Valentine's Day

by Andrew Passey

"No Mum, no!" I protested to her as she casually dropped into conversation that James Peters, my old best friend, son of her best friend but someone I would happily never see again would be coming for a sleepover on Saturday. On Valentine's Day of all days. A day that I was sure James would use against me to amuse himself. He'd always been good at making me feel insecure. Our friendship had previously had a strange dynamic. We were pretty much best friends when we were younger but at times I felt I was just there to be the butt of his jokes. He had previous for humiliating me in public even though he always apologised once the laughter had died down. Then it all changed and we hadn't spoken for months which was fine by me. The embarrassment of our last encounter still loomed large in my psyche.

"Oh come on Thomas. You and James used to be great friends! Just because you go to different schools doesn't mean that you still can't hang out together. I have no idea why you don't like him anymore but whatever happened between you is in the past. His parents need someone to look after him for the night and Sandra asked me. I just don't see the problem. It's one night. It's not like you haven't had sleepovers before. You can share a room with him for one night surely?" My Mum asked although the tone of the question didn't exactly suggest a question. More of a statement or even an ultimatum.

"You want me to share my room?!?! Why can't he go on the sofa bed in the office?!" I asked in mock outrage. Actually not that much mock, more like genuine pissed off outrage.

"Because he's a guest! He'd always sleep in your room before as well. Stop being so obstreperous! If you aren't careful I'll insist you share your bed with him. It's big enough for two. You aren't being very sympathetic to James. He was very upset when Sandra's Mum died recently. Remember how upset you were when Gran died?"

"Well yes but that was a long time ago and I didn't have a sleepover with anyone to recover. And it's Valentine's Day!" I said as if that was some sort of clinching argument.

"And? It's not like you have a date or anything do you? You're thirteen Thomas, if you get a card that'll be celebration enough. It'll be good fun spending time with James! Your father and I will be going out for a drink or two after dinner so James will be some company for you. It will also be nice for Sandra and Bill to have a night away and nice for you and James to spend some time together. See if you can recapture those old days when you were as close as brothers," My Mum wasn't letting this go. She was right that we used to be best of friends but we ended up going to different schools so had drifted apart. That was the official version at my end. That wasn't what had caused me not to want to see him really though but I wasn't telling her that.

"I just don't want to see him. Can't he stay somewhere else? I'll just ignore him all evening," I said grumpily. My Mum had clearly decided she'd had enough,

"Thomas Alan Parker that is enough! Actually I think James can have your double bed and you can either share or have the floor. You're being very selfish and it won't hurt to gain some humility. You WILL entertain your guest and you WILL do everything he wants to. Think about someone else for a change!" She said giving me a volley from both barrels. Great. I was going to have to sleep in the same room as James.

I hadn't been alone in a room with him since that time in his bedroom that led to this distance between us. We'd been best friends but for me it had become more than that. I'd fallen in love with him. Or at least lust and he was the subject of a lot of my wank fantasises. I assumed he didn't feel the same way and neither did I want him to know how I felt. He'd only use it against me I suspected. That fateful day in his room was months ago but it still seemed only like yesterday that James had smiled at me in the cocky charming way he did. "Would like to see my cock?" He'd asked. Of course I did want to as I had wanted to see it for months but I guessed he was just fucking with me to make me feel awkward. I'd firmly said "No"and told him to leave me alone. But he'd then spotted my hard dick in my trousers and he'd laughed and said it looked like I really really wanted to see it. "I guess you're gay but that's fine with me. I'm happy to give you all the cock you want!" He'd said moving very close to me and making me get hot and flustered.

I'd ran out the bedroom in embarrassment at being hard and obviously hard for him. I'd headed home and that was the last time we were together and since then we hadn't seen each other. With him at a different school it was fairly easy to manage that. I'd said to Mum I didn't want to see him and she'd pretty much respected that even if she always asked why. I just couldn't face seeing him again. He obviously hated me for being gay and I hated him for making me feel awkward about being gay. So what if I'd got an erection in front of him? Totally natural and while I'd never actually told him I was gay he'd guessed and that was that.

