Star Wars: Darklight

by AB

Chapter 21

Battle over New Alderaan

"They are the same person. Darth Incendius is Grandmaster Taraha." Tern answered standing up, powering the lightsabers down.

Volun's eyes almost bulged out of their eye sockets. "What? How? I mean how?" He took a breath.

"How do I know? I remembered a Force-vision I had had before…The Jedi had raided this planet and their Grandmaster had fought Darth Vitus with her sister…she defeated him and there the vision ended…" Tern recounted the Force-vision he had had in the past.

"Yes?" Volun still felt stumped.

"Did you not feel it? When you touched the lightsabers?" Tern asked to receive a negative nod from Volun.

"Darth Incendius killed her twin sister and took her place. Her sister would have likely killed me rather than risk hurt to the Jedi. So Darth Incendius killed many birds with one stone."

"What does she want with this?" Volun inquired completely lost at Darth Incendius' intentions. "I mean I understand why she wanted you alive but…why become the Jedi Grandmaster in place of the real one?"

"Later." Tern evaded answering. "Let's get out of here. I have what I wanted." He turned round leaving the room.

"Are we not going to rig the fusion reactor?" Volun asked running after him.

"No, no need. I have something else in mind since this planet is not inhabited by complex lifeforms." The planet was an arid wasteland void of life except for an atmosphere that could support it.

"If once you could…ugh." Volun whined.

"Yeah yeah…" Tern rolled his eyes. "What would be the fun in that? You like the mystery babe." Tern gave him a swat on his behind making Volun yelp.

"I'll get you for that!" Volun tried running after Tern who giggled running through the complex's corridors faster.

They heard a sigh through the coms. "You guys…"

"Yes, sister?" Tern stifled some giggles. "What is it?"

Volun did not even try to stop himself from giggling.

There was another sigh from the coms.

"Get your arses up here so we can bombard that complex to oblivion." Kaa'ara sounded uncomfortable.

"No, prepare The Indomitable to come retrieve us and tell Nova squadron they have a…load in their y-wings." Tern answered her.

"Oh I have a "load" for you alright." Volun quipped throwing a fit of giggles.

"You are insufferable." Kaa'ara responded through the coms.

"Yeah, you are insufferable, babe." Tern grinned climbing up The Indomitable's rear ramp.

"The both of you… insufferable I tell you. Thank the Force we have other more reasonable Force-sensitives around here."

"What are you talking about sis? Karos and Hara are fucking their brains out and Lavos is pretty much grown hair out of his hand since…well since I returned and he lost access to the sexiest piece of ass in the damn galaxy." Tern replied back.

The shuttle took off. Volun's cheeks dyed in a fierce crimson hue.

Volun burst out laughing at Kaa'ara's cry of frustration through the coms.

"Is there not a single logical person left on this galaxy?"

"No, we are all hormonal little bitches." Tern laughed.

"I beg your pardon? I am quite an old hormonal bitch, thank you very fucking much." They heard Ravela's voice through the coms making Volun and Tern roll on the shuttle's floor laughing, grasping their bellies.

Tern pressed a button on his com. "Nova squadron…light it up."


Volun looked out the cockpit's window to see a squadron of y-wings speed by them.

"What are they going to do?" Volun asked intrigued and somewhat worried.

"They are carrying warheads with seismic payloads. The will not destroy the planet but they will destabilize him. The planet has no life on it so it will not cause a wound in the Force and the laboratory complex will be completely destroyed by the tectonic upheaval." Tern answered.

Volun's face showed some worry for a moment. "I suppose…but still, cause this much destruction for a laboratory?"

"Not all that much love, the planet has no life on it, sentient or otherwise, it is a barren, arid wasteland with no liquid water or organic compounds in the atmosphere or soil. Who knows, maybe this attack with the enhanced seismic mines will help the planet generate life. Sometimes destruction and death can create life." Tern replied calmly crossing his hands in front of his torso and placing one foot on top of the other on top of one of the consoles in front of his chairs reclining back.

"I guess…" Volun placed his hand in Tern's. He did not really like what Nova squadron was going to do but he did see some truth in Tern's reasoning.

Tern squeezed it back gently.

The shuttle docked on the cruiser's hangar bay. Tern saw Lavos and the others waiting for them a few meters away.

"Sorry…we wanted to surprise you…" Karos told him when he and Volun approached them.

"I know…you did." Tern chuckled. "I am sorry if I sounded somewhat…aggressive but I did not want anyone in that complex touching anything they shouldn't. It has been used by three different Sith Lords, Leaders of this new rising Conclave for all sorts of different research including my creation and there are secrets in there…were in there that no one should ever learn. No one ever again must be allowed to create one such as I." Tern's tone of voice was not accusatory or angry. He was rather sad and solemn.

