Just William

by Andrew Passey

James looked out the window, the streets were still surprisingly empty despite it now being dark. Maybe what Tim had said was true? It seemed highly unlikely but this was usually the time back in his old house where trick and treaters would be out and about, knocking on doors, collecting sweets, causing mild mayhem. All dressed up in a variety of shit fancy dress. James had never really been into the whole Halloween thing, his Dad had always complained about it being an "americanisation" of British culture, whatever that meant. Still, it had always been a fun night out with his friends, James thought they'd no doubt be having a amazing time that day, unlike him, stuck in the arse end of nowhere.

He'd only moved to the village a few months ago, his parents deciding they'd had enough of the hustle and bustle of the city, so they'd moved out of London to rural Kent. It had taken James a while to adjust to life down here, it all seemed so......backward. James was streetwise, used to being watchful, dealing with the edgy side of life that sometimes intruded on the life of a London schoolboy.

Down here in the countryside, well things were quieter, there were some strange people around admittedly and he kept that watchful side to him, you never knew when danger would strike he thought. He knew it was a bit silly, that it was safer here in the village, but old habits die hard.

James had befriended a few locals boys over the summer holidays, they were a bit off with him at first and had their own slang and lingo that went over his head, still at least he had people to hang out with. Come September and he'd started a new school with them and they started to all become good friends.

There was Pete, a tall well built brown haired boy, his parents were farmers and so his lack of academic ability wasn't really a problem, he'd just end up working on the farm after school, which he seemed to do a fair amount anyway. He was a gentle soul and the butt of a lot of the boys jokes.

The ringleader was clearly Matt, the dark haired brown eyed boy around the same size as James. He was fiercely intelligent and cunning, always coming up with plans that occasionally got them into trouble! His family had been in the village for generations and his father was often referred to as the lord of the village, even though as far as James could tell there was no legality or even agreement as to why that was the case. Still, it did mean that if they got into trouble they were usually let off with a warning as no one wanted to annoy Matt's dad.

And finally there was Tim, red haired, cheeky, funny, his best friend and although James never told anyone about it, and could barely admit it to himself, the source of quite a major crush.

As a fourteen year old and a year into puberty, James had begun to come to terms with the fact he was different from his friends and indeed probably all the other boys at his school. He knew in his heart of hearts that he was gay, it was boys that turned him on. Girls were nice enough to hang out with and talk to but it wasn't their pants he dreamed about getting into. That first time he'd seen Tim in the village it was like an arrow to the heart, he'd fallen for him there and then. As he'd got to know him more it only intensified.

James had lost count of the number of times he'd cum on his hand and chest after a spectacular wank thinking of Tim. He'd daydream about seeing Tim naked but despite being friends for a while now it hadn't happened. He'd seen Pete and Matt naked but it was Tim he really wanted to see. They'd had sleepovers together but Tim had undressed and got changed in the bathroom. They'd gone to the swimming pool but Tim had changed under a towel. Ditto showering after PE, Tim would wear his shorts and just wash his legs. It was frustrating and at times James could barely control himself.

Still, it was what it was. James was conscious that telling Tim how he felt was likely to be friendship ending and potentially social pariah status causing. So it was only when it was him and his right hand in bed that he could really let his imagination run wild and be himself. One time he wrote a letter to Tim, telling him everything, how he felt about him, what he wanted to do with him, pouring his heart and soul out onto the pages. He didn't post it or give it him, he never intended to, he just wanted to write it down, it sort of made it easier for him to deal with. Once he'd written it he'd shoved it under the bed, never to be seen again.

"Bye James, be good, see you later!" His Mum called as she and his Dad walked out the door, through the gate and onto the road. This was the other different thing about Halloween down here. Matt's dad would host an evening for all the adults in the village in the local pub, attendance wasn't just expected, it was pretty much mandatory. Babysitters, working late, illness, doing bedtime for the children, none of these were excuses. Luckily there were enough slightly older children around to cover off any major babysitting issues but it was no doubt one reason why no one did trick or treating, if no adult was in to give sweets then what was the point?

