Game Set and Match

by Andrew Passey

"Ok boys, yes like that. Perfect!" James said as he looked at the boys through his viewfinder. A few photos later he'd got the shot he wanted. The two boys topless smiling and holding their tennis rackets with Andy's arm around Sam. The smiles summed up their personalities. Andy was the cocky super confident one, while Sam quieter but also with some steel of his own. They clearly enjoyed spending time in each other's company which was a good thing as they had to spend many hours together practicing and competing in tournaments.

"Right, now put those t-shirts on.!" James said, handing them both one in their size. They pulled them on over their slightly sweaty torsos. It was a hot day and they'd been practicing topless enjoying the warmth of the sunshine on them. Andy was more muscled and physically developed than Sam who was more toned. Both were athletes at peak fitness

A few more photos and James said they were done. The photos were perfect for his website. "Supreme Confidence" read the slogan on the t-shirt. James knew it was all a bit corny but he also thought he might as well take advantage of having Supreme as a surname. Growing up it was a bit annoying and some kids had given him the nickname "chicken" as a result. Still he'd got used to it and now he'd utilised as part of his selling point. A successful tennis coach bringing through the next generation of tennis players in this leafy part of south east England. He'd had a bit of success over the years but Andy and Sam were different. They had the skills and the ability to make it all the way to the top. James was taking advantage of the buzz around their early success to get even more clients in from pushy parents wanting their kids to be the next Andy Murray.

When it came to Andy and Sam, James felt that they were very evenly matched but if he had to pick the one who had the most ability it was Sam. However Andy almost always won the matches between the two of them. While Sam had that quiet confidence in his ability on court it seemed that Andy just managed to get in his head. His cocky arrogance just seemed to unnerve Sam and he dominated him in and out of court. James liked to believe that he'd given him "supreme confidence" but really Andy had always had that cocky attitude. He and Sam had been close friends for years and it was mainly due to Sam not getting too disheartened about losing to Andy that it had survived their rivalry.

They were ranked number 1 and number 2 in the local region and the tennis club. James had no doubt that in a few years time his 14 year old charges would be ranked 1 and 2 in the UK for tennis. For now though he just made sure that they worked hard and didn't get too far ahead of themselves. They were a formidable doubles pairing as well and their closeness made them almost unbeatable at that format. James decided he had the shots he needed and that it was time for them to go home.

"Ok boys, that's enough for today, keep the t shirts if you like. I'll see you for practice tomorrow."

After James told them that Sam and Andy got their kit together and headed out of the tennis club. There was a shower room in the clubhouse but both of the preferred to do it at home. They walked together chatting about this and that before Andy turned the conversation back to their tennis practice.

"So, I won again. One of these days you should try and beat me but we both know that you bottle it every chance you get!" He said to Sam. Andy really liked Sam. He was pretty much his best friend but that didn't mean that Andy didn't want to use every tool at his disposal to get an advantage over him. Who knows he thought, maybe one day they'd be playing in a Wimbledon final together! So it was important to Andy to keep letting Sam know that while Sam might be fine against every other player, when it came to playing Andy he always came up short.

"Oh fuck off Andy," Sam said feeling annoyed. He hated the fact that Andy got into his head and he hated the fact that it actually worked. Mishits, double faults, smashes into the net, missing easy volleys. The list went on and on of the errors Sam made to manage to lose to Andy from winning positions. He did bottle it against him and he didn't know how to stop. He looked down at his "Supreme Confidence" T shirt and wished that he really did have that. The crazy thing was he was incredibly confident in his ability but it just seemed when it came to Andy it always disappeared. Andy was slightly taller and slightly bigger physically than him but Sam knew he should be able to beat him. It was just that mental block he had. He also thought there was something more to it and he decided to pop round to the twins house later to discuss things with them. He ignored Andy for the rest of their journey home until he said goodbye and went into his house to shower clean.

An hour or so later Sam was sitting in the park with Simon and Sarah. Aside from Andy the twins were his best friends and they were the only ones who knew Sam's big secret. He'd come out to them a year or so before and they'd always been very supportive. Sam had needed to talk to someone about everything he was feeling about his sexuality but just felt he couldn't tell Andy. Andy was such a dominant personality in Sam's life and Sam just worried that Andy would try and use it against him. Not that it seemed Andy needed to gain any more of a mental advantage than he already had it seemed but even so, Sam didn't want to make it worse.