"You did not turn out all that bad." Lavos pointed out.

"Yes, and if I had? If I had allowed the monster inside me to consume me? I am made of the Dark Side of the Force, that I am trying to balance it out with the Light does not mean there are not moments when it craves to be unleashed, to be allowed to sow destruction the likes of which the galaxy has not seen for aeons. It cannot be allowed to happen again."

There was no reply for a moment or two. "What is the next step?" Ravela asked.

"We are going to take back New Alderaan." Tern's reply was short and to the point. "But first...I have some business to attend to." Tern grabbed Volun's hand walking them away in haste. "General, jump the fleet to New Alderaan, it has remained under Sith rule for far too long." Tern turned off the com dragging Volun to their room.

He locked the door behind them and pushed Volun on the bed falling on top of him, their faces meeting, their lips locking, their tongues tangling, their breaths increasing in speed.

They made quick work of their clothes remaining naked as the day they were born. Tern straddled Volun's waist cupping the boy's cheeks in his hands.

"I love you." Volun's eyes met Tern's. Volun saw love in those grey eyes, more love than he had thought possible. Tear-eyed Volun inclined forward planting his lips on Tern's and the tongue-battle recommenced.

Tern pulled away from Volun's moist lips kissing his neck before he trailed lower to the boy's perky nipples. He took each of them in his mouth, between his teeth and ever so gently yet firmly pulled at them while his tongue stimulated them providing Volun with pleasure.

"Oh…." Volun moaned softly intertwining his hands on Tern's thick mop of dark hair. "Oh…by the force…get…I…" Volun felt Tern's breath teasingly on his, now, wet nipple. Tern knew Volun wanted him to continue sucking on his nipple but he had other plans.

He journeyed to Volun's nether region wrapping first his hand and then his ruby, soft lips around his lover's erect mushroom-shaped dickhead making a vacuum with his mouth and cheeks.

Volun arched his back, his eyes closed and his mouth partly open with his tongue sticking out from the side.

Ever so slowly, almost to the point of causing Volun agony, Tern breathed on Volun's dick making the teen squirm on the bed.

"Oh for fuck's sake suck me already!" Volun whined. Tern giggled. "Patience love, patience. All good things," He swallowed the whole thing in one go and gave it some attention.

Volun whimpered from the sudden intake of pleasure pressing both his hands and pelvis in on Tern's suckling mouth.

Tern suckled some more on Volun's boy-butter-launcher, giving Volun's pucker some stimulation with his finger as he probed it tentatively, gently and lovingly and yet with some force.

He teased and probed Volun while suckling on his macadamia-nuts-sized balls, biting down on them carefully and pulling each out as his tongue bathed and licked on its fleshy textured testicles.

Tern sucked on Volun's tight ballsack for a few moments before returning to Volun's hard nail. He sucked it in, stimulating the slit in the middle of the purple head with his spongy tongue.

"Uhhh…oohhh…oohh by the…" Volun squirmed and moaned.

Then as suddenly as it had begun, it ended. Tern pulled back with his lips smacking together and a grin on his face.

Volun opened his eyes, ready to complain when he felt Tern straddle him again and in one quick, relentless jab-motion of his pelvis take his rigid spike within his cheeks and down his chute until the head was inside him.

They both groaned and whimpered. Tern could feel pain, hot stabs of pain shooting from his rear all the way up his spine to his brain.

Volun had never felt such pleasure before nor did he know that such amount of bliss could actually exist. He pressed his hands against Tern's smooth waist and did the only thing he could think of or indeed his primal instincts allowed him to do.

He shoved his pelvis up while holding on to Tern's waist, pulled back and pushed in again. Tern gave a sharp scream at first, he then buried his hands on the mattress and his face on Volun's neck.

Volun pounded on the virginal hole, lost in his lust and teenage hormones he sucked on Tern's neck, their breathing sharp and rugged with a fine coating of glistering sweat covering their skins.

"Tern..I…fuck…fuck…fuck…I won't…" Tern covered Volun's lips with his own and started moving up and down on his own, trying to match Volun's thrusts. He was close as well with a new feeling of contentment and fullness rising up inside him.

There was still pain jabs when Volun shoved inside him but most of it had gone away and was replaced with a peculiar feeling of uncomfortableness and elation.

Tern squeezed his sphincter trying to feel Volun's hard cock inside him, wanting to keep Volun in there. Two squeezes and five shoves later Volun's world exploded as stars, galaxies and intense lights covered his vision and his boy offering spilled inside Tern who in turn erupted between their bodies.

It took a moment or two or more for them to recover and catch their breaths from what was undeniably and without a doubt the most intense orgasms of their so-far lives.

Volun opened his eyes to feeling Tern kissing him in the sweetest kiss ever given.

"I love you so much…" Tern and Volun whispered simultaneously.

