Throwaway Boy

He walks the streets at midnight,
The shadows are his friend,
He shivers from the cold,
And wishes for the end.

He wonders how he got here,
How life had gone so wrong,
Just a day ago they loved him,
He had a loving home.

His body now feels nothing,
He's numb from the bitter cold,
How could this ever happen.
To someone twelve years old.

What choices have I got?
I have no place to stay?
I really don't understand it,
All I did was say, "I'm gay."

His tears had all but ended,
Decisions must be made.
"Do you think that guy will hurt me?
Do you think he'll really pay?"

Perhaps he'll see I'm hungry,
And keep me all the night.
I hope he's not an angry guy,
The type who likes to fight.

They're children made for hugging.
They're not some human toy.
I wish I'd found him earlier,
He's not a throw away boy.

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