Catch Me If I Fall

by AB

Chapter 6

Unexpected boyfriend

Andronicus could not remember school being this much fun or wanting to actually go before in his young life. In the previous school he had had a friend or two but due to him being the son of a teacher and not rich most of everyone either ignored or avoided him. Add to that his inherent problems with some of the subjects and he had never before felt glad to wake up in the morning and actually want to go to school.

This had changed with the start of the school year. His new friends from the summer and some additional from his class coupled with boys and girls from his class or older helping him out in those subjects he was falling behind in. It just astounded him how everyone seemed to help everyone around here.

With that major actual and psychological change and with his free time occupied with his friends, their little conspiracy to find evidence and absolve Romanos' name along with the fooling around with Iasonas and Vasilis time seemed to fly faster than ever September and October flew by and so November entered.

A rainy and humid month. At first Andronicus did not like the rain just as he did not enjoy it much in Athens either. During one of the sailing lessons it started to rain. Vangelis continued the lesson as if nothing was wrong, the wind was stronger than usual but nothing worrisome and the rain poured down on them. Andronicus, even if he was inside a very small dinghy boat felt like he was in one of those huge sailing ships of yore that Europeans used to trade with the new world during the age of discovery. He saw not the small fiberglass boat's bow but a huge one made of wood and large square sails crashing against the waves. With his teenage imagination he was not a boy learning to sail but a seasoned captain of a ship of the line hunting down pirates and trading with mysterious and nefarious characters.

Meanwhile Vasilis was sitting in the sailing club's cafeteria waiting for Andronicus to finish. He was going over what they had gathered so far. Newspaper articles, various entries with names and dates, trying to tie together males that had left Ydra before or after the wreck with reported and/or convicted rape cases in Greece or abroad, wherever those individuals had gone after leaving Ydra. It was a daunting task to say the least. Gathering the info was for one thing nearly impossible as most of the data was private and encrypted in government or authority databases or corporation databases, for travel dates, tickets etc. For another thing actually sifting through the data and connecting things was difficult, not just because of the amount of time required but because of some of the things they had to read. Some of the rape cases were nothing short of brutal. Being the two oldest amongst them Vasilis and Iraklis had taken on the mantle of that task.

They had identified at least thirty men that had left the island permanently a few days before or after the wreck. Two of them had been easily dismissed. One was very old and had died soon after and the other one was a guy who went abroad for university studies. The rest of them were proving difficult. Vasilis had managed to find the social network profiles for most of them and had managed to hack some of those that did not allow for public display of information through their privacy settings. He had of course not changed or altered anything as to not notify anyone that the account had been breached. Some accounts he had not hacked as they required two step verifications and such but those accounts that he had managed to hack had provided them a wealth of information about their possible suspects, likes, dislikes, places visited, even gps coordinates of almost daily lives for those that used Facebook through their smartphones.

"There's a reason why I don't have that shit in my phone." Vasilis thought and chuckled.

He closed his laptop and looked up hearing his name. "Oh, hi is it over?" He asked Andronicus.

"That guy is looking at me or is it my idea? Isn't that…what's his name…Thanos something?" Andronicus pointed at Thanos who was sitting a few tables away from them. He was drinking a coffee out of a plastic cup.

"Yeah…dunno maybe, probably your idea." Vasilis lied. His mother, for reasons he knew not did not did not like the guy.

"For some reason…I think I've met h….I REMEMBER!" Andronicus exclaimed. Vasilis saw Thanos leave. "He bumped against me when we first came to Ydra. He was in the same ferry as us and when we were disembarking he bumped against me and threw me down. Wasn't too polite about it either."

"Probably a random coincidence." Vasilis told him. "What are you doing later? I have a lesson now."

"I'll probably be at my place with Iasonas if you want to come over."

"Sure…there's something I want us to talk about…" Andronicus furrowed his brows in question and wrinkled his nose. Vasilis thought he looked so damn cute when he did that.

"Oh? What about?"

"Not now." Vasilis chuckled. "I'll come by later okay?"

"Tell me!!" Andronicus whined.

"No, it's not something I want to discuss out in public, it is rather…private okay?" Vasilis replied

Andronicus pouted, "Okay…well I have to go now…sister is being more of a bitch than usual, I don't know why and Iasonas will be at my place soon."

