Where Do I Fit In?

by Andrew Foote

Chapter 10

Throughout this story real organisations and real people are mentioned by name. Their place in the tale is in the author's imagination. No thoughts, words or deeds attributed to those people or organisations are real, nor have they ever happened. This is a story! It's fiction. The people and organisations, even when they interact with the characters, are presented in an entirely imagined and fictitious manner, and no discourtesy is intended to them by the author nor by the web site.

The following few days were as manic as usual. Training, school work, more training, eating and sleeping. Lucas and I were almost never out of each other's sight but the times we had for intimacy were severely limited. We were either too tired or we had other stuff that required our attention and given that I'd taken the big step of coming out to my parents was hugely frustrating as I'd sort of hoped that this would be an indication to everyone that we now needed some quality time to ourselves

Another issue was just how quickly we were growing out of our clothes. Trousers and shorts were okay with maybe some of the older ones becoming a big snug around our thighs, our waistlines were pretty much the same but shirts, especially school shirts had become something of a joke. We had developed so much muscle across our chests, abdomen and shoulders that we could split the seams just by tensing ourselves.

Lucas mentioned this to Liam, just as an aside comment the one evening.

"The SCGB will pay for replacements. It's all in the budget as is sports gear, swimming trunks and the like. Didn't anyone tell your parents about this? Trainers, kit bags, towels, anything connected to your program is covered. I'll get hold of a list of approved stockists and have it sent to your respective homes."

Wednesday rolled around. A bitter-sweet day in many respects. A day where we could relax and unwind, spend time with our families without the need to be chasing off somewhere but the flipside was Lucas and I weren't together and I missed him dreadfully although those evenings were wonderful!

Jo pulled me to one side.

"So you told them then?"

"Yeah I had to really. Like you said, they already suspected, knew even, so it was only right I told them myself."

"How did it go?"

"Alright really. I was shitting myself but I was also very angry at what had been prized out of us by Lauren and I guess that gave me the push I needed.

Jo they were fantastic! Mum and Dad were just soo cool!"

"I thought they might be. I'm proud of you and by the way, we're all coming to watch tomorrow night. Hope that's okay?"

"How did you know we were going public tomorrow? I thought it was going to be something of a surprise?"

"Your coaches talk to Mum and Dad almost every day. Dad generally does it on speakers so Mum can hear so it doesn't take much to listen in. You don't own the rights to 'sneaky' you know!"

"Remind me not to make calls when you're in! I suppose you guys being there will mean a bit more pressure but actually……..I'd like it if you saw what we've been working towards. We're not even started if what Liam says is true but whatever. Wish us well huh?"

Thursday and back to our normal routine. Today was also 'change-over' day when we swapped one house for another and this evening after school we'd be going back to Lucas's place.

We had both stashed sufficient clothes at each other's houses so all that remained was for us to take our laptops to school with us then take them back to the Carmichaels after our early evening homework session so on Thursdays, instead of jogging to school we biked it.

One of the school rules was that mobile phones aside, no personal electronic devices were allowed on the premises but in our case, so long as we left them with the school secretary during lessons it was okay.

Midway through the morning Tony, or should that read 'Mr Rogers' came into our classroom and had a brief word with our maths teacher Mr Appleby.

"Andrew? Lucas? Mr Rogers wants to talk to you outside please."

We walked outside to where Mr Rogers was waiting for us.

"Is there a problem sir?"

"No Andy, no problem as such. It's just I think it might be a good idea if we rearranged things a bit regarding tonight. Today is your change over day isn't it? What I propose is that directly after you've finished your study period after school, you collect your laptops from Mrs Haines office and meet me in the car park with your bikes and I'll run you home. You can get changed, have your tea and I'll run you to the pool.

The thing is, it'll be mayhem there tonight. There will be so many kids that the pool staff are worried that there won't be sufficient lockers for all of them and the last thing we need is for you guys to get caught up in a scrum.