"He's got into your head Sam. You'll never beat him until you get into his! The problem is that you don't seem to know if you want to beat him or kiss him! And maybe he feels the same way? Although clearly he wants to beat you more than you want to beat him!" Simon said using some pretty poor amateur physiological analysis Sam thought.

"I don't want to kiss him!" Sam protested lying to his friends. He was pretty much in love with Andy and he lusted after him with Andy being the subject of some of his wank fantasies. However his whole life was intertwined with Andy and tennis. For the same reason he didn't want Andy to know he was gay he also didn't want to give Andy a chance to manipulate him by him knowing Sam was in love with him. He'd use that in a match to his advantage if he did. Sam knew his concentration could be broken as it is by the way Andy looked in his slightly too tight tennis shorts. If Andy found out about Sam's lust for him then it would be impossible to concentrate. He'd probably deliberately flash Sam his dick to put him off. A thought that got Sam very hot and bothered.

"Ignore Simon," Sarah said to Sam before continuing to tell him what she thought he should do. "Well ignore the second bit. The first bit is right, Andy has got inside your head. He belittles you to put you off and make you think he's better than you. You need to get inside HIS head during a match. Unsettle him. Put him off his game. Do something that will have him concentrating on something else other than beating you."

"That's easier said than done. He knows my buttons, he always has done. Anything I say he'll just laugh off!" Sam complained.

"Well I might be able to help you there, Simon and I have been talking and we might have got something that will work.. Might kill two birds with one stone. I have an idea if you're willing to push things to the limit. Save it for when you really need it and see if it works!" Sarah said before leaning into Sam and whispering her idea. He looked at her with a shocked expression and she laughed. "You have to admit Sam it'll certainly throw him off his game or at least give him pause for thought!"

Sam shook his head, "You're crazy!" He said as Sarah and Simon both laughed. The whole thing sounded completely insane and he swore to himself he'd never use it.

It was a month later and two weeks into the summer holiday. Only a half hour or so journey from home the boys had been playing in one of the biggest tournaments they had ever played in with lots of other top teenage tennis players from across the country competing. The draw had been generous seeding wise so that they met each other in the final. James was there to keep them both motivated and said he didn't care who won, he just wanted them both to play their best. He'd been driving them back and forth all week not wanting his young protégés out of his sight unless one of the other ambitious coaches tried to sign them up.

Sam played one of the best matches he'd ever played against Andy. Despite losing the first set on a tie break he'd managed to put out all of Andy's mind games and he won the second set 6-3 with a break of serve and broke again in the final set at 5-5. He was serving for the match at 6-5 and in a fiercely competitive game had managed to get to 30-30. Then after a long rally Andy slipped at the net leaving Sam leaving 40-30 with a match point. The chance to win a major title against Andy for the first time.

Andy was still sprawled at the net when Sam went to check he was ok.

"You alright mate?" He asked slightly concerned as Andy was slow getting up.

"Yeah, just landed on my balls. Do you fancy kissing them better? And while you're there you can suck my cock if you like! We both know that's what you'd like to do!" Andy replied with a smirk as he rearranged his balls with his hand. Sam looked shocked and as he went back to get ready to serve he felt a tinge of panic. Did Andy know he was gay and if he did how did he know? Did everyone know?!

He tried to focus on his serve but found it impossible. His mind was a maelstrom. He threw the ball up to serve and deposited it halfway down the net. The second serve ballooned out into the tramlines. Deuce. Then he hit a simple forehand into the net giving a game point to Andy to take them into the tie break. Sam tried to focus and do the simple things he knew worked but it was proving tricky. He managed to get a good first serve in and volleyed into the corner, it looked good enough but Andy got a racket under it to send it high into the air. It swirled and Sam tried to keep his eye on it before with a swish he smashed it.....straight out over the baseline.

