by Andrew Foote

Chapter 24

We walked arm in arm back to 'Spook' and once back on board I kicked the stove back into life and uncorked a bottle of wine while Jus took a shower saying he needed to wash away the stench of school.

He reappeared ten minutes later, a towel wrapped around his waist. I stood up and pulled him into an embrace.

"Oh my God Jus. Why is it everytime I see you it's like looking at you for the first time? You're just incredible!" and with that I kissed him long and passionately.

I could feel him react underneath the towel as he kissed me back causing my own erection to strain painfully in my pants.

"I'm going to shower now. I must smell a bit after all that ball throwing!"

"You smell wonderful to me but I know what you mean, you can't relax if you even think you might not be clean. You carry on. I'll pour the wine and keep the stove company."

I took a quick shower and re-joined Jus by the fire.

He had tuned our radio to Radio Luxembourg, the best pop music station of that era and with that and a glass of wine I sat on the couch while Jus lay on it, his head in my lap.

We hardly spoke, just laid there listening to the music. I couldn't resist touching him, idly brushing my fingers over his nipples making them stiffen up.

Jus closed his eyes and groaned.

"Oh Alex, that's like an exquisite form of torture!"

"I'm just trying to take you mind off your wine so I can steal it!"

"No don't be horrid to me? Anyway there isn't much left in my glass to steal!"

"Likewise mine. Mind your head, I'll go top them up."

I set the glasses on the table and once more looked down at him, my eyes coming to rest on his beautiful little feet.

I moved down to them and kneeling down I kissed his soles before pressing my thumbs into the arches and one by one taking his toes into my mouth and sucking on them.

I glanced up to see Jus was at full mast under the towel and once I'd bathed all his toes I spoke.

"It's amazing how your feet and dick are connected somehow!"

"Mmm. God that feels so damn sexy! You had better stop or I'll cum too soon!"

"Can't be having that! You've still got work to do!"

I let him be and resuming our positions on the couch, we finished the wine, damped down the stove and headed to bed.

Our kissing and cuddling lead the way sending us into a world where nothing else existed, nothing else mattered except the two of us, our arms and legs entwined until I could take no more. I had to feel him inside me again, to have him make love to me.

"Jus I need you! I want you to take me……..please??"

He reached for the bottle of olive oil and dripped some down my crack then he proceeded to work a finger inside me sending shivers down my spine.

"Don't let me hurt you Alex. I love you too much to do that."

"You're not and you won't. I know what I'm doing now. Just take it slowly for me."

Jus moved me onto my side and spreading my bum cheeks apart, lined himself up and eased forward.

For my part, I pushed down as if taking a dump and suddenly he slipped inside me, no pain whatsoever, just that wonderful warm, full feeling!

"Oh Jus! That feels amazing! No pain at all, not even a little discomfort! Oh God you're wonderful! It's as if you were always meant to do this to me!"

Jus kissed the nape of my neck but I sensed something was wrong. He was crying.

"What's the matter?"

"That's just it! Nothing could be more perfect than this, you and I making love together."

"No more tears then. Pretend that nobody else is alive on this planet, just us two and so we're going to make the most of it. Make me yours Jus? Cum inside me. Give me your life seed."

We made love for what seemed like ages, Jus holding back just at the right moment to prolong things but then he found my sweet spot causing me to moan.

"Oh yessss! Oh Christ that feels so good!"

The problem was, I had no control over what was happening and now Jus knew he'd found his target he gave me everything he had, not fast or forcefully but just repeatedly massaging my prostate with every stroke. God knows I tried to hang off but the intense pleasure I was being put through won the day.

"Oh sweet Jesus, I'm going to cum! I'm so very sorry, I can't stop it!"

Jus cupped his free hand around the end of my dick all the time gently riding me ever closer to orgasm and then I came! Dear God did I cum! It seemed as if it lasted for hours but as I slowly came down I felt Jus tense up.

"Oh God yes please! Oh Alex? Oh God I love you so much? Oh FUCK!!"

He took his hand away from my cock and slurped off my cum then turning my head towards him, kissed me, each of us sharing my modest offering.

"Mmm Alex! You taste great! Do you want me to pull out?"

"No please not yet! I want to lay here and pretend I'm a girl and you've just made me pregnant!"

That sent Jus into a fit of the giggles which in turn set me off. My bum muscles tensed and he popped out of me causing even more laughter!

"I'd better go and empty myself! I can't risk farting and blowing everything over the bed sheets!"

I trotted off to the toilet and sat down. Jus had pumped a lot of air up inside me so farting wasn't an option, more of a necessity! I was curious so I looked down into the bowl and studied what he'd deposited inside of me. I cleaned myself up and headed back to bed.

