The Boy from Tiger Bay

by Alan Atbright


Brad dreamed of going to the Olympic Games, but so far his only success had been at the Tiger Bay Athletic Club, in the Under 19's. A long way to go but still he dreamed. In his long lonely training sessions, he was John Landy or Vladimir Kuts, depending on his mood and whether he was running in the 1,500 or 5,000 meters at the time, at his fantasy version of the Games.

Brad had lost his father when he was only 6 years old in a late-night traffic accident. His father had been a long-distance driver for the local Hardwick Transport. Since then, there had only been Brad and his Mum.

His mother had converted their three-bedroom, beachfront cottage into a four-bedroom guest house and they lived off the meager proceeds. He was regularly kicked out of his bedroom whenever they were full or if Steve from Sydney came to stay, and took over Brad's usual small single bedroom with its study desk, which he didn't mind as he quite liked his little private corner of the outside verandah, which they had added in the renovation. His mates often visited him there late at night.

Brad helped his Mum do the breakfasts every morning after his early morning training run on the beach. When Steve was there, they often ran together. Brad loved that as he looked up to Steve as a big brother and loved to impress him. Steve called himself a 'boffin', and was an IT techo, who often came to Tiger Bay when he wanted to concentrate on a new project, writing computer programs that Brad didn't understand. Steve was due back again for a month or so this coming week and Brad was excited to be with his friend again and didn't mind moving out to his little corner at the back of the verandah, a bed and bedside table, with a curtain on an overhead rail, the same as they have in hospitals, that gave him his privacy. Brad was 16, going on 17 and Steve was in 20's, rich, single, and carefree.

1 – The Oval

It was Tuesday night so it was also athletics night at the Tiger Bay Oval, where Brad's athletics club was based. Actually, it was officially called the Jack Hardwick Oval after the man who almost owned Tiger Bay and lived in a monster mansion up on the point at the northern end of the beach.

Jack Hardwick's son, Berry, was the local superstar. He ran the sprints and his specialty the high hurdles for which he'd already represented the state of New South Wales. Brad thought Berry was a stuck-up prick, though they had never even spoken. Brad was sure that Berry didn't even know of his existence.

Berry was doing what they called a gap year. he'd been a boarder at The Kings School in Sydney and was now due to go to Sydney University next year to study Medicine, but this year was just concentrating on his athletics, and living at home in Tiger Bay. Previously he was only at the athletics club during school holidays but now he was there almost every week

Brad had studied books by both Australia's Percy Cerutty and Hungary's Franz Stampfl, he loved them both and used both of their training cycles. Tonight, he was doing his circuit training, running a lap of the oval, 400 meters, at a steady 70-second pace, walking, or jogging, for 100 meters then doing another lap. This was what Stampfl called 'fartlek'. He usually did 20 laps but tonight he wanted to step that up to 25 or even 30, as the local annual carnival was fast approaching and Steve may be able to come and watch. He always wanted to impress Steve as he was the only one who ever gave him any encouragement.

As usual, Berry had placed three high hurdles on the sprint track and was going over them, time and time again. What was the most sickening part was that at the end of every segment he would run over to the fence where his dumb blonde girlfriend was watching, obviously bored, and they would spend a minute or two with a big sloppy kiss. All Brad's mates would go 'yuk' in unison. Girls were barely tolerated in their group although some of the boys boasted of dubious conquests of their own with girls which no one believed anyway.

After he finished training Berry would disappear into the change rooms under the small grandstand, and later emerge all freshly showered and climb into his 18th birthday present from Daddy, a Blue Porsche 911, with the dumb blonde no doubt off to have sex, or so all the boys assumed.

Brad has finished soon after, giving up after 27 laps but still happy with his effort. he'd never used the change rooms, preferring to jog slowly home as a cool-down, then shower at home.

Tuesdays and Thursdays were training nights at the oval, other nights or early mornings Brad just trained alone either along the beach or on the roads.

Steve was arriving at the weekend but Brad had already moved out to his verandah hideaway so his mother could ready his room as a guest room. he'd told his mate, Joey, as Joey often called around at night if he was bored at home but was too shy to come if Brad was living inside the house.

After his shower at home, Brad decided that he may as well crawl into bed rather than get dressed and then undressed again. He was relaxing in bed trying to read The Wooden Horse, which was this year's novel for English, when the curtain was pulled back and Joey appeared. As usual, he plonked himself down on the edge of Brad's bed.

"How's life?" Joey asked.

"Just relaxing after training. What have you been doing?"

"That Maths assignment, but that was easy"

"Easy for you, I haven't even started to do it. I'm struggling with this stupid novel. I'd be much happier reading that Percy Cerutty book I got for Christmas from Steve."

"I thought that you'd already read that?"

"About 5 times but I could re-read it again, every week, it inspires me to train harder".

"How boring" was Joey's response, he whose max exercise was to walk the 100 meters to Brad's place or the half km to school every day when his mother didn't give him a lift on her way to work.

The small talk was always how they started but Joey came around for the same reason every time, and soon he was leaning back across the bed with the back of his arm loosely draped across Brad's legs. The two boys had discovered the joys of mutual masturbation long ago and it was almost like a drug, whenever they were together alone, it just happened. It was so much easier when Brad was out on the verandah in bed, almost naked. Joey's hand went under the covers and it all started one more time. They never talked about it or about anything sexual, they just did this for each other. Neither had ever thought about experimenting with any other sexual activity, although Brad sometimes did think about other actions that the boys at school were always talking about and wondered what they would be like. He was sure that Berry had experienced everything sexual that it was possible to do, but he could not ask him about it as he could not even talk to him.

2 – Normal days.

Brad's alarm went off at 5.30 every morning. This morning he jumped out of bed, pulled on his tracksuit bottoms, and went to the backyard toilet to wash his face, and take a piss to get rid of his painful early morning erection. Socks and his new ASICS running shoes, an old T-shirt, and it was time for him to hit the road. Today was to be the hard wet sand of the beach, not the soft stuff, that was reserved for late afternoon runs. They had guessed that the full stretch of beach in front of and across the road from home was approximately 2 km, Today, Brad would do two full laps, so 8 km in total. When he ran with Steve they would usually finish up in the surf, not swimming just mucking around, mock wrestling, and such.

As he ran north along the beach Berry's house loomed on the cliff ahead, easily the most expensive house in Tiger Bay. He wondered what Berry was doing now, probably still asleep in a monster bedroom, no doubt furnished with a king-sized bed, air-con, a desk with a computer, and maybe even a private bathroom.

He shared the beach with hundreds of screaming seagulls, but no other humans were stupid enough to be out at this time of the morning, the cold wind from the sea freezing his ears as he ran, his body was hot and cold at the same time, a weird sensation.

He was back home at 6.30 for a shower and it was time to help Mum in the kitchen. They only had two guests at the moment, it would be three when Steve arrived later in the week. The two were also very regular guests, referred to as the spinster twins, two rich old sisters who took the two front bedrooms, one each, argued with each other all the time and complained about everything, Miss Doris and Miss Mabel. They always wanted their breakfasts delivered on a tray to their rooms at 8.00 precisely. When Steve was there, he preferred to have his breakfast with Brad and Brad's Mum at the small kitchen table.

It was Thursday so more training at the oval at night. More or less the same procedure but tonight they were having a few races. After his warm-up of stretching exercises then 4 slow laps of the oval Brad was ready to run in the 1500 meters or the metric mile as it was often called. In two weeks' time, they would be running the Tiger Bay Mile at the club's annual carnival and Brad had high hopes of doing well in it, hoping that Steve would come to watch and support him. The Tiger Bay Mile was almost a social event and many people came to watch. A field of 8 lined up for tonight's 1500, two older boys in their early 20's and 6 kids including Brad. At the gun one of the older boys, Tom Carroll, sprinted to the front and the rest packed behind him, Brad settled in the middle running one out alongside the other older boy. The pace was steady and Brad felt good, so as the bell rang for the start of the 4th and final lap, he decided to up the tempo and go the front, more with the intention of extending himself rather than any great tactical move.

As he ran around the back of the oval he felt his lungs begin to burn and his legs ache. It was then that he remembered one of Percy Cerutty's many quotes from the book that he treated as a bible…when it hurts, sprint! The reasoning is that if you're hurting then the others are hurting even more so and if you sprint past them, they will think that you're feeling OK, and much better than them, and they will be demoralized. The effort of going to the front, running into the cold wind, was sapping his energy but as he rounded the final bend and saw the group standing at what was the finish line, he got his second wind. He was amazed that no one had passed him and when he crossed the line in the first place he looked back and saw that the leader of the rest was a good 50 meters behind, with some stretched back some100 meters or more. He checked the time and once again he'd been unable to break the 4.30 that he'd been striving for. He knew he would have to do better in the Tiger Bay Mile if he was to be successful.

As usual, the 100 meters sprint and 110 meters high hurdles were just a training run for Berry as he won both in a jog, so to speak. Brad mucked around with his mates while the boring field events were being held, then feeling the need for a piss made a rare visit to the dressing room. When he entered, he was a bit embarrassed as Berry was limping around there, completely naked, grabbing the back of his left thigh. Brad was shocked that Berry even addressed him.

"Good run Brad, you're improving all the time, ready for the big mile?"

