when Lucas tried to help his brother out by trying to tickle Aaron's ribs from behind, it didn't have any effect.

Aaron continued to tickle Liam until he cried out that he was going to pee himself. Aaron let go and went after Lucas who tried to play clever by running around the room, eventually ending up flat on his back with Aaron on top of him. Aaron had his knees either side of Lucas' waist which prevented him from going far, with his left hand he held down Lucas' arms giving him access to the armpits and ribs. He went in for the kill and tickled mercilessly. Lucas thought using the same excuse as his brother would get the torture to stop early, but Aaron had guessed he'd try and ignored it for a while.

When he thought he'd done enough, he got up to find Lucas tenting his briefs. As they hadn't made an issue of his morning boner, he didn't point it out but let him get up. As Lucas started to calm down they all laughed about what had happened.

Liam passed cans to Aaron and his brother before opening his own. They were quiet while they drank until Liam let out an enormous burp which brought on another bought of laughter.

When they calmed down Liam asked if it was worth putting the film back on or if they should just play a few video games until Aaron had to go home, the other two decided on video games.

Around half five, Aaron left the twins room to go to the guest room and get dressed ready for his mother. The twins got dressed at the same time, they didn't feel that their parents would approve of them saying goodbye to Aaron in just their underwear.

Aaron started to feel down as soon as his mother arrived to take him home; the weekend with the twins had reinforced how lonely he had been at home since his brother had left for the army. The twins being perceptive of Aaron's change hugged him and said they'd see him the following day in the pool. Aaron turned to Myfanwy, gave her a hug and thanked her for allowing him to spend the weekend. Myfanwy told him he was welcome to spend the weekend whenever he wanted and thanked him for taking the twins under his wing.

During November and December while they were still in school, Aaron spent every weekend at the twins' house. Despite hearing Myfanwy say he was welcome, his mother was a little concerned that he may be overstaying his welcome. When she raised her concerns with Aaron, he could see her point of view but pointed out that they didn't have the room to invite both twins over for the weekend and it wasn't fair to separate them.

Aaron raised his mother's concerns with Myfanwy that weekend. She told him it was a pleasure having him stay because it served a dual purpose; it kept the twins happy having someone staying there they thought so much of, and it also kept them out of her hair allowing her to get on with things around the house. When Aaron told his mother that, she felt a little easier but started working on a plan for over the Christmas period.`

As Aaron spent more time around the twins' house, he became used to their walking around in just their underwear. They had even got him to strip down to his briefs when they were in the bedrooms, but they couldn't get him to go downstairs without putting clothes on. They continued to cwtch up when watching movies but the twins didn't try tickling Aaron again.

June (Aaron's mother) couldn't help notice how different Aaron had become since he had started spending time with the Lucas and Liam. She'd seen how depressed he had appeared over the summer after his brother had left. As Christmas came closer, her plans all fell into place; she found two camp beds going cheap and quickly bought them. With a few discrete phone calls between herself and Myfanwy, everything was arranged.

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