by AB

Chapter 10

5, 11 and 563

"Hey, guys!" Nikos beamed.

Triton's visage changed from concern to joy. Andreas did not miss them both adjusting their peckers.

"You're sure about this? I ain't going to go easy on you." Nikos grinned throwing a punch at Andreas.

Andreas avoided it easily, grabbing Nikos from wrist and back of his neck before lifting him off the ground, wiping his feet from under him and pipping him on the ground, softly.

"Show me how to do this!" Nikos grinned after regaining his breath.

Andreas could not help but laugh. Helping Nikos to his feet he looked at all three of them.

"I have never taught this to anyone…but I will start you us my father started me, my siblings and my cousin."

"What happened to them?" Nikos asked before Triton could stop him.

"They died…in a natural catastrophe, shall we start?" Triton knew better than to ask him further on that. "Such mountains of sadness…"

"My father…he taught us first to think, then he taught us to eat, to exercise then he taught us about love and finally to fight, for "For a man to fight he must have a full belly, strong body someone to love for him to be ready to fight and if need be, die. And above all, a man needs to be able to think. So, this is how we will start. I will teach you to think, I will teach you to eat…you already have people you love, family and all and I will help you strengthen your bodies. Then I will teach you the ways of Pangratio."

"Mixed in with god knows how many other techniques and centuries of learning." Triton thought to himself.

Andreas started them on a conversation. At the time neither of them, Nikos, Triton or Mathew understood it but he was having with them much a philosophical debate about human existence and nature as Plato had done with his pupils aeons before, imbued with all other philosophical schools Andreas had picked up so far in his life.

Their conversation, other times exciting and engaging other times less so went on for two hours before Andreas asked them to get up from the grass and started them on some basic exercises. The conversation did not stop there.

"It's getting dark." Andreas signified the end of the training session.

"It's still got some light." Mathew pointed out, an attempt to continue.

"It's getting dark and cold and we are all sweaty, you get sick and you won't be doing this for a week or more." Just then his phone rang.

An IM message. Andreas smirked replying before turning his attention back to his friends.

"And it looks like I have a date so…have to run." Andreas grinned winking at them.

They hugged and bumped fists before Mathew and Andreas headed home. Nikos followed Triton home.

Andreas cleaned up, put on some new clothes and headed out.

"Sophia, hi." He met up with her where she had asked, in the promenade by the sea.

As a response, she planted a kiss on his lips.

"I like that. Soooooo, if a hi gets me a kiss, then what does me telling you how beautiful you are today get me?" He whispered in her ear after a few seconds of kissing her, his hands just above her waist, her hands on his shoulders and neck.

She giggled, pushing him back, giving him a playful slap across the front of his shoulder.

"Dunno…" She giggled teasingly.

"What do you want to do? There's new movies in this week." He asked her, passing a hand around her waist.

"You don't behave like the other boys our age…" She stated just about melting into his hands.

"I can change if that bothers you?" He teased her.

"What? No! I meant it's gr…wait a second, you're messing with me!" He chuckled giving her another kiss.

They walked down the promenade from the park. Reaching the entrance of the marina on the other end, and a different park he pulled her close to him, kissing her. She reciprocated with him opening his lips slightly, letting his tongue probe her teeth.

Giggling mid-kiss, she parted hers letting their tongues commence their dancing. He pressed a hand against her cheek drawing her in as they sucked each other breaths out.

"Fuck, you're a good kisser." She breathed out breaking the kiss. "My parents won't be home for most of the night." She whispered to him, blushing.

"Interesting, and what could the two of us do, in your home, all alone?" He replied playing it calm and cool, teasing it out of her.

Her biting her lower lip was her reply.

"Lead the way, then." She walked them to her home, where she locked the door then leading him to her room, locking that door as well for good measure and pushing him onto her bed.

Straddling him she kissed him removing his t shirt.

Kissing her back, he allowed his hands to roam on her thighs and buttocks, eventually going under her skirt, caressing her bare skin.

Breaking the kiss, he pulled her blouse up revealing her developing breasts cradled in a white lace bra.

Resuming the kiss, he travelled south to her neck removing the bra with expert moves. She shoved her hands down unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants.

She moaned, softly, feeling his hands squeeze her breasts as she wrapped her hand, hesitantly, around his dick.

