Catch Me If I Fall

by AB

Chapter 1


This story is 100% fictional.

This story will feature sexual scenes between minors of various ages so if it's something you don't like/agree with or it is not legal in your area/country or are not as of yet of legal age to be reading this sort of stuff then don't read any further.

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Author's note:

This story will feature the Greek island of Hydra, an island that is close to the capital city of Athens. Some of the names of the locations recalled in this story are true and some will be fictional created for storytelling's sake. Any and all resemblances to characters in real life are entirely unintentional and random, the characters are fictional and anything and everything that happens in this story is fictional and a complete product of my very active imagination.

At some point in the story I will mention Greece having passed a law allowing gay rights/marriage etc in Greece, at this point when I'm writing the story this is fictional and has only happened in the story so far. It is NOT reality –yet-.

It was a clear, bright, June day as they made their way through the Athenian urban landscape. The buss sped up to catch the green light, making the block of flats pass by faster temporarily. Some of it was familiar for Andronicus, having lived around those parts his entirely life so far. At twelve, almost thirteen and being the son of a divorced teacher he had not travelled much, and most of that had been inside Greece. Usually for the summer his mother had sent him and his older sister to her parents in the nearby - to Athens - island of Ydra up until he turned six and their untimely death in a wreck. Since then they had spent the summer holidays in Athens.

His Mum had now accepted a position as a teacher in Ydra's dimotiko and gymnasium, the equivalent of elementary and middle school in the Anglo-Saxon world. She would teach Greek literature, history, ancient Greek and Latin.

Andronicus loved his mother but sometimes he felt she was overly strict and restrictive. For now she was having one of the usual pissing fights with his older sister.

"Why must we move? Why can't I remain behind and finish school in Athens?" His sister Christina, older by four years and some change had asked that question non-stop since a month ago when their mother, who was single, had decided to move.

"Because…oh I am tired of this, Christina. You know why, now stop this please, you are embarrassing yourself in public." Their mother answered back looking tired and irritated.

"I fucking hate both you!" Christina responded angrily pressing the earbuds of her iPod in her ears. Andronicus just lowered his head more trying to cover it with his hoodie, feeling gloomy. He felt, no he knew it was entirely his mistake that they had to move and it did not make matters easy for him.

Katerina sighed and held on the support handle.

They boarded the ferry with what few pieces of luggage they carried with them, a moving company would bring the rest in a day or two.

It was soon after the ferry departed from Piraeus that Christina started fighting again. Andronicus tried to stand up, an effort to walk outside of the indoors sitting area and out in the deck but his mother stopped him.

"No, Andronicus, don't go far, stay where I can see you please." She stated with a look that did not leave much room for maneuver.

"I just want to go out…" He tried, in a meek voice to resist, but truth was he did not have much fight left in him. Only but a spark.

"I said no, now please sit down." He did as ordered, lying back on the chair and trying to sleep. In vain.

An hour later the ferry was docking in Ydra's port. Andronicus looked around as they disembarked. The port and the island's capital city named Ydra as well, was built on the slopes of a rising mountain in the shape of a crescent moon, with a very small opening for ships to go in and out of. In fact the ferry's dock must have been built at relatively modern post world war two times as it was constructed outside the main port, a dock sticking out into the sea, as the ferry would never be able to fit inside the narrow passage and be able to maneuver with all the other marine vehicles there.

Inside the port a multitude of boats and ships of different shapes and sizes lay anchored or were in the process of docking or departing. The largest ships, cruise ships that made daily and weekend trips from Athens across the various islands of the Argosaronikos gulf also anchored outside the port in newly constructed docks. They offered little protection from the elements.

During weekends and summer months it could get so incredibly crowded that sail ships docked onto each other in two or three rows as there was no space on the actual docks. A spectacle for the locals who never missed an opportunity to mock the silly Athenian tourists.

The buildings were all one or two stories high, following the neo-classical order with tiled roofs, small metal balconies and full of flower pots and plants hanging from them. Windows and doors were coloured either blue or brown.

This and the neighboring island of Spetches were the only two islands, indeed locations in the whole of Greece where no cars or motorbikes were allowed, there were no streets for them. To move around the island one had the options of walking, donkeys or mules, bikes or sea taxis for seaside locations.

It was one of the reasons of the island's popularity, this lack of cars and motorbikes, as tourists, Greeks and foreigners alike could live and feel as if in another time, an elder time when there were no cars and one had to utilize one's feet, or domesticated quadrupedal animals like donkeys, mules and horses to move around. Few used bikes.

