A Time of Change

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 2

As with a lot of things in life, the anticipation and fear is never as bad as the reality, and so it was with secondary school. I'd expected to have ended up head down in a toilet on my first day while bullies flushed it but of course that only happened in stories. I think so anyway. In reality, for me school was fine, I had my old friends and I made new ones. I was disappointed not to be in the same form class as Rob but it didn't mean we wouldn't still hang out. My school form was ok, a few dickheads but that's always the case in any class, mostly everyone was nice and there was a sort of detente between everyone while we found our feet.

One thing I do remember from those first weeks of school was swim class. Most of the boys were like me, small dick, hairless, balls not dropped yet, puberty just a distant dream, if we even knew what that was, but there were a few early developers around. Their dicks looked massive to my eyes but I guess they weren't really, I suppose it's just when most dicks are 1 or 1 1/2 inches long and then if someone's has fattened and grown slightly with a bit of hair then they look huge! I'd always get changed quickly and wonder why the early developers would stroll around casually showing off their naked form, of course I soon realised they wanted everyone to see what they were packing down there!

I didn't really give it much thought though, we'd not covered sex education yet and while we would chat about sex and stuff between friends without knowing anything at all about it, being honest we mostly talked more about football and TV shows.

I guess my first sexual experience was that one on scout camp, and my second one was to come in that first year of secondary school, but again as I hadn't started puberty did it really count? I suppose if you wank a boy in the forest and there is no one else to hear it does it make a noise? Wasn't that how the saying went?

Still, if that was unexpected then so was my second experience, if you can call it that. One of the early developers in our form, James Bailey, had befriended me for some reason and we hung out a bit at school. At this stage I didn't realise he was an early developer although I'm not sure how I hadn't spotted it given we got changed near each other for swimming.

We were fairly opposites, I was top of the class academically when I could be arsed to do some work, he was down the bottom. He seemed to have expensive clothes and a designer brand school bag, I had the cheapest stuff and the occasional hand me downs from family friends. I hadn't started puberty, I hadn't seen him naked at swimming but I was soon to find out he had. He was slightly podgy while I was lithe and thin, however he had a good sense of humour so we got on well up to a point. Nothing like me and Rob but as he wasn't in my form and I had most classes with James then it was good to have a friend to hang out with when Rob wasn't around.

A few weeks into our friendship, he invited me over for a sleepover on a school night, it took a fair bit of persuading my Mum to let me go as it was school the next day but after a few phone calls to James's parents it was sorted. I'd never actually had a sleepover aside from at Rob's house and my Mum's initial reaction was, "oh god, does that mean he's going to want to come and stay here sometime?". I guess she worked so hard and had so little time for herself the idea of dealing with more boys around the place didn't appeal. In any case she said yes so it was all good.

So there I was in James's Mum's car being taken to his house after school, I was quite excited despite myself. He lived in a small village a few miles from our school and I had to stop myself gasping when I saw his house. It was a large new build, much bigger than mine, a barn conversion apparently. His Dad was a businessman although not sure what business he was in, it clearly did make him a lot of money though!

He only had one arm as he lost the other in a motorcycle accident in the distant past. It led to a slightly embarrassing incident when I offered the wrong hand for him to shake when we met but he laughed it off. Phew.

James's younger brother was a hyperactive 10 year old who clearly worshiped James, although he treated him in the nonplussed way older brothers do. I was a bit jealous though, I'd always wished for a sibling, someone to look up to, or someone for me to look after. Still, there wasn't much I could change about that! He buzzed excitedly around at first until his Mum asked him to do some chores much to James's obvious relief.

We had dinner as soon as we got to his house which was earlier than I was used to, it seemed his parents liked to feed him and his brother separately and get them out the way, while my Mum always wanted us to have dinner together so we could talk about our respective days. Still it did mean we had the rest of the evening to play and have fun.

James's younger brother wanted to hang around with us after dinner but James got rid of him. We played pool in his games room (a games room! The very thought was crazy to me, a very different world!) watched a movie on his VHS player, he had one and a TV in his room. No one I knew had their own TV in their room so it was all very new for me. He was also getting a new computer but it hadn't arrived yet much to my disappointment as I loved computer games but didn't have any way of playing any at home.

You could have fit my bedroom three times into his at least, he had a big double bed as well which I was envious of although I didn't really need more space than my single bed gave me at home, still it would have made me feel more grown up!

It was a school night so we were packed off to bed at 8pm which seemed ridiculously early to me, I didn't usually go to bed until 9pm at home. Or later if there was something good on TV. But when you're in someone else's house you have to play by their rules. We said good night and went into his room, stopping off to brush our teeth in the bathroom he shared with his brother.

"Thank fuck for that, I thought they'd never leave us alone" he said smiling at me as we went into his room, throwing his school tie into the corner of the room so he was just in his slightly unbuttoned school shirt and his school trousers.

"Do you usually go to bed this early?" I asked slightly in surprise.

"Well I get sent to bed, doesn't mean I actually go to sleep!" He said, still smiling.

"Cool, yeah I don't go to bed till 9 usually" I told him, then felt a bit bad like I was making a big deal of it.