I'll get you there hopefully before it gets too manic, the gym will be off limits to everyone bar you and your team so you can use the changing facilities there plus the showers afterwards of course but the main reason for doing this is so you can loosen up and do your mental preparation in peace and quiet. Are you okay with that?"

"Yes sir and thank you. We normally study for an hour and a half. Don't you mind hanging around for us for that long?"

"No Lucas! I can always find something to do. We get swamped with bloody paperwork and red tape so I'm usually here until around five or five-thirty! No imposition honestly! You'd better get back to your lesson before I cop it in the neck for keeping you too long. See you later."

True to his word, Mr Rogers was waiting to run us home and once we arrived we went straight upstairs and got changed out of school uniform and into something casual and after packing our kit for the evening, made our way down for tea. Mr Rogers or Tony as it was now was in conversation with Lucas's parents but looked up at us as we sat down to eat.

"Any nerves lads?"

"No Tony, we're all good. Quite looking forward to it truth be told."

Mr Carmichael almost choked on his coffee.

" Tony?? That's being rather familiar considering he's one of your teachers isn't it?"

Tony laughed.

"Yes 'Tony'! We have this understanding you see. Inside the school gates it's Sir or Mr Rogers but outside of those gates it's Tony. There is no hierarchy when it comes to training, we are all equal in this so it's first name terms."

"Yeah okay, I can see that. It just wasn't something I'd expected my son to come out with!"

"No I suppose not but look at it this way. If every child were to demonstrate the maturity and self-discipline that Lucas and Andy have, even in school we could probably do away with all the formalities completely but alas these two lads are very much in a minority so a measure of control and seniority has to be put in place. If you think on it, what we as teachers do in school is really no different to what we do in the gym or the pool with Lucas and Andy. In school we coach, encourage and guide our students in a way by which we hope they achieve their potential. The only slight variation in this case is both these boys are really desperate to get to the top of their game, they eat pressure for breakfast, they love what they do and so for us to instil any form of external discipline on them is simply unnecessary and unhelpful. It just comes naturally to them so why rock the boat?

Anyway, if you lads are all done, may I suggest we make tracks?"

He shook Lucas's parents by the hand.

"Great to finally meet you. Are you coming tonight?"

"Yes but not until around seven-thirty in time to watch what these kids can do."

"I'll look forward to seeing you later then. Bye."

As Tony had predicted, the area outside the pool was crowded with throngs of kids, parents and teachers all jostling for position in the haphazard queue's that were forming. We spotted a number of fellow students from Ashmead and they noticed us, well most of the kids did, even ones from different schools and then the penny dropped. Everyone bar us were in school uniform.

"Tony? Shouldn't we be in uniform like all the others? I feel sort of like 'naked' dressed casually!"

"No Andy. You're fine. Everyone here is representing their schools hence uniforms are the order of the day but you guys are here to represent yourselves. Just relax! Let's go inside and get prepared."

We squeezed through the crowds and made for the door which prompted grumbles from some of those waiting none too patiently.

"What the fuck is this then? Bleedin' queue jumpers!"

This comment was aimed at us by a kid from a different school than ours, a boy who I guessed was around sixteen years old but this didn't deter Tony from cutting him a look which basically said 'Watch your lip boy!' but on reaching the locked door, Tony rang the bell and one of the attendants let us in.

We went directly to the gym where we were met by Alec, Peter and Liam. We all shook hands then Tony asked

"Managed to get in okay without too many bruises?

"No problem Tony. We saw how chaotic it was out there so we came in through the back!"

"Now why didn't I think of that? We ran the gauntlet of half the school population of Gloucestershire!"

"You're a braver man than I Gunga Din! The natives were a tad too restless for my liking!"

Lucas and I went off to get changed.

"Hey! Nice facilities! Nice and........private if you get my drift!" Lucas winked at me!

"I can't think what you mean!"

"Well maybe later I'll give you a little demonstration of my own!"