Brad was almost struck dumb but made an answer anyway.

"Yes, I've been training for it on the beach, running on the sand makes you stronger."

Berry continued to hop around the room, all the time grabbing the back of his thigh.

"Don't suppose you know how to massage? I think I've done myself an injury, the last thing I want with all the championships coming up"

"Sorry, I've no idea."

"It is quite easy actually, maybe you could help me if I show you how?"

Brad was embarrassed by the suggestion but still answered a shaky, trembling "Maybe?"

Berry stood in front of Brad and reached around to the back of Brad's thigh and gently massaged the muscles, then said "I have some Dencorub, just rub it in like this, it may help?"

"OK I'll try if you want me to?"

Brad was embarrassed that Berry was standing naked in front of him but he could not help but look at his cock which was on full display, and definitely bigger than Brad's one. Berry went to his large bag which was on the wooden seat that lined one of the walls and took out a tube of ointment, then climbed up onto the table that was in the middle of the dressing room, lying face down on it. He passed the ointment to Brad and gave him instructions.

"Just rub this in like I showed you, and massage the muscle at the back but be careful not to touch yourself anywhere until after you have washed your hands."

"If you touch your cock or balls with some of it still on your hands you will think that you're going to die, it'll burn like hell," he added. "And if you touch my balls with it, I'll kill you!"

Brad squeezed some of the ointment out onto his right hand and gingerly started to massage the back of Berry's thigh.

"That's good, but do it slower and harder, grab the muscle."

Brad did so for a few minutes until Berry told him that was enough, whereupon he got off the table and headed for the shower, still naked, seemingly totally relaxed even though Brad was there.

"That was stupid of me, should've had my shower first, wait for a minute and do it again for a few minutes when I get out of the shower."

So, Brad sat on the bench seat beside Berry's bag, and whilst trying not to ogle Berry in the shower, he could not help doing so as Berry kept talking to him and he had to face him to answer. He was transfixed as Berry vigorously soaped his cock and balls, without any inhibition. Brad's eyes constantly flicked down to watch, but then he was embarrassed and looked away.

"You never have a shower here, do you?"

"No, I jog home as a cooling down exercise, then shower at home."

"You should try it, it's a great shower and it feels good to shower and get dressed after training, you feel refreshed. Particularly since I talked Dad into putting the hot water system in here, before that it was rather painful."

"Next time bring your track gear and a towel in a bag and try it?"

"Maybe?" Brad replied, not all that sure that he would do so. "But by the time I walked home, I'd be all sweaty again"

"I could always give you a lift home, afterward, if the bitch doesn't want to come with me to training, she is always so bored here anyway."

Brad was impressed, not only did the Tiger Bay superstar actually know his name, he was talking to him as if they had been friends for years, and even offering a ride in his amazing Porsche. He would have to give this shower suggestion some serious thought.

After making some crude suggestions of what 'the bitch' would do later with his block and tackle, all said with a big grin, Berry walked out of the shower and dried himself with a large towel, then climbed back onto the table for Brad to add some more Dencorub, which he did so, this time with renewed confidence, and being very careful that his hands didn't touch Berry's balls which were so close to where he was massaging, just the back of his hand brushed against them a couple of times. He was amazed that he was feeling all of this quite sexy and wouldn't mind Berry doing the same to him but without the Dencorub

3 Steve

It was breakfast time in the kitchen. Steve had arrived late the previous night and now he was sitting with Brad and Brad's Mum. Maureen, at the kitchen table. Brad was concocting his special breakfast combining a chopped-up red dragon fruit with oat bran, chia seeds, and goji berries.

"What, no corn flakes?" asked Steve.

"It's all really your fault, Steve." Interjected Maureen, with a smile. "It all started with that book you gave him last Christmas, now his bible for living!"

"Percy Cerutty calls breakfast cereals 'packeted monstrosities" explained Brad. "They're just salt, sugar, and fat. "

"At least I suppose the new diet is very healthy, but it costs me a fortune."

"Old Percy was certainly a bit eccentric, but he sure got results, are you going to be the next Herb Elliot Brad?"

"I wish, but no chance, I'd just be happy to win the Tiger Bay Mile in two weeks, will you still be here then?" Brad asked nervously.

"Sure thing, four weeks this time unless your mum kicks me out?"

"No chance of that, you're our number one guest." Brad added quickly. His mum just smiled.

"Do you think you have any chance in the Mile?"

"It all depends on who runs, I can beat most of the local regulars but they come from everywhere for the Mile, last year the winner came up from Newcastle. In fact, no local has won it for ten years now."

"Are you coming for a run this afternoon? I didn't want to wake you up this morning."

"Maybe I'm too slow for you now?"

"No problem, I'll wait for the old man." said with a cheeky grin.

"We will see about that, I think I can still whip your arse."


The school was as boring as usual. When the bell rang to end the day Brad raced home, looking forward to his upcoming training run with Steve, hoping that Steve would be impressed with his improvement. Or so he hoped, as if he hadn't improved then he would certainly have no hope in the upcoming Mile.

At home he ran up the front steps and staying on the side veranda, went straight to his little corner at the rear, throwing his school bag on the bed, he immediately started to strip off his school clothes, replacing them with his Tiger Bay Athletic Club T-shirt, that he normally only wore to race nights, his running shorts and of course with his Speedos underneath as he was sure that this time both he and Steve would finish up in the water.

Then he went looking for Steve. He found him where he usually was, sitting at Brad's desk in Brad's bedroom, typing away at his computer.

"Are you ready?" a breathless Brad asked.

"Give me 5, and I will be," Steve answered with a grin. When Steve jumped up, a few minutes later, Brad saw that he was already wearing shorts and a T-shirt, all ready to go. They hurried out down the hall to the front door of the house, one which Brad rarely used, preferring his own more private entrance. As both were without shoes just bare feet, for running on both the dry and the hard wet sand, it was tricky crossing the bitumen road that ran between Brad's house and the beach, the stones in the gravel cutting into their soft soles. Then it was down the sand trail that led to the beach with bush scrub on either side for 20 meters. Only enough room for one person never the less Brad tried to run beside Steve, as they bumped, and jostled, each others shoulder to shoulder, the usual high jinks had begun.

"How many laps?" asked Steve.

"Two, up and back, and then I'll introduce you to my Percy Cerutty sand hill."

"Lead on," Steve said immediately starting to run on the wet sand and getting an unfair start on Brad. That didn't last long as Brad raced up to run at Steve's shoulder as they raced at a very steady pace along the sand edge close to, but just outside of, the water.

As they approached the northern end of the beach, Brad looked up at the mansion on the headland, Berry's house, and wondered what it would be like to live there. At his normal marker, he spun around and with Steve started the 2km back to where they had started. Then another lap up and back and at the end of their run Brad could not help himself, he upped the pace to a full sprint for the last 100 meters, they ran together for a few strides but he soon left Steve behind.

Then Brad was ready to show Steve his new little strength test inspired by his Percy Cerutty book about the Portsea sandhills credited for Herb Elliot's power in a finish.

At the southern end of the beach was another headland, but unlike the one that Berry lived on, this one was just bush and scrub but between the flat beach and the headland was a small sand hill that took you from sea level up to the headland height, maybe 50 meters in length but quite steep, and as it consisted of soft deep sand, very tiring to run up once let alone with repetitions.

They stopped at the base of the sandhill and looked up at the top above them.

"Race you," teased Brad, and took off immediately, his legs driving hard as they dug deep into the soft sand. He reached the top with Steve at his shoulder and then turned around to face downhill.

"Just roll downhill, this is the easy bit," he said as he started running down the sandy slope. Going down your feet didn't sink into the sand as much and it was very easy. When they reached the bottom, Brad turned around to face the hill once more.

"One more time?"

Again Brad pounded up the hill but this time when he got to the top Steve was still 10 meters behind and well winded, struggling to make the last little bit. Again, the run downhill was a breeze but when Brad again turned around to hit the mountain again he was all alone, Steve just stayed at the bottom, hands-on-hips and breathing heavily.

When Brad completed his 3rd up and down, he pretended to copy Steve suggesting he was also out of breath.

"I usually do 5 times, but I won't keep you waiting"

"Boy, you have certainly built up your stamina, very impressive. Race you to the water"

Back at the beach in front of the house they dropped their clothes in a pile and ran towards the water.

They arrived together, side by side as they entered the surf with a high knee lift to get over the small waves. Soon they were neck-deep in the swell, and remembering their childish games from past visits, Brad went up behind Steve and jumped on his shoulders, which resulted in a drowning wrestle that no one won. To stop Brad's actions, Steve grabbed him and pulled his Speedos down to his knees, slapping him on the bum as he did so, more regular occurrences from previous games in the surf.

Brad, after re-adjusting his Speedos and tying the string more tightly, then tried to reciprocate with Steve attempting to drag his costumes down, but Steve was still too strong for him and wearing normal swimming costumes, rather than Speedos, they were much more difficult to drag down. A truce was called and after a little body surfing, they gave up as the waves weren't very big and all you got was a mouth full of sand.

Dripping wet, even after using their T-shirts to dry off, they trailed back to cross the road and re-enter the house. This time they both used the side veranda, round towards Brad's corner, as the house rules required a shower in the back yard when coming from the beach, so as not to bring half the beach sand back in with them.