Just after Andronicus had stepped off the ferry's ramp someone shoved him off from behind. He fell on the concrete dock.

"Watch where you're going stupid kid." The man said in a rude voice and walked off in a hurry before even his mother could react. His sister had shown no interest whatsoever in the whole event. She made no effort to help him up. "Sorry." He mumbled as he got up on his feet and dusted his jeans.

They walked, luggage at hand, to his grandparents' house that his mother had inherited, their new home.

The house was a double story building like all the others, with a balcony being held by metal bars from below.

His mother unlocked the old looking building and stepped in. Andronicus pushed the door open to pass with his luggage to discover that the wooden door was quite heavy.

Once inside he saw that a rather large living room was connected by an opening to the kitchen that was semi-integrated to it and stairs to the upper floor. The living room had a rectangular table in the center, some armchairs and a sofa in one of the corners with a fireplace.

The rest of the room was empty of furniture but Andronicus knew that in a day or two the movers would bring their stuff over from Athens and that would change.

Andronicus climbed up the stairs of stone and found his room, of course his sister had chosen the biggest room of the four and was now going at it with his mother who had wanted that room for her. He had never liked large spaces, he never knew what to do with them. No, he preferred smaller spaces that he could arrange and control to his heart's content that did not feel alien and foreign or large and foreboding.

So he picked the smallest of the three remaining. The largest room, the one his sister and mother were fighting over had its own bathroom, with another bathroom between two of the rooms.

Inside the room there was only a mattress on the wooden planked floor and a small bedside table next to it. He opened his luggage and removed some stuff before putting on his swimming trunks, reaching to below his knees, and headed out of his room.

"Where are you going Andronicus?" His mother asked him. She was cleaning and tidying things up.

"I saw some people swimming by the rocks as we were coming in with the ferry boat…I was thinking of going for a swim." He replied timidly.

"No, I don't think that's a good idea, not on your own, if you wait for half an hour I can take a little break and we can go together the three of us." She told him.

Before he could reply his sister interjected, "I am not going anywhere with either of you, I am staying here." She said in anger and disappeared in her room.

Katerina sighed and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

"Mum, please…" Andronicus tried protesting almost resigned, Katerina just waved her hand dismissively.

"Help me out here and we may be able to leave earlier." Looking gloom he let his sea-mask and towel fall on the floor and walked over to where his mother was cleaning up.

Almost an hour later they were finished and walking in the narrow alleys, buzzing with people, locals and tourists. Andronicus was looking left and right looking at the various buildings made of stone, plaster and red roof tiles with blue shutters not just to admire their simple beauty but to also burn this new environment into his memory for navigation's sake.

"This way Andronicus." He heard his mother's voice and followed her, descending down the hill away from the center of town. Soon enough they were climbing down stone steps on the side of a cliff leading to stone slabs that locals used to swim.

She placed her towel on one of the black-brown rocks and lay on it.

Andronicus placed his towel as far as he could from her.

"Don't wonder off, please." She told him as she opened her book.

"There's nowhere to go….can I go up there and do some dives?" He asked her pleadingly.

"I don't think that's a good idea sweetheart, you could get hurt."

"You never let me do anything…there's other kids my age jumping from up there, neither of them seem hurt. I am thirteen, not six." His reply was one of hurt and surrender.

"Don't you start as well, your sister is enough. I said no, I am your mother, I love you and I need to protect you."

He hung his head low and lay on his towel. He kept looking up with envy for those teenagers and younger kids that could jump from that high rock about ten meters above their heads down into the cool blue water.

He swam for a bit, obviously under his mother's constant supervision. He wondered sometimes how could she watch him like a hawk and read her book at the same time, and yet she did.

He saw an older looking boy talk with some of the others up on the rock, they were joking and teasing each other trying to grab each other's package. He couldn't hear what they were saying but they were having fun. What he wouldn't give to have friends again.

Then the older boy took a few steps back and ran to the edge jumping off the cliff with a piercing yell of thrill and joy, his hands flailing around as if he tried to fly. The boy's joy was infectious and Andronicus felt himself smiling for a second.

There was a loud splashing sound when he impacted the water. A few seconds later his head came out of the water's surface near where Andronicus was lying. Andronicus saw him rise from the water onto the rock slab, his throat going dry.

The teen had pitch black short hair, he was short for his age but what he lacked in height he made up for with muscles. He wasn't buffed up like some gym bodybuilder nutters, no he had muscles, toned from working with his hands and body. Andronicus could only guess from what. He had a pleasing round face with what looked like a black fuzz above his upper lip, and amber eyes. He had broad shoulders and although his chest was as of yet bare Andronicus could see a treasure trail heading down from his navel to his speedo line.