Of course Tim had suggested a more sinister reason, one veiled with supernatural undertones. James wasn't buying it but he though back to that sleepover a couple of weekends back where it had reared it's head.

"Hey so we doing trick or treating on Halloween?" He'd asked Tim who looked at him in surprise.

"Seriously? In this village? You know the stories don't you?!" He asked. James shook his head and said he had no idea, Tim then started a convoluted story about Matt's great great uncle who'd died on Halloween, murdered by an escaped lunatic who sliced his neck and let him bleed out, when he was just a teenager like they were, and he'd come back every year as a spectre and cause trouble for the village.

"Some years he takes a child and they're never seen again, some years he's more playful but he's always capricious." Tim said.

"Isn't that a star sign?" James asked not entirely seriously.

"No dumbnuts, it means manipulative, can't be trusted. His name was William, named after his father. Since then no member of Matt's family has been called William since. Even mentioning his name is banned. From what I understand there are three rules, well one big rule, Don't let him into your house. If you're stupid enough to do that then the other two rules kick in. So rule two, always tell him the truth and finally number three do what he says. If you do that he is honour bound by the promise he made to the village to offer you a chance to break his spell, otherwise he can take you with him to the other place."

"What other place? Hastings?" James asked with a giggle thinking it was totally ridiculous.

Tim wasn't laughing, "I'm serious James. Children have disappeared and never been seen again, he takes them to whichever dark place he lives, hell maybe, who knows, I know that I do not want to find out."

"Sorry Tim, this sounds utter bollocks, if he takes children then it would be in the news." James protested.

"There's a strange thing, when the child is taken only us kids remember them, the adults forget they ever existed. This is serious James, one day a year he is made flesh again. Or something like that.. I guess he lives in the spirit world the rest of the time but for one night only he is back to being a fourteen year old like us, with the urges and needs of one."

"What does that mean? Does he have ghostly wanks and spurt ectoplasm everywhere?" James was very pleased with that joke, having recently watched ghostbusters with a Tim he knew he'd get it too.

"I don't know, I don't think so. I moved to the village a few days after the last Halloween so I only know what I've been told by everyone else. I think he just turns into a normal boy for a night. All our parents have to go to the event at the pub so he has free reign to do what he will. Just stay safe and don't open the door for anyone! Now I'm shitting myself about it so can we change the subject." Tim said.

James did so but kept thinking about what Tim said, it was clearly rubbish but he had no idea why Tim was falling for it, he was a sensible boy after all. Someone had got into his head, he assumed it was Matt, Pete was too simple really.

When he'd asked Matt about it a couple of days before Halloween, Matt asked who'd told him. James said it was Tim, Matt said he shouldn't have.

"Sorry James, you have to be in the village for longer than you have to know about this, Tim shouldn't have said anything." He said to James.

"So it's not true? Or it is?" James asked in confusion.

"I can't.....I'd like to tell you what I know but I'm not allowed to. I wish I could, I really do but the consequences......no sorry, it's not worth the risk. All I'll say is do as you're told and you might be ok if you're chosen." Matt said looking around to see if anyone was watching or listening. This thickened the plot even more and James started to feel that there might be some truth to it.

"Do what I'm told to by who? The boy?" James asked.

Matt winced, "I've said too much, just.....try and stay safe, I like you James, you're one of my best friends and I want you to be ok."

So on Halloween, as James stared out the window, home alone, he started to wonder if any of it was true or Matt and Tim were fucking with him. He thought he saw some movement out on the road and the felt a chill run down his spine. He cursed himself out loud, "For fucks sake James, this is all just stupid bullshit." Saying it out loud helped and he headed down to watch TV.

As he sat down and was about to switch the TV on, there was a banging on his front door, James jumped a mile. He ignored it, but it happened again. This was the moment, was he buying into this bullshit or not. The logical sensible scientific side of him took over and he went and answered the door.

The porch light that usually went on when someone stood outside the door wasn't on so as he opened the door it was tricky to see who was there.