"Ignore her. She's not angry at you really, it's all those female hormones and puberty." Vasilis tried to comfort him.

"Yeah, I guess…but I am paying for her puberty and it sucks." Andronicus left.

Vasilis waited until he left and got up. He didn't know how he was going to pull it off but he had an idea about their efforts to clean his uncle's name.

Andronicus reached home just as Iasonas appeared round the corner. Andronicus waved at him beaming. They hugged and bumped knuckles before going inside.

The moment they were inside Andronicus' room Iasonas lost no time in wrapping his hands around Andronicus' waist and pulling him close.

"Want to fool around some?" Andronicus shook his head and gave Iasonas' rump a slap.

"You're a horny toad." Andronicus giggled cupping Iasonas' buttocks in his hands and squeezing them.

"Ha! Look who's talking! You are like the horniest of boys. That tool of yours is like a flag post. Always erect." Iasonas teased him groping his boycock.

"I learned from the best and fuck yeah it is, and just as large." Andronicus quipped back as they lay on the bed removing garments.

Iasonas laughed, "You wish! But you do taste nice." He blushed and kneeled in front of Andronicus' open, naked legs.

"I don't wi…oh god…." Andronicus' words were lost as Iasonas swallowed his rock solid and growing rocket launcher and started suckling and nibbling on the tasty morsel.

Andronicus moaned and held on the sucking head with his hands feeling it go back and forth on his dick. He knew he wouldn't last long, he tried holding on, running math and whatnot in his mind to think of something else other than the intense pleasure emanating from his dick but he was failing rapidly. To be expected as he had found out some info on that only a few days ago.

Iasonas sucked on his dick and balls for a while before he stopped. Andronicus looked up from his laid back position ready to complain.

Iasonas grinned and climbing up on the bed he lay next to his friend caressing his body and face.

"I like you…" Iasonas whispered holding on to Andronicus' sides, his knee gently rubbing on his friend's package.

"I like you as well." Andronicus replied missing what Iasonas meant. His mind was on another.

"I…I want you to put it inside me…" Iasonas asked in barely more than a whisper. It took a moment for Andronicus to register what Iasonas was really asking of him.

"I…are you sure? I mean it kinda hurts the first time….or so I've heard." Iasonas nodded and spread his legs revealing the bottom end of his butt cheeks folded between his body and the bed with his three inch dick resting on top of his grape sized testicles. He was hairless as of yet except for some darkening fuzz on his pubic mount.

"I…don't really know what to do, I don't want to hurt you." Andronicus stammered standing up on his knees and hands.

Iasonas brought his legs to his head, passing his hands underneath his knees smiling encouragingly. This was moving on too fast for Andronicus but on the other hand someone, a boy, was asking him to fuck him. His dick was winning the battle in his brain, his hormones and lust were pushing him to relent.

Andronicus pressed his hands against the brown-eyed boy's taut rear muscles and with shaking hands spread them until the most private of treasures, the wrinkled, brown-pink boyhole came to view. Andronicus thought it was almost winking at him as the tight sphincter contrasted to the temperature difference.

Iasonas tried to smile encouragingly at him bent in half as he was. In a last effort of self-control Andronicus made eye contact, "I…I am gay…are you sure you want to do this? With me? I mean it should be something special…."

"I have kind of suspected for some time now, I don't mind and yes I know, so make it special okay?" Iasonas replied back.

Andronicus swallowed hard and licked his index and middle fingers lubing them and spreading the plump ass cheeks once more he rubbed the virginal opening with them before applying pressure.

He really did not know much, he had of course seen a lot of gay porn, how else was he to release his load each day after all, but even with that he was an inexperienced boy at the start of his immergence as a sexual being.

After a few hesitant tries and a few moments of discomfort for Iasonas his fingers broke past the tight outer ring. Iasonas whimpered but remained otherwise still. He did not complaint. He closed his eyes and waited for the pain to go away.

Andronicus alert and vigilant even if lost in a haze of lust and hormones was aware of Iasonas' reaction. "I…think you must breathe and try to relax…I hope I'm not hurting you…." He asked his friend hesitantly.

Iasonas groaned as Andronicus' finger fucking became faster despite the boy's hesitations, "Ugh…it sort of hurts but god fucking damn….it feels so different and full…can you please fuck me already?"

