Boy on the Towpath

by Andrew Foote

Chapter 19

Naturally enough our conversation for the rest of that evening centred around Anna's attempt to seduce Tom. No doubt it was very well intentioned but given her position I was amazed that she had done what she'd done.

"Why do you think she did that Stu?"

"Obviously the fantasy of deflowering a virgin, being the first isn't the sole preserve of men. She was obviously feeling frisky and thought that you'd be well up for it as I dare say most lads of your age would be and more, they'd be off to school in a week's time crowing to their mates about it. She didn't count on the fact that you're er……..not into older women!"

"Stu! Look I know what I am so please don't piss about avoiding the word gay. That's how I am and I happy about how I am. Alright?"

"Sorry. I just sometimes wonder if you're still a bit young to fully understand, as to be absolutely sure. Can you understand that?"

"Yes but let me put it another way. How did YOU feel when you were fourteen which is what I will be in a couple of weeks? Were you uncertain about yourself?"

"I never thought of myself as gay but okay, I knew I was bisexual but it was only over time that I realised that my preference was for guys."

"But you knew boys who were gay didn't you. Boys of my sort of age."

"Well yes I suppose I did but you didn't have to know them well to realise that. They acted in a very effeminate manner, their speech, their deportment, their mannerisms, it was obvious. You're not like that Tom."

"So I have to act like a fairy and mince about the place then, do I? What do I have to do to make you understand Stu?"

"Nothing I guess. It's just that I'm not just a narrow boat skipper who was lucky enough to pick up a fantastic looking young boy off the towpath, take him to bed then kick him out worried that he'd spill the beans when he started to feel bad about what had gone on, I've got responsibilities Tom. You're my step son and whilst I do find you so very sexually attractive and if I'm honest, would love to make love to you, I also love you deeply and I just want the very best for you and I can't see how the two can be interconnected."

What had become a rather heated debate, calmed down somewhat following my last outburst and Tom became thoughtful rather than upset.

"Do you mean that? I mean like you really want me and stuff?"

"Oh Tom, you just have no idea how much! Yes I could sell my soul to the devil and take you off to bed in a heartbeat but…….."

"It's okay. I just really needed to know, that's all. You do know that's just how I feel don't you?"

"Yes and that makes things even more difficult, not just for me but for both of us. Can we change the subject?"

There was a lull in the conversation for a few moments as we both mulled things over in our heads when a thought struck me.

"Talking about spilling the beans, I wonder how Anna's feeling. I mean I can't imagine she thinks you wouldn't tell me about what happened because she knows how close we are but she can't know that I won't say anything, can she?"

"Yeah but you won't will you. They're friends aren't they and I know that you don't betray a friendship, right?"

"No I won't but she doesn't know that. Hey I could report her for all she knows or at least confront her about it?"

"Please Stu, don't be horrible?"

"I'm not going to say a word but none the less it'll be interesting to see if they pay us a visit tomorrow."

"You angry with her?"

"No, envious maybe!"

"Envious? How's that?"

"She got to feel you up. That's something I've never done!"

Tom giggled. "Well like I said…….."

A beautiful morning followed a sultry night and with both of us wearing the minimum that decency would permit, we opened up the boat in an attempt to get some air circulating. A quick look across the marina and I noticed Craig's truck parked up by their boat. I whistled them up on the radio.

"Hey Craig? Fancy some coffee or something cold?"

"God yes! It's like a fucking furnace in here. We'll be over in a moment."

I went topside to have a word with Tom.

"Anna and Craig are about to come over for some refreshment. May I make a suggestion?"

"Depends what it is really."

"Just if you get the opportunity to get Anna out of our earshot, just put her mind at rest. I never ask you to lie about anything but just this once tell her everything is cool and nothing will be said, not even to me."

"Well okay, if you want me to. Can I ask why?"

"It's something you said last night and it got me thinking. You were right. They are our friends and I reckon that she's quietly shitting herself with worry and I can't put her through that and you're the only person who can set her mind at rest. Will you do it?"

"If she'll even talk to me then yes I will but she might feel too embarrassed."

"No she will be feeling very frightened Tom. She probably thinks I'm going to report her to the authorities."

"What for? I mean she only touched me up and, well asked me?"

"Technically it could be seen as attempted statutory rape and that could carry a prison sentence. Now do you see?"


"Fuck indeed! So?"

"I'll tell her even if it means I have to drag her across the quay! I mean I really didn't mind and…….."

"Good man Tom! Let's not spoil a great friendship!"

Ten minutes later they appeared.

"What do you both fancy? Hot? Cold? Squash? Beer?"

"Beer! I need beer and anyway Anna can drive back. What do you want love?"

Anna was holding back trying to avoid eye contact with me.

"Um, squash would be nice. Thank you."

Tom was very aware of the standoff and using his eyes, indicated that I should get Craig below decks.

"Come on down and I'll see what we've got."

Meanwhile I noticed out of the corner of my eye Tom talking to Anna. Poor girl she looked as if she hadn't seen the sun for a lifetime she was so pale. The next moment Tom grabbed her hand and walked her away from the boat and down towards the service quay. This wasn't lost on Craig either.

"Where the fuck are they going do you think?"

"I dunno but Tom's rather fond of her. He did spend a lot of time with her when you were away remember? Right now with his Mum, - well you know!"

"Whatever. God I needed that beer Stu. Got another?"

Anna and Tom were gone for what seemed like an eternity, to the point where both Craig and I had done a fine job of getting pissed by the time they returned.

"Hello wife? What sshhoo been up to then?"

Anna, looking much more her normal self, smiled sweetly at him.

"I've been walking out with a REAL gentleman! You're pissed!!"