He winked at me, "I love going to bed at 8, gives me plenty of time for fun in my room if you know what I mean"

I didn't quite know what he meant but he did have a TV after all, I asked if he wanted to watch something on it.

"Unfortunately not, one rule is no TV once I've been sent to bed" he shrugged as he said this, I guess he wasn't fussed. I was curious to what sort of fun he did then, he didn't seem to have any books, unlike me I guess he wasn't a reader. "Anyway let's get ready for bed, you can share with me or sleep on the floor" he said pointing at a sleeping bag and pillow his Mum had put next to his bed.

"Er Ok, I'm not fussed, up to you" I said, not really sure of the etiquette as it was my first sleepover.

He smiled at me, "I really like you Tom, you can share with me if you like".

"Ok cool" I said simply and watched as James started to take his shirt off. I rummaged around in my bag for my pyjamas but as I looked up I noticed James was down to his pants and then he pulled them down, standing there naked with no pyjamas in sight.

"You've got hair" I blurted out in surprise at seeing the small bit of hair above his dick which was slightly longer and thicker and definitely bigger than mine.

He smiled shyly, "Yeah, started growing a few weeks ago, like my dick did. I guess you haven't got any yet, go on get those clothes off so I can see" he said.

I was a bit embarrassed but then again it wasn't like I didn't get naked to get changed at swimming, one strange thing I found about growing up was when I had something to be embarrassed about (not having started puberty) I wasn't embarrassed about being naked, but once my dick started to grow I was. I guess I was then aware of the risk of getting an erection in public and getting the piss ripped out of me.

Anyway I stripped to my pants and pulled them down, then started to pull on my pyjamas.

"Leave those, it's just us, I sleep naked anyway and I'm happy for you to. It's a warm evening after all" he said as he climbed into bed. I didn't think it was particularly warm but I wanted to keep him happy. Feeling pretty self conscious I hurried over to the bed and climbed in the other side.

I lay there in bed, wondering if I'd fall asleep, it was still too early for me but turns out James wasn't ready for sleep anyway.

"So Er Tom....you started wanking yet?" He asked. I'd heard boys talk about it but this was the 80s, there was no internet, we hadn't covered sex in biology or Personal social development yet, so I gave an honest answer back.

"I dunno, I don't think so , what is it.?"I replied.

He giggled, "if you don't know then it's likely you haven't. It's basically the most amazing thing ever. You play with your dick until your whole body goes into meltdown and you have an orgasm. It's fucking awesome and I love it! I really really like you Tom, do you want me to show you how to do it?

"Er I guess so" I said, not entirely enthusiastically, the whole thing sounded a bit weird but then I had a flashback to scout camp and realised that's what I'd done to the wizard. Anyway it was too late to pull back now as James pulled back the duvet to show his dick.

"So, get your dick hard by putting your hand around it like this" he said making a sort of open fist, "or like this if easier" he then put two fingers on either side of his dick which was already hard. I did as instructed and my dick was hard straightaway, possibly from seeing his hard dick.

"Then start moving your foreskin up and down like this" he said and started moving it up and down slowly, then speeding it up. I did as I was told but didn't really feel anything, it wasn't unpleasant but James was making quiet "uh.....oh...." noises as he did it and I didn't think it was for effect.

All of a sudden he sort of stiffened and with a loud sigh his dick shot a little bit of stuff out the end, nowhere near as much as the wizard did but a bit that dribbled over his hand and down his shaft. I kept going but nothing was happening, eventually I stopped and he gave me a sympathetic look.

"Don't worry, it won't be long until you get the feeling, just keep practising and one day you'll have the most intense dry orgasm ever. That was fucking hot anyway, watching you do that as I wanked. I better clean up" he said reaching for a box of tissues by his bed, he gently wiped the stuff off his dick and his hand.

"What is that?" I asked, I was intrigued by that, it clearly wasn't piss.

"It's spunk, cum, sperm, boy juice, baby batter, it's got a few names really. Happens every time, just needs a bit of clearing up"

"Does it hurt when it comes out?" I asked.

"No the opposite" he said giggling. We chatted for a bit about other stuff then fell asleep.

Next morning was a bit of a rush and before I knew it we were at school. That was sort of it for me and James though, he asked me to sleepover a few more times but I wasn't keen, he hadn't freaked me out as such, just that we had different interests. That's what I told myself anyway.

"Did I scare you off?" He once asked me quietly in class.

"No of course not! It was fun, it's just my Mum is clamping down on sleepovers for now, she thinks I'm losing focus on my school work" I lied, I couldn't quite put into words why I didn't want to go over so it was easier to let him down gently

"But you're pretty much top of the class!" He protested.

"I know, crazy eh, you know what parents are like though" I said with a shrug.

I'm not sure if it upset him but we drifted apart. He sort of joined up with the more bullying boys, I stayed with my more geeky academic ones. We were still nice to each other though, I guess we'd shared a moment. James was able to keep the bullies off my back most of the time it seemed which was good. Looking back it was obvious James liked me and wanted to do more stuff with me, but my body and mind just weren't ready.....at that stage

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