Mekong Delta

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 5

I woke in the early morning to find myself bitten to fuck by mosquitos. That was something I needed to think about moving forward. I also knew I needed something, some purpose. Food and money would be good but some sort of idea of a bigger picture would help. That was for the future though.

For now I headed into town to explore. It didn't take me long and I quickly got the sense of the place. I decided to keep an eye out for street boys and it wasn't too long before I saw one. He made a beeline to me, looking about my age but much more ragged.

"You new here?" The dusty scruffy boy asked me. I don't know how he knew or why he thought I didn't live here but I thought I'd be honest..ish.

"Yes, I've no money and all out of luck," I replied holding my pockets out.

He smiled slightly, "Maybe not totally out of luck. There's a few of us around who beg, steal, and do whatever we have to do to survive. After all, a boy has to eat! Now come with me and I'll introduce you to the boss,"He said beckoning me with his hand.

As we walked he introduced himself as Dao and said he'd lived on the street since escaping from an abusive father a while ago.

"It's not exactly the best life but it's better than it was before. A lot better. At least I know the boys have my back. Hung always looks after us." He then went on to explain that Hung was the oldest and basically the boss. He was kind, looked after them and kept them safe even though at times he needed "paying".

"With what? The money you get from begging?" I asked, with no real idea what was going on.

"No he takes all of that and makes sure we have enough food with it. Nah something different, nothing too tricky. Anyway he'll no doubt tell you all about that," He said as we approached a bridge where the boys hung out and slept under.

Hung was obvious straight away. He was taller and older than the other boys. He was 16 years old with an edge to him. It was clear he was in charge in the way he held himself and spoke to the boys. Dao introduced me to him and he smiled and asked questions about where I'd come from and my experiences.

I said I was escaping a potentially abusive situation and a kind bus driver had given me a lift from my village half an hour or so away. I did not want to mention Can Tho or my Uncle and decided those details were kept to myself. After all I had no idea how far his reach was so it was best to play it safe. Hung seemed happy and said I'd be an extra mouth to feed so I'd need to pull my weight. He did smile at me and say that a "cute" boy like myself would probably get the ladies giving us more money.

I blushed slightly at being called cute. I hadn't really thought of myself that way. Still if it helped me eat then that was no bad thing. I had to use whatever I could to survive.

Over the coming days and weeks, Hung took me under his wing. He showed me the ropes and was always making sure I had enough to eat. I felt a bit bad about it but I still kept the remaining money I had stolen well hidden just in case I needed it. Dinh's situation had made me realise the importance of an escape plan. I wanted to be sure I was able to afford to run if I needed to.

I begged a fair bit of the time and seemed to do ok although I found the whole experience humiliating and at times scary. We'd be usually moved on by the police but surprisingly gently. I'd heard of beatings in Can Tho of street kids by police but as a rule it seemed not to be the case here.

At night we'd sleep under the bridge all huddled together. At times I'd heard the odd moan as a boy played with himself and maybe someone else. I did it when I could, but I was a bit reticent to do it in front of everyone. I wanted to remember what Dinh and I had done. That was special and I didn't really want to mess around with these boys I didn't really know. I turned 13 during that first month on the street. I'd also started shooting a bit of cum and felt the first ghosting of hair down there, I was clearly growing up. Luckily my face was still cute and it didn;t stop the money from coming in when I was begging.

Hung had a few key boys that he said were best at begging and he encouraged them to get as dusty and dirty as possible. The rest of us were allowed to swim in the shallows of the Ben Tre river where it joined the mighty Mekong. I always kept my underpants on as did most of the boys although Hung was more than happy to let us see that he lived up to his name! The water was murky but at least it seemed to keep us fairly clean. I think he wanted the ladies to see my face as I begged as he always insisted I kept myself clean.

He'd sometimes take a boy off on his own on a "mission". I asked one of the other boys once what sort of mission it was and he giggled, "he'll probably pick you one day and you'll find out. We all know as we've been off with him but none of us are allowed to talk about it to each other. It's just the price of being here. You get used to it." He said with a shrug leaving me none the wiser.

I looked up to Hung and he was clearly an effective and caring leader of the small rag tag group of boys. I didn't envy him his job and he did it well.

