What The Hell?

by Andrew Foote

Chapter 7

Sunday November 22nd 2009 18.45hrs.


I'm up and I'm down, confused, elated, scared mostly but so very happy!!

I'm going to put it down how it was.

Yeah! The whole weekend was massive alright but it sort of happened so fucking quick and I'm still struggling with it all.

Give me a break computer! Fuck!

Let me put it together in my head first!

Okay. Now where was I……..


Simon and I went to his house after school on Friday afternoon.

We dumped our kit off and went to his pool for a swim. Nothing so unusual there. We kind of checked each other out, giggling like fucking girls all the time but had some quality time in the water and I'm getting so much better, like I'm even proud of myself!!

Simon wants to teach me to dive now but I'm not so sure about that.

Nothing happened like……..you know, so we changed and had some supper with his folks.

Hey! His old chap is really nice! No! He's seriously okay and stuff! Not the snotty-nosed bloke I'd imagined he'd be but just like Simons Mum, nice and well……..nice!!

Hey! Good looking too and I can kind of see where Simon gets his beauty from.

Oh DAMN!! Did I say beauty?

Well he is beautiful so fuck it!!

S'pose I should describe him shouldn't I?

Simon is wonderful!

Five foot fuck all in his socks, dark hair and the most fucking amazing deep blue eyes!

Slim and really smooth and altogether fucking beautiful!

Well it's difficult to do him justice because I just see him how he is and I'm lost for words and that's just not like me!

Anyhow. Back to the weekend .

We watched some TV with his Mum and Dad for a bit then they told us they were going out to visit friends for the evening and not to be too late to bed. After they left he grabbed hold of my hand and towed me upstairs.

Nice room!

Well okay, I had seen it before but that was on my first ever visit and as I recall, I spent most of that with a serious fucking hard-on and as you know……..at our age, a stiffy sort of takes over all mental processes not to mention quite a few physical ones.

Double bed, a desk with his lap-top and printer and shit, lots of shelving with books and computer games and stuff but the best bit was the lighting!

Oh man! It was so perfect! He could dim, - enhance, - scroll and program the whole thing at will!

I just collapsed on the bed and watched the show!

I was totally like fucking mesmerised but then Simon dragged me back down to earth cos he said summat like "well? Where is it then?"

At first I didn't have a clue what he meant but then he waved a CD-R at me and then the penny dropped.

Fucking diary.

Oh fuck and double fuck! Now I'm fairly shitting myself cos I hoped he'd forgotten!

I fished mine out of my bag and then we realised we only had the one laptop so we couldn't read each other's at the same time which started a bit of an argument as to who should go first.

Simon said he should as it was his house an-all but I said I should go first as I was the guest.

Anyway. We played paper, rocks and scissors but we lost track as to how many points each of us scored so finally we decided to do it on the toss of a coin, the best of three.

I lost miserably!

Simon loaded my CD and scrolled down as he read. He never said a fucking word the whole time but giggled a few times and at one point he looked at me, his face beetroot red!

HIS FACE BEETROOT RED?? I mean oh please?

When he finally finished reading, he ejected my disc and loaded his and said summat like "Okay. Your turn."

I couldn't believe what I saw! Oh shit! It was almost a mirror image of mine!

There were some parts if I hadn't liked him so much would have warranted a smack in the teeth like how he deliberately touched my leg the morning I got soaked just to see my reaction and one bit that had me fighting to stop myself from crying like when I supported him in the pool and stroked his back, he thought he was going to die with pleasure!


When I'd finished reading we just sat there looking at each other with really embarrassed smiles on our faces.

Someone had to break the silence so I said, "Well? What you think then?"

Simon told me to stand up but I told him I didn't think I could so he came over to me and I was worried he was going to hit me when he said, "This is what I think" but he never and I could see tears in his eyes. He just leaned over me and kissed me on the lips and stood up again and said "Well that's what I think, - how about you? What do you think?"

I was right. My legs could barely support me but I got up, put my arms around his waist and kissed him back like for ages! We used our tongues and everything! Then I put my head on his shoulder and burst into tears. Then he did the same and we both cried our fucking eyes out.

After we'd both calmed down we collapsed on the bed and just sort of cuddled up to each other for bloody ages. Then Simon looked at me and asked if I was happy!

I suppose it was a fair question after all the tears so I told him I didn't think I'd ever come down from my happy high and he told me he felt the same way!

Oh Joy!!

I went to the bathroom to blow my nose and throw some water on my face but when I got back, Simon was in bed and he said to me like "Come on. Come and cuddle me properly twatt-face!"

He pushed the duvet down and I could see he wasn't wearing anything on top so I took off my shirt and socks and made to get into bed with him.

Cheeky fucker laughed at me and told me to lose the trousers, which I did. He never said anything about the boxers, thank fuck!

Anyhow. I got into bed and cuddled into him.

Oh bugger.

He was just so soft and smooth! Our hands touched each other all over and we kissed and kissed!

I guess we could feel each other's hard-ons because Simon took the lead and lifted his bum and shook off his knickers and asked me to do the same, which I did!

Now God? I like to think I'm a decent enough kid but what did I do to deserve the feelings that flowed from that!

I'm naked in bed with the boy that I'm quite happy to say that I'm in love with!

We kissed and touched, stroked and felt each other, our dicks mashing together sending shock waves through our brains. It was like time had stood still somehow but I came back to earth pretty damn quick cos I realised I was coming well close to the glory stroke or in this case the glory mash!

I shouted to Simon to tell him!

He threw back the duvet and shoved me onto my back and said summat like "I'm gonna do this for you!"

He spread my legs and put one hand really gently under my balls and wrapped his other hand around my cock.