Directly behind the house was mother's laundry, and an outside toilet and shower area in a concrete-floored tin shed. Just inside on a small table was a pile of fresh towels, so both Brad and Steve stripped off and jumped under the cold water, beside each other as there were two adjacent showerheads. Steve had no inhibitions about being naked beside Brad as they had done this, many times before. Since Brad had tackled puberty he'd been more aware of Steve's more adult body, and larger body parts. Whilst trying not to stare he did regularly take in the scene and wondered what it would be like to touch him there, not that he ever would dare to do such a thing, but that didn't stop him from wondering

4 – No Berry

The next Tuesday night it was training night again at the oval. Brad surprised his mum by packing a small bag with his running gear and a towel and leaving dressed in normal clothes.

When queried he told his mum about what Berry had suggested.

"I thought that you didn't like Berry?'

"He does act a bit stuck up but last week was the first I've even talked with him, so maybe he isn't so bad after all".

"I've told you before that I think he is a nice boy. He has always been very friendly and polite whenever I've seen him at his place when meeting with Jack"

"Well, maybe you were right?"

"Isn't mother always right?"


"And he is going to give you a lift home, boy are you going up in the world?"

"Only if he is there and his girlfriend isn't ."

The training was the usual routine, though his mates were surprised to see him arrive fully dressed. He pretended that he'd been running late and just grabbed everything at the last minute. What they would say if they saw him getting into Berry's Porsche later he had no idea, they would probably disown him.

However, that situation never arose as Berry didn't come to training that night. This meant that when Brad returned to the dressing room all alone he was faced with the decision of whether he would have a shower and get changed, or just go home as usual in his running gear. That would be way too complicated to explain to his mum so he had a 5-second shower, dressed, and left, by then all his mates had gone home anyway. By the time he walked home he was sweating all again and even thought of having another shower, He was disappointed that Berry hadn't been there as he had been looking forward to meeting up again, although he pretended otherwise. Maybe he would be there on Thursday?

5 - Berry

Thursday training and once again Brad came fully dressed and changed in the dressing room. His mates said nothing this time and as he was doing his jogging laps to warm up, he was quite excited to see Berry's blue Porsche slide into his usual parking spot beside the dressing room.

When Berry started his warm-up laps they passed going opposite ways. Berry waved to Brad and he mock-saluted in return, which caused some cryptic comments from Brad's mates.

"Since when were you friendly with that prick?" asked Martin

"He isn't that bad when you get to know him", muttered Brad, a little embarrassed at the exchange.

Training continued as usual with a few races which were really as much of a waste of time for Brad as they were for Berry as both of them were way above the standard of their compatriots at Tiger Bay.

Then came the time that Brad both dreading, and looking forward to. He had hung around in front of the dressing room till he saw Berry go into the shower and change and he then followed him in.

Berry was already half undressed when Brad arrived and greeted him with "So you decided to test out our showers?"

"I did that on Tuesday as well but you weren't here."

"My coach came up from Newcastle and we had a session with a video camera in my driveway with a few hurdles, he'd said I was dragging my trailing leg too much, I think I fixed that tonight, it felt much better."

Brad stripped off but was a little shy to walk around totally naked in front of Berry, though Berry didn't seem to have any such inhibitions of doing it in front of Brad, in fact, he almost seemed to be showing off his body on purpose.

Berry went to the shower area first, so Brad waited for him to finish.

"Plenty of room, don't be shy!"

"OK", so he sheepishly stripped off his jocks and entered the shower area, there was enough room for two but still their shoulders did touch whenever either of them turned around.

"I didn't have any more problems with that thigh muscle last week so that massage must have worked".

"That was lucky as I had no idea what I was doing"

"Then you must be a natural".

Brad didn't quite understand why but he was quite chuffed to get any praise from Berry, even if it was from that stupid massage, which he'd quite enjoyed doing, in fact, he wouldn't mind doing it again but it looked as if that wouldn't happen.'I'll massage more than just your thigh next time', he thought to himself, with a sly smile.

"Did you bring any shampoo?", Berry asked.

"Didn't think of it." He replied.

Whereupon Berry reached for a plastic bottle on the shelf beside him on the wall and squirted a large dollop of shampoo on his right hand and standing very close behind Brad placed his hand onto the top of Brad's head and massaged the scalp with the shampoo. It felt good, both the scalp massage and the feel of Berry's body hard up behind him. He could feel Berry's chest against his back and from time to time his soft cock against his backside. Then Berry shocked him by reaching around him and with much foam on his hand jokingly massaged Brad's pubes.

"Mustn 't forget the other hairs," he laughingly blurted out.

The problem was that Berry's hand in so doing its rough so-called shampoo massage sent Brad's cock into overdrive and it was hardening immediately. He tried to cover it up but Berry seemed to sense it and gave it a quick grab.

"Too horny, you mustn't be getting enough sex young Brad! "I was like that last year at school, without a girlfriend, getting a hard-on ten times a day, and always at the wrong time. Now the dumb bitch takes care of it."

As he said this he grabbed his own cock with his soapy hand and gave it a few strokes, it only hardened a little bit. Brad was both shocked, and excited, he would have loved to have grabbed Berry but was too scared to do so. What Berry said next really shocked him.

"You are a certainty to win the Tiger Bay Mile next week. Are you going down to Newcastle for the district championships next month?"

"I'd love to win the Mile but it all depends on whether anyone comes from outside or not, and I've never considered going to Newcastle I'd never be good enough."

"Of course you would be, and even if you only run a place it would be a great experience. You can never race too often, it gives you another level of fitness, plus race craft. You are way too good for these here".

"I don't know, never been to Newcastle and probably wouldn't be allowed to, anyway I'd have no way of getting there."

"Easily solved, you can come with me. I'll drive down Friday afternoon and come back late Sunday. My dad has a permanent suite at the Southern Cross we can use, he is never there on weekends. I'll talk to your Mum if you like, she is a nice lady, I'm sure that she would trust you with me."

Brad's head went into overdrive, the thought of going to Newcastle with Berry was exciting enough, as to the staying overnight in a hotel with him was just totally unreal. The racing part of it was just a side issue.

"It all sounds too good to be true"

"Leave it to me, I have a way with women." said with a sly grin.

By now they were both dressed, and Brad was nervous in case Berry had forgotten the part about giving him a lift home and beginning to think that he hadn't meant it anyway.

No such thing, Berry put his hand on Brad's shoulder and said,

"Ready for the ride of a lifetime?"

Brad just grinned. Following Berry he went to the passenger side of the Porsche, opened the door, and got in, surprised that he was almost sitting on the floor with the low seat and his legs stretched straight out in front of him his bag between his legs, sitting almost like a racing driver.

Berry started the car and revved the engine a little bit, at which Brad thought that it made a great throaty exhaust noise. He was now sad that all his mates had already gone home and didn't see him in the Porsche. Berry drove out from the sports ground and headed towards Brad's home, now with a full roaring exhaust as he accelerated down the road. Brad was in heaven.

Brad was surprised that Berry even knew exactly where he lived, as he pulled up in front. As he started to get out of the car Berry reached across and grabbed Brad's cock.

"And don't forget to look after this tonight, I think it needs it."

"Not a problem," he answered, wondering at the same time if Joey would come around tonight to help him do so.

"Thank you for the ride."

"Any time."

5 – A surprise

Steve thought that he was getting the 'flu, so told Brad he would miss their runs for a few days so it was just Brad on his own. In Percy Cerutty's book, he often talked about running in the sand trails in the bush behind Portsea beach. Brad had noticed that there were two ways to get up on the headland, by the sandhill that he was already using and what appeared to be sand trails through the bush between the beach and the road, some shrubs and trees were just waist-high and others were shoulder high. So, he'd decided today to investigate them as an alternative, knowing that variety in training was essential to prevent boredom and laziness.

So today he wore his road running shoes and after completing his usual two double laps of the beachfront, diverted to the trail that he hoped would also take him to the top of the headland, he could always do a few sandhills runs after, maybe starting with a run going downhill from the top..

The trail was very narrow and as he ran he was constantly brushing the bushes along the twisting trail. It felt good running on the well-packed sand and Brad was doing so at quite a good pace, even when it started to climb. As he came over the top of the first climb he saw that he had to run down into and through a small gully of softer sand before meeting up with a further trail that continued from the next hill. As he ran along and then started climbing yet another hill the trees and bush were much thicker. At the top of the next hill he stopped to a walk for a few meters, he wasn't sure why as the hill hadn't been that steep, but perhaps he'd heard something out of the ordinary.

Suddenly he sensed a presence and slowed even more. He was hearing unexpected noises. As he crested the hill and was getting ready to run down into the next gully, he froze!

Straight ahead, in the base of the gully were two bodies, naked bodies, and he didn't need his biology teacher to tell him what they were doing. The girl was lying on her back, making funny noises, which was probably what he'd heard and caused him to stop, her legs were wrapped around the boy's back whilst his bare white bum was bouncing up and down. he'd only watched for a second and the girl noticed him.

"Hey!" she called out.

At her yell, the boy looked around and screamed, "what the fuck are you doing, fuck off!"

Brad didn't need any more advice, he turned around and sprinted back down the trail scared that the boy would chase him and attack him. It didn't happen, but he ran straight home anyway, no more training for today.