Fuck. 6-6. A tiebreak to decide things. He went and sat down on his chair and drank some water as Andy sat on the one next to him. Both boys were quiet to Sam's relief and he managed to get some focus back. Sam came out and played like a demon going 5-1 before the change of ends. As the boys walked past each other, Andy stopped Sam.

"Seems like something put you off at match point Sam! Was it thought of my cock slipping between your lips? I bet you've wanked off thinking of doing that for a while. I'm so glad Simon told me you're gay!" Andy said with a smirk. Sam's mind went to jelly. Simon? Betraying his confidence to tell Andy about him being gay? And now Andy is using it at the worst possible time. Sam lost focus and lost the next 4 points for it to be 5-5. He was getting progressively angry and desperate. He roared with anger as he put a simple backhand into the net and he faced match point at 6-5. He took a deep breath and served an ace bringing it to 6-6. He knew he'd lost unless he did something though and as he sat down for a water break next to Andy he decided to play the card Sarah suggested.

"Good game Andy, let's make it interesting though. How about the winner gets to fuck the loser once a day for a week?" He said throwing that out there. He never normally would have suggested it or carried our Sarah's suggestion. However now Simon had told Andy he was gay it wasn't like he had much to hide. Andy was so dominant over him at times that Sam reckoned the idea of Andy having access to Sam's arse for a week might unnerve him.

"What!?" Andy replied in shock.

"You heard! The winner gets to fuck the loser once a day for a week. Unless you're scared you'll lose?" Sam said wondering if this was going to work.

"No of course not! It's just a," Andy said in a tone that sounded unsure about the whole thing.

"Well as you know I am gay so I don't mind but if you're worried you wouldn't be able to perform or I'd laugh at your small dick then that's fine. I guess it'll be like that time Robert Jenkins threw you naked into the swimming pool and everyone laughed at your dick!" Sam said dredging up a memory from a couple of years ago that he knew Andy felt humiliated by.

It seems to work as when "time" was called Andy stood up. "I'm not fucking scared and I'm going to enjoy fucking your arse over the next week. Shake and swear on the deal! No backing out!" He said looking flustered and annoyed. This had gone better than Sam could have ever dreamed. He shook Andy by the hand thinking how rattled Andy looked. As Andy went down his end to receive serve from Sam he was shaking his head to himself. Whether because he was annoyed he'd agreed or whatever Sam suddenly felt a surge of confidence. Supreme confidence he thought with a smile.

He banged an ace down that Andy barely got back into play. Sam moved him around the court before playing a drop shot that Andy tried to chase down but couldn't, ending up right next to the net.

Sam went up to him and turned the mind games up another notch, "Match point to me! Andy, if you blow this point then you'll be bent over for a week while my dick slips into you like a knife brought hot butter!".

Andy looked like he'd lost focus and tossed the ball up to serve a couple of times without doing so. He'd lost his rhythm and his first serve went long. His second serve was too short and Sam hit a clean winner down the line.

"Game, Set and Match Sam Peterson, 3-6, 6-3, 7,6.

"Yes!" Sam shouted in elation before running up the net to shake Andy's hand.

"Well played Andy and sorry about that last comment. You've got into my mind so many times that I wanted to try and do the same to you. After all you put me off at match point before."

"You deserved it. You beat me at my own game good and proper. I guess when James takes us home we should go to my house as my parents won't be back from taking my sister to her ballet competition," Andy said as they walked back to their chairs to pick up their kit.

Andy had been miffed his parents had gone to watch his sister rather than him but then again they were so used to seeing him win then maybe they thought it was a forgone conclusion. Funny how things work out he thought.

"Dunno, could do., I'm pretty tired so I had been thinking of a soak in the bath at home," Sam replied as he put his tennis racket into his bag and picked it up.

"Well...I mean we could do it at yours but won't your brother be in? I'd rather have some privacy."

"Do what at mine?" Sam asked in confusion.

Andy looked around to see if anyone was listening, "You know, what we agreed at 6-6 in the tiebreak. Where get to do that thing to me every day for a week." Andy said blushing furiously.

"Oh that! I wasn't serious, just messing with you," Sam said with a smile patting Andy on the shoulder. He clearly had got into Andy's head he thought!