One afternoon just after my birthday he took me off on my own while the other boys were off begging. He said he had "plans" for me.

"Are we going on a mission?" I wondered if that's what was happening.

"Sort of, let's head this way," He replied, leading me over Câu Mŷ Hoà to the quieter side of town. After we crossed the bridge we turned right up towards the Mekong. We sometimes swam down here but usually it was on the other side of the river. This side had coconut plantations and was a bit more overgrown.

"Through here," he said and squeezed through a broken fence and into a derelict old building. I followed him inside. There was definitely a whiff of bat shit in the air but the warm breeze from the river kept the air circulating.

"Erm, what are we doing here?" I asked with some confusion. The derelict building was clearly stripped of anything useful years ago.

"You've been with us a few weeks now and it's time for your initiation and to learn a bit more about how things work. I'm in charge of keeping you boys safe but above me there's the big boss who takes most of the money that we make. In return though he keeps the police off us so we can beg in peace. That's why they only move us on gently rather than kicking the shit out of us. It's not a life any of us would like but it is what it is. We're safe and like you we've all managed to leave bad situations behind. The authorities don't care about us unless we make the country look bad. So it's up to us. It's stressful for me managing everything and sometimes I need a bit of a release," Hung said looking at me with a strange expression on his face.

"Yes I imagine you do," I replied, still not having any idea where this was going.

"Great! So you understand. All the boys in the group have taken my dick at times. They see it as an honour, and they enjoy it. I spread it around to make sure everyone gets a turn. Now pull your shorts down and bend over that piece of wood and I'll fuck you," He said undoing his shorts and leaving me open mouthed in shock and surprise. I thought I'd left all that behind. In retrospect though I should have guessed and expected it. There had been more than enough hints for me to pick up on.

"Part of the deal with the boss is that I keep all of you off limits for his clients whose tastes run in that direction. But I have needs to and it's good to spread it around. Now strip and spread those legs, this beast needs to feed!" He said releasing his fairly thick looking 6 inch hard dick. I knew Hung was well hung soft but hard it was also big and I winced at the thought of it going in me. I had to think fast. "Um Hung. Probably a bad idea. I've had the shits today. It's pretty bad back there. Can I just suck you instead and you fuck me next time?" I asked hoping my lies would buy me some time. I didn't want to suck his dick but it had to be better than being basically raped by it. I could see it almost dripping in anticipation of some action and I knew one way or another I'd have to take care of it.

"Fuck, that's bad timing. Ok. I guess so although I might want two as a result," He said. Before he could change his mind I got on my knees and took it in my mouth. I had no idea what I was doing but I did the best I could. Halfway through he held my head firmly in his hands and started face fucking me causing my eyes to water and me to choke slightly. He wasn't gentle and went hard at me. Thankfully he shot a load in my mouth before he completely bashed my throat to shreds. I spluttered but managed to swallow most of it.

He ruffled my hair, "If your bum is as good as your mouth the that is going to be a real fucking treat. But I've got other holes I can use for the next few days. Get yourself properly better, and definitely very well washed back there!" he said, pulling me up. We chatted on our way back to the others and he was very nice to me. However I also now knew there was a price to pay for all this. A price all the boys paid and I'd be no exception.

After the incident with Hung I knew that I'd I stayed then I'd be fucked within the week. But if I left and tried somewhere else then it might be even worse. Still, we had a fair of autonomy and the next couple of days I tried to avoid him and the other boys as much as I could. The town was large enough and I kept to the city centre. It was risky as if the police saw me alone then they might pick me up. I knew my Uncle had contacts in the police force around the delta and maybe even as far as here. I hoped he'd just forgotten about me but it was hard to be sure. I'd gone back to the camp to sleep and Hung had asked where I'd been. I said I needed thinking time and that I'd also spent time shitting my guts out well away from the camp which he approved of. No one likes shitting on their own doorstep after all!

Still, I knew what would be coming from Hung soon. I can't say i relished the prospect but then again better Hung than some greasy old pervert like my Uncle would have sold me too. I settled down to sleep amongst the warm bodies wondering how DInh was getting on. ..

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