Goodbye forever

Why can't I stop
Why won't it go away?
The longing inside,
It crawls through my veins.

I can't stop the slaughter,
I can't stop the pain,
I love and I'm loved,
But it won't go away.

I'm scared and I'm running,
From the one I adore,
He doesn't understand,
How could he?

With each sober breath,
With each step I take,
Everything reminds me
of that fateful day,
The only time I'm truly happy
is when I'm dying
or upon the edge of a knife.

Time moves past me,
It's not important anymore,
God kill me know,
At least then I'll be at peace.

"I'm sorry my love,
I'm just not as strong as you...
I'll be there waiting,
for you under our tree... always."

This poem is copyright 2003 Petyr, to whom comments may be sent.