When Joey came around later that night, he was all agog at Brad's story of what had happened.

"You are stupid, you should have hidden in the bushes and watched."

"Yes sure, and get thumped."

'I wonder if they go there every day?" Joey said, fantasizing.

"They may have been there before but not very likely now they have been sprung."

"That is a bastard, I'd have liked to watch them, live porn!"

Whereupon live porn began to happen on Brad's bed, with the two boys lying opposite ways, Joey's knees up near Brad's head.

"You can suck it if you like?" Joey asked, rather hopefully.

"You must be joking, in your dreams."

"It feels great, Matt Smith showed me the other afternoon, you do it for me and I'll do it for you?"

"No fucking way!"

Brad had heard much about oral sex and had often wondered what it would feel like but the thought of him actually doing to another boy was repulsive to him

So, they finished each other the usual way. In fact, they had only just finished when Steve came to the curtain and sang out. Brad quickly tried to hide the pile of wet tissues beside the tissue box.

"Are you decent?"

"Come in, just with Joey."

Steve pulled back the curtain just enough to gain entrance.

"Hi Joey, how's things?"

"Fine Steve, Brad's been telling me about his training experience this afternoon."

"Different from the usual?" Steve asked innocently.

"Very," Brad answered, and knew that now he has to go through the story again, for Steve, who laughed uproariously when he heard what had happened.

"That sounds like good wanking material for you two horny boys for a week or so."

Joey just laughed but Brad felt himself going red, That was the first time that sex had ever been mentioned between Steve and Brad. He didn't understand why that embarrassed him so much.

6 - Nerves

Brad's life went through all the usual routines for the following weeks, training, school, more training, and occasionally some homework. At least once every week Berry continued to give him a lift home from training and had actually come in to ask his mother about Newcastle. After promising to think about it s he'd later relented and told Brad that he could go, as long as 'he behaved himself!'

Now Brad had two things to 'dream' about; winning the Tiger Bay Mile and that promised weekend with Berry in Newcastle.

It was Saturday morning, the day of the big mile. When he awoke he was surprised to discover that he was as nervous as hell, and even a bit snappy with his mum. When helping with the breakfasts. He had no idea as to whether he should eat differently that day, but did all the usual things anyway.

Steve arrived for his breakfast. "Ready for the big day?"

"Sure thing, will you be coming?' He asked nervously.

"I wouldn 't miss it for the world, I want to see the next Tiger Bay champion."

"That is Berry Hardwick, you will see him in the hurdles and sprints," Brad answered innocently.

"Are you coming too, Maureen?" Steve asked Brad's mum, much to Brad's surprise and shock. He'd never even considered his mum being there and it wouldn't feel right if she was, as running was his own little private world, so he was relieved when she answered.

"I don't think so Steve, I'm sure you can cheer loud enough for both of us."

"History will be made tonight. I don't want to miss it!"

Brad was both embarrassed and proud of Steve's confidence in him and just hoped that he wouldn't let him down.

7– The race

The day had dragged, but it was now time to go. Steve gave him a lift in his car, so he turned up in style in the Audi, parking next to Berry's Porsche which had also just arrived.

"Classy!" Steve commented as he looked over the blue Porsche.

"My sometimes taxi." Brad joked.

"Hi Brad, ready for the big race?" asked Berry.

"I hope so, just depends on how many 'smokies' are here for it too."

"You will be OK, my money is on you!"

Berry's vote of confidence made Brad feel good, but now the nerves were starting for real, his stomach was full of butterflies.

Steve headed for the seats in the little grandstand and Brad followed Berry into the change rooms. When there he placed his small bag next to Berry's giant-sized one and began the ritual of stripping off and getting ready to race. He was now finding this new procedure rather grown-up and even a little bit exciting, he was one of the big boys now..

Outside on the oval he waved to Steve and took off on his long slow warm-up laps, anxious to find out who had turned up for the race. He was soon informed that one 'super' athlete had done so, a Doug Wilson from nearby Dungog. Soon he observed a young man, maybe not much older than himself dressed in a white tracksuit, doing stretching exercises and guessed that was who he was. It looked as if he'd brought his own coaching staff as two men, who didn't look like athletes, wearing jeans and jackets, were in constant conversation with him as if they were giving him instructions.

Completing his warm-up he joined Steve in the stand, above the change rooms, telling him about the newcomer that he would have to face.

"Looks more like a show-off to me." Steve consoled.

They watched together as Berry strolled through to win his 110 meters hurdles, finishing two hurdles clear of the rest of the field, as usual.

"I suppose that's the superstar you were talking about. Very impressive."

"Yes, he was the state junior champion last year and finished 3rd in the Australian Championships in Adelaide. I'm going down to Newcastle with him next month for the district championships.

"That should be exciting?"


Old Bill Wakeful, head honcho at the athletic club, and the local newsagent waved to Brad to tell him it was time to get ready for his race, now his stomach was really rumbling. Steve shook his hand and wished him good luck and he ran down to the starting point.

As he passed Berry he congratulated him and Berry replied with, "Go and kill them."

Removing his tracksuit he found himself standing next to the interloper, who was wearing a copy of the U.S.A. track uniform, stars and stripes and all.

'What a show-off' Brad thought.

Brad's nerves were now so bad he was almost shaking and he feared that he would be a total disaster, and disappoint everyone who supported him. His mates gave him a big wave and shouted more encouragement as they were lined up for the start.

At the gun start, Wilson went straight to the front and Brad just tucked in behind him. The pace was already greater than what Brad had been used to in his normal Tiger Bay races and he was aware that this was going to be the real thing.

The first two laps followed in the same manner, Brad could feel his legs starting to burn and his breathing was becoming much deeper. He'd read so many books by all the champions and was well aware that the 3rd lap was crucial in mile races, so he eased out a little bit and ran up to Wilson's shoulder, just to remind him that he was still there. In return he got a surprised look and Brad thought that he'd shocked him a bit, as he sped up a little and pulled a few meters ahead of Brad, so he just concentrated on going stride by stride behind him until they came around to get the bell denoting the start of the final lap. Brad decided to do what he'd done in that race a few weeks ago and upped the pace as they went past old Bill ringing the bell and shouting encouragement.

This was going to be the longest lap of the oval he'd ever run, and also the hardest. Wilson had snorted and shook his head in disgust when Brad went past him, but Brad was sure that he was hurting, just as much as he was.

Around the back of the oval, Brad's legs got heavier and heavier and his lungs were on fire and threatening to burst. He just gritted his teeth and waited for Wilson to try to pass him back. He didn't have to wait long as he heard the rasping heavy breathing as Wilson came alongside him but was unable to sprint past.

That was all the encouragement Brad needed and he felt sure that he had him beaten. They entered the straight side by side, with the crowd cheering for Brad, the Tiger Bay boy, to beat the outsider. Their strides were almost in sync as both strained to gain an edge. Brad managed to lift a little and gain a few inches advantage and then it was through the tape and everyone wrapping their arms around him and congratulating him. The biggest hug was from a track-suited Berry who engulfed him and ruffled his hair.

"You did it, the Tiger Bay hero!"

He just stood there, leaning on Berry's shoulders, still winded, sucking in oxygen, his lungs still burning. He was not sure what was the most important, the fact that he had just won the Tiger Bay mile or the fact that he was draped all over Berry. Eventually, he pulled himself away and jogged slowly towards the grandstand where everyone was clapping, led by a very boisterous and smiling Steve, who then engulfed him in another big hug just as Berry had done.

Now the reality hit him and his thoughts were as to what time he'd run. He soon found out that he'd broken his own personal best by almost 20 seconds, quite a day. Perhaps Newcastle would be interesting after all, no doubt a return bout with Wilson, who he noted hadn't bothered yet to come up to even congratulate him. Obviously, he'd expected to win easily against such bush opposition and was in a sulk.

Brad suddenly became all nervous again as he realized that old Bill was setting up the table in front of the grandstand for the presentation. Couldn't they just give him the trophy and let him go home? This was going to be worse than the race itself.

After fussing around with the microphone and speakers for a few minutes. Bill finally called all to attention, and those who could not fit on the small grandstand stood in an arc in front of it.

"I'd like to welcome you all here today to our annual Tiger Bay Mile carnival. Thank you all for coming and supporting our youth of Tiger Bay who have all been training so hard for many months for this carnival. Before I introduce our Patron and benefactor, Jack Hardwick, to present the trophies I'd like to express our thanks and admiration for all he has done for our community. For those of you who don't know this grandstand with the dressing rooms underneath was donated 100% from Jack and the immaculate oval grounds are maintained by groundsmen fully on his payroll at Hardwick Transport. We are lucky to have the most complete sports field in the district as a result of his continued generosity, and I'm assured that we have the only hot showers at a sports facility in the district.

"Thanks, Dad!" called out a cheeky Berry, to much laughter from the crowd.

"I now ask our Patron, Jack Hardwick, to present the trophies for today's carnival."

Much applause as Jack took up his position behind the microphone beside Bill.

"Thank you Bill, for your kind words, but I must reply with a heartfelt thanks to you for all the tireless work you have put into making this club so successful. The purpose of this club isn't to produce champions, although that would always be a nice side issue, but to provide a healthy alternative for the youth of our district to enjoy free of charge, and if I've been able to help, then I'm very proud. Bill, as you all know as our town's newsagent, is a very busy man and a hard-working one, starting very early every morning 7 days a week to get those morning papers delivered to each and every one of us to read with our breakfasts, for what is it now Bill, 30 years?"