With shaking hands Andronicus removed his fingers from the tight velvet-warm orifice and lined his hard prick. It took quite a bit more effort than what he had so far seen in any gay porn. In those "movies" the "actors" always seemed to find the target with the first try and the target always seemed to just "open" up from the get go but as young Andronicus found out sex, perhaps anal sex more so, was a messy, difficult ordeal at first. Andronicus was as hard as he had ever been and yet no matter how much he pressed on the tight opening would just not let him in.

Groaning and sweating he pushed his weight for support, perhaps an instinctual move while holding his dick, trying to push it in and suddenly with a faint "pop" sound and a loud moan from the both of them he entered that incredible new world of gay sex and anal penetration. He entered Iasonas' rear hatch going in almost to the hilt. Andronicus could just not believe how tight and warm and wet and fucking incredible it felt. With his eyes almost going back on themselves, his hands pressing in on the mattress for support he lowered himself even more, now his stomach touching that of his friend, their chests rubbing together, their breaths on each other's cheeks, Andronicus began to move inside the lanky boy all bent in two.

Iasonas for his part had felt a sharp stabbing pain when Andronicus penetrated him but then as the seconds flew by that original pain started morphing into a weird sort of painful blissful feeling of being full. Iasonas on that moment knew instantly two things. This was pleasant and intense because someone he cared about was, well fucking him and he knew that he was not gay, or maybe he was but he did not want to be the bottom in the fucking. The intense feelings and signals of pleasure from his rear as well as his front with Andronicus' groin rubbing against his very hard, very sensitive boy butter launcher confused him more than a little. The whirlwind of emotions and sensations carried him off the edge blowing his cork mere seconds and a few pounding motions later.

In return the spasms caused by his orgasm contrasted his anus around the invading fuckstick causing Andronicus to shudder in pleasure and with a rather loud yell he exploded his meagre offerings inside the hot cavity deflating.

Andronicus' hands gave way underneath him collapsing on top of Iasonas' bent body panting and sweating.

"Boys! What on Earth are you doing up there? You'll bring the house down!" They heard Katerina climbing up the stairs. Andronicus' eyes shot open in panic.

"Oh fuck! I haven't locked the door!" He said and shot for his clothes, throwing Iasonas' clothes to him they dressed in what could easily have been recorded as a record for the Guinness book of records. Andronicus heard the steps coming in closer and looked over at his flushed friend. Iasonas was still mostly out of it, still in his post-orgasmic high.

"Wrestle me in the floor and laugh or we're caught." Thinking quick on his feet Andronicus twisted his hand around Iasonas' neck and brought them down on the floor. Iasonas tried to free himself and wrap his legs around Andronicus waist just as Katerina opened the door without even knocking.

"What on Earth are you two doing here?" Katerina eyed them carefully, like a police officer trying to catch a thief in a crowd. "God it reeks in here, open a window and have a shower." She ordered them and closed the door behind them shaking her head.

Andronicus lay on the floor and slowly giggling turned to full on laughter with the whole scene. Eventually they stopped laughing. "This was….I just don't know how to describe it….I really hope I didn't hurt you.." Andronicus propped his head on his elbow and looked at Iasonas lying next to him. His smooth body, nice toning starting to shape on his torso and abs, his now flaccid penis resting on his boy-pouch, his curvy butt leaking what little Andronicus had to offer.

Iasonas looked at him and smiled. It was a peculiar smile, something between post-orgasmic bliss, happiness and sadness of realization or of a newly discovered truth.

"God…we need a shower we reek of sex." Iasonas giggled.

"Well I did just fuck you." The very sentence made Andronicus hard again, he could not believe that he had just had sex, anal sex and with a cute guy his age-ish to boot. He had not thought that this day would come. Ever. He felt his boy-pencil come alive again. Iasonas eyed it before rolling his eyes.

"For fucks sake, you did just fuck me and you're getting hard? Again? Really? Okay you're a sex addict!" Iasonas exclaimed groping the hardening boytool. Andronicus squealed and gently slapped Iasonas' hand away. He got up and helped his friend stand up before groping his ass and giving it a squeeze. "You do have a nice ass." He grinned widely at his openly and intentional vulgar use of sexual language. Iasonas chocked on his saliva and punched his friend's shoulder playfully.