For the next hour or so we did a bit of light circuit training and exercises, nothing too strenuous as Peter went on to explain.

"Just enough to get your muscles warmed up but nothing that might strain you. We can't afford you damaging yourselves at this part of the proceedings. Tonight is all about diving.

Have you memorised your routine?"

We both nodded our heads.

"Good. Now go back to the changing room and get some quiet time. Just relax, close your eyes and try and empty your heads of everything except your routine. I'll come and knock the door when they're ready for you."

We did as we were asked but after about fifteen minutes I stifled a giggle!

"What's with you partner?"

"It's funny!"

"What is?"

"I can empty my head okay except for two things! Our routine and……..your demonstration later!"

Lucas chuckled.

"Well, all I'll say on that score is that you'll thoroughly enjoy it!"

Just then we heard a tap on the door. It was Liam.

"Okay lads. All set?"

"Yeah. All ready and able."

"Great! Tony is going to make an introduction so just wait in the wings until he's finished then go and enjoy yourselves. Remember there are no medals up for grabs, this is a wonderful opportunity to show what you can do. If you do feel slightly nervous then just remember this. There is no one in this building that is even remotely as capable as you. Now go and have fun!"

"Ladies, gentlemen and students.

Tonight we're taking the unusual step by taking a short break in the proceedings. We're doing this in order to case book what can be achieved by hard work, training and dedication.

What you are about to see is a demonstration of what is arguably one of the most difficult of all water events, that of high board formation diving.

Such sport requires the participants to be at the peak of physical and mental fitness and agility, total concentration is essential just as much as having the physical strength to perform such a routine as you will shortly be presented with and so with that, it gives me very great pleasure to introduce you to two twelve year-old boys, both of whom are very fine and extremely talented athletes, Lucas Carmichael and Andy Pope."

We made our way poolside and it was as if someone had turned the volume control right down as gone was all the noise of people talking, all conscious thoughts of outside interference vanished leaving us feeling calm and in full control.

Apparently Tony kept up like a running commentary. How our first dives were simply to get us limbered up but then as we upped the ante, he would merely explain the level of difficulty of the dives as we did them but honestly, neither of us heard a thing.

On to the spring boards executing pikes, backward routines, somersaults, twists and barrel rolls all the time looking into each other's eyes before each one and then entering the water with a single whoomph like the sound of a distant explosion.

Next to the five metre table.

A similar routine but with the increased height allowing us to include more moves but then came our final dive, our swallow with like a star formation with our little fingers entwined and our toes touching, two forward somersaults, two twists and a perfect entrance.

We broke surface to be greeted by a deafening roar of cheering and clapping. For Lucas and I, it was just all too much and we both just burst into tears as we clung to each other. It took a moment for us to regain a measure of composure but as we calmed down, we dipped underwater, swam to the edge and hopped out onto the side. Job done.

We were met by Liam and it was perfectly obvious he too had been crying.

"Oh God! That was simply magnificent! I knew you were good but I honestly couldn't fault you. For my money that whole routine deserved straight tens and believe me, it's my job to find fault! How you accomplished such a perfect display leaves me baffled, bewildered amazed but most of all, overjoyed! Come on. It's time to meet your public!"

He handed each of us a towel then lead us to the area that separates the main swimming pool from the diving, picked up a radio mic and switching it on, introduced us.

"Everyone? I think you'll all agree that was a superb demonstration of what is a very difficult and dangerous sport. I give you here on my left, Andy Pope and on my right, Lucas Carmichael!"

It was a standing ovation, the noise was unbelievable as a chant of 'More, more, more' went up gradually increasing in tempo.

"Wave to everyone boys. Go on, you thoroughly deserve this adoration."

We waved to the crowd as Liam again switched the microphone on.

"I know you all want to see more and I promise you that you will but not tonight. Let us remember that these two lads are only twelve and such a display takes a tremendous amount of energy and stamina so I think we should allow them now to go and get changed, relax and unwind."

