by AB

Chapter 2

Quick and Light

"Wonder if I'll ever see that boy again…he was cute and just so…mysterious? No, beyond that, intriguing. Didn't even get his fucking name." Triton was walking down the street to his school. Only a few blocks from his house uphill, behind him the sea with the island of Aegina in the distance, Piraeus would be visible on his left-hand side if it wasn't for the blocks of flats each rising seven or eight floors high.

Two blocks from the school he saw something in the other side of the pavement that caught his eye. Amidst the tangerine trees there, again, was the boy from a few days ago. At first Triton was not sure but the hoody and the peculiar bag were the same.

He walked faster, looking to his left for any incoming cars then ran to surpass the unknown boy. He stood on the boy's path ready to speak when the teen just pivoted around him as if he wasn't even there.

"Hey, wait! We met the other night in the tram, you owe me a name!" Triton yelled speeding up to catch up to him.

"Name." The boy said dryly with a tone of complete apathy.

"You said if we met again you'd give me your name, my name's...." Triton didn't get to finish what he was saying.

"Triton, I know. They call me Andreas nowadays." Andreas didn't slow down his pace.

"Cool. Did you just move in here? I haven't seen you at school before." Triton asked catching up to him.

"Yes, you could say that."

"Cool, it's an interesting bag, there." Triton pointed at Andreas' bag.


"You don't talk much, do you? What's your surname?"

"You, however, speak too much. And ask too many questions. I don't have a surname."

"What? That's not possible, everyone has one." Triton continued his effort to make a conversation with him.

"Indeed, everyone has a brain as well, not everyone uses it. Likewise, I don't use the surname that has been given to me. Call me Andreas or don't call me anything."

Triton about to reply he noticed three large bulky-looking older students standing in front of the school gates, now visible a few meters away from them as they turned around a corner. "We have to go, now! These guys are bad." He tried to hold Andreas' elbow.

Andreas just shook his hand off and kept on walking, hood on head with curly pitch black curly hair just extruding from the sides, spine lightly bent forward, hands loosely inside the pockets of his light red jeans. His navy blue t shirt waving on the light breeze.

Triton in his blue jeans and white t shirt stopped walking a few good feet away from the angry looking boys. Anxiety painted all over his facial features, his hands stressed on his sides.

"Well lookie here boys, seems we have a new faggot in school. Go on faggot give us your money if ya know what's good for ya." The largest and bulkiest of the three jeered him.

Andreas looked bored and unimpressed, his posture unchanged. "Highwaymen, is it? I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you gentlemen my money's in Switzerland. Now if you'll kindly let me pass, I've no wish to harm you even as large idiots as you seem to be." Kids were looking their way now with increasing interest. Someone and a younger-looking boy at that was putting up a fight against Michael and his goons.

Michael's face changed from leer to angst which was followed with a punch and like anyone who isn't trained to fight he brought his right hand behind his shoulder turning half his body behind his rising fist.

Andreas grinned lightly. "You are an open, empty book easily read and forgotten." He said, his voice soft and calm. Triton saw it in almost slow motion, Michael's hand's slow descend towards Andreas' face. Andreas waited until the last possible moment, waiting there as if wanting to get punched in the face, an angry black eye to adorn his face then in a quick motion he stepped just one step to the right, calm and decisive letting Michael's hand pass next to his face as his own fist raised in a quick powerful jab at Michael's gut.

Kids in the background, boys and girls let out exclamatory yells, "oohhhh!" at them. All blurry sounds in the rear, Andreas was oblivious to them. Triton could now see the boy's face for the first time, the hood having fallen to his shoulders. There was a stern look of absolute concentration drawn on it.

Michael was still falling on the ground and Andreas was already pivoting around to meet the other two boys. Both a face of anger and fists raised. Avoiding the punch intended for his face and slapped the boy's face, hard with open hand producing a sharp prolonged hand on skin sound receiving more cheers from the growing crowd of students. Andreas grabbed the boy from his nape pivoting around fast on his axis. The boy lost his balance with Andreas throwing him on the third boy's legs.

The third boy had no time to change his course with the momentum he had gained tripping him over the second boy's body. With one long stride Andreas kicked his face.

A moment later he felt a tug on his sleeve. Triton held his hand more forcefully now guiding him away.

Triton walked him to one of the corridors which was void of students. "Are you crazy? These guys are into kickboxing and Michael's father is the school's principal." Triton exasperated.

"They did not look so tough to me, unorganised, unintelligent rubble." Andreas shrugged.

"What class are you in?" Triton asked him.

"I have no idea…school's changed since the last time. What class is a fifteen-year-old supposed to be in?"

"Last time? You mean last year? When you were fourteen?" Triton frowned.

"Yeah, that." Andreas made eye contact.

"You're weird." Triton chuckled rolling his eyes. "You're in the same class as me, follow me, then." Triton turned heading to the classroom.

"Okay, lead the way." Andreas followed him.

"First class is Ancient Greek."

They entered the elongated room, two columns and three rows of desks and chairs.

"Students, sit down, please." The teacher, a burly middle-aged, semi-bald man spoke to the students as they entered the room.