"You are glowing." Tern whispered nibbling at Volun's earlobe.

Volun caressed Tern's cheeks with both his hands bringing the boy's face to his. "All I see before me now and forever is a being of immeasurable light and kindness. I do not care if and what you have inside you, we all have darkness inside us. I love you Tern Amargo. "

Tern did not reply in words but his eyes aid it all as he leaned in for another sloppy kiss.

Neither boy had any inclination to get up for any reason, even have a shower so there they lay in each other's arms until sleep took them away to the world of dreams.

Tern woke up at the sound of a giggle when he touched something limp and fleshy.

"I bet you were not looking for that were you?" Volun grinned grabbing hold of his flaccid penis.

Tern gave him a playful swat on his bubble rear before getting up from the bed.

"Ouch!" Volun mocked hurt.

"Oh shush, I did not hurt you, now come on get up and let's go wash, New Alderaan awaits."

Twenty minutes later they stood in the cruiser's bridge.

Tern looked at the officers and soldiers around him. "The plan is simple. Because of their ongoing civil war, the Sith have had to leave only a small flotilla of ships and a single orbital base around the planet. We know from intel there's a strong resistance on the planet's surface and they await something to distract the surface forces for them to strike and re-take the planet. We are going to offer them exactly that."

Tern paused for a moment, looking at each and everyone's eyes before continuing. "This is not going to be a prolonged battle. We do that and we run the danger of them receiving enforcements. So the plan is simple. The fleet engages in the flotilla while our entire stock of fighters, interceptors and bombers engages the orbital base and may the Force be with us all."

The soldiers and officers all without exclusion saluted him cheering the same verse. "May the Force be with us all."

"Sir, we are almost within New Alderaan's gravity well." An hour later the Hyperspace officer spoke aloud.

"Fleet…jump." Tern gave the order.

The moment they were out of hyperspace their fighters and bombers started launching from the hangar bays while the fleet opened fire at the Sith flotilla.

Volun and the others saw and felt Tern sit on the floor meditating. Volun knew he was Force-battle meditating, using the Force to aid their soldiers or protect them from enemy fire.

"Resistance…if you can hear us now would be the time to strike at the Sith forces." The communications officer broadcasted on all frequencies hoping the Sith jammers would not be so powerful as to completely stop their transmission to the planet's surface.

Not an hour later the Sith flotilla and orbital base were destroyed, not without losses on the Coalition's side.

"The battle is done, New Alderaan is freed. Squadrons, return to the hangar bays." Tern announced.

"Sir, a ship has just exited hyperspace on the system's outer rim and is coming towards us." The navigation officer said.

"Sith? Please let it not be a Life-Eradicator?" Volun moaned.

"No, I am not reading Sith design on the scanners…"

Tern closed his eyes for a moment. "I see…tell them they can dock in hangar bay three." He told the communications officer and left the bridge with Volun, Lavos, Karos, Hara and their two Masters in tow.

Ten minutes later they walked into the hangar bay to see the ship dock and power down its engines. A few seconds later a tall man dressed in green and brown robes walked out of it with a teenage boy coming up behind him who looked to be slightly older than them. The ship looked battered and old.

"You must be Tern Amargo." The man stated simply.

Tern looked at him, he looked confident, sure of himself and mysterious, yet all of him, everything of him was as clear to Tern as the back of his hand, the Force flowed through him like it did everyone else.

"You must be Umaga and your apprentice, Fodelos. You have come to join us or fight us?" Tern was just as calm and self-confident.

"Fight you? No, join you."

"Good, I'd hate to have to kill you and we need all the Force-sensitives we can get." Tern's face was a perfect example of neutrality, showing no emotion for as long as he spoke. He then proceeded to giving Umaga and his apprentice a wide grin, an assurance he had no ill intent towards them.

Volun rolled his eyes. Walking forward he extended his hand to Fodelos who shook it smiling. "I'm Volun…I guess I'm, what? Second in command around here?" He chuckled with a slight blush on his cheeks.

Fodelos nodded, smiling. Lavos entered the hangar bay with Karos and Hara just in time to see Fodelos nod and smile, the thought it a rather sexy smile.

"Short, brunette wavy hair…oh my god…he has green eyes and a cute nose." Lavos thought to himself. "Damn what I wouldn't give to see him without those clothes, his bulge looks…yum and does he have muscle toning?" Karos punched his shoulder breaking his reverie.

Lavos looked at him with the intent to protest only to change his mind. He and Karos had become good friends during those past few months with him knowing Karos preferred girls and Karos knowing he liked boys. He saw karos' rouge tongue poking out at him making him giggle at having being caught red-handed ogling on another boy.

Umaga showed no emotion either. "Going to explain your plan to me or do you intent for us to exchange threats all day?"

Tern motioned for them to follow him.

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