"Right. But the thing is I thought you were and I lost my temper and agreed to it. We shook on it. I might not be happy I lost but we swore on it and I don't break deals. I guess it'll be a lesson I learn about keeping calm and maybe not playing so many mind games in future. Just don't tell anyone," Andy said ruefully.

So that was why two hours later Sam stood naked behind Andy on the bed rubbing sun cream into Andy's hole and on Sam's dick. He let his hands roam over Andy's flat toned stomach but pulled them back to put his rub them on Andy's muscular bum cheeks. Sam was incredibly excited about what was happening. This was almost the real prize of today, not the winning of the competition. Given he had only said what he'd said to put Andy off he was really surprised Andy was going along with it. However he was very very happy he was!

He used his hand to part that delicious crevice in front of him and slipped his hard 5 inches in between Andy's bum cheeks. Sam couldn't quite believe he was about to fuck his best friend, his rival, the boy who knew how to get into his head and also the subject of his Sam's wank fantasises. Though it wasn't usually his sort of thing Sam decided he was going to have some fun verbally with Andy as well as physically.

"Match one. Sam Peterson to serve!" Sam said as he lined up his dick with Andy's hole.

Then Sam said "Play!"out loudand he gently pushed forward slipping his dickhead inside causing Andy to gasp in pain.

"Fuck! That hurts! Me and my big fucking mouth getting me into this. I thought you said it was going to go on like a knife through hot butter? This is more like a plastic knife against ice cold butter!" Andy said grimacing and gritting his teeth. He'd known it was coming and they'd both just seen each other naked for the first time in ages. Sam might have been slightly smaller soft than Andy but hard it seems he matched his 5 inches. Andy felt it seemed a lot thicker and bigger than it looked a couple of minutes ago.

"Sorry mate, I'll go slowly as I push into you. Think of it as me working you from side to side to open up the court for a big booming forehand down the line into an court!" Sam replied giggling as he gently eased in bit by bit.

"That really doesn't help Sam. Am getting used to it...feels....alright. You all the way in?" Andy asked hopefully. The pain was easing slightly. It was still there but it wasn't as intense as when Sam first penetrated him.

"Yes completely balls deep. Now it's time to go big up the middle!" Sam replied with a giggle as he withdrew a few inches of his dick and pushed it back in to see how it felt. Pretty amazing he thought. Then he started to really fuck Andy, pulling his dick back and slamming it back in. Sam was taking charge and now it was him who was the dominant one. He reached round and took hold of Andy's hard dripping dick. Sam was delighted that Andy seemed to be enjoying it not only from that but also the appreciative noises he sometimes made.

"" Sam asked between breaths.

"Mmpph.....pretty......nngggg......fucking.......oooooh....goood!" Andy replied between grunts and moans. Both boys started to feel their orgasms approaching. Sam increased the speed of his hand on Andy's dick and slowed his thrusts slightly. He wanted Andy to cum with Sam's dick still lodged inside him. Just to Andy would always know that had happened, after all Sam never knew when he might need to throw that in during a tense moment of a later game.

"And.....Andy shoots!" Sam said as Andy's dick pulsed and he cried out as he shot cum over Sam's hand and the bed. "But....Sam is there! He to there....gonna fill you,...set....MATCH SAM!" He shouted out as he deposited a load of cum deep inside Andy. There was an awkward silence as they both came down from their respective orgasms before Andy broke.

"You cheesy fucker. What the fuck was with all that tennis stuff?" He asked.

Sam giggled, "Dunno really, just added a bit more fun! I think I'll keep it up. How was it for you Andy because for me it was fucking amazing. I guess I've beaten you twice today!"

"Hmm well I guess it was fine. Hurt a fair bit but I can't lie, I had a pretty fucking intense cum. No one had touched my dick before or clearly been inside me before. I guess it could have been worse. Oh well, I made the deal so I have to stick to it'll only six more to go," Andy said ruefully.

Sam was pleased that Andy didn't try to exit the deal and it only made his respect for him grow. The sex continued for the next week and Sam began to feel something else growing. The knowledge that he could best Andy at anything if he needed to. Having his dick inside him had helped even the dynamic between them and now Sam felt like he was brimming with confidence in his dealings with Andy. Sam had forgiven Simon for telling Andy about him being gay once he found out that Simon had done it so Sam would be pushed to the limit and offer Andy the deal. Simon had asked Sam if it had worked and smiled as Sam mysteriously said, "A gentlemen never tells!"