"36," Bill interjected.

"Well, there you are, for 36 years the papers have been on your doorsteps every morning, even still dry in wet weather, a great service. Yet he has still found time to share his leisure time with our children. I know that, personally, I entrusted my son Berry to his care from when Berry was about 8 years of age, and I thank him for that."

"Now for the part, you are waiting for, to present the trophies to the successful boys and girls. The first one is a bit embarrassing and also one that makes me very proud. Where someone has won more than one event I'll combine them otherwise we will be here all day, so son, come up here." He said beckoning to Berry.

When Berry stood beside his father, Jack placed his hand on Berry's shoulder and pulled him close.

"Now I know that many of you think that my son Berry has been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but that should not belittle his achievements that have been secured with much hard work and dedication. I, too, was born with a 'silver spoon in my mouth'." This caused much nervous laughter from the crowd.

He continued, "and as a dutiful father, I've made every effort to provide Berry with all the help he needs as he chases his dreams. I'm very proud that he has already achieved so many of them. Today was an example of the talents he has developed, with wins in the 100, 200 meters, his specialty the 110 high hurdles, and a strange one for me, the long jump."

With one arm still draped over Berry's shoulder he shook hands with him with the other one and handed a small pile of medals to him.

After a loud round of applause for both Jack and Berry, in which Brad joined quite heartily, and he was pleased to note that even his mates who so disapproved of Berry were also clapping aggressively. After Berry moved off with his spoils Jack continued to present all of the other medals, leaving the big one to last.

"Now for our feature event, the Tiger Bay Mile, and it gives me much pleasure to present this medal to one of our own. I believe that it is 10 years since the last time one of our local athletes has won this race, and never before by one so young, Bradley Foster, come up here."

As Brad moved up to the dais, to much applause, and many whistles from his mates, he had more butterflies in his stomach than he had before the race. This was nerve-wracking.

"Now I've known young Bradley for many years. As many of you know, his father Bill Foster, was one of my most trusted employees, who sadly lost his life in a terrible accident many years ago. Bradley's mother Maureen has done a great job in not only being a sole parent but developing her little guest house on Tiger Bay beach, bringing a steady stream of tourists to our humble town. Due to her efforts, there are now, I think, 8 small guesthouses along the beachfront, all helping our local economy.

"Today you saw a great example of grit and determination by young Bradley in holding off the opposition in our Tiger Bay Mile, and at the tender age of only 16. His future, like that of my son Berry, is in his own hands and could be anything. Congratulations and we wish him all the best."

Again, there was a loud round of applause, with much cheering from the boys.

"I should explain that there is this magnificent perpetual trophy that will have an extra shield added to it this week with Bradley's name and race-winning time. This trophy has its special place of prominence in the foyer of the Town Hall, This small one is for Bradley to keep as a memento of his great feat."

"Bradley, your father would have been very proud of you!"

With that Brad escaped the stage, retreating to join Berry in the crowd, who immediately placed his arms around his shoulder and gave him as much of a hug as he could out here in the open.

"Tell your friend that I'll drop you home after our shower." Berry surprised him by whispering, "I have a surprise for you!"

Brad was curious about the surprise but the thought of the pending 'shower with Berry' was foremost in his mind when he went over to talk to Steve.

"Don't wait for me, Steve, Berry has said he will drop me home after we shower."

Steve looked surprised, but just shrugged and said "OK." He was obviously not impressed at being sacked as the driver.

Brad could not get to the dressing room quickly enough but when he did so he was intrigued to see that Berry had two quarto pieces of paper on the floor and was holding a textra in his hand.

"I get my running shoes hand-made by an old guy in Newcastle who makes the best kangaroo skin shoes, you will need better shoes than the old ones you have to run on the cinder track in Newcastle."

"But they must cost a fortune, my mother could never afford that."

"No problem, stupid, this is my surprise. I'm getting them for you, just place your feet carefully on this paper, and stand still while I trace around them. Old Joe can do a final fitting on Friday when we get there. This is how he starts every time, he has done this to me many times before.

So even feeling very self-conscious Brad stood on the papers and let Berry draw around his feet.

"It tickles." He said, as the plastic holder slowly grazed the side of his foot.

"Just don't move."

When Berry was finished he carefully folded the papers and put them in a plastic envelope and placed it in his bag.

Then Berry began stripping off while Brad just stood there watching him, fascinated as always.

"Come on, get your gear off, it is shower time," Berry said as he gave him a gentle push to wake him up.

Soon the two boys were naked in the shower, the same as before. Once again Berry grabbed a handful of shampoo and rubbed it onto Brad's scalp, again standing hard up behind him. But this time Brad was aware that what had been soft the previous times they had showered together this time was hard against his right buttock. Brad had zero control over his, and it responded immediately.

"Now for your second surprise, time for a celebration wank." Said Berry as he slipped his soapy right hand around and took Brad in hand, so to speak.

Brad had dreamed about something like this happening but the reality was even better. It was so good but the wonderful feeling didn't last very long as the explosion came far too quickly. Brad was even more shocked at what happened next.

"Now grab a handful of the liquid soap and do the same for me. No bitch today, she is having her periods."

Brad let Berry guide his hand, first to the soap liquid dispenser on the wall and then to place it around his beautiful cock. he'd longed to touch it ever since he first saw it, so he carefully did what was expected of him as well as he knew how. Berry was soon bucking in his hand so he assumed that he was doing OK. He was a bit scared, in case anyone else came into the dressing room but knew that the brick wall beside the showers gave them some privacy and that the dressing room door creaked horribly whenever it was opened.

Berry let out a large sigh, and it was all over. Brief but amazing, for Brad it was even better than winning the Tiger Bay Mile.

They left the shower, dried off, and dressed, just the two boys alone in the dressing room. When they went outside almost everyone else had gone home, just Berry's father Jack talking to old Bill, thanking him for organizing another great carnival.

Berry waved goodbye to his father and he and Brad went to the Porsche, which was now parked beside his father's Rolls Royce. Then the way too short journey to Brad's house, again with no one to see him riding in Berry's Porsche. When they arrived at Brad's house he could see his mother and Steve sitting at one of the tables on the front porch, and the two old sisters sitting at the other table, as if they were all waiting for him.

Berry also alighted from the car and walked beside Brad as they approached the verandah. To Brad's embarrassment, Steve began to clap. His mother hugged him and demanded to be shown the trophy, which the old girls also inspected, muttering 'how nice'.

Suddenly they were all looking at the front road as a Rolls Royce was parking just behind Berry's Porsche, Jack got out of it and came up the front path, mounted the verandah steps, and hugged Maureen.

"Young Bradley did you proud today, Maureen, you should be very pleased with him." He said. Maureen quickly told Brad to go inside to collect a few cold beers, which he did so, literally, coming back with a six-pack. He gave one to Jack, one to Steve and his mother, then looked at his mother and gave one to Berry and opened one for himself.

"I think our little boys have grown up, Maureen," Jack observed. Then he made a statement that quite shocked Maureen.

"You have done a great service to Tiger Bay starting your little guest house, and now there is a string of them all along the beach road. I've noted that most are always busy so I've decided to join you. I've purchased a large block of land up at my end of the road and intend, with planning permission, to build a small 8, maybe 10, room Motel with a nice licensed restaurant that overlooks the beach. I'll not be in opposition as the room rates will be much higher than what you charge but hopefully will bring more free-spending tourists to Tiger Bay. I'd love for you to run it for me but in case the answer to that is as I fear that you want to stay here then I have another suggestion. In my real estate checking I also discovered that your next-door neighbor would like to sell, now if you bought that you could expand your guesthouse to maybe as many as 8 rooms with the 5 next door, enough income to employ a small staff and stop your working 100 hours a week."

"Oh Jack, I'd love to do that but I'm afraid that I could never afford the purchase price."

"Don't you worry about that, come and see me sometime this week and we can talk about it, maybe I have a solution?"

"This all a bit of a shock," she said taking a long draught of her cold beer.

Brad took Berry around the verandah corner and showed him his little private place, where they sat on the bed and drank their beers. Brad was introduced to a level of mate-ship that he had never before experienced, He wanted to sit there with Berry forever, even in the silence that followed. Well, he would rather that they got into the bed together, but for now, this was just so special. They finished their beers and returned to the front of the house just as Jack was leaving. Berry then said goodbye to Maureen and Steve, waved to the old ladies, and gave Brad a pat on the shoulder.

Steve took center stage. "No cooking for us from you tonight Maureen, this is a night for a celebration dinner, I'm taking you and Brad out. I hear that there is now a Thai restaurant in Tiger Bay, why don't we go there, as soon as you have fed your other guests" he said, with a nod towards the sisters.

"I know them, it's called Flying Tiger" Brad interjected. "Pong is in my class at school.

"Pong?' replied Steve with a quizzical look on his face.

"He got a bit of stick about it at school when he first arrived but evidently all Thai's have small nicknames, their real ones are a mile long. And that is really his nickname."

"Ok then, let us go and have dinner with your friend Pong."

"But isn't Thai food very spicy?" asked Maureen, rather sheepishly.