"Oh wow…" She mouthed kissing his neck, feeling his scent, driving her to grind her pelvis on his lap.

"Defend yourself fiend!" Triton had just finished showering, gone over to his room to see Nikos just lying there in just his briefs, on his bed.

"Uhh…shower's empty if you want it?" Triton stuttered. Nikos sure had an appealing body, with his musculature just starting to tone up. He had the faintest start of a six pack, a lean body with lanky legs and a bulge that made Triton's mouth water.

"Oh, I was thinking if you wanted to play any video games…feels nice and airy right now to go get wet."

"Ah…okay, well I do have a PlayStation three or something, I don't play much when I'm alone." Triton sat next to him, grabbing for the tv and ps3 controllers.

"Which games do you have?" Nikos sat up on the bed's edge. Sitting so close to him allowed Triton to smell his boy scent. Stifling a moan, he stood up, kneeling in front of the tv, rummaging through what few game he had.

"I have taken something, I think it's two players?"

"Yeah! I'll kick your ass!" Triton had to smile, giving him one of the controllers.

"Oh good. That. Feels…just…" Andreas had spent a good fifteen minutes down on Sophia's pussy, eating, licking, and kissing it like there was no tomorrow, as his hands teased and toyed with her clitoris and nipples, edging her until she was ready while she had a taste of his cock. Now he got up to her face kissing her deeply. His right hand aligning his enlarged penis to her vagina.

He looked at her, giving her one last opportunity to stop. She smiled, wrapping her hands around his neck, her feet around his hips. He could feel her heart pumping fast, her breaths coming out rugged and panting, but she trusted him. He knew he was her first, he knew she would not admit her boasts as to her previous encounters were exaggerations so he went slow, kissing her again while his lower head entered her just. She tensed up so he stopped there, kissing her neck, feeling her boobs, squeezing them lightly. He continued to dance between her breasts, neck, and lips until she relaxed her hips.

He knew, from previous experience, that at some point the dancing about had to stop and the most frightening moment, for the girl, had to be done in one swift action. So, pressing his lips against hers, his tongue twirling with hers he made one decisive, firm thrust with his hips, embedding him in her to the root.

She tensed up giving a small cry. He left no room for her to change her mind as he started ploughing in and out of her. His hands teasing and caressing her body giving her stimuli. His mouth adding to the coupling. He changed his rhythm from fast to slow, from straight to curve to circular motions pressing in on different sides of her love canal.

Triton was losing to Nikos, badly and not because he was letting him win. The kid was actually good at this fighting video game.

Triton held the controller with one hand and quickly jabbed Nikos' ribs with his index and middle fingers causing the boy to wiggle and giggle and subsequently lose the game.

"Cheater!" Nikos exclaimed giggling throwing himself on Triton. Wrestling commenced with the two boys trying to take the upper hand and pin the other against the bed. Here, Triton did let Nikos win. So, he found himself against the bed, with a semi-naked -cute as fuck- boy on top of him. Their breaths rugged they locked eyes. In a trance, their heads leaned into each other as if locked on and pulled by a string. Their eyes closed, heads tilted as if by instinct until their lips rubbed in a moist, silk touch.

Seconds seemed like eternity as they remained there before Nikos pulled back grinning like a fool. Time seemed to be going slower for them, everything seemed frozen. Each boy afraid of the other's reaction, their faces changing from grin to worry.

Then their eyes locked again and worry vanished. Triton gave a deep, warm smile pulling in Nikos' face to his, no more timidity, no more hesitation. They dived in like frenzied piranhas wanted to devour each other's breaths through their mouths. Hands unleashed upon unsuspecting prey groping and squeezing every inch of each other's bodies.

Andreas could tell he was close and Sophia had already screamed her orgasm, thank god, her parents were not at home there'd be no way covering that up, so instincts taking over his hips started on a piston-like motion back and forth, his body tensing, his mouth groaning sounds he had no idea he was producing until in an explosion of hot sperm he cummed inside the condom, inside her.

He knew he could not get her pregnant and neither of them could contract anything, his immortality seeing to that but he could not explain either of those things to her he had put on the rubber.

Dismounting her, she cuddled up to him, sweaty and catching up her breath, her pupils dilated.

"How…what…just happened? I've never felt anything like it before." She whispered.

He did not reply, he just hugged her close.

