Mekong Delta

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 7

So there I was at 10am outside Dan's hotel. I'd actually checked on my bag and belongings beforehand and it was all still there. I was able to spray myself with the deodorant I had left so hopefully I didn't stink too much.

Dan came out in T-shirt and shorts, smiling broadly at me. He was really cute in daylight. He was blond haired and blue eyed. I think the phrase was angelic looking. I didn't notice a bulge in his loose fitting shorts but I knew I couldn't look too closely. It turned out he was my age. He was just slightly taller and probably better developed than me. After all it turned out his birthday was in October and mine almost five months later so it was no surprise he was a bit taller.

"Hey Phuc, you did make it. I wasn't sure you'd come," He said. I smiled back and said I always kept a promise. That was true particularly when there was money to be made but I kept that bit to myself. I wasn't necessarily embarrassed about it, after all I had to do what I had to survive but I liked Dan from my first impressions of him and I wanted him to like me too.

"Well lead the way Mr tour guide," he said grinning at me and I did as ordered. Ben Tre is in a lovely location with it perched on the Mekong but thanks to being destroyed in the war there wasn't that much to see. We walked around for an hour and I showed him bits of interest until he said he was hot and wanted a drink. We stopped for a couple of cokes at a little pavement cafe. The waiter told me in Vietnamese it was less than I told Dan it was so when I went to buy the drinks I pocketed the change.

"Well Phuc. I'll be honest, there's fuck all to see here really. It's not your fault though, don't worry I'll still pay you. I sort of knew from the guidebook that it wasn't full of things to see. I'm more interested in you. Tell me about yourself and your life here," He said.

There was something about Dan, a...not innocence but a lightness, a warmness to him. I could tell he was genuinely interested in my life and before I knew it I was spilling much more than I should have done. My life on the river. My Mum. My studying in Can Tho, Dinh (although not the sex bits!). I told him I'd run away (I didn't say who from but dropped hints as to why), and finally I told him about me settling into life here as a street boy. I told him what a shock it was to no longer go to school. I was telling him about the way things worked and that we all had to pay Hung but then I stopped. Partly as he started giggling at the name "Hung".

"And is he?" Dan asked, still giggling.

"Is he what?" I replied in confusion.

"Hung! You know a big dick!"

"Ah that, yeah he has. He wants to shove it up my bum as payment for looking after me but I really don't want him too,"I said revealing far too much.

Dan stopped giggling at that point, "Yeah I bet, no one wants to be forced to do that. I know some boys at my old school were forced to and they hated it. Admittedly some enjoyed it and you know, playing with a dick feels good even if it's not your own but older boys with big dicks should stick to their own age!" He said. This opened it up for me to ask him about his life.

"How does an attractive British boy end up in Ben Tre I bet you're asking yourself?" He said with a smile, "I'm here for an extended Easter holiday. Dad works at the embassy back in HCMC and to be honest it's boring as sin there. We have a pool but I have no one to talk to apart from my parents. All my friends are back at home in England. I also barely see my parents at times. Dad has been stationed out here for a while. Mum lives with him but I'm left behind at a bloody private boarding school back home and only come out for holidays. I'm hoping this time they'll agree I can move out here. As for Ben Tre, well Mum fancied a "holiday" from expat life and I might as well be bored here than being bored in HCMC. I think we're here for a week although it may end up being shorter or longer. Still....things are looking up a bit," He said with a smile at me.

I smiled back and he told me more about his life in England, a world away from mine although not without its problems.

"It's very different to your situation but then again not. I also have to sleep with other boys very close by and the risk of a well hung boy wanting to bum you does rear its head at times. No pun intended!" He giggled, and I did too even if I didn't quite understand the joke.

We talked back and forth for a while, ordering another drink. It was strange. Here was a boy I'd only just met. From a very different culture and country to me but who I felt like I'd known for ever. I started to think of ways I could prolong our tour. Ways we could spend more time with him. How was it we clicked together? And did he also think I was nice to hang out with?

"It's getting towards lunchtime, I guess I should head back soon," He said looking at his watch. I felt disappointed, I wanted to spend more time with him but that was clearly not on the cards.

"Oh that's a shame," I said honestly.

"I've got to do a school project on a subject I feel strongly about over the holidays. I also want to do an article for the school paper on some social issue for when I get back. I was thinking, maybe I could write it about you or the life of a street boy? I mean I know it sounds patronising as fuck. The white boy writing about the poor foreign beggar boy but it would be interesting. It would cover off the project AND the article, and it means I could probably persuade my Mum to let you hang out with me? Only if you want to of course?" He asked, looking shy for a second.

My heart jumped and I readily agreed. "Great! Right, take me to your leader! Ah I guess you don't get that reference. Take me to Hung and the other boys, I want to take some photos and some notes," He said, taking his notepad out of his bag.

The waiter came over and collected our bottles. Dan thanked him in Vietnamese and had a brief conversation with him. He saw my shocked expression. "Well my Dad works here, I need to learn the lingo, and it's funny to surprise people. Makes you realise when you're being scammed," He said with a wink.

I blushed and rummaged for the change I'd pocketed but he smiled, "You need it much more than I do, I'd do exactly the same in your shoes."

He followed me along the road to our bridge where he said hello to the boys and spoke some very basic Vietnamese to them earning their respect. I knew his Vietnamese was better than that but I guess he was keeping his cards close to his chest. Hung was away on a "mission" with Dao. They soon returned, both looking a bit flushed.

Dan introduced himself as did Hung suspiciously. Dan then made a joke about Hung being well hung and that broke the ice. He explained what he was doing then took some photos and notes before really surprising me.

"I want to come back and interview you and a couple of others. I'll pay. I also want to borrow Phuc for a few days if that's ok? I'll pay more than he'd get begging so you won't be out of pocket," He said to Hung. Hung was more than happy and bargained a price with Dan. It ended up at $10 a day which seemed fair. I thought Hung would push for a bit more but maybe he didn't want to annoy a westerner. Mind you it was easy money for Hung as well with one less mouth to feed so it was probably a win win situation for him.

"I'll be back tomorrow to interview and pay for that but for now Phuc better come with me so we can get started. You can sleep in my room," He said to my utter amazement. He laughed at my expression, "I need to keep you with me so I can ask questions. I can't be traipsing down here every five minutes if you've gone home and I need to ask something. It'll be fun and Hung is fine with that aren't you?" He asked Hung who nodded, although he didn't have a choice.

As we headed off Hung shouted to me in Vietnamese "Be careful Phuc. Don't let him fuck you unless he pays you a hundred dollars!". I blushed, I was pretty sure that wasn't on the cards. I also blushed as I knew that Dan would understand that even if Hung doesn't realise.

Dan grinned and shouted back in Vietnamese to Hung "I don't fuck anyone who doesn't want me too, and it should never be done as payment for something either whoever they are!"

Hung looked a bit bashful at being called out but we were soon out of earshot.

"Sorry about that Phuc. I couldn't help myself. Don't worry, I don't fuck people! It was just a jibe at Hung. Anyway I've saved your arse from his for a few days." He said then laughed at my confusion.

"Arse equals bum. Ok so you need a lesson in British slang. Playing with your dick is wanking." he said before giving me an overview of more slang and more sex things like a 69. I suspected he was more experienced than he'd let on but it was hard to tell. There was certainly a swagger to him, a confidence that I didn't have.

"Hold on," I said as we got close to the hotel, he followed me to where I'd stashed my bag and stuff. He looked at me appraisingly as I picked it up "Hmm cunning, I could tell you knew how to look after yourself. Follow me and let me do the talking." He said as he strolled up to the hotel...

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