"Hi Matt" he said, thinking he recognised his friend.

Matt was silent, as James eyes adjusted he could see Matt was wearing clothes he hadn't seen before, clothes from a different era. Was Matt doing some stupid fancy dress?

"Er, come in and hang out if you want, my parents are at your Dad's thing so I'm home alone." James said. Matt nodded and walked past him into the house. As he did James stifled a gasp, there was a scar on Matt's neck, an angry red one. Matt moved his shirt collar up to hide it and just stood there silently looking at James.

"Are you Ok?" James said, then this time gasped audibly as he looked down and saw Matt was barefoot, his feet looking bruised and battered. What was going on?

"Hold on I'm going to phone Tim." James said going towards the phone.

"NO" Matt said in a loud monotone.

"What not? Look Matt what the fuck is going on?"

"I AM NOT MATT. I AM WILLIAM."The boy intoned and for the first time James felt slightly scared. If it wasn't Matt and it really was William like Tim had said then he'd already fucked up and let him into his house.

"Er Ok. Hi William. Um. What do you want?" James asked feeling ridiculous.


This wasn't going well James thought. He didn't really believe this but thought he would play along.

"Not if I do everything you ask, then you have to give me a chance to break your spell and stay here." James said, not 100% convinced about it but at this stage it surely didn't hurt to get that out there now, just in case. He better pretend it was William, it clearly wasn't Matt so it didn't hurt to play along.

William recoiled slightly when James mentioned breaking the spell. "BETRAYED! AN OUTSIDER KNOWS OUR RULES"

James scoffed despite himself, "I'm not an outsider, I've lived here for four months." He protested.


James did as he was told, the boy followed him and stood there as James sat on the bed.

"YOU LIKE BOYS, YOU ARE GAY AREN'T YOU?" William asked in his deep voice. James was about to deny it but he remembered rule two, tell the truth.

"Erm, yes I am. What of it?" He replied.

William moved closer to him so he was standing by James, he then undid his belt and pulled his dirty Victorian trousers and strange undershorts down to show off his dick. It was pretty much the same size as James was, for a second James thought it looked vaguely familiar, the way it hung to the left slightly but he ignored that thought, he had bigger things to worry about,

"SUCK IT" William said. James was going to tell him to fuck off but he remembered that he had to do what he said in order to have a chance to not spend the rest of existence in the spirit world. He was reluctant and then pointed out to William he was dead and he was worried what might shoot out of there.

"FOR ONE NIGHT A YEAR I AM A NORMAL BOY. SUCK IT." William said and James did as he was told, sliding the hardening dick between his lips and taking it all the way into his mouth.

It wasn't how James envisaged giving his first blow job, to a ghost made flesh for one night but he couldn't deny he enjoyed it, William held on to James head to control the rhythm, almost face fucking him at times. Then with a surprisingly high pitched grunt given the deepness of his voice William shot his cum into James's mouth, pumping a few times to get rid of it all before pulling back out. He collapsed on the bed next to James before he stood up.


I was confused and concerned, I was also horny having sucked a dick but the impending threat of eternity in the spirit world scared the shit out of me. I still didn't quite believe it all but couldn't think of another explanation. The clothes, the scar, the fact William knew he was gay, something he hadn't told anyone. Occams razor suggested that the story must be true, that it was William. That meant he had to have sex with a boy in the next hour and a half. To suggest this seemed unlikely was vastly underplaying it James thought.

"Hi, can I fuck you and then you fuck me otherwise I'm going to spend eternity in the spirit world with a dead boy whose dick I sucked just now" . Just forming the question in his mind made James realise how ridiculous it all sounded. However, he didn't want to risk that it was true so he was at least going to give himself the best chance to break the spell.

Which is why no more than five minutes later he was standing outside knocking on Tim's door, breathless from having run super fast through the village. There was no reply and he knocked again. The curtain twitched in Tim's bedroom so he knocked again, then opened the letter box to shout, "fucking hell Tim, just let me in".