Andronicus' eyes travelled down the boy's "v" line to the very healthy looking bulge covered by the swimwear. He licked his lips trying to swallow feeling his throat even drier than before. The teen's legs looked exercised and with hair starting to grow on them, not as much as an adult's but not a fuzz either. The teen's thighs were mostly hairless as of yet especially on the rear.

Andronicus was so lost in his trance over the unknown teen that he did not even notice the older amber-eyed boy having covered the distance and now standing on top of him.

"Hellloooooo….Earth to Andronicus! Copy?" Andronicus shook his head and looked at the teen in disbelief. How did he know his name? A quick look at his mum's face answered that question. She had told the older boy his name.

Andronicus rolled his eyes and looked up at the older boy's face. God he looked gorgeous, Andronicus thought.

"Sorry, yeah my name's Andronicus, Andronicus Papachroniou….I'm thirteen…." He spoke in almost whisper. Why would an older boy even talk to him? Maybe he wanted to make fun of him like everyone else.

Andronicus' thoughts were cut short by the older boy who looking at the bright, sparkling almost cyan eyes of the younger boy.

"Cool, I'm Vasilis Seraphim. I'm fifteen, wanna come up and chat some? Maybe take some dives? The water is amazing." Vasilis told him grinning widely. There was something quite infectious and cheerful about him.

"Uhm….sure…but why? I mean…you are older than me?" Andronicus asked hesitantly.

"Nah man we don't care about that here. Wanna come have some fun?" Vasilis extended his hand to the lying boy.

Andronicus held Vasilis' hand and felt himself rise up to his feet with no effort making him squeal. Vasilis giggled.

"No dives." Andronicus' mother told him, "and don't go where I can't see you."

Vasilis looked at her smiling in a warm, gentle and very inviting smile. "I can't believe that you are Andronicus' mother, I mean you look so dashing and so young, I just can't believe that you are even old enough to be a mother to a thirteen year old. You don't have to worry Mrs P. he'll be safe with us, me and my friends are all from Ydra we know this island like the back of our hands. Nothing bad will happen to him I promise."

She couldn't help but giggle rolling her eyes. "Flattery will get you nowhere young man….but I suppose so, you'll be around where I can see you all? And no dives?"

Andronicus could not believe his eyes and ears, once his mother had told him something or made her decision she never changed her mind and yet here was this teen swaying her like a flower in the wind.

"It's a small island Mrs. P, don't worry I'll keep him safe, and no dives? How even….I mean diving from the Hydra's tongue is a must for any boy that visits my island. You haven't visited Hydra if you don't dive from there. Besides the waters below are more than ten meters deep, there's no way that anyone no matter how tall or heavy can jump from up there – he pointed to the rocks above them with his hand- and touch the seabed, not without swimming afterwards. I mean you must have seen me jump? And here I am whole and no harm whatsoever." Vasilis finished talking by slapping various parts on his body for emphasis on his body integrity being intact.

Andronicus had to admit that it made a very pleasant sound, something that made his penis chub up in an instant. He tried rearranging it inconspicuously.

"I'm not sure….what if someone falls after him before Andron…." Katerina as her name was, was cut short by Vasilis who continued talking with the same radiant smile.

"Nah! No one is that stupid Mrs. P. They'd be hurt pretty badly as well…I mean yes we are boys but we are not THAT colossally stupid." He grinned widely. It made Andronicus giggle.

"Well….I suppose…"

Vasilis grabbed Andronicus' hand and bolted to the stone stairs leading up to the top of the rocks.

"Once you've achieved victory over mother, never wait long enough for her to change her mind again." Vasilis told him with a wink of his eye.

Andronicus just had to laugh at the boy's innate funniness and blissfulness. He really had begun to like Vasilis, something which after what had happened he had thought impossible. To allow himself to like or befriend anyone ever again that is.

It had all happened about a month ago just before school closed for summer, and after that event he had decided that he was going to go through the rest of school as an inert body can do no harm to any one, provokes no hostility and is scarcely worth bullying. He wanted to be a ghost and yet here was this older boy who obviously had different plans for his inertia.

Vasilis introduced him to some of his friends. One by one they jumped screaming in glee and adrenaline to the abyss below until just he and Vasilis were stood alone on Hydra's tongue.

"What's up A?"

"You really like abbreviating names don't you?" Andronicus tried to deflect the issue.

