of anyone completely unattainable

This beauty that I see,