A light went on and Tim appeared at the door, unlocking it before opening it quickly

"Fucking hell, you almost gave me a heart attack. I thought it was William! I pretty much shit myself. What the hell are you doing here, it's not safe." Tim said looking very worried.

"Let me in, it urgent." James said, Tim stood aside and James went in. Five minutes later he was sat on Tim's bed having just given him a quick overview of how he ended up in a situation where William was in James's bedroom.

"Fucking hell you idiot, I said don't let him in." Tim said in exasperation.

"I thought it was Matt! It looked just like him! It was only when I saw the old clothes and the scar and the bare feet that I realised it wasn't." James said feeling like it was a bit unfair he was being attacked for his mistake.

"So what happened once he got into your bedroom." Tim asked.

James blushed, "um...well....he Er......um....it's a bit hard to say but he um. He basically asked if I was gay,"

"And what did you say." Tim asked, his tone neutral so James couldn't tell how he was feeling. But there was no point lying.

"I um....yeah. I said I was." James said reluctantly, still blushing.

"Oh. Ok. What happened then?" Tim asked, not giving James the nod how he felt about it, which only increased James's anxiety.

"He um, walked over to me and pulled his pants down said I had to suck his dick."

"And did you?" Tim asked, the question totally putting James on the spot.

"Yes." James said feeling mortified, "and when it was over, he said I'd done well and gave me a chance to save myself from going back to the spirit world with him. Basically, and you won't like this, he said that I had to lose my virginity to a boy and let them lose their virginity to me by 9pm otherwise he'd come back at midnight and take me. I don't want to go with him but I don't expect you to do it with me, I just didn't know what else or where else to come, you're my best friend after all, you're the only I thought might be able to help me even though I know it's not your thing and you wouldn't do it." James said to Tim, the words flowing out in a torrent, like a dam had burst and he couldn't keep the words in.

Tim was silent, and James started talking again until Tim put a hand up to stop him, then with a shrug he said "It's ok. I'll do it."

"What really? You'd let me fuck you?" James asked in shock.

"Yeah well I can't let you get taken off to the spirit world can I? I mean what sort of friend would I be to see you cast down in pain for eternity!" Tim said winking at James and then continuing, "also, I get to fuck you as well so it's not all bad is it I guess!"

"Wow. You really are amazing. Um well we have an hour so we better get started I guess." James said starting to take his socks off

"Hold on a second James, we can build up to it, come and sit here" Tim said patting the bed next to him. James went and sat there and Tim smiled, "A kiss would be a good start wouldn't it, rather than just rushing to be balls deep in me, surely you've heard of foreplay?" He asked.

James blushed, "Sorry Tim, I thought you'd want it over as soon as possible."

Tim leaned forward and kissed James on the lips, who kissed him back and then they were on the bed together, arms around each other as they flicked their tongues in and out of their mouths. This went on until they both felt their dicks hardening and they broke apart.

"Right, we need some sort of lotion or something to make everything slippy, that should do," Tim said pointing at a tube of sun cream on his desk. He got up and went to get it, clearly tenting in his trousers which made James every hornier.

James started to strip off, Tim saw him and as he picked up the sun cream, he did the same until they were down to their pants. They both looked shyly at each other, then James took the lead, "on three? One...two...three." He said and they both pulled them down.

James gasped, "it's beautiful!" He said of Tim's almost five inch hard dick, sticking straight up surrounded by red brown hair. James blushed after he said that but then again Tim knew he was gay so he supposed it wasn't a problem. Tim smiled shyly at him and said "thanks."

"I've wanted to see it for sooo long." James said before stopping himself clearly embarrassed at saying too much. Tim didn't seem to mind and he walked back next to James and said "Yours is nice too, I think we're about the same size" before he squirted some sun cream onto his hand and rubbed it up and down James hard dick before he awkwardly reached behind him and smeared some around his bum hole. He shoved the end of his finger in there to loosen himself slightly, although unbeknownst to James this was something Tim had done with his finger before so it wasn't totally virgin territory.