We walked through to the gym, both of us absolutely shattered.

"I'm bloody pleased Liam didn't want us to do an encore! I don't think I'd have the strength to climb up there again let alone dive!"

"Me neither but I've still got enough energy to eat. I'm famished!!"

We rounded the corner to see Tony waiting for us.

"Well what can I say that hasn't be said already! That was just fantastic, unbelievable, superb! How do you both feel?"

In unison we both answered with a single word.


Tony smiled.

"The aftermath of a massive adrenalin rush. Nothing to be concerned about. Here, I almost forgot. A message from Mr Fairbairn. He came to support our swimmers and was completely knocked out by your performance. I think you'd better read it."

'I've just been turned by two twelve year-old boys from being just a Head Teacher into a very, very proud Head Teacher! What I was privileged to witness tonight took my breath away together with everybody else's who watched your outstanding, almost world class demonstration.

Unfortunately the school cannot afford the cost of an army of bodyguards and so I'd appreciate it if you didn't attend school tomorrow as I fear you'd be mobbed so please take the day to relax together, go training if that's what is required of you then on Monday we can talk about where you go from here regarding your education and perhaps think of ways to be more flexible in our approach to things.

Thank you, both of you. You've done so very well and you're a credit not just to the school but everyone who works with you, your families and your friends.

With my highest regards and admiration

Alan Fairbairn.'

Tony looked at us.

"Yes he wrote it in front of me so I know the score.

Quite right too. You'd get no work done, the entire school would be disrupted and anyway, you deserve time to calm down and regroup so pretty sensible all round.

Training tomorrow or do you want to cry off?"

"No. We want to keep our routine going please."

"I was rather hoping that's what you'd say but let's meet a bit later than usual. How about eight o'clock at the pool. I've no classes tomorrow morning so it makes little difference to me but you might appreciate the lie-in."

"Yeah, Sounds like a plan!"

"Okay. You guys get showered and changed and we'll meet in the gym once you're done. Your families are waiting for you and when you're ready to leave, we'll spirit you out through the back door to save disrupting the swimmers."

Walked through into the changing area, stripped out of our trunks and got under the shower allowing the jets of water to massage our aching bodies.

"I hope you don't mind Andy but my little demo's getting put on ice for tonight! I'm starting to seize up."

"That's okay. Right now all I need is food, a cuddle from you and a good night's sleep!

We did okay tonight didn't we?"

"I reckon but it's like they say. You're only as good as your last screw-up and we've plenty of time for that to happen!

I know it happened to you as well but wasn't weird when we first started tonight, everything going silent like we were the only two people in the building?"

"Very spooky but that's what Liam meant by empty our heads of everything bar our routine. It worked."

We dressed and walked back into the gym. Both of our families were there waiting, all of them beaming at us, Jo especially showered us with praise.

"My brother! My no-so-little brother and his hunky best friend! How dare you scare the crap out of me like that! I was almost wetting myself throughout the entire routine! Jesus you blokes? One false move and you could've killed yourself and Dad now tells me you've dived from twice that height!"

Liam interjected.

"Yes well they didn't make any false moves did they? I'm telling you young lady, that's about as good as it gets!"

"Andy knows me well enough to know I'm only kidding them! It did have me on the edge of my seat though. Seeing two Greek gods in miniature right up there, one of them my own brother, how can I not be overwhelmed! Proud doesn't do justice to what I feel right now and not just for Andy but Lucas as well. I have just witnessed the most beautiful thing ever. It's like a whole new art form!"

"Interesting observation. Very interesting!"

The conversation, hugs and tears, praise and accolades continued but then I yawned, something Mr Carmichael noticed.

"Look I hate to break up the party but these boys are on their knees. We need to get them back and feed them so they can go get a good night's sleep. You guys come back with us for a nightcap?"