"Shitpie! So do you, you know." Iasonas blushed making Andronicus laugh openly, he hugged him, more friendly, brother sort of hug before he lead them both to the shower. He knew that they were naked, he knew that anyone that saw them outside his room would be able to tell exactly what those two had done if he or she looked at Iasonas' leaky rear but at that moment he cared not. He had just had sex, full sex, anal sex and his teenaged, hormones driven mind cared not. He was feeling able and ready to take on the world. It would not last long, only as long as it would take his blood to clear of hormones and return to normal, for teenagehood, levels. They cleaned and soaped each other with both of them lingering more than required on each other's holes. Proper cleaning and all of course, nothing dodgy whatsoever. Andronicus laughed inwards as he thought of this and gave his friend a quick finger-fucking jab.

Iasonas squealed not expecting it and looked back over his shoulder with a pouting, fake angry look.

"I just had to clean you inside out you know? Can't have you being dirty in there can we?"

Iasonas looked front again without replying. Andronicus knew instantly that something was off. He removed his finger and his hand from Iasonas' anus and buttocks and turned his friend around to face him.

"What's up? Was…was it not good? I didn't hurt you did I?"

Iasonas did not reply instantly. A second or two later, "No…it was really good, amazing even and you didn't hurt me, not really, I mean sure it did feel uncomfortable at first and then some pain but…no not really…I just need some time okay? I thought I was ready, that I wanted this but…Look I have to go now, dad wants some help in the house, chores and all but I'll see you all later ok?"

He left without waiting for a reply, walked back inside Andronicus' room, dressed and left leaving Andronicus standing in the shower, the water getting cold.

Andronicus in his young, hormones-infused, teenaged mind did not and could not have understood why Iasonas had really left, he could not have deduced from the boy's reactions now and earlier after Andronicus had popped his cherry that his friend was not angry at him, that he himself had not done or said anything wrong and that Iasonas was dealing with problems of his own, about his sexuality, whether or not he had liked what he had done and so on.

His older self would reminisce on these days and events years later and realise and laugh at what he had presently thought which was nothing sort of "He hates me, I told him I'm gay and then I fucked him and now he hates me. He'll out me to the whole school, as small as it is, and everyone will hate me, we'll have to move again and that means my sister will hate me more."

His mind raced fueled by one negative thought after another while he got out of the shower, dried and put on his clothes, Vasilis would soon be here and of course he would hate him as well.

"God you're fucking filthy! Get the fuck out of my way filth." His sister shoved him out of the way and closed the door of the bathroom behind her, only to reopen it a second later. "Why the fuck are boys so fucking filthy? You use the fucking bathroom fucking clean it!" It didn't matter how much he cleaned the bathroom, or how hard he tried to please her, to be on her good side, or try and have the brother-sister relationship he had craved for ten or so years now, since he was old enough to understand what's what, no it did not matter at all she always behaved like this.

Andronicus had been changing though, maybe not enough as of yet so that his thoughts would not wonder off to dark paths of self-incrimination and doubt but enough that he would no longer take this from her. In his emotionally charged state and in an unprecedented behaviour for him he slapped her, hard. "I don't know what I have done to you to deserve this, but you'll stop or one day you won't wake up." He of course had no intention whatsoever on making his threat true no matter what she did or said to him, she was after all his sister and even if she had behaved like a colossal bitch to him since day one he still loved her. What he wanted was for her to stop treating him like he was worth less than the microbes on the sole of her shoe. If she could not treat him as he wanted her he would have her not talk to him at all.

She just stood there a pillar of salt, her rain completely short-circuited, not knowing what hit her. Andronicus walked in his room before she could comprehend it.

Just as he was passing his head through the tshirt the doorbell rang.

His mother had answered before he could even descend the stairs. "Hello Vasili, Andronicus is upstairs, he should be doing his homework before bed." Katerina told Vasilis, probably in an effort to get him to leave, politely, without having to actually tell him to leave.

"Homework is done and I want to go sleep at his house tonight." Andronicus declared.

"Not a chance, school tomorrow." Katerina crossed her hands in front of her chest.

"No, you didn't understand, I was not asking. School is the same building for everyone, his house is only two blocks away and I'll come by tomorrow and pick up my schoolbag before heading off to school." Andronicus fired off and left the house not waiting for an answer.

Vasilis looked between leaving son and stunned mother a couple of times and shrugging his shoulders with a sly grin he ran after his friend.