"Not necessarily, but I promise I'll order safe dishes, a nice balance." Then as an afterthought, Steve asked Brad, "Do you want to invite your friend Berry?" Brad thought that was a great idea and called him, he agreed to meet them there at 8.00.

So, it was decided they were all going to a restaurant for dinner, a first-ever for Brad. Now it was time for them to all get dressed up for their night out.

8 – The celebration dinner

Brad was excited at the thought of eating in a restaurant and very curious about the prospect of trying Thai food. Steve had already telephoned to make a booking and when they arrived the first thing he saw was Pong, dressed in black trousers with a white shirt with a black bow tie. Pong welcomed them and Brad introduced him to his mother, Berry, and Steve, Brad was surprised and thought that Pong looked very professional, and so he should have been as he'd been doing it ever since his 13th birthday.

Steve ordered a bottle of white wine for Maureen, Berry, and himself and an orange juice for Brad which surprised Brad but he said nothing, whilst Steve continued to study the Flying Tiger food menu.

"Anything special we should consider, Pong?" he inquired.

"My favourite dish here is the Yum Pla Duk Foo."

"I don't think I've ever had that, what is it?"

"Freshwater fish that has been boiled first, in Thailand it is always catfish, here I'm not sure, it is boiled first then when ordered it is dropped into a very hot wok, where it sort of just explodes, it looks as if it has been shredded and it is very crunchy, then topped with a spicy green mango salad but if you don't want so spicy I'll tell Dad."

"No that's OK, I love Som Tum." Said Steve looking at Maureen, to check. She just nods, but cautiously.

"I'm afraid that we are peasants with Thai food so if you will bear with us, can we have a few entrees first, but just one at a time not all together. Maybe a serve of Chicken Sate, a plate of those Aussie Thai Curry Puffs, and my favourite, Gai Hor BarToey. Then we will have a Tom Kah Gai for soup, and four mains, all at the same time. The main that you suggested, plus a Chicken & Cashew, a Beef Massaman and a Duck Red Curry. That should do us?"

"Very good, sir, I'll bring your entrees out one at a time, then the rest altogether, Thai style."


When Pong went off to place their orders, Berry looked at Steve.

"Do you speak Thai?" he asked.

Steve laughed. "No way, just a few food words as I eat Thai at least once a week, often two or three times, back in Sydney. I love it, and also love going to Thailand for holidays."

"Sex holidays?" interjected a cheeky Brad which brought a quick frown of disapproval from his Mum. Berry smiled, knowingly and Steve just laughed.

"Thais do have a different attitude to many things as compared to us hung-up Aussies." He added, thereafter that topic of conversation was left well alone.

Steve then explained his ordering criteria, although both Berry and Brad would have loved to hear a bit more about the other subject.

"Thais do not eat like us, at a dinner like this they would just have a range of mains, a very big range. What we call entrees they call street food, and only order for snacks through the day, any time in the day as Thais are always eating. The streets everywhere are lined with cooking stalls where you can order a snack, sit down on little plastic chairs and eat whenever you want. I ordered the entrees separately so you can distinguish and enjoy the different tastes. I'll explain about the soup and mains later. " Then looking at Brad he said. "Drink about a third of that orange juice."

Brad did so but didn't understand why, then Steve topped up his orange juice with white wine from the bottle. Maureen just looked on and nodded, but didn't seem certain.

"After all it is a celebration dinner!" They all held up their glasses in a toast to the Tiger Bay boy. Just then another table arrived, a family with two boys that went to Brad's school. They waved across to Brad, and shouted out.

"Congratulations, Brad!"

When they explained to their parents that Brad had just won the Tiger Bay Mile they also came over and added their congrats.

The commotion caused Pong to ask what happened, and Brad explained, getting a pat on the shoulder from Pong, who then went in and told his father who came out from the kitchen in his chef's uniform and also congratulated Brad, his mother also coming from behind the cashiers till and doing the same.

It was time, for the food to begin arriving and all the first-timers were eager to see what Steve had ordered. The Chicken Sate was first to arrive, ten bamboo sticks of chicken meat covered with a thick yellow peanut curry sauce, the plate was soon cleared and all were licking their lips. Next was the Curry Puffs, half-moon-shaped of soft but crisp pastry, stuffed inside was 'who knows what?' Brad loved the sweet chilli dipping sauce and caused some smiles with his comment.

"I'd like that on my toast in the mornings."

Their final entrée was delivered by Pong who looked at Steve and said. "I assume that you know how to eat these?"

Steve just nodded and begin to serve them out, one to each person's small plate. Then he pulled the toothpick out and unwrapped the leaf leaving a ball of chicken which he dipped into a sticky black sauce which he referred to as a tamarind reduction.

Brad was amazed at the wild range of tastes between the three dishes.

"I love Thai food." He stated to general agreement and nodding of heads.

"You have tasted nothing yet, wait till you try the mains?" added Steve. "To really enjoy Thai food you must have a full range of tastes; salty, sweet, spicy, and sour. When the mains come you don't eat one at a time western-style but rather take one spoon of each in turn with a spoon of steamed rice in between to keep the tastes separate. Also, the soup isn't eaten at once but rather also a spoon at a time in between all the other courses."

Steve had only just finished explaining the eating principles and the dishes began to arrive, all five of them. Steve started the process by taking one spoonful of the soup, "chicken in coconut milk and lemon grass" he explained. They all followed, doing the same, which caused smiles everywhere.

"Now this isn't Thai style but my style. Spread the steamed Jasmine rice out on your plate so you have four separate compartments, then take a small serve of each dish, putting one in each, the rice keeping them apart so the different sauces don't get combined. Now eat one spoon from each dish in turn, and the soup, with a small spoon of rice in between."

Much concentration followed as they all did as Steve had said. The constant looks of amazement as they tried each dish would have made the chef smile happily.

"I think I'm going to live in Thailand." Stated Brad.

"Goodbye," said his Mum. "You had better start saving."

"This is the most amazing meal I've ever had, many thanks, Steve," said an appreciative Berry. "I think I'll come with you to Thailand Brad."

When the table was covered in empty plates, Steve motioned to Pong. "Mango and sticky rice all round!"

No one was looking forward to having to eat more rice but when the dishes arrived all did so with big grins on their faces.

"So now I'm not the only one who loves Thai food?" asked Steve, to a chorus of 'yes'.

They all finished their drinks with another toast to the successful Tiger Bay boys, Brad and Berry, to which accompanying shouts came from across the room from Brad's schoolmates.

They thanked Pong for his service and by the look on his face, Steve tipped him very well too.

Brad would have loved to have invited Berry to come back with them but he would be too embarrassed so they all said their goodbyes on the footpath after which Berry roared off in his Porsche, which Steve followed with his eyes, rather longingly.

"Just a simple old Audi for us I'm afraid."

9 – Waiting… and then

The school days were long and boring, the early morning and late afternoon training sessions were long and arduous. The upcoming weekend in Newcastle with Berry was all that Brad thought and dreamed about.

The shower after training with Berry and their games in the shower had become almost a regular occurrence, as was the short but exciting ride home in Berry's Porsche. Brad found himself thinking about Berry all hours of the day, and night, in fact, he was becoming obsessed with Berry, he just could not get enough.

Joey kept coming round most evenings for the usual play, but was surprised that Brad seemed to be losing interest, particularly on the evenings after he'd been at Tiger Bay Oval for training, but he was incapable of putting the two things together, as one leading to the other. It was just that after the erotic excitement of his showers with Berry, the old playing with Joey was becoming boring. It had always been merely physical with Joey and without any passion. With Berry, his body was shaking right from the very first touch and even touching Berry was still exciting. The thought of sleeping with Berry for the weekend in Newcastle was dominating his thoughts and his life.

Finally, the day had arrived, he packed his small bag and took it with him to school as Berry was picking him up from there at 3.00. He was sure he would be quizzed by his schoolmates when they saw him going off in the Porsche. Steve's stay in Tiger Bay was also at an end, as he was leaving the following day but had told Brad that he would stop in Newcastle on the way back to Sydney, just long enough to watch his race.

Last period and Brad raced out to the gate but didn't see the blue Porsche. He was almost in a panic when it appeared roaring down the road, something that stopped most of the other boys in their tracks. Their amazement when it pulled up at the gate and Brad opened the door to climb in, was complete. He threw his little bag into the small compartment behind his seat, the extra seat in the Porsche for midgets. As he settled into the seat and fixed his seatbelt Berry leaned across and grabbed his thigh.

"Everything OK?"

Brad just beamed; everything was totally perfect.

They roared off with the exhaust noise echoing off the buildings as they passed.

The drive to Newcastle took one and a half hours, for Brad it could have gone on for days, he didn't care. Soon they were pulling into the car park under the Southern Cross Hotel, lugging their bags upstairs to the reception, and then using the elevator to go to the top floor, and their room, number 611.

The first thing Brad saw when they entered the hotel room was that it had just one bed, one giant double king-size bed. Brad sat on the bed and started bouncing on it.

"That is for later, now we must hurry, old Joe is waiting for us to do the final fitting for your shoes."

In all the excitement Brad had forgotten about the shoes and was now curious to see why they were so special.