He'd always had a swagger about him, an inate self confidence I envied and I wondered if he still had it. I guessed he did, it was months before that I'd seen him not years. I regretted not handling the situation with him better. I could just have passed off having an erection as a natural teenage thing which it was. I'd made a big deal of it although if I hadn't I did wonder if he'd have made me do things with him and his dick. It was safer that I'd got out of there. I still cursed myself though for dealing with it poorly. Now it was going to be as awkward as hell hanging out and I kept trying to think of an excuse to get out of it.

There was no excuse that worked though and Mum had no sympathy for my plight. Saturday February 14th came around and I woke with an unpleasant feeling in my stomach. I tried to keep calm and told myself it was just one evening. I'd get through it and even if I'd feel a bit humiliated and embarrassed by the end of it I'd still survive it. I gave myself pep talks throughout the day and had managed to feel confident about handling James by the time there was a knock on the door.

As soon as I opened it all my confidence disappeared. God he was so sexy. Dark hair and brown eyes with a charming winsome smile. He oozed self confidence like before but there was more to it now. James had clearly had a growth spurt and was now much taller than me. He I think. Sexual energy and he gave me what I was convinced was a predatory look, looking me up and down slowly. He then smiled dryly as he saw me blush before saying hello to my Mum who was hovering behind me.

"Thank you for letting me stay tonight. It's been much too long! I'm just sorry to be trouble Mrs Parker," James said as if butter wouldn't melt laying it on very thick with a winsome smile.

"Oh James, I think you've known me long enough to call me Jane!" My Mum replied falling for every bit of the charm James was laying on.

"Thank you Jane! I can just tell that Tom doesn't want me to be here and I can entertain myself if he decides to ignore me all evening. I guess I can watch a movie on my own or something. I don't want to be any trouble at all," he said, looking like a lost little boy. He winked surreptitiously at me, he was good I'll give him that. I suddenly saw Mum melt sympathetically. Oh fuck. No Mum. Please Mum don't say it. Don't say it!

"I've told Thomas that he will entertain you and will do anything you want so you won't be alone. It's a pleasure to have you. Now logistics first off all, you'll be sleeping in Thomas's room like you used to. I've said you can have the bed and Thomas can have the floor or share if you don't mind. I know the two of you used to share all the time," My Mum had clearly given James the news he wanted to hear as he smirked at me before then playing the charming boy with my Mum again.

He gave her his most winning smile and then surreptitiously winked at me again as he replied enthusiastically, "Thank you Jane. Am sure Tom will do a great job of entertaining me!. Last time we saw each other I know Tom found it...hard. I'm more than happy to share a bed with him. Am sure he'll find it much more comfortable and I'm sure he'll manage to accommodate me won't you Tom? We've got a lot of catching up to do!" James smirked and grinned at me in equal measure. I hoped my Mum didn't pick up on his innuendo. The last thing I needed was my parents finding out I was gay. I'd kept it to myself up to now and that's how I intended it to stay.

"Well dinner will be a while so why don't you boys go and hang out together in Tom's room. Tom, make sure you show James a good time up there. He's a guest here!" My Mum said, yet again treating me like some sort of pariah while letting James know that I wasn't in charge.

"Mmm nice view!" James said quietly with a giggle as he followed me up the stairs to my room. I went inside and held the door open for him. He followed me in and I went and sat on the bed leaving my door open. I wasn't sure if I trusted myself but I definitely knew I didn't trust James and the intense sexual energy he was giving off.

"So last time we were in a room together you ran out of the room. Do you remember? Why was that Tom?" James asked, smiling at me in a slightly predatory way as he shut the door behind him.

"Um I don't know. I guess panicked. I don't why," I said vaguely hoping James would let it go. I remembered it very well and didn't want to relive the whole experience.

"Hmmm, I think I know," James said moving in my direction. "I asked if you wanted to see my cock. You got hard and scared. You ran out of the room. You should have stayed and we could have had some fun together. Do you want to see it now? I think you do... don't you Tom?" By the time he finished the question he was almost pressed up against me and I could almost smell his sexual energy that I was trying to ignore.

" I don't!" I said lying to James who smiled back with a look a wolf would give a sheep if it met him.

