Listen, My Friend

Listen, my friend
and maybe you'll learn
That I deserve
to take a turn.
To live a life
That's really me
though some other people
may not agree.

It started when
I was only nine
and likely to last
for all my time.
Left it within me
for many a year
Hoping that one day
It would disappear.

But as time went on
The feeling grew strong.
Then I lay wondering
What could be wrong.
I'm not like the others
It's just not the same
Why am I this way
and who is to blame?

Through most of my youth
I played the big role,
going against
The grain of my soul.
Privately yearning
for something much more.
Not really knowing
What was in store.

Mockery, scorn
The jokes in bad taste
The strong disapproval
That I had to face.
It is no wonder
That some take their life
Unwilling to face it
Because of the strife.

As life went on
The times they did change
Things became easier
and seemed not so strange.
Slowly, acceptance
is filling the air.

More and more people
Becoming aware.

We need education
to dispel the fear
one to one process
to get it in gear.
The people must listen
and soon realize
That we're all the same
There's no choice in God's

I'm proud of myself
Why shouldn't I be?
It's my life to live
And it's really me.
If I'm not accepted
I'm sorry you lose
But I know you and I
Know how you'll choose.

I'm still the same
A rose is a rose
by any other name.
By now you should know
What I'm trying to say.
Just wanted to tell you
That I am gay.

This poem is © 2005 Rentonbroadway , to whom comments may be sent.