"Yes, and don't change the subject, are you scared of the height?"

Andronicus nodded and lowered his face but Vasilis placed a hand under his chin and raised it until they had eye contact.

"Don't be embarrassed, have you ever tried diving from ten meters before?" Andronicus nodded his head "no". Vasilis walked them to the edge of the cliff, a hand around Andronicus' shoulders.

"Hug me and step on my feet." Andronicus looked at him as if he was some sort of alien being. Hug in public? Show affection in public? He had never had that before, his mother was always very prude about anything resembling affection in public and his sister…well she showed no affection anywhere. Nonetheless there was something about Vasilis' demeanor that just made him trust him even this little.

He stepped on Vasilis' feet and hugged him tight. Vasilis passed his hands under Andronicus' armpits.

He did not know why but there was something about the younger boy that attracted him to want to be friends with. Something inside him, an instinct, an urge to protect and make Andronicus less sad. With these thoughts he looked down catching the almost cyan-eyed boy's eyes and with a locked stare he spoke.

"My father once told me that if you're going to fall off a cliff, you might as well fly. Do you trust me?"

Damn Vasilis' scent smelled so nice, it was a mixture of boy and man, beyond the cusp of change. Vasilis was fifteen and changing into his adult self but yet a boy in many respects and his smell, his scent was a confused mixture of both.

"I am not sUUUUUUU AAHHHHHHHHH" Andronicus had begun to reply forgetting for a second what they were about to do and at that second Vasilis jumped feet first. They both erupted in screams, never breaking eye contact. Andronicus thought that they were flying, falling for an eternity, he could feel himself laughing and screaming. A few seconds later their feet tore through the water and they submerged in the endless blue.

Andronicus came up for air and a few seconds later Vasilis' head came out of the water.

"That was awesome!" Andronicus yelled and swam to the stone slabs fast. Within less than a minute he had climbed up the stairs and was standing near the cliff's edge. He took a few steps back then ran to the edge and jumped. His body arched back, his hands stretched out by his sides, fingers open. At the last moment he brought his hands in front of his head in fists to break the water so that it doesn't hurt his head and neck.

He could see his mother having gotten up from her towel, obviously worried that he would not be ok, now slowly lying down again. Andronicus also saw a man up on the path that lead from the town to where they were taking pictures. Something about the man creeped him out, sure there were plenty of tourists taking pictures of the surroundings but something was just not right. He ignored it and climbed out of the water with Vasilis offering his hands for high fives.

"Now that was awesome A!" Vasilis grinned and their hands slapped together.

They semi run semi walked up the steps joining the rest of Vasilis' friends and for the better part of the next two hours they chatted, laughed and dived from the Hydra's tongue.

Two hours later after yet another dive Vasilis helped Andronicus out of the water giving him a quick sudden squeeze of his package making the younger boy squeal and laugh wide-eyed. "Hey want to come with us? We're going to a local place where people our age hang out." Vasilis offered.

"Yeah sure, if I'm not too much of a burden, I mean I'll understand if…" Andronicus started saying but Vasilis cut him off.

"Burden? What are you talking about? You're okay."

"Sorry boys, but we have to get back home, and do some groceries shopping."

"That's ok Mrs. P. Andronicus can come back home later…" This time Vasilis' sweet talks had no effect as Katerina handed Andronicus his towel and sea mask smiling.

"Not this time Vasilis, maybe you two can meet together tomorrow." She replied and started walking.

"Where do you live?" Vasilis asked him with Andronicus giving him his address. "Huh…have I seen you before? like I said before not a big island."

"We moved in today…you sure you want to be my friend?" Andronicus asked in a mixture of pleading, uncertainty and despair.

"Of course, why not? We'll get along famously, just like I do with all my friends."

"What's your mobile?"

Katerina called out for Andronicus and he looked at her and then back at Vasilis. "I don't have my mobile with me right now….do you have yours? I'm not good with numbers."

"Yeah sure I'll remember your number, what is it?" Andronicus gave him his number and then hurried off after his mother, clearly wanting to stay behind.

Vasilis watched the departing figure of Andronicus, his slim, lithe body swaying as he climbed the stairs, his mop of short, unruly blond hair, holding his sea mask and towel, talking to his mother before leaving himself, his mother was waiting for him to do some chores.

Andronicus saw a small corner shop with windows all around, it had wooden holed boxes outside it and sacks made of the same material as was once used for the sails of ships, before the new plastic resin, Kevlar and other such materials when cloth was used. The boxes contained fruit and vegetables and the sacks contained lentils and other such perishables. It was not difficult for Andronicus to deduce as well from the shop's label that it was the groceries and general store of the town and probably the island.