Andronicus slumped on Vasilis' bed, folding his hands between his knees looking down, tears flowing slowly down to his cheeks.

"What's the matter? Who hurt you?" Vasilis sat next to him, hugging him. The boy's scent was almost overpowering for him. In that moment he knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that he wanted to be there for Andronicus, to hold him and to cherish him, to make him happy and show him how beautiful he really was. They were not even boyfriends yet and he knew that he loved Andronicus like he had loved no one else before.

"Nothing…usual typical shit…everyone hates me, and I'm not worth shit." Andronicus whispered rubbing his eyes.

"No one hates you, at least not in this island. You have friends and people who think you are worth a lot more than shit."

"No…Iasonas, my sister, even you probably…"

"My uncle was correct, straight boys, gay boys, we're all equally fucking blind." Vasilis replied raising his chin with the upper part of his index finger, Andronicus saw him smiling a warm, gentle, inviting smile. Certainly not the reaction of someone who hates him.

"Huh? Wh…" Andronicus' words were lost to the wind. He had no time to complete his thoughts as something damp, warm and quite squishy smooth covered his own lips.

It took but a second for Andronicus to realise that what covered his lips was those of Vasilis. It was like a lightning had struck him.

Passing his hands over Vasilis' shoulders and around his neck kissing back passionately. What ensued could only be described as one boy trying to such the breath and scent of the other boy off, tongues battling each other, saliva intermingling, hearts pounding, hands roaming.

Somehow they had laid back on the bed rolling all over it, legs intertwining, rubbing, feeling. They broke the kiss, Vasilis on top of Andronicus, goofy smiles adorning their faces, chests heaving for breath, a strand of saliva connecting their lips.

"Wh…wha…?" Andronicus' mind was racing, unable to grasp reality.

"You are blind and I love you. I'm gay and I want us to be boyfriends." One hand caressing Andronicus' cheek the other one under the tshirt feeling his abs.

"I…wait what? I mean…since when are you gay?"

"Not sure…since always probably but I slowly started realising it when I first saw you. It slowly hit me that I have not really had a girlfriend so far, that my thoughts when I'm…uhmmm at "it"" Vasilis made the universally accepted motion for jerking off, "are not of girls but boys and then when most of that confusion was gone I came to realise that it was not just boys but one particular boy that I just could not get out of my mind."

"Oh...who? Do I know that boy?" Andronicus teased him.

"Very funny, you cheeky monkey! I think I'm head over heels in love with you, your incredible personality, your hot body, you are funny and kind and gentle and just so irresistibly sexy that I can't keep my hands off you." Vasilis blushed but he did not mind the mildly embarrassing moment.

"Clearly." Andronicus chuckled and groped Vasilis' package giving it a good squeeze.

"Yes, you are so much better." Vasilis kissed him again, gently biting and pulling out his lower lip.

"Wait…you want to be my boyfriend?"

"Are you deaf and blind?" Vasilis teased him.

"N…no silly but why me? I'm n…" Vasilis cut him off.

"No, I won't have you saying these things about yourself. Yes you are worth it, yes you are beautiful, yes you are drop down god damn sexy hot, yes you are a good person and no what those monsters did to you was not right or should give you this kind of self-belief. You have a beautiful soul, okay?"

Andronicus wiped a tear from his eye and pulled Vasilis in for another long, sloppy kiss.

"Can I be allowed to breathe please?" Vasilis quipped when he broke the kiss.

"No, if you're my boyfriend you must be breathless for me." Vasilis gave him a playful spank on his rump and kissed his neck before kissing his cheeks and then his red lips once more.

"Damn I just can't get enough of you. So are we boyfriends?"

"Since ten minutes ago, I just love teasing you, you know making you work for it."

"Then I better go to work." Vasilis started kissing his way lower, pulling the tshirt over Andronicus' neck.

Andronicus moaned and closed his eyes when he felt Vasilis playing with his nipples, hands exploring all over his body, untying buttons and zipper in the process.

His life had taken such a turn for the good when they had moved to Ydra but he could not have even imagined that he would be finding a boyfriend as well. This was so much better than any previous fooling around. His crush had just asked him to be boyfriends and was now working his way down to his rigid flagpole.

He relaxed enjoying Vasilis' ministrations and forgot all his worldly worries.

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