"Oh gawd! Faster!" Nikos mewled. Their groping and making out having evolved in a mutual jerking off, their hips fucking each other's hands until groaning, sweating, and panting they cummed staining their hands with semi-translucent, warm liquid.

"Oh fuck, that was nice!" Triton exclaimed and taking a look at his cum stained hand he brought it to his face, and after an initial hesitation he took a lick. Agreeing to the taste he cleaned his hand up.

"What? You taste nice." He blushed seeing Nikos' weird face.

Nikos examined his hand and shrugging he took a lick of Triton's semen. "You taste nice as well." He blushed.

Triton grinned bringing their mouths together. "You – are – so – fucking – cute!" Triton managed to say amidst sloppy kisses.

It took two weeks for Triton and Andreas to record the details of his life from the mid Nineteenth century where they had left off to the start of the Sixteenth century.

"The ages of discovery and exploration, I can't believe you lived through all of it, being in the Americas as they were being discovered, in Asia, Japan, Tzaric Russia…that story with the whore and bard…oh my god I've not laughed so hard in a while." Triton had just finished typing the end of that batch. "And running bison…he sounds cute."

"He was cute, and he liked girls." Andreas winked at him. Triton poked his tongue out making Andreas laugh.

"Being in Renaissance Italy…all this information, meeting the Borgias up close, being part of Cesare's army and doing it all for a girl's…affection, typical Andreas."

It was Andreas' turn to poke his blow raspberries at his friend. And you've met Nicholo Machiavelli and the Medici's. You have seen the Duomo being built…"

"And the Sistine Chapel and I've posed for a painter or two…amidst other stuff…" Andreas chuckled.

"You were not born there or, then were you?" Asked Triton.

"I was not."

"My god…you were there? At the Fall of Constantinople, weren't you? That's what you meant!"

"That's for another time, I have to return home." Andreas stood up from the bed making his way to the room's door.

"Oh, come on!" Triton whined but did not insist.

He was on his way home when he felt it, that same confusing, yet almost crippling sensation of another Immortal being near.

And again, no Immortal appeared.

He let out a deep breath and continued walking.

Reaching home, he dropped his bag in his room, had a shower and went to the living room.

Kendra was there, reading a book and eating dinner.

"Mathew back yet?" Andreas asked. Kendra shook her head.

"So, I imagine Artemis' in her room. So, can we talk, please?" Kendra nodded.

"Who killed Eva?"

She sighed. "I do not know, I was her Watcher and I do not know who killed her."

"Stop lying to me." Andreas demanded.

"I am not lying to you. I don't know who killed her. I remember…well going to a dinner with a…friend but I don't know who killed her."

"Did you have anything to drink?" Andreas asked, her face changing in an instant.

"I'm a recovering alcoholic, I have not touched a sip for almost 13 years now, since I became pregnant to Mathew." She said defensively.

"I was not accusing you, Kendra. Just asking. I am Immortal, not a farseer."

"You're right, I'm sorry. But no, I do not know who killed her and I hadn't to drink that night or any other for thirteen years."

"Fine, can't you ask someone from your order? Your journals must say…?"

"What are you two discussing?" Artemis appeared, throwing Andreas a smile.

"How was my day, nothing much." Andreas was quick to reply.

"I just realised." Andreas looked back at Kendra. "What do you do for a living?"

"I teach English to Highschool kids in three different schools and I am a certified foster parent, I also used to be a social worker, but…too much misery got to me, I found out that it was too much in addition to my father being an abusive whore's son."

"Mum…" Artemis rolled her eyes.

"What? You are almost an adult, and Andreas…well he won't mind some swearing." Kendra shrugged.

"Indeed, I've met both whores and whores' sons." He grinned broadly while both women's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. Kendra burst laughing. Artemis choked on some water she had poured for herself.

"I bet you have." Kendra remarked regaining her composure.

They continued to talk until it was time for bed.

He didn't know what time it is but a persistent, beeping sound woke him up.

Groaning he reached for the nightstand and his mobile.

"Somebody better be dead…" He breathed out answering the call.

"Who, is it?"

No reply came, just heavy, coarse, rhythmical breathing.

He searched for the alarm clock nearby on the nightstand.

"Who, the fuck is it at three am in the fucking morning?" He voiced angrily.

Yet no reply, only breathing.

"For fucks fucking sake? Who the fuck is it?"

"Hello, Adam."

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