Back at the Carmichaels we were treated to a massive supper which consisted of a 16oz rump steak grilled rare, fried eggs, slow-braised shallots, asparagus, a large baked potato with lashings of butter and melted cheese plus a huge side salad. This was followed by jam roly-poly and custard which I love although the jury's out on whether that's my favourite but it's either that or spotted dick. Whatever!

Meal done we said our 'Goodnight's' to everyone, climbed the stairs, undressed and fell into bed and with no alarm to wake us at some God-unearthly hour, it was seven the following morning before we woke.

We dressed, had our light breakfast and started our jog to the pool. At first the stiffness in our limbs was painful but then after about a mile it eased and our movements became more fluid and relaxed. By the time we got to the pool we felt good to go but as we neared the car park, there was a van with a satellite dish on a mast parked up and three people, one woman and two men waiting around.

Lucas looked at me, I just shrugged my shoulders but just as soon as they saw us coming they all scrambled. The one guy hoisted a big video camera on to his shoulder, the other grabbed a big fluffy microphone while the woman preened herself in a mirror before turning to face us sporting a very 'plastic' smile and speaking into the mic she said

"Ah here they come now! The stars in waiting! I'll see if I can get them to talk to us." Then still microphone in hand, she effectively blocked our path.

"Hello boys! We'd like to ask you about your really stunning performance of yesterday evening. Would that be alright?"

I was put right on the back foot but not so Lucas.

"No thanks. We've no comment. Now if you'd let us pass, we've work to do."

We tried to push our way past but the cameraman side stepped so he was directly in front of us.

The woman wasn't going to be put off so easily either.

"No. I think you misunderstand. I want to interview you so we can all have an idea of how you have become overnight celebrities."

"What? No go away please. Let us through."

"Just say a few words and we'll let you get on, alright?"

"Okay. Here are your 'few words'! I don't know what part of 'No comment' you don't get but all we want is to be left alone! Now please will you let us pass?"

She was just about to open her mouth again when I saw Tony sneak around the rear of their van and rip out the cable that connected to the camera. He then made a very quick dash and tore the mic from the reporter's hand which he then spoke in to.

"What do you think you're doing? These are two twelve year-olds and you've absolutely no right to try and interview them without the express permission of their parents and even then a responsible adult must be present! Dear God! How dare you!"

She was seasoned and for that you have to give her credit!

"Well, be that as it may but it's a little late to think about their privacy don't you think? A video of last night has been posted on Youtube and it's had more hits than a punch-drunk prize fighter and it isn't even twelve hours old so why not get a life!"

Tony was furious. We could see the veins pulsing in his massive neck. He snapped the stem of the microphone in one short-sharp twist then flinging it across the car park, ushered us inside to the safety of the pool. The place was deserted, maintenance morning until 10am. Tony sat down on the floor and visibly shocked, motioned us to join him.

"I'm really sorry boys, that was unforgivable. Before your success last night, it wasn't deemed necessary to have the services of the PR people but now? Oh my God! Posted on Youtube? This really does set the cat amongst the fucking chickens! Sorry but it does! I have calls to make. Peter will be here shortly so if you're feeling up to it, just go and take a swim and try to forget about earlier. Oh SHIT AND CORRUPTION!!"

We swam alternating between front and back crawl. The peace and quiet of an Olympic size pool with us the only occupants was very soothing and soon we both started to relax and get into our stride but behind the scenes, there were frantic goings-on.

"Do we have the justification to have that video taken down?"

"No. It was shot during a public demonstration and in a public place. Lucas's and Andy's privacy wasn't compromised and neither did it show nudity or any other kind of images that might be deemed inappropriate. The other thing is it's impossible for us to tell who shot it. Our guess is that many parents would either have phones or video cameras on hand to take footage of their own children, it's just not feasible."

"So where do we go from here?"

"We don't know. We've never been faced with this kind of situation before. Our legal people will be here in just under half an hour, I'll get back to you once I've had a chance to talk to them."