"Bloody-hell Jus? You been saving it up all week? You came gallons!"

"Yes I did actually!" he giggled, "Which reminds me. Did you do what I said in the letter, you know, not wanking?"

"I was a very good little boy! I did as you asked but it was very difficult! Ever since I discovered that my Willy was built for better things than just pissing through, I find it hard to get to sleep without playtime!"

"I know that feeling too! How old were you, you know when you made your discovery?"

"Oh I dunno, maybe seven or eight? I used just to hump my pillow and that felt good but then…. KERRANG!! My first ever dry cum! Bloody life-changing, habit changing too! How old were you?"

"Young like you but then it was talked about at school and those boys who already knew about it, would put on a demonstration so I guess I must've been about the same age as you were."

"I wonder if we're alone thinking how we do towards each other, I mean especially at our age?"

Jus laughed. "I wouldn't have thought so. The UK has a population of what, 56 million people? For us to be on our own is inconceivable just in this country let alone all around the world?"

"I suppose you're right but it's never talked about is it."

"Can we change the subject Alex please? It is talked about at school and I'm normally featured in those conversations Y'know?"

"Oh God Jus? That was really stupid of me! I didn't, never gave that a thought!"

He clung on to me and sighed. "Don't worry about it. I have what I've always wanted, that is you and may the Devil take the rest.

Are you happy Alex?"

"When you're here? Yes, and if I could get you out of Down House? I think life would be as perfect as it could possibly be."

"Do you really love me?"

"Jus? Listen to me okay? My Mum and Dad have always been the people on top of my list of importance. I love your Grandmother and Grandfather but they've all been eclipsed by this other guy, a stroppy and thoroughly objectionable kid who bad-mouthed me, belittled me and made me sound as if I were a lump of turd floating down the river and to make things worse, he wasn't keen on dogs. Thing is, I fell hopelessly in love with him. He is my entire life, my every waking thought so if you ever find out what happened to him, let me know??"

I ducked for cover…..no I fell out of bed to avoid Jus's onslaught!

He was either laughing or crying, maybe both simultaneously and made to follow me but was unable too without having to support himself!

He eventually calmed down.

"I could see myself exactly as you described! Never again. Never again, not to you or anyone! All my questions are answered now and yes, I know I keep banging on about your feelings for me but I need to be absolutely certain that I have your unconditional love 'cos I feel things at school will get worse before they get better.

Come back to our bed Alex? Let me hold you all night and make love to you again come the morning."

Saturday afternoon we were up at the house filling out and signing all the documentation to set up the company and once that was sent away to Company's House we could then file for patent so we completed that paperwork in anticipation.

Sir George than spoke to us about his ideas regarding production.

"A number of years ago there were plans to demolish Mapledurham Mill. All the village were dead set against the idea so I decided to buy it as it's my belief that it's an important part of village history but what could I do with it? I considered restoring it but then it would be only as a museum piece so apart from keeping it structurally sound, I've done nothing.

My proposal to you boys is this.

Once the company is registered, I believe that takes a few weeks, I will sell it to the company for a nominal sum say ten shillings and together we can set about restoring the building as a purpose made manufacturing facility and if we scrap the mills interior, re-divert the mill stream and restore the paddles, you could probably generate some of your electricity from it.

What do you think?"

Jus looked perplexed.

"I never knew you owned the mill Granddad?"

"Only the villagers knew anything about it. I tried to set up a committee to generate some enthusiasm but nobody was interested. It had been saved from redevelopment and that's all they were bothered about."

During this conversation I had built up a picture in my head as to how it might look and the more I thought about it, the more I loved the idea!

"I think it's a fantastic idea! I can even picture it! Might we go and see inside Sir?"

"I think that would be a good thing to do Alex. Anyway your Father should take a look because if you go ahead with the idea then he is going to be a very busy man!"

Dad grinned.

"I like 'busy'! Let me go and get my camera. I'll need photos to work from."

"No need Tim" Sir George said, "the entire place was documented when I bought it so rather than waste film you can have mine."

With that Sir George fetched a set of keys and we walked up to the old mill. Jus nudged me in the ribs as we passed the mill pond.

"Remember us swimming in there Alex?"

"I will never forget it! Or that old lady come to that! So funny!"

We walked through the doorway. It was as if we had moved back in time some two hundred years!

Layers of dust covered everything but as we explored further we came across simple examples of everyday life. A tea mug, a discarded cigarette packet which still contained one cigarette, an old calendar with a date in May circled in pencil.

Sir George saw me looking at this.

"That was the day the millwheel stopped turning Alex. It put six men out of work. A very sad day I would imagine."

I thought for a moment before I replied.

