My life is worthless.
My grave too shallow.
Children pick at my corpse with sticks.
While insects reside in my skull.

Maggots drive on by,
Man their parasite.
Invert the glass and change the view,
See the world through the devil's eye.

I'm empty, a void,
Without feeling or care.
The world is lost to empathy,
I smile at their demise.

As cruel as it sounds my pleasure is your pain.
I gain strength through carnage.
I live in the dark,
And you are too blamed.

You sicken, you destroy.
You burn and feed.
Obliteration your nature.
Demise your intent.

I am capricious in my way.
I yearn for it to be.
That thing we don't say.
That thing you cant see.

One day I'll be gone,
You wont even notice.
But it isn't the end.
I haven't even started.

I will never stop,
I will scorch you from this world.
My will is vengeance.
It will never end.

This poem is © 2004 Petyr, to whom comments may be sent.