"Thanks. Make it quick please. These kids might be very strong mentally but at twelve years of age we can't expect them to just brush this off as something inevitable. We started this so now it's up to us to protect them whilst giving them the space to develop, not just as sportsmen but as, and I choose my words very carefully here, as children because that is what they are."

"I hear you. Leave it with me and I'll get back to you."

Tony took us home. There was nobody around when we arrived so we invited him in for coffee which he accepted.

"Come on, tell me how your feeling?"

"Way better than this time last night!"

"No, no! About this morning's upset with the TV crew!"

"Oh right. Well, I guess we were a bit taken aback and that woman! Did she have the right to stop us from going into the pool?"

"No Andy, she didn't and what's more, it's a specific offence under the Children and Young Persons Act 1995 to prevent, hinder or detain any person under the age of eighteen from going about their lawful business without due cause. There are good grounds for a prosecution if it comes to it but that isn't up to me, that's for the SCGB to decide along with a whole bunch of other issues. It'll be very interesting to see how they handle it."

Just as he finished speaking, his phone rang. He recognised the number and switched his phone to speakers.

"Tony Rogers speaking."

"Hello Tony. My name is John Palmerstone and I'm the deputy head of the legal department at the Sports Council. I understand we have a problem concerning Lucas and Andrew."

"Well only in as much as they were accosted by a television crew when they arrived for morning training. As normal they were unaccompanied but the reporter was persistent with her questions and both she and the camera operator effectively blocked them access to the facility where they train. I witnessed the latter stages of this and I'm afraid to say, I took matters into my own hands in order to get the boys inside."

"That's understandable given the circumstances and that shouldn't pose a problem so long as you didn't assault anyone."

"I didn't but there microphone isn't ever going to work again."

"So am I correct in saying that not only are you a member of their coaching squad, you are also a teacher at the school they attend?"

"Yes. I'm head of the sports department at Ashmead High."

"In which case you not only have a duty of care in your capacity as a coach but also as one of their teachers. Nothing for you to worry about.

Can you tell me which TV Company was responsible for all this?"

"Umm……..I believe it was Bright or something similar."

Tony looked at us for confirmation. I chipped in.

"Yes that's correct. Bright. They also have a sister radio station called Bright FM."

"Hello boys. I didn't realise you were there. No matter. Yes we've come across them in the past. There's nothing sinister about them but they do tend to sensationalise things and their methods are rather dubious sometimes, doing what they need to do to increase viewing ratings, that sort of thing.

I've had a chance to see this video on Youtube and there's nothing there that warrants legal action. Invasion of privacy? Well I suppose that could be argued but it would be a very flimsy one given that it was shot during a public demonstration of the boys skills and in a public place. If they were ever to compete and do well then publicity would be a natural outcome. The other thing we have to think about is even if it were possible to demand that this video was taken down it would more than likely pop up again somewhere else and we'd end up chasing our tails so I think the best and most effective way to deal with this is not to go around instigating legal proceedings against all in sundry, that would only lead to even more publicity and adverse publicity to boot. No let's try and turn this to our advantage."

"How do you propose doing that?"

"I have a few ideas. Television and radio interviews with members of the boys coaching staff, newspaper coverage and if the boys are happy with the idea and of course with the full backing and cooperation of their parents, perhaps they too could be interviewed but under strictly supervised circumstances and by a respectable media Company such as the BBC. The video is out there for all to see so why not make a mini program of our own? We have so much footage of their training and progress to date, I think it would make for interesting viewing and with everything out in the open, there would be nothing for the likes of 'Bright' to go hunting around for."

"I can see how that could make sense but the financial costs of making such a program would be considerable and I have to wonder if the Council would go for it."

"But what if it were to cost them nothing? Sell the idea to an independent Company with us retaining full editorial control, good publicity for the Council, good publicity for Lucas and Andrew."

"We're talking about two young boys here. I wonder if it would be fair on them to have them thrust under the spotlight at their age. The pressure they're already subjected to is massive."