For the seventh time since the final Sam came inside Andy from behind with a final cry of "Game..set..match Sam!". As he slowed down his thrusts he felt a bit of regret that this was the last time he'd been doing it. It had been a fun week. He'd cum inside Andy seven times but he'd also wanked Andy off the same amount of times. He enjoyed sex with Andy and he enjoyed seeing him naked. After all he was in love with him and what could be better than sex with someone you love?

Sam cleaned them both up before they both stood up to get blood back into their limbs. Sam looked admiringly at Andy's naked body. Those muscular arms, the flat stomach, those thick muscular thighs and best of all that soft chunky three and a half inches of dick swinging above a set of good sized balls.

Andy smiled at Sam as he saw him looking and he also admired Sam's body. Well toned and athletic with a lovely three inch dick that Andy now knew would grow to five inches when hard.

He had been thinking hard about what he was about to say. He was confident Sam would be ok with it but you never know until you actually say it.

He cleared his throat, "Um Sam?"

"Yes Andy?" Sam replied.

"Um. Next time you cum in me please can you not say that Game set match bollocks? It's quite off putting and cheesy and it makes me feel a bit like you're not being particularly respectful."

"Next time?!" Sam asked in shock and surprise.

"Come on Sam, let's be honest with each other! You know I've enjoyed having sex with you and you obviously have enjoyed fucking me! I also really really like you. If...we were......if we were boyfriends you could do me all the time."

"Boyfriends?!" Sam asked, still shocked. "You want to be my boyfriend? You want to keep having sex with me?!"

Andy took a deep breath as he prepared to spill his heart to Sam. "Yes boyfriends. I could have got out of all the sex if I'd wanted to couldn't I? But I didn't. I wanted this, I've always wanted it. Once I knew you were gay like me then that opened up a world of possibilities. I just didn't know how to move forward with it without ruining what we had. Luckily you upped the stakes in our match and it ended up me on all fours and you inside me! So I want to be your boyfriend, if you'll have me?"

Sam smiled and moved close to Andy, kissing him softly then passionately as their tongues intertwined. He then broke off to smile shyly at Andy, "Of course I'll be your boyfriend. We can be doubles in bed as well as on court! I've loved you for ages. I think I was so worried that I couldn't tell you I was gay that I let you get into my head."

"Well, your not so little head has certainly been getting into me this week!" Andy said with a giggle before gently grabbing Sam's balls. "New balls! No seriously, no more tennis references in bed though. Leave that for on court. When we're in bed we're just two lovers. All the other tennis stuff and the rivalry between us, well we keep that for outside of the bedroom. Now.....I've got a position I want to try. Me on my back, legs in the air as I watch you push into me. I'll get to see your cum face which is probably even funnier than that look you have when you're about to hit a smash into the net!"

Andy got on the bed and lay on his back looking at Sam who smiled broadly at him.

"Hey! But am happy for you to see it as I'll see your cum face as I wank you off at the same time! I've also got a few positions I'd like to try! But on the subject of that, why didn't we have a sleepover here tonight?" Sam asked as he manoeuvred himself between Andy's legs, lifting them up around his shoulder. He lined up his dick with Andy's hole and pushed in gently.

" sleepover sounds good. More sex!" Andy said grinning as he felt Sam inching more and more inside him.

"Yes but I've been thinking! So far I've been serving, you've been receiving so maybe it's time to change ends tonight?!" Sam asked as he eased himself all the way in.

"Last tennis reference...That certainly sounds like game set and match!" Andy said with a grin before groaning as Sam started thrusting in and out of him...

James Supreme looked at the two boys as they hugged each other at the net after a very close practice match that Sam just edged. It was amazing James thought how that one win last week could turn things around. James assumed nothing else had happened that week to change things so it must have been that. Ever since they'd turned up today things were different between the boys. He could see that Sam now all exuded the supreme confidence that Andy always had.

James mentally patted himself on the back. What an amazing coach I am. He thought. Supreme confidence indeed!


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