"Um how do we do this?" James asked nervously.

"I'm not really sure aside from you putting it in me, let's try it like this," Tim said getting on all fours on the bed. James got behind him and peeled his bum cheeks apart, then put his dick in between them so it's head was up against Tim's hole. With a bit of pushing and wriggling he slipped a couple of inches in.

Both boys gasped, James at home tight and warm it felt, Tim at how big it felt, stretching his hole bigger than he thought possible. The pain stabbed through his body but he gritted his teeth. James felt Tim's body tense and held his dick there for a while before gently edging it in, bit by bit until he was all the way in. It may not have been how he imagined losing his virginity, a strange deal with a ghost from the past to prevent him going to the spirit world but it was still amazing. He revelled in the feeling of him being all the way in Tim, his dick buried deep inside him was something he couldn't quite believe what was happening.

"You Ok?" James asked Tim in concern.

"Yeah sort of, feels weird, hurts a bit but sort of nice as well. You can get started, we don't want to run out of time." Tim said, jolting James back into what he was doing here. James started slowly withdrawing his dick a bit and pushing it back in, then starting to get used to the required rhythm and speeding up a bit. He groaned and grunted, and to his surprise Tim was also making appreciative noises. The odd moan, the odd squeal and occasionally a whimper but not one of pain or upset. James reached around to Tim's hard dick, holding it in his hand and wanking Tim as he thrust away.

"Stop all I'll cum!" Tim suddenly gasped as James thrust particularly deeply, however James kept going with his hand, this is what he wanted. Through his lust he had one thought, being fucked by Tim was a one off, a once in a lifetime thing. If Tim came now, well it'll probably take him much longer the second time and James wanted to enjoy each thrust of his delicious dick inside him.

With a grunt Tim came over James's hand, this helped set him off and with a loud cry of "fuuuuckkkk!" James shout his load deep inside Tim. He slowed down, pumping his dick in a few more times to drain his balls fully before collapsing on top of Tim.

"Fuck that was amazing!" He said kissing Tim on the cheek softly. He rolled off and Tim smiled at him, "thanks for the hand job but you should have just let me use it on you, the clock is ticking!" Tim said. James smiled and shrugged, he was hoping Tim would tell him how good it had all been but he realised that Tim just probably had to put up with it. James on the other hand couldn't wait.

He had Tim's cum on his hand which he off and winked at Tim with a "tasty!" comment, causing him to blush. He squeezed sun cream and mixed it with the cum, then smeared loads of it over his hole and onto Tim's dick which had started to harden again. Tim did a "what can you do" shrug. James got on all fours, letting Tim him from behind. Tim slipped in and James felt a fair bit of pain but this changed as a Tim started thrusting away. James was enjoying it but he wanted more, he wanted to kiss a Tim as they fucked. He had an idea.

"Hold on, I want to try something else." He said and he got Tim to pull out and lie down on his back, much to his confusion And disappointment. Although he soon realised what James was up to when he climbed on top of him, then pulled him up and sat on his lap, with his legs wrapped around Tim. He pushed himself up with his arms and moved himself so his hole was over Tim"s hard slippery dick. Then he gently lowered himself down. He tensed his hole as it met Tim's dick, holding it as long as he could before the muscle relaxed, at that moment James lowered himself and the dick head passed easily into him. There was no pain as he lowered himself until Tim was all the way in. It felt amazing and he pulled Tim forward for a kiss as he started to gently rock back and forth.

James found he could not only control the rhythm but if he positioned himself a certain way then Tim hit something that caused him to feel amazing. They managed to get a steady rhythm up and James's dick was hard and dripping from the stimulation inside him. He kissed Tim briefly and then pulled back as Tim's noises started to suggest he was getting close, James dropped his hand to his hard dick and started wanking it, before to his surprise Tim removed his hand and used his own. Their bodies were wrapped around each other as James came over Tim and his hand, causing Tim to speed up and James to control the thrusts he was getting.

With a loud grunt and moan Tim came inside James, leaving them both sated and exhausted.