"The way I see it is they're already under a spotlight but it would be far better if that spotlight was under our control so that pressure could be managed and kept to a minimum. It's either that or risk every hack who's desperate for a story camping outside their homes, stalking them as they walk to school and generally making their lives intolerable. Spike their guns. There would be a flurry of interest at first but that would all die down soon enough."

"Well, I'm not in a position to make that kind of judgement. It has to be up to the Council's PR people, Andy and Lucas's parents and ultimately the boy's themselves. This after all, all about them and their wellbeing."

"Absolutely. Look I'll try to arrange a meeting, get everyone together, the coaching staff, us, Andrew and Lucas's parents and naturally Andrew and Lucas themselves. We can brainstorm ideas and see where we get to but in my estimation it's vitally important that we move quickly. I'll be in touch. Good-bye."

After Tony left we went to our room and got changed into sweatshirts and jeans then went out into the garden to cut the grass. This was a job Lucas had been asked to do over the weekend but as we had a day off school we thought we'd get it out of the way and leave the weekend free.

The Carmichaels had a bigger garden than we did plus it was mostly laid to lawn which had been allowed to grow a bit long.

Lucas disappeared into the garage and emerged with the mower. It was one of those old push-along things and minus a collection box.

"Sorry but this is it! Dad hasn't gotten around to buying something decent yet so we use this heap of junk that we found lurking in the back of the shed. It works well enough but its hard work!"

"Oh well. We'll just have to work with the tools we have. Do you have a lawn rake?"

"Yeah. There's one in the shed but normally I don't bother, just mulch-mow!"

"Two of us should make short work of it and it'll look better for being raked. Tell you what? You do like five minutes mowing while I rake then swap over."

Of course being kids, nothing gets done without some horseplay! I was busy raking and had my back to him when suddenly he picked up a handful of grass cuttings and shoved them down my neck. There was a deal of wrestling around and in return I stuck a fistful of cuttings down the back of his jeans and so it went on!

Finally we called a halt. The warm October sun had made us sweat making the grass cuttings stick to our bodies, our hands were stained as were our jeans. We did a joint operation of re-raking everything up and having dumped it all on the compost heap, went inside for a shower.

We drew the blinds in the kitchen then stripped out of our soiled clothes and stuck them in the washer.

"Do you want to go on up and shower first or do you want me to."

"I've got a better idea. We've also got a shower downstairs. It was one of the first things Dad did when we arrived back from the States. He tore out what used to be an old downstairs toilet and had it converted into a walk-in type shower room. It's massive and I reckon you could probably fit four people in it no sweat so why don't we do the decent thing, save on water and shower together? It's no biggie. We do it after training all the time so why not here?"

"Okay. I'm up for it!"

He was right. This shower was huge! There wasn't a shower tray as such but the floor had been coated with some sort of non-slip stuff with the drain in the middle. The shower head had different settings so you could either just take a conventional one or pulse the water with either a fine or coarse jet. All in all, very impressive!

Lucas ran the water then having set the temperature we walked in under the spray. He helped himself to a generous squirt of liquid soap then handed it to me. I took it, looked at him and burst out laughing!

"What's with you then?"

"Nothing! I just remember that tussle with Jo and your comment about being compared to the Jolly Green Giant! You look like the Jolly Speckled Green Giant!!"

With that Lucas made a grab for my ribs and started tickling me. I fought back as best I could but he, having started it had the upper hand.

"Nooo please! No more!"

His tickles turned to caresses, mine likewise and within minutes we were locked together in an embrace, our hands making free with each other as we stroked and explored. The liquid soap had added a whole new dimension to our mutual exploration making us feel satin-smooth and sexy. We leaned into each other and kissed, our tongues doing their love dance as we got more and more sexed up then with the kiss broken, Lucas went down on his knees and cupped my immature balls in one hand, my dick in the other. He drew back my foreskin and tenderly worked his fingers around the tip of my cock.

