your dreams slip away
your plans disappear
there is nothing to say
you have nothing to fear

you've lost every friend
your life falls apart
you're fearing the end
you dont know where to start

what do you do
do you run away? do you hide?
who do you talk to?
no-ones on your side

you pretend you're ok
can anyone tell?
but what can you say,
when your life's gone to hell?

it cant get much worse
someone once said
but your under a curse,
you're in over your head.

what did you do,
to make life so bad?
and what can you do,
to stop feeling sad?

you sit all alone and stare.
room is all black.
just isn't fair.
you want your life back.

you feel like you're drowning
there's no-one who cares
the whole world frowns upon you
and that's why you're SCARED.

This poem is copyright 2002 Tim...of USA, to whom comments may be sent.