"Maybe so but I don't care!"

"Stu have you got any ice?"

"You're not going to…….."

"No but a large gin and tonic would go down very well!"

"But you've got to drive me home woman!"

"We can always stay on the boat."

"But I've got to pre……..prepare for next term?"

"Yeah right! You're going to do a lot in your state aren't you! In any case you can't even say prepare without falling over your words!"

I interjected.

"Children, children! Let's just celebrate shall we? We've had a great cruise so let's just let our hair down and enjoy this last day of stupidity!"

"I'll drink to that!"

"Craig darling? You'd drink to anything right now!"

As Anna and Craig continued heckling each other Tom caught my eye.

"What can I have to drink?" motioning me with his head out of the saloon into the galley. I followed him. "Well it seems like you did a fantastic job there!"

"Thanks! I'll tell you about it later, that is if you're still standing!"

"Yes well…….."

"Can I have a drink? Everyone else is getting totalled and afterall…….."

"You don't need to ask Tom. Beer? Wine? Well you know where everything is so just help yourself. By the way. Thank you. You did a fine job!"

Tom reached out and pulled me into him and gave me a cuddle, his head resting on my shoulder. We stayed like that for a few moments but then Craig shouted through. "You guys deserting the party or something?"

"No we're just fixing Tom's drink. Won't be a sec."

Tom looked up at me and smiled then mouthed to me, 'I love you Stu?'

Anna and Craig never made it back to their boat that evening, well that is according to Tom. Personally I was too far gone to even notice but by all accounts Tom managed to sort out the guest bed for them before helping me to our bed before crashing out himself. I didn't know a thing until nine the following morning.

Tom was already up and about as I crawled out of bed and gingerly stepped into the shower, very conscious that I was still a bit the worse for wear.

Refreshed and feeling a little more stable on my feet I ventured into the galley, the smell of fresh coffee guiding my way.

"You've missed the others by about half an hour. My God Stu, you look a mess!"

"Thank you Tom. At least I look much better than I feel."


"And paracetamol, both in large quantities please. How were they anyway?"

"A lot like you, worse maybe. They're not going home until tomorrow now!"

"Oh. Look if they come on the radio and ask us over, tell them the answer's no. Tell them I want to die on my own boat today."

"Do you really feel that bad?"

"Dunno. I feel so rough I don't know how rough I feel."

"Drink your coffee and go back to bed. That's an order. You're unfit to command so I'm assuming responsibility for this vessel and her crew. Am I understood?"

Despite my thunderous hangover I couldn't help but see the funny side of Tom's 'command'! "Sir. Yes sir. Yours to obey!"

The next thing I knew was the feeling of soft warm hands on my back and the feeling of a cool, damp cloth on my neck. Tom was trying to 'bring me back to life'.

"Oh shit that feels good! Oh yes!"

"Turn over Stu. I've not finished with you just yet." Tom said softly.

Dutifully I turned onto my back but dare not open my eyes for fear the light would kick off another headache.

Softly Tom massaged my temples, down behind my ears exerting pressure with his fingers on the base of my scull. Then placing his hand under my neck, pressed quite forcefully into my upper spine.

It doesn't sound much but it was almost hypnotic and I could feel the tension ebbing away as he expertly kneaded me. Slowly it seemed that I was falling into some kind of trance and one that I was powerless to resist.

His attentions switched to my chest as he used the cool wash cloth to wipe me down before drying me off but then the little sod headed further south to my stomach and beyond! I could feel myself respond and in protest I tried to sit up but he'd tied my wrists to the sides of the bed and only my head popped up only for Tom to place a hand on my forehead and gently push me back down onto the pillow.

"Shhh! Relax Stu. There's nothing you can do about it so just relax and enjoy."

I was too far gone to argue the toss with him. I was just so unbelievably relaxed, almost as if I were floating on air as he tenderly took hold of my dick, just gently holding it as if for inspection.

"No Tom. You really shouldn't."

Too late. His free hand cupped my balls and gently massaged them as he started on the journey to my inevitable climax.

Stop him? Well I guess I should've tried? But I just went with it instead.

It took only a few minutes and I could feel the end approaching fast but

Tom edged me until I just exploded in his hand, releasing more tension than

I realised I'd been bottling up inside me, not to mention copious quantities of cum!

I was completely spent and did nothing more than drift back to sleep only to re awake some hours later.

I sat up on the side of the bed and noticed that I was wearing the same pair of shorts and the same tee shirt as I'd gone to bed in and I began to wonder if it had all been some drunken if very erotic dream but one thing was certain, I felt wonderfully relaxed and calm and with no sign of a hangover I wandered through the galley into the saloon.

Tom was messing about on the computer and looked up at me a bit sheepishly.

"How are you feeling?"

"Actually I feel wonderful! I can't believe just how good I feel! Are you okay?"

"Er……..yes I'm fine? Why do you ask?"

"I'm just sorry for earlier. I don't make a habit of getting shitfaced like that."

"Is that all?"

"Is there something else?"

"You don't remember then...?"

His discomfort was obvious so I decided to play dumb. After all he'd sorted out thing with Anna and I saw no reason to upset him.

"I remember you helping me onto the bed and oh God I felt like shit! I remember having the single most beautiful dream and feeling so relaxed and at ease and then I woke up feeling really good. Was there something else? Did Craig call or something?"

I must go on the stage! How I kept a straight face I'll never know! The look of relief on Tom's face will go with me to the grave!

"No! No visitors at all in fact it's been really quiet as it happens. I mean like nothing at all actually. Do you want any supper?"

"Let's get changed and wander up to the restaurant shall we?"

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