"You're lying. But that's ok, you'll know the truth soon enough. I want to see what you've got down there though Tom. It's been a while since I've seen it. Can you show it to me?" He asked, giving me a winning smile. My resolve was beginning to crack. It was like he had some sort of power over me. As I stood there dumbfounded he loosened his trousers and pulled them there standing in a pair of tight fitting boxers.

"Is this ok?" He asked softly as he reached for my trousers and started to pull them down. It was as if for one moment his confidence had disappeared and he looked like the lost little boy he'd pretended to be downstairs. I then stood there in my pants not sure what to do next. He then pulled his pants down standing there with his bottom half naked.

"Here it is Tom," he said with a shy smile, I looked at him. And oh my god, his cock was just the most beautiful thing I'd even seen in my life. Three inches of soft chunky dick, certainly bigger than mine. As I stared at it the blood started to flood onto it and it started to grow.

"Do you want to touch it Tom?" He asked me, the cocky smile back again. Part of me wanted to reach out and take it in my hand but part of me was reluctant. Maybe he was just fucking with me and this was all part of a plan to humiliate me. He put his own hand on his his dick and started to gently wank it,

Oh yeah," he moaned softly. "I think you want to do this for me don't you? Why don't you get yours out and play with it?"

I gulped and felt incredibly nervous. If I did that I was really crossing a line. I stood there not sure what to do and then Tom took the lead again. He took his hand off his dick and used his hands to pull my pants down. I let him do it and I lifted my legs out of them to stand naked in front of him.

"Mmm so nice," he said lasciviously, licking his lips as he looked me up and down. I blushed and began to think he was into this and not just torturing me.

"It's Valentine's Day Tom..." He said softly as he moved right up to me so his hard five inches was touching my hard 4 inches.

"So..?!" I replied nervously.

"Do you like flowers?" He asked with a smirk.

"Um not really," I wasn't really sure where he was going with this.

"How about I get these two lips round your cock and suck you dry" he said giggling at his really terrible pun. Tulips. Two lips. Incredibly poor although to my surprise I giggled slightly. I controlled myself and shook my head.

"I don't want you to," I said lying to us both as I felt my resolve cracking.

"Why? You're gay aren't you?" He went straight for the jugular.

"So what if I am? It doesn't make me a bad person or mean you should hate me!" I said angrily with all the pent up emotion of the past few months breaking like a dam.

"I don't hate you Tom," he said softly. "Why would you think I hate you?"

"Because you always liked to make me feel insecure, to have a laugh at my expense! Yes we were best friends but it also seemed like I was only there for you to humiliate. So me being gay is just one more of those things!" I was building up to this and it felt good to finally let all the words flow out so he knew how I felt.

James looked at me in shock. "I'm sorry Tom. I never meant to humiliate you. What's the saying? You always hurt the one you love? And as for being gay. Well, if it bothered me or if I wasn't I wouldn't do this would I?" He asked before he dropped to his knees and he engulfed my hard dick with his mouth. I gasped and then moaned aloud. It was like electricity was flowing through my body. I felt more alive than I'd ever done before. I looked down and watched him sucking me, bobbing his head up and down my shaft. Using his tongue to flick all over my head.

"Fuck, shit. Oh god James. This feels so good," I said softly between the moans and whimpers I was making. He pulled off to look at me with a slightly wet grin. "Let's get on your bed and we can suck each other at the same time!"

At this stage I was like putty in his hands and I let him pull me onto the bed where he positioned his hard five inch dick by my mouth. Up close I was totally under its spell and I took it in my mouth marvelling how it felt in there. We both sucked each other good and proper, making up for what we lacked in experience with enthusiasm. Then I came in his mouth which set him off and he shot what felt like a load of cum into my mouth.

"Swallow it all down Tom, it'll make you strong!" He said pulling off my dick to tell that to me as his dick still pulsed out a bit more cum. I did as I was told and it slipped down my throat. I lay there in a state of shock. I'd just sucked James's dick. I wasn't expecting that at all, or the fact he seemed to suggest he was gay too.

"There you go Tom. That's good. Now lick me clean like the good boy you are. There's plenty more of that to come if you want!" James said

"Um. So are you gay like me?" I asked.