"What a mess" Tim said looking at his sheets and their cum spattered bodies, "but it was worth it." He said with a grin.

James smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek again, "You saved me, thank you. I guess that's the only time we'll ever have sex together and under duress but it felt great for me, I hope it wasn't too bad for you." He said to Tim.

Tim smiled "It was amazing. And....I doubt it's the only time we'll have sex. I guess I should tell you I'm gay too and I have had a major crush on you since we met, I just didn't realise you were gay. Now we both know, well we can be boyfriends, if you want to be anyway" he asked nervously.

James smiled back, "I would be the luckiest boy in the world" and they kissed. The time was 8.45 and they'd achieved the goal, James was safe. They jumped in the shower to clean off, kissing and washing each other as they did.

Tim stripped his sheets and put clean ones on, putting his sheets in a wash, "I'll just say I spilt something on them, which I guess I did!" He said with a giggle.

They lay in each other's arms, James wondering how a night that started to bad, so sinister could have ended so well. "So...does anyone else know you're gay?" He asked Tim.

"Ha, do they fuck! Well actually that's not quite true, Matt knows but aside from him no one does. I'm afraid we'll be keeping our relationship to ourselves for now, Kent isn't exactly Soho for gay friendliness!" Tim said with a smile.

"Was Matt Ok when you told him about it?" James asked, curious how he took it, he seemed to treat Tim like he treated everyone so he assumed it was ok.

"Oh yeah, he was fine. His mum works in the performing arts in London apparently so he's always hung out with gay actors etc. His cool with it, don't be worried about telling him." Tim said before the two boys kissed some more before James said he should probably be going home before his parents were back.

"Sleepover at mine tomorrow and Saturday?" He asked smiling at Tim.

"Almost certainly and tomorrow I want to see what sucking a dick feels like." Tim said with a smile and he kissed him one last time, grabbing James's dick through his trousers

James walked home feeling on top of the world. He headed back upstairs, guessing William wouldn't be visiting him again, but then again he was supposed to be capricious, maybe he'd break the deal? As he lay on his bed he noticed something red on his sheets, where him and William had been, he inspected a bit closer, it looked like... make up maybe? Very strange and he thought no more of it, then he remembered the letter he'd written to Tim, the one where he told him all about himself and his feelings. After what has just happened he felt it would be more than fine to give it to Tim.

He got down on the floor and rummaged under his bed, he was certain he'd left it there but despite a bit of a look he couldn't find it. Feeling frustrated he lay on his bed until his parents came home. He gave them both a big hug to their surprise and they asked if he was ok.

"Fine, it's just been a weird evening, how was the pub?" He asked.

"Lots of fun, Matt's parents were in full on Halloween stuff with make up and all sorts. And it was a free bar, never complain about that!" His Dad said, clearly drunk and unsteady on his feet. James said good night and went up to his room, getting into bed and waiting to see if anything happened at midnight. He was exhausted from the evening's events, his clock read 10.45 as he tried to keep his eyes open...

James awoke, it was light outside and his clock showed 7am. He still had a bit of time before he had to get up for school. He replayed the events of last night in his head, now, in the cold light of day something didn't quite add up. It was all...too convenient. He began to think he might know what was actually going on but he'd have to wait until he got to school to find out. He usually got the school bus with Matt, Pete and Tim, as well as other kids in the village. He left the house and checked his garden, looking for something he thought might be there. Feeling satisfied, he went through the gate and towards the bus stop. On his way he bumped into Pete who was wincing slightly as he walked past the village pub.

"You Ok Pete?" He asked in concern. Pete looked like he'd barely slept and was wide eyed as he looked around to see who was watching.

"Quick, in here." He said pulling James into the pub car park off the road.

"What's up?" James asked.