His touch was like better than anything I could have dreamed about experiencing, not ever! So gentle and silky-soft as he handled my nuts and wanked me, only four or five times cos my dam was about to burst.

He must have known I was well fucking close cos he leaned over and kissed me but I was too far gone even to kiss him back!

My head was reeling and I thought I was going to black out as the sensations tore through me!

I came!! Oh how I came!! Four or five goodly shots, way more than I've ever managed before plastered all over my stomach!

Simon continued to play with my bits even as my dick was going down like the Titanic!

I calmed down a bit and cuddled into him forgetting that I was cum-soaked but he never said nothing, he just kissed me tenderly on the lips.

I told him thank you and he said summat like "what are boyfriends for!"

My ticker stopped for a second when he said that and so I asked him "Does that mean we're like real boyfriends now?"

He said "I fucking hope so after that!"

Oh shit I could have cried again but I never. Instead I could feel his dick throbbing against my thigh so I whispered in his ear, "One good turn deserves another", turned him over and carefully took hold of his.

Now you've gotta remember something. I've seen his willy before but let me tell you!! It was so bloody beautiful!

His foreskin was half back over his knob-head and it was leaking clear stuff like mine does when it's been up for a long time. He had a smattering of wispy hairs around the base but his balls were perfectly smooth like mole skin.

I dunno what made me do it but I dabbed the clear stuff onto my finger which made him jump and then I licked it off.

Hey! Not all bad! No, very good in fact!

But Simon was moaning fit to wake the dead and starting to thrash around a bit and I knew he was right on the edge.

He took even less time than me if that's possible! He gripped the bed sheet and arched his back and fired a couple of volleys a couple of inches in the air before splatting onto his tummy. A couple drips landed on my fingers and I thought kinda nothing ventured, nothing gained or some such shit and licked them clean! Not as good as the clear stuff, a bit more salty-peppery but not too bad all the same.

We dozed in each other's arms for a while before Simon suggested that we took a shower together and get rid of the stale gloop that had dried on us so we pulled on our boxers and headed out but instead of going to the bathroom, Simon said it was better to use the ones at the pool so we went down there.

We washed each other off which resulted in us both sprouting again but we reckoned we'd got all night for fun and suggested we go for a swim. Yey! Skinny-dipping!

We messed around for a while but then he swam up to me and held me against him and kissed me gently on the lips.

Now it don't sound like much but both of us starker's, in the water cuddling and kissing was the sexiest thing ever and we were rock hard in seconds! We just sorta looked at each other and without saying a word, headed out of the pool, dried off and legged it back to his room and into bed.

He just looked at me and smiled!

I love it when he does that!

I could feel him slowly humping my leg so without giving it a second thought, I flung back the duvet and wriggled down between his legs and surveyed his pulsing dick with all that clear stuff oozing out of it.

Simon propped his head up on the pillows cos like he told me later, he didn't know why I'd gone down there and wanted to see but I knew what I wanted to do!!!

I carefully rolled his foreskin right back and ran my tongue over his smooth, shiny knob-head.

Simon squealed like a stuck pig……..yes trust me……..stuck pigs squeal........I know cos I read it somewhere…….. Now where was I! Oh yeah!! As I lapped at this knob but I wanted more!

I opened my lips and suckled him down into my mouth and just held him there, using my tongue to explore his shaft.

I thought he was going to have a seizure! Grunting, mewing and sobbing all at the same time but then he started to rock his hips back and forth, sliding his willy in and out of my mouth.

Shit he was making some fucking noise up there!

His tempo increased and I could feel his tummy tightening and his breathing coming in short, sharp bursts. I felt down to his balls just as they tightened into him.

Simon managed to blurt out that he was cumming and that I'd better get off!

No fucking chance of that!

I come this far and I wanted to taste whatever he could give me. I loved him so it had to be good cos it was his!

Fucking good job his folks were out and the house was big cos his screams could have woken the entire neighbourhood!

His dick pulsed so hard it was all I could do to keep him inside my mouth so I swallowed and took him balls-deep, gagging momentarily before instinctively breathing though my nose.

That fucking did it! Man, did he cum or what!

I reckon I counted five maybe six pulses, I got a bloody good mouthful that I know! I kept his deflating cock in my mouth and swallowed then milked every drop possible by pursing my lips around his shaft but taking super-care not to touch his knob.

Hey! I know how fucking sensitive it can be when you've just cum and the last thing I wanted was to hurt my beautiful boyfriend?

I let his dick slip from my mouth and gently tongued his belly-button before climbing back up next to him.

He flung his arms around me, squeezing me so bloody hard as he smashed his lips to mine, I couldn't breathe properly!

As he came back to planet earth he relaxed his grip on me, thank fuck! I wiped away the sweat that was rolling down his pretty face and pecked him on the nose which made him giggle!

"Didn't like that then?" I said.

I can't remember what he said but it was summat stupid like "Hateful, wonderful bastard" or summat.

Poor Simon.

He was totally fucked! It was all he could do to keep his eyes open.

He asked me if I wanted him to do me. Well I did but it didn't seem fair as he was so bolloxed. I told him to get some shut-eye and maybe later once he felt rested.

He went out like a sodding light! I kissed each of his eyelids and he didn't so much as stir.

It took me a little longer as all I could think of was how much I loved him, his body and having his dick down my throat being two of the reasons but I loved him before anything had kicked off so it wasn't all about sex.

I went off eventually and didn't wake until six o-clock in the morning.

Oh and what a way to wake up!!

Anyway my Mum's calling me down for supper so I'll have to continue later on.

I bet I'll get all the "Hope you behaved yourself" and "Hope you were nice and polite" shit.

But I was well behaved wasn't I! And as for being polite, I did say thank you to Simon after he brought me off didn't I??

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