Berry led them out of the hotel foyer, along the main street and up a few side lanes till they came to a doorway, no sign, just an open door leading to a steep flight of stairs. They ran up them and as they did so the smell of leather became almost overpowering. When they entered the crowded little workshop Brad could understand why as everywhere you looked were piles of leathers of many different shapes and colors.

Joe was an old man, balding and wearing very thick glasses. He was working at a bench with a leather skin stretched out around a metal shape, doing stitching by hand. He turned around when he heard them enter and greeted Berry like an old friend.

"Hi champ! How's life, what are you going to win this weekend?' he asked while wrapping his arms around Berry. Then he noticed Brad standing there and asked.

"This is your friend I assume?" and then to Brad. "Take off your shoes and socks, and sit down here."

Brad did so and Joe grabbed his feet, sliding a pair of shoes onto them that he'd taken from the shelf.

Brad was amazed, the shoes were so light that they felt as if they were made of just paper. Joe prodded all around the shoes, muttering to himself and making little chalk marks, then declared.

"Berry, your measuring was perfect, just a couple of minor adjustments and you can pick them up tomorrow morning. Maybe you should come and work for me."

"Many thanks Joe, perfect as always." Berry laughed as he stuffed some banknotes into Joe's hand, but Brad could not see how many and didn't want to look anyway, as he was too embarrassed that once again Berry was paying for him.

The boys ran back down the stairs and returned to the hotel.

"Tonight, we will just eat simple Aussie food in the restaurant at the hotel, just one or two drinks then an early night to prepare for tomorrow. Saturday we will try to discover the best Thai restaurant in Newcastle but it'll be hard to find a better place than that night back in Tiger Bay."

Brad just grinned in total agreement, life was perfect.

Back to the hotel and after going to their room to get changed into their best clothes they went up to the roof level and the restaurant called Le Café, Newcastle's attempt at a French restaurant.

They were seated at one of the picture windows, with views over the city with the coastline and sea in the far distance. Berry studied the menu.

"How about a good Aussie steak? Much iron for our best performances tomorrow?"

"Sounds good to me." Brad agreed. Berry rattled of their order to the young waitress who seemed very interested in the spunky 18-year-old with the sophisticated manner. She kept giving Berry little smiles, so much it was beginning to annoy Brad.

"She fancies you." He said as soon as she left the table to execute their orders.

"They all do.' Replied a very smug Berry.

She soon returned, with a bottle of white wine that Berry had ordered and almost purred as she poured him a small taste to approve. That he did and she then poured a glass for Brad after seeking approval from Berry as if Brad was too young to be served wine. As she left after pouring Berry's wine for him, she strutted so much Brad pretended to dry retch. Berry just laughed.

'That's OK, you'll have the last laugh as it is you who will be in my bed tonight, not her."

A relieved Brad just smiled, a little embarrassed by the connotation, although totally in agreement with it.

The meal was good and the evening passed pleasantly, the waitress kept making eyes at Berry and Brad kept glaring at her in contempt.

The meal was over and Brad would have been happy to go to bed now but Berry suggested a visit to the lounge for one last drink, so they descended to the ground floor and entered the lounge finding a corner banquette where it looked quite normal for them to be sitting side by side, which they did.

"The best drink for you is a grasshopper, I'll have a Brandy Alexander."

"I read that in Thailand they eat grasshoppers." offered Brad.

"No insects in this one just Crème de Menthe and cream."

The drinks were ordered and came and Brad was impressed with Berry's choice for him.


However, he insisted on tasting Berry's drink as well and was not that impressed with that one.

A young man was playing piano in the far corner and singing Elton John songs. He then began to play a very strange song.

"That is 'Song for Guy', which means that he is finishing and going home and so are we."

"How do you know that's the last song?"

"It is always the final song that Elton plays at any concert, so I assume that the boy is doing the same.


"Evidently Guy was an East End happy-go-lucky kid who worked in his office, and one weekend when Elton was trying to compose songs for his next album he got stuck on a strange series of notes. They later discovered that Guy had been killed in a motor accident that night, so he recalled the dirge and named it Song for Guy, and when he plays it at a concert it means the end, no more encores.

"How sad, maybe he loved him?"

"Come on, sentimental one, time for us to go to bed, sleep time."

Brad was happy with the bed part and not so sure about the sleep bit.

They got up and left the lounge making their way to the lift and their room, Brad trying to walk straight and not lean on Berry, like a drunk.

In the room, Berry immediately started to strip off, saying.

"A shower for me, then sleep, big day tomorrow."

Brad was a bit confused, as Berry went off to the bathroom without inviting Brad to join him. At the Tiger Bay dressing room Brad would have just automatically followed him and join him in the shower, but here it felt more like he was at Berry's home and was not sure what he should do.

When Berry emerged from the bathroom toweling his hair dry, he said.

"Now you, quick!"

Still confused Brad went and showered, and returned just wearing a fresh pair of jocks.

As he approached the bed, Berry lifted the covers up with his arm extended, waiting for Brad to climb in. Brad saw that Berry was completely naked and he snuggled down next to him. Berry put his arm around Brad and hugged him.

"My little teddy bear!"

Brad thought that maybe he'd died and gone to heaven.

Berry leaned over and kissed Brad on his forehead, then on his nose and lightly on his lips. Brad had never been kissed by a boy before, but he wanted more so he kissed him back very strongly.

"Slowly, slowly" pleaded Berry, breaking away from the kiss but continuing to kiss Brad across his chest, and stomach, gradually moving down towards the magic part. Brad knew that something was about to happen that he'd been thinking about now for weeks, the oral that everyone raved about was about to happen. When Berry's lips, then mouth, found their final destination Brad was overwhelmed. His body twitched and strange sounds were coming out of his mouth. He was floating as in mid-air, the stars were flying by and the drums were rolling slowly towards an inevitable crescendo, He sensed that he was about to explode, but had no idea as to what he should do, so he pulled Berry's head away. He knew what he wanted to do, and even though he'd told Joey that he would never do it he wanted to do for Berry what Berry had done for him. With no prior experience, he just tried to copy what he thought that Berry had done. The noises Berry made suggested that he'd done it reasonably well. Then it was Berry's turn to stop Brad and he returned to doing what he'd started but this time it was going all the way. Now it was not just drums but the cymbals were crashing as well. Nothing would ever be the same for Brad, hand jobs were for little kids. He did the same for Berry and they then just cuddled there, all sticky and content. A trip to the bathroom for both of them then followed, and they fell back into bed, happy and exhausted. As they hugged in the middle of the bed they fell asleep, first Brad then Berry.

10 The morning after.

Berry gently shook Brad's shoulder.

"C'mon boy, time to get up. Breakfast and then we have to go to pick up your shoes."

Brad slowly came awake, comforted by the sight of Berry leaning across him.

"Can't we just stay here all day?"

"If so, you will be on your own."

That worked, and Brad slowly came fully awake and slid out of bed.

The two boys walked to the bathroom, side by side, then stood across from each other as they shared the toilet bowl, crisscrossing their streams.

A shared shower followed, their games limited to simple tension relief for each other with hands full of soap suds. They dried off and dressed in companionable silence, totally at peace with each other.

Taking the lift to the rooftop restaurant they registered with their key number at the cashier and proceeded to the food-laden tables of the breakfast buffet. Berry knew the way around and Brad just followed in his footsteps like a lost lamb, totally amazed at the vast spread of food and with no idea of what he wanted to eat. Berry explained.

"With hotel buffets I always have two serves, one cold and one hot. The first thing I do is to go to the bread section, look for some healthy full-grain bread, hopefully, rye, take a couple of slabs, and put them in the toaster. Then to the egg station and place my order; either a couple of fried or poached or maybe an omelet."

He did so, and Brad just copied him, Berry ordering poached and Brad fried, which was all that he was used to at home."

Back to the toaster and the two slabs of toast were placed on separate plates, one of which was then covered with a slice of ham and one of cheese, that plate then dropped back to the table that they would share. The other plate was then taken to the hot section via the egg station where they placed their eggs onto the toast, and at the nearby table added some bacon, a sausage, and some baked beans. A large orange juice almost completed their breakfast, the coffee would come later.

Looking out over the scene of Newcastle city they devoured their breakfasts, the juice and the hot one first before getting up again to pour coffees to sip with their cold plates.

"Unbelievable," said Brad, licking his lips at the same time.

"I could live like this every day."

"Now it is time for us to go to collect your kangaroo shoes so you can fly around the track this afternoon in record time."

"Haha, I'll probably be last."

Down in the lift and back out onto the street they retraced their steps from last night to once again climbing the narrow steps to Joe's workshop, the vivid smells coming back.

"Ah, my Berry." was the loud greeting.

Brad sat down to where he was pointed, not that there was much option as to sitting space amongst all the piles of leather and boxes. Brad removed his shoes, and socks, as directed and Joe pulled the new shoes onto his feet. They felt very tight but at the same time were amazingly light.

"Perfecto." purred Joe. 'Now don't forget you must rub them with linseed oil after every use and if you don't use them for a time also do it once a week. Here is a small tin of oil, Berry will show you what to do."

"Many thanks, they feel wonderful.' replied a star-struck Brad, not used to all this attention.

Now it was time to go back to the hotel and relax for an hour or two before going to the track at 12.00.

11 – Race day

When they arrived at the track they picked up the race schedules.