"Well duh! I just sucked you off and swallowed your cum didn't I? Clearly I am. We could have been doing this for ages if you hadn't lost your bottle last time. I've fancied you ever since I started puberty and wanted to make a move on you. I guess I wasn't very subtle that time in my room and maybe I have been a bit of a shit to you at times. I was just processing everything I guess. As I said you always hurt the ones you love and I've loved you for a long time Tom," James said before moving up to kiss me. I kissed him back and just felt a mix of happiness and confusion. Happiness that he fancied me, confusion as to the whole fucked up situation. We kissed for a while until my Mum shouted up that dinner was ready.

Then it was back to James being the dominant one out the two of us again. As we got dressed he smiled at me and said "So after dinner you can give me a valentine's gift Tom!"

"Um ok, what?" I asked in confusion as I pulled my top and trousers on and then followed him out of my bedroom. He turned to look at me and reached around to pat my bum.

"A ring! Well your ring to be precise!" He said grinning and winking at me before skipping downstairs.

I struggled to eat much dinner with the knowledge that James might want to fuck me afterwards. Things were moving fast but I could never tell when he was joking and when he wasn't. It didn't help that he'd grope me under the table whenever he could if my parents weren't looking. This made me hard and horny and the only meat on my mind wasn't the one on my plate.

My Mum noticed I'd not eaten much. "You don't seem hungry Tom, is everything ok?" She asked. Not that she really cared, after all she was the one who'd arranged for James to come over. She didn't know what we'd done in the bedroom and I guess I was thinking I was just sulking.

I muttered that I wasn't hungry which gave James the opportunity to have more fun at my expense.

"My fault Jane, we had a bit of a snack upstairs. You should have seen him Jane, he swallowed it all down really quickly!" He said which caused me to blush. Luckily my Mum didn't seem to notice. Once dinner was over with a few more innuendos from James, my Mum and Dad got their coats on and headed out for a drink.

"Remember what I said Tom, make sure you keep James entertained! Oh and don't go outside without a key!" She said to me in front of James who smiled at her.

"Don't worry Jane, Tom's going to do his best to accommodate me. We'll have fun together and I'm intending to spend all evening inside him. Sorry I mean inside with him!" He said smiling that winning smile. Once my parents were gone he looked at me and smiled a warm smile rather than smirk.

"Upstairs Tom! We have plans!" He said and I followed him up to my room. We went inside and I decided to find out exactly what he had in mind,

"Were you serious?" I asked as he started to take his clothes off. We both knew that some sort of sex was on the cards and I knew I wouldn't be able to resist him. But it was hard in between all the innuendo and jokes to work out exactly what he wanted to do. So I thought I better be specific and try and get him to say what he wanted.

"Was I serious about what?" he asked as he pulled his trousers off leaving him standing there in just his pants which soon came off showing me his soft 3 inches again which already was making me hard.

"Um.. me giving you my ring for valentine's day," I replied blushing. He grinned at me as he came close to me, his naked body pushing up against my clothes. He kissed my neck softly and started to undo my trousers again.

"Fuck yeah. I am taking your cherry tonight. I've wanted it ever since I fell in love with you. I've wanked off for months thinking about how tight and warm it would be! If you hadn't bottled it that time in my room you could have had my cock inside you many times by now. Remember that your Mum said you'd do anything I wanted so get those clothes off!" He said giggling.

"I seriously doubt she meant letting you fuck me," I replied but I did start to strip the rest of my clothes off as he'd requested.

"Yeah you're probably right! Actually Tom, if you don't want me to do this yet then just say. I know I like to be in charge and giving orders but I don't want you to do anything you don't want to. Although I suspect you'll love the feeling of my hard cock inside you."

"It's ok, let's give it a go although I think we'll need something to make it slippery," there was no point pretending I didn't want this. I did and so I might as well get involved in enjoying it as much as possible.

"Already ahead of you!" James said with a grin as he produced a tub of lube from his bag. Fuck knows where he got it from!

"How do you want me?" I asked.

"I want you all fucking night long! But first get on the bed and let me prepare you."

I did as I was told and he got me on all fours. He then peeled my bum cheeks apart and rubbed cold wet lube over my hole. He then gently pushed his finger in and out, then wiggled it around loosening me up.