This was all getting too much for me. My legs started to tremble and I had to brace my hands against the walls to stop myself from falling over.

"Don't cum yet Andy, please hang in there. There's more, so much more." He whispered and with that he scooped a handful of water from the floor and rinsed my dick. A fleeting thought 'why on earth is he doing that' passed through my head but then I was about to find out.

"Trust me Andy. You are going to heaven and back right now."

He leant down and licked the tip of my dick then took it in his mouth. The feeling was so intense it was like I had firecrackers going off in my brain!

He worked his tongue under my helmet massaging that most sensitive of spots to the point I thought it was all over but he sensed my impending orgasm and eased himself down taking my entire three and three-quarter inches into his mouth. He gagged momentarily but altered the angle and slowly moved up and down my length. 'Why aren't I cumming?' I thought. My animal instinct was to face-fuck him but I was scared I might hurt him but again the weird way we thought-transfer came into play as he placed both his hands on the cheeks of my bum and pulled me towards him, willing me to precisely that.

Oh my God! Is there anything more blissful than this?

Oh yes there is!!

I had built up a nice slow rhythm and for his part he kept caressing my bum which made me relax. He changed tack slightly as he began to finger me up, probing my crack. He then paused and helping himself to a dollop of soap pushed his finger in between my bum cheeks massaging my rosebud.

"Oh Christ Lucas!!" I yelled!

He didn't let up, if anything his finger was applying more pressure. 'OMG he really intends to stick his finger up there but my bum's a one-way street……..isn't it?'

Right then it always had been but all that was about to change. I had ultimate trust in him. I knew that he could never hurt me so I relaxed and with that his finger slipped inside me. Pain? No. Discomfort? No but it did feel strange, a nice, weird strange as he carefully wiggled his finger around allowing me to get used to these new sensations and after only about a minute or so, the shock of the initial invasion was gone only to be replaced by pleasure so much so I'd almost forgotten my dick was in his mouth but then he slowly worked his finger deeper until I could sense his knuckles resting against my bum cheeks. Then he started to work his finger in earnest, probing and twisting until he hit something inside me that made me shudder uncontrollably.

Lucas moaned the vibrations from his throat rippling up the length of my cock and then, as he continued to massage whatever it was he had found, I lost all control. I felt like I wanted to pass out but a voice in my head kept saying 'Ride it Andy. Ride those feelings. Don't give in. Take the pleasure and use it!' but then with one almighty bout of the trembles and with my entire world centred on my dick and that spot up my bum I felt the beginnings of an unstoppable orgasm approaching.

"Get off me Lucas. Please I'm going to……..cummmmmmmm!" but he had no intention of going anywhere.

My climax ripped through me. Wave after wave of pure, undiluted ecstasy shook me to the core, tearing my very soul to pieces. It seemed to last for ever but in truth it was probably only ten or fifteen seconds at most. Lucas gently slid his finger out from inside me, released my dick from his mouth and got to his feet. I was still halfway up there, still high from the most intense cum of my young life and I passionately accepted his kiss but when our tongues entwined I was aware of a sticky-gooey substance in his mouth and just for a few short seconds It never occurred to me what it was but then I realised that for the very first time I'd actually produced something, not the tiny droplet of before but something more like a teaspoon full of my very own baby batter and my boyfriend was sharing that event with me in the single most personal way possible!

We broke the kiss and Lucas smiled at me.

"Thank you Andy. That was wonderful!"

"You? Thank me? Are you kidding?? I've never…….."

"I told you you'd like my little demo didn't I?! I said I'd take you to heaven and back. I love you so much. I want you, all of you. Don't ever leave me. My life is nothing without you Andy! You've got to promise me!"

"As God is my witness, I'm not going anywhere without you coming with me. I love you too. Any doubts about my feelings, my sexuality? Banished for ever. I'm yours, your mine and nothing short of dying can ever separate us."

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