"Welcome to another school year, which I am sure it will be very informative and educational, to you all. Now for the first fifteen minutes of this lesson, take a pen out and get ready for the year's first pop-quiz." Everyone moaned audibly. Everyone except Andreas that is who grinned, making Triton and the teacher eye him weird.

The teacher walked through the columns of desks giving each student a sheet of empty paper and a sheet of the questions to be answered. "Let us see what you all, fine students remember from last year. I am sure it will cause me depression." He told them dryly.

Five minutes later Andreas stopped writing putting down his pen.

Ten minutes after that time was up and the teacher collected the sheets from them with Andreas leaning back on the desk behind him, his hands in his pockets looking down and at nothing yet with seeming self-confidence of someone who knew he had done well.

Andreas was slack and calm throughout the class answering questions and what others failed to know.

With the class over they headed to the ten minutes' intermission and P.E after. During intermission, they sat around one of the tables near the school's courtyard cantina talking with some of Triton's friends and cracking jokes yet Triton could see he was distanced and generally emotionless.

During P.E. Triton could not but notice Andreas' physical condition. He could jump like a cat with the agility of one with the stamina of a marathon runner.

After P.E. they headed to the locker rooms to shower and change. Andreas seemed unphased as he dropped his sweaty clothes and stepped into the showers.

After a moment's hesitation Triton followed him in, naked with a sigh. He stood to the shower next to Andreas' one. Andreas grinned smacking his firm behind. Triton blushed covering his nether parts. Andreas just shrugged fisting his own penis giving a stroke or two before continuing his shower.

Andreas turned around to see other boys looking at him and Triton. He winked at them going back to his stuff. They giggled and laughed going about their business.

Triton looked at Andreas. "How did you do this?" He asked Andreas astonished.

"Do what?" Andreas asked oblivious to what Triton meant.

"Just go naked like that?"

"Ah, well I've got nothing to be ashamed of." Andreas shrugged before making eye contact. "And from what I can see neither do you. Not bad for your age."

Triton blushed crimson, his five-inch dick twitching at the compliment.

"Y…you think it's ok?" He asked despite himself.

"Well, yeah. Why not? You are fifteen and what you have between your legs looks fine to me, size, girth, width and colour…and I bet taste as well." Andreas winked at him.

"Fuck me…" Triton's voice trailed.

"What if…" Triton tried to demonstrate what he had in mind without voicing the words.

Andreas chuckled, whipping some shampoo from his dump forehead. "Get an erection? You are naked in a shower with boys your age around, only. What if you do?" He himself was getting aroused by the conversation.

Triton was left speechless at first, then regaining his voice. "Well…uhhh…eehhh…maybe they can, could think that…uhmm…" He couldn't believe what he was suggesting, still having difficulty to voice exactly what he had in mind.

"You think other boys will make fun of you? Or think you're gay or something because you got an erection in front of a room with only boys inside it? They are all in the same boat as you. You get an erection it's normal and if anyone says anything shrug and go about your business or return the favour and crack a joke or something."

"I suppose but…" Triton's eyes bulged feeling Andreas' hand around his cock, his eyes darted around panicked. All other boys seemed preoccupied with whatever they were doing.

Andreas wrapped his hand around Triton's five-inch faucet jerking him slowly. Steam rose from the hot water falling around them. Triton tried his best not to moan. His mind split between wanting to stop Andreas from what he was doing and not wanting this feeling to ever stop. No one else had before now touched his dick and he just could not believe how good it felt.

Pressing a hand on the shower wall to balance himself he closed his eyes leaving himself at the mercy of Andreas' ministrations.

It did not take long before stars exploded in his eyes, his mind going on overdrive to process the blissful feelings it was receiving.

"fuuuuck!" He mewled feeling his knees weak.

"See? You had not only a boner but an orgasm and no one gave a fuck." Andreas finished his shower and wrapping a towel around his waist he headed to his stuff.

Triton regained his composure and finished his shower. He headed back to change into new clothes.

The rest of the school day was quiet until Triton and Andreas were ready to leave.

Someone called his surname behind him or rather the fake surname that was on the foster papers so he could live with George and Maria and her kids.

"Yeah, what is it?" He demanded turning around.

"Come with me this instant." It was the school's principal. Behind smirking was Michael with his two friends.

"Why? I have stuff to do." Triton could not believe Andreas was talking back to the principle.

"You beat up my son and his friends. Come with me this instant." The principal replied increasingly angry at the audacious boy.

"Where is your evidence? They seem to have no bruises and my hands have none either." Andreas replied calm and self-confident.

"My son told me. He does not lie."

Andreas laughed. "He does lie. He is a craven bully who picks on younger kids."

"Come with me to my office to call your guardian or the five days' detention you are about to get will become twenty." The principle replied now clearly aggravated.

Triton could almost feel Andreas' anger rising.

"Not a single fucking day." He took out his phone and called George. The phone call lasted a mere minute or two.

"He'll be here in twenty minutes, lead the way, then." The kids that had gathered around them could not believe Andreas was talking to the principal in this way, equal to equal or as if he owned the place.

Andreas and Triton followed him and Michael to his office where they sat waiting for George.

Triton could not see how Andreas was going to avoid the five days' detention sitting next to him. Andreas on the other hand looked completely calm.

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