"I had a supernatural experience! You know about William, the dead boy? Matt told me about him ages ago, thought it was all bollocks but he turned up at my house last night about 8pm. I let him in as I thought it was Matt but it clearly wasn't. He had old clothes on, a scar on his neck, barefoot, talked LIKE THIS. He made me a deal. If I let him fuck me twice then he wouldn't take me to the spirit world. I was shitting myself and um don't tell the others but I let him. It worked because I'm still here obviously but he was pretty enthusiastIc and it lasted a long time the second time so I'm a bit sore. It was weird but I'm glad it's over. Strange night I have to say, how was yours?" He asked James.

James shrugged, "quiet really, not like yours." He said lying to his friend, Pete don't need to know he thought.

"Yeah, I'll certainly remember it. Oh well, it's not like this sort of thing doesn't happen on the farm anyway." Pete said, totally confusing James but he thought it was best not to ask anymore.

They headed off to school, which was fairly unremarkable, on the way home when they got off the bus, Tim said he had to go home first to pack stuff up for a sleepover, Pete headed his way to the farm leaving Matt and James walking slowly.

"I know it was you." James said to Matt.

"What was me?!" Matt asked innocently.

"Last night. You're william. You tricked me into sucking your dick, and having sex with Tim, and you tricked Pete into having sex with you." James said loudly.

"Shhh" Matt said, then looked around, "I of course have no idea what you're talking about but say that I even did, why would you suggest that?"

"Well...you knew Tim was gay because he told you, I think you know I am because you found the letter I wrote Tim. Your Mum has Theatre make up so you could do the scar on the neck, you have old clothes from your Mum's drama projects, you took your shoes off just outside my house to walk in bare foot. And your dick, it hangs to the left like William's did." James said, suddenly completely sure of himself. He'd got confused last night, occams razor wasn't that William was who he said it was, it was that because he looked like Matt, he was Matt.

Matt was quiet for a while then he giggled, "Fuck, busted. Well done Sherlock. And you give a really good blow job!" He said.

James looked at him angrily, "You fucking arsehole! You tricked me into sucking your dick, into all of this, I'm going to tell Pete and Tim about it" he started to say until Matt took his hand and squeezed it.

"I'm sorry you feel that way James but think about it, you should be thanking me! What's the one thing you wanted more than anything in the world? To be with Tim, for him to be your boyfriend. I found your letter, I didn't mean to read it but I did, it was nice how you felt about it, I could tell he felt the same, the way he looked at you. So I thought I'd get you together and we'll I'd have a bit of fun at the same time, after all I'd never got my dick sucked. And it was amazing! Tim is very lucky." He said smiling at James who started to feel less angry.

"What about Pete? You fucked him!" James said remembering that side of things.

"Yeah I feel bad about that, I didn't expect to him to agree to it, I was just messing with him, but then he pulled his pants down and bent over straight away, I couldn't help myself. I'm definitely not convinced I was his first, I reckon a cousin or two got there before me, he was well into it. But yeah I was wrong about that. Don't tell anyone, I'll make it up to you." He pleaded.

James thought about it, then nodded, "You got me and Tim together, you don't owe me anything, but Pete....so you're going to go round there over the weekend, and tell him William came to see you last night, that he gave you an ultimatum, you had to have a boy fuck you within one week of Halloween otherwise he'd take you to the spirit world."

Matt's shoulders slumped, "I suppose that's fair enough, fuck. Oh well, maybe he might give me a reach around or be up for some fun, does it hurt?" He asked James.

James smiled, "A bit but it also feels good, you'll enjoy it, now I better get myself clean and ready for Tim tonight, and thanks for getting us together. I may be persuaded to give you a blowjob in the future if it's reciprocal and Tim doesn't mind, in fact maybe we can all do a sleepover together soon and try some stuff out. But next Halloween, keep your dick in your pants!" James said heading into his house leaving Matt standing there looking thoughtful.

James went upstairs and smiled to himself, he was pleased he'd worked it all out, pleased he'd got Pete laid, and most of all pleased he had a sexy boyfriend with a beautiful dick who was coming to stay that night, life couldn't get better and he had William, well Matt to thank for that.

"Hmm maybe I'm starting to like Halloween after all" he said to himself with a smile, it had certainly been a memorable 24 hours.

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