They entered it. It was quite cooler inside than it was outside where the temperature now at two hours past noon was almost forty degrees Celsius.

His mother saw another woman behind the counter, probably the owner or someone who worked there and smiled.

"Hello Vivi, it has been a long time." Vivi raised her head from what she had been writing behind the counter and smiled wide. In a swift movement she exited the counter and hugged Katerina cross-kissing each other's cheeks. It caused Andronicus no small amount of surprise when he saw his mother show any kind of affection publically.

"Katerina, my dear, how are you? It has indeed been so long, what is it now? Almost thirty years? We had been such good friends once."

"Quite true, but life as it is drifted us apart after I left to study in Athens and what happened thereafter. Oh, this is my son Andronicus, he's currently thirteen, and my daughter is at home. How are you my dear?"

"Andronicus, suits you well young man." Vivi told him. He tried his best to smile.

"Pleased to meet you ma'am."

"What a polite young man, I wish my rascal was more like you." Vivi said with a chuckle.

Right then the door opened and someone entered the shop behind them.

"God dammit it's hot outside, it's like this island is a fucking heat sink or something." Andronicus knew that voice.

"Oh, hi there Andronicus." Vasilis waved at him.

"As I said my dear Andronicus, I wish he was a tad more like you. You two have met?"

"Yeah, by the Hydra's tongue, he's cool." Vasilis' compliment or rather statement of his "coolness" made him grin instinctively for a second before retreating back to his usual –nowadays- gloomy self.

"Oh, I should have guessed a silver tongue like this one had to be your son." Katerina teased her old friend.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Vivi quipped and burst laughing with Katerina joining in.

"Vasili help out Katerina and then there are things for you to deliver, when you're done with that your uncle needs help with his fishing nets, then you can have the rest of the day off." She gave Vasilis his marching orders. He nodded smiling and followed Katerina around chatting with Andronicus as he helped them with their groceries, holding them and helping them carry them to their house.

"Cool, I'll get some coding done then." Vasilis told his mother and then turned to Andronicus flashing a wide, warm grin he helped them carry their groceries back home.

"Well, I'll see you around." He told Andronicus and left with a wave.

Andronicus waved back and turned to his mother. "I want to go do some exploring around town." He stated more than asked.

"Are you sure that's a good idea? Something may happen."

"Uggghhh….mum something may happen anywhere at any given time, I may fall down the stairs and brake my neck, Christina may strangle me in my sleep or an asteroid might fall on our heads, I have nothing to do until my stuff arrives. What are you so afraid of?" He asked her in resigned despair.

"Your sister wouldn't do something like that, she loves you, she's just going through her angry teenager phase. Someone may….attack you…I mean you are….so maybe a guy will…"

"What the fuck mum? I may be gay but it's not like I'm screaming it from the rooftops, besides even if I was if a guy two or three times my age tries to do anything I'll scream, knock his balls to his nostrils and leave, if it's a guy my age I may actually want a boyfriend you know? Look I'm going I'll be back later." He responded to her in a rare example of rebellion, turned and left.

He spent the afternoon wandering around town, getting to know his new home, locations, shops, places of interest and so on. He saw a sign by the south western exit for a beach called "Molos". Something about it made him want to visit it but it would not be today as it was late, so he headed back home.

Later that night as Andronicus lay on his mattress, no full bed yet, and stroked his almost four inch penis, an activity that had become very dear and important to him the last year or so, his mind wondered to Vasilis, his sexy-looking body and teen face.

The very thought of the hot older amber-eyed boy made his body shiver, his throat go dry and tingles course through his body emanating from his testicles. He increased the speed of his ministrations until with a sigh he felt his dick release his boy butter, what little he could produce, probably less than a tea spoon's worth. It landed on his stomach. He picked it up with a finger and tasted it. It still tasted sweet yet salty.

He smiled at the idea of tasting Vasilis' cum but the idea also caused him sadness. He was almost certain that Vasilis was straight and the last time he had trusted someone with his secret it had turned real ugly, so he was not likely to try again soon. In his mind this trail of thought made sense.

A few houses down the street another, older boy was enjoying his night's jerkoff. Just as he came his thoughts trailed to another younger boy he had met earlier today which confused him as he had thought that he had gone beyond that phase of fooling around with his friends, only a few months ago he had had his first sexual experience with a girl and in his mind it had been quite pleasurable.

"He is a sexy boy though…" The afterthoughts lullabied him to sleep.

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