"I bet it was but…….we're going to breathe new life into it and I hope we will make them proud of us!"

"That's the spirit my boy! Come on, it looks like your Dad has found something else of interest."

We found my Dad and Jus looking at a very large rectangular crate partially covered by a rotting tarpaulin.

"If I'm not very much mistaken George, this is one massive generator, it may even be an alternator but without investigating further, I can't be sure."

"Why don't you take a look Tim? I'd not noticed it in here before."

"I don't want to open it up for fear of letting moisture in George. I might damage it."

"Nonsense dear boy! Let us have a look!"

Dad looked at me.

"Alexis? Run back to 'Casio' and get my fishing knife, a crowbar and gaffer tape please, oh, and a good torch."

I ran out of the door, Jus in hot pursuit.

"What's going on Alex?"

I grabbed Jus by the hand as we ran. I never again would pass up any opportunity to be close to him.

"Search me but I know that sparkle in my Dad's eyes! He's found something he likes!"

We got into 'Casio', my Mum nowhere in sight so we collected what we'd come for and headed back to the mill.

My Dad and Sir George were deep in conversation but when they saw us coming in through the door, their attention turned to us.

Sir George was the first to speak.

"Well boys? Now I know I'm getting soft in the head! When I bought this place, all the documentation concerning it came with the package and whilst I never got around to reading all of it, there was one thing I did and that was an outline plan drawn up by the Ministry of War to build emergency electricity sub-stations around the country in the event that the Luftwaffe decided to bomb the main generating plants, the mill being one proposed site for this area.

See this mark on the crate? An arrow and the letters 'WD' underneath it? That was the old symbol for the War Department!

We are fairly sure that this is indeed a generator but hostilities ended before it was commissioned and has been forgotten about ever since."

My Dad took the crowbar and lifted on section of the crate.

"Whatever it is has been vacuum packed somehow. It's very possible that it's in the same condition as it was when it was shipped from the factory that built it. It seems such a shame to open it up to the elements."

"We're going to though aren't we Tim!"

"Yes George, we are!"

Taking his fishing knife, my Dad felt along the top of the packaging then circled his fingers around one small area.

He cut a small slit in the covering and revealed a name plate which he read out loud.

"General Electric Power Company Limited, Burslum, Staffordshire, England.

Pure Sine Wave Electricity Generator. 380 / 440 Volts three phase AC. Nominal connected load………Good God!!"

Sir George peered over my Dad's shoulder.

"What's the matter Tim?"

"Nothing. Nothing! The thing is, this beast is built to deliver two mega-watts nominal load, in other words it could happily cope with three, possibly more. This could most likely power most of Caversham!"

"Dad? Does this mean we could use it?"

"Well yes theoretically but it belongs to the Government and we really should tell them we've got it. Can't go messing with the authorities can we!"

Sir George smiled a wicked smile!

"Best leave that to me I think! I'll tell them that either we can keep it or I will be charging them for its storage and back dating it from the date it was delivered. That should be somewhere in the paperwork but unless I'm much mistaken, all records of such things will have long since been destroyed! Bluff them into signing it over to me then onwards to the company!"

Things move a pace the following week.

According to Sir George, the Ministry of Defence denied all knowledge of a power generation programme during the second World War ipso-facto the existence of our generator and then later, following a telephone conversation with one of his contacts, we found out that it was going to be installed to provide power for Caversham Park, officially a BBC relay station but covertly, a listening station working in conjunction with Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire, the same people who cracked the 'Enigma Code' that brought an end to the war, the upshot was? It was ours to do with what we wanted, the entire episode, too hot to handle!

During that week we concentrated on clearing up the years of dust and filth uncovering some really interesting artefacts in the process like a pair of shoes, new and still boxed, a cast iron range which presumably was used to heat the place, boil a kettle and cook meals. A large collection of tools which my Dad said would be a real God-send when it came to dismantling the inner parts of the mill as they had obviously been tailor-made for that purpose or rather the maintenance of the mill.

By Friday afternoon the interior looked pretty good. The Electric Company had run a cable over to us and my Dad had begun on the task of installing lighting and wall sockets so next week we could get in with vacuum cleaners and really get the place cleaned up.

We met Jus who was again talking to Alison and Kate who greeted me like an old friend. Jus hugged me to the point I never thought he'd let go but as he walked off to talk to my Dad, Ali turned to me.

"Take great care of him Alex? He's had a really shitty week and while we do as much as possible, as do the other boys in his dorm, it isn't enough. He must really love you because if that were me, I'd deny everything but he is so proud of you, he won't do it."

Tears started to roll down my face.

"Alex. Tough up man? He needs you to be strong for him! See you Sunday and by the way, we've got a weekend pass for next weekend."

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