A Fear Raged Heart

Rusting nail speared hearts
a blood red loin arround vaginal parts,
I watch the darkness seeping in,
dark angel I give my all to you.

Pungent scent of falsified roses
haunting memoir's of bitter days
godess my love, my angel, my demon,
fulfil my wish demise request
hell waits for no one so take me now,
my suicidal queen.

I am the child of a lesser god,
I speak with him through prayer,
he answers with promise of iminent doom,
a blood red symphony.

Rotten apple ashes,
Eden's immortal breath,
archangel born in black,
darkest voids of my heart re-born
the maggot becomes the fly,
as the man becomes the beast.

My heartfelt applause a cynicism of life,
blight and disease help spread my wings,
until oblivion swept breath of an angel departs
a darkness consumes my self-mutilated body,
embelish me my godess, my acrid soul awaits,
I'll be gone soon.

This poem is copyright 2003 Petyr, to whom comments may be sent.