"Oh fuck," I said out loud as I moaned in enjoyment.

"You'll like it even more when my cock is deep inside you Tom! I'm going to fill you up with my cum."

He put a second finger in then withdrew it. Next thing I knew I felt something else at my hole. Something hard and meaty which I knew to be his hard dick. I felt his dickhead pushing up against my hole. I tried relax as he pushed forward intending to enter me for the first time. He then pulled back just as it felt like he was going to slip in.

"Why have you stopped?!" I asked in disappointment.

"Fuck you really want this don't you! I wanted to be sure. If you ask me to fuck you with my big hard cock I'll do it!"

This would normally have been very embarrassing for me to say but I was so fucking horny I didn't care. I wouldn't say I was about to beg but I definitely wanted him inside me.

"Fuck me with your big hard cock until you shoot your cum in me!" I said.

"Your wish is my command!" James said with a giggle. He lined it back up and he pushed forward. This time he slipped in and I squeaked and he gasped. It hurt like hell at first but my hole must have started to get use to it as he slowly pushed it bit by bit until he was all the way in.

"Can you feel me all the way in?" He asked

"Fuck....yeah...feels good," I said.

Then he really started fucking me, like really fucking. Thrusting in and out using every inch of that lovely dick of his. Slamming into me as hard as he could as I begged him to fuck me harder. Thank god nobody was in because we made a right old fucking racket. Grunting, groaning, shouting and squealing. As James pounded something inside me I thought I was going to cum just from being fucked.

Then James started shouting as he got close..."Fuck......Tom so going to cum.......gonna fill your arse with it.....getting close......ugh.......mmmm......fuck....fuck.....FUCKKKKK!" He shouted as he slammed into me as deep as he could go shooting his cum inside me for the first time.

He pulled out of me and then we kissed. After a bit of kissing I could feel him manoeuvring me into position and he entered me again. This time I did cum as he fucked me. The most amazing orgasm of my life as I screamed in release as I shot cum everywhere. The boy sure had some moves!

Turned out James wasn't lying to my Mum, he pretty much did stay inside me all evening. We did it on all fours. On my front. On my back with my legs in the air. Spooning in the middle of the night. By morning my hole was sore but his appetite and mine was insatiable.

As we kissed after we woke up cuddled together he pulled back and smiled at me.

"You know how lucky you are Tom, most people just give each other a card for Valentine's Day but you've had my cock over and over again. However don't worry, unlike Valentine's Day it's not a once a year thing. You can have it every day for the rest of the year!"

"Sounds good to me! So are we boyfriends now?" I asked hopefully.

James laughed, "Fucking hell Tom, I've fucked you so many times and you still don't know that we are? Of course we're fucking boyfriends. I love you and I want to be with you all the time. Now pass me that lube lover boy and I'll show you how much of a boyfriend I am!" He said before he gave me an epic pre breakfast fucking. I limped downstairs for breakfast, which my Mum noticed to my embarrassment.

"Oh don't worry Jane, just a pulled muscle. We did a bit of wrestling when we woke up, you know what us boys are like!" James said with a charming smile at her. I almost snorted out the water I was drinking but she bought every word of it!

"Ah of course that explains all the noise. Boys will be boys! We'll take it easy Tom. How was your night James? I hope Tom was nice to you?" She asked.

"He was very nice to me Jane! We had lots of fun but I think I'm a bit drained this morning. Tom certainly is full of something this morning though! I think we're back to being like we used to be. I'll be over a lot more on future I think," James said to my Mum who wasn't quite listening properly and didn't see the wink he gave me,

"That's nice, am sure Tom will make sure he fits you in when he can," My Mum said, causing me and James to stifle giggles.

Despite the soreness of my hole we managed to squeeze one more fuck in before James was picked up. He also sucked me off a couple of times and we kissed an awful lot. I was sad to see him go but we arranged to meet after school on Monday. I can't wait to see him and be filled up by his big dick again!

So that's the story of my Valentine's Day and how I got a boyfriend that I love more than anything in the world. It was a bit of a crazy journey to get to this place but now I am I couldn't be happier! I hope we'll have many more days and nights together than the one we just had and who knows what we'll give each other for Valentine's day next year!

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