"Shit, my heats are in 30 minutes, I must start my warm-up, will you take my bags up to the stand Brad. Sit away from the crowd so I can see where you are."

"No problem."

Brad struggled up the steps in the stand lugging the two bags, his and Berry's, and picked a spot on a long empty stretch of the long wooden seat. The only person was a young boy in running gear who seemed to be watching him intently. Brad sat down about 10 meters to the left of the boy and studied the race schedule. His 800 heats weren't for an hour yet, 30 minutes after Berry's heats for the 100 meters race he only went in to sharpen him for his hurdle races. When he looked up he realized that the boy to his left was still staring at him, he had the feeling that he wanted to talk to him, he did.

"Are you a runner?" he asked, rather naively.

"Yes." How boring, Brad thought.

"What races are you in?"

"800 and 1500, and you?"

"I run in everything."

"That's very brave." Brad said though he thought 'how stupid'.

"My name is Nathan, what is yours?"


"I must go now for my 100 race heat."

"Good luck." Brad said as Nathan got up and ran down the stairs. He went straight to the start of the 100 chute ready to line up without bothering to do any great warm-up for his Juvenile 100 heat. Berry's heat in the Juniors was after the Juvenile ones were finished and he was still doing his stretching exercises on the grass verge.

Brad watched as the kid, Nathan lined up for his heat, not even using starting blocks, just trying to dig his spikes into the dirt for some lift-off. The gun went off and Nathan was an immediate last, falling further behind as the race progressed, finishing about 30 meters behind the winner of his heat. He immediately returned to the stand and came back to sit almost beside Brad. Brad was not sure what to say, feeling quite embarrassed.

"They went a bit fast." He offered.

"My best races are when it gets longer," Nathan said with a smile, not at all embarrassed by his performance.

"Then why do you bother to go in the races that don't suit you?"

"I always go in everything," Nathan answered, non-plussed as if that explained all. Brad just nodded thinking that the kid was maybe a bit simple.

"Where are you from?" asked Nathan.

"Tiger Bay, and you're from Newcastle?"

"Broadmeadow, I train on the racecourse. Tiger Bay isn't that where they have the big mile race?"


"Have you ever run in it?" inquired Nathan.


"I won it."

Nathan then looked at him wide-eyed as if he was in the company of royalty. "Wow! You must be a champion."

Now Brad was embarrassed and wished Nathan hadn't asked about the race, he was sure that now he was never going to get rid of the kid, as harmless a he was, just that he was becoming a bit boring.

Then it was time for Berry's heat, which he breezed through leading all the way. Nathan saw Brad watching the race and asked "is that you friend?" Brad just nodded, feeling pride in that fact. As Berry came back from the track Brad could see him looking up into the stand so he waved, and Berry waved back, soon arriving beside Brad at the seat.

Nathan looked across Brad to Berry and said, " you were very good."

Brad realized that he should introduce them so he said, "Nathan, this is Berry, Berry this is Nathan," Nathan was in awe, whilst Berry just gave a cursory nod, totally disinterested.

Then Nathan had to go for his 400 meters heat. Same routine, no warm-up just went almost straight to the line-up. He had a middle lane and started with them on the first bend, holding his place reasonably well, only beginning to drop back a bit in the back straight before clawing a little back on the home bend, then just struggling down the straight, again finishing about 30 meters from the winner but back in 5th place so he would miss the final. Now it was time for Brad's 800 heat, a race he was not that interested in, just running it for practice.

Brad started well, happily running in a mid group for the first lap and staying there till the end of the back straight when he commenced a forward move. Not interested in trying to win but maybe to be in the first 6 and make the final, however, he was only 7th and missed out. Nathan had also just run in the Juvenile heat and once again finished about 30 meters from the winner but this time he was 5th and made his final. He was waiting for Brad when he finished his race.

Berry's 110 meters hurdle heat was as expected for the state champ, winning even before the 2nd runner hit the final hurdle. However, he was not impressed.

"Only 14.3, I want to break 14.0 in the final to break the state record that I already hold at 14.1, 14.0 is the Australian Junior record.

By now Nathan believed that he was in the presence of world champions, so open was he in his admiration of them. Next was the 100 finals and Berry ran strongly to finish a close 2nd. Nathan lined up in the juvenile 1500, the race before Brad's, neither needing heats just, straight out finals. This time Nathan was with the leading group right up till the final straight when he fell back to finish a creditable 6th, which Brad warmly applauded. It appeared that the longer the race the better he was. Now it was Brad's big moment.

The gun went off and Brad tucked in right behind the leading two runners, keeping to the outer of the lane so as not to get boxed in. At the bell for the final lap, he adopted what had become his norm of late, and sprinted into the lead which caused Nathan to scream loudly from the side of the track. He was able to hold his lead throughout the lap, but in the home straight two runners passed him, and try as he might he could not stay with them finishing 3rd two meters behind them. When he saw his time, he was elated, another 10 seconds off his best time. 'It must be the shoes', he thought. As he walked back up to their spot in the stand with Nathan they passed Berry coming down for his hurdles final.

"Do a 13.9," Brad yelled at him as they passed, just briefly touching hands as they did so.

Back at their seats Brad and Nathan watched the master hurdler demolish the field, again finishing more than one hurdle clear at the finish. Brad then watched Berry as he suddenly leaped in the air, punching the sky, The reason was soon announced, a new Australian Junior record of 13.9.

Then stupid Nathan went off to compete in the Junior, as there was no Juvenile version, of the 3000 meters steeplechase. Nathan had a unique style over the hurdles which were very different from those in Berry's race. In the steeplechase, they used very low white wooden square logs on short legs Nathan jumped on top and pushed off from them. It seemed to work well until he came to the first time over the water jump when he did the same but landed on his backside in the water. After that, he dropped out not bothering to finish the race as he was very wet.

When Berry came back he asked Brad to take his bag to the changing rooms as he wanted to go and speak with his coach. So, Brad walked around the field to the rooms with Nathan who he met along the way. In the dressing room, they were the only two people at that moment. Brad stripped off ready to have his shower, Nathan just watched him very closely. When Brad was naked, Nathan said, "Ooh, you're so big!" looking at Brad's genitals. Embarrassed, Brad just said, "aren't you having a shower, you're wet from the water jump."

"I don't have a towel."

"Well, you can use mine after me, if you want?"

That was all Nathan needed, he immediately stripped off.

Brad walked to the shower room, selected a booth and pulled the plastic curtain across for privacy, and then realized that Nathan had followed him into the same cubicle."

"You should've gone into another one."

Nathan looked sheepish, "can't I stay here with you?"

Brad could see the pleading in Nathan's eyes, so relented, though horrified that Berry may come in and see them.

The two boys soaped up and Brad could see that Nathan was still constantly looking at the wrong place, the Nathan shocked him.

"Can I touch it?"

"Nathan, that's not nice."

"I thought we were mates?"

Brad felt sorry for him, remembering his own fascination with Berry just a few weeks ago, so he took Nathan's hand and placed it around his own cock which Nathan grabbed joyfully.

"Only for five seconds."

That seemed to satisfy Nathan who was grinning as if he'd just won the lottery. Brad escaped the shower first and used the towel, then passed it to Nathan, walking naked back to where his clothes were to get dressed. Nathan followed looking like a wet dog, his hair everywhere, and put his wet clothes back on. Then Berry arrived and Brad just hoped that Nathan wouldn't say or do anything stupid. What Nathan did was to ogle Berry openly as he undressed, something that Brad had himself done many times before. Berry, as usual, noticed nothing, too engrossed in his own thoughts. Whilst Berry showered, Brad and Nathan exchanged their addresses, as they had earlier agreed to do as Nathan had asked if he could come up to Tiger Bay one day during the school holidays and train with Brad, and Brad was too nice to refuse even though the thought didn't excite him. Brad, the athlete, had his first adoring fan, and he didn't feel very comfortable with that. Nathan went home and Brad waited for Berry.

Back at the hotel Berry inquired about Thai restaurants in Newcastle and was assured that one called Bow Tie was very good. Up in the room they jumped on the bed and watched boring local TV, all about the local Newcastle football team. Both boys were very content as both had recorded personal best times, and even though Brad hadn't won, he felt as if he had. He then realized that he hadn't seen Steve at the meet, and wondered what had happened to him.

At the restaurant they were both a bit lost with the menu, not recognizing many of the dishes. There were satays, curry puffs, and spring rolls but after that, they had to rely on the waitress, she said that she was Chinese, not Thai. A stir-fry [chicken and basil] and a curry [prawns in red curry] were both OK and soon the boys were very full and returned to the hotel lounge for some more cocktails and Elton John songs. All Brad could think of was of crawling into bed later, naked with his Berry, which soon happened.

The bed scene was almost a repeat of the previous night, though rather less frantic but with just as much feeling, after which they just hugged contentedly.

"You're nice." Brad whispered, "thanks for everything, the shoes, coming to Newcastle with you, just everything."

"No, Brad, you're the one who is nice. Look what you did for that poor kid today, I'd not even have talked to him, I'm what you and your mates must have always thought of me, arrogant, pushy, selfish, a total spoilt brat!"

"I don't care, you're my spoilt brat!" which earned Brad a kiss on his forehead and an extra hug.

They fell asleep, two contented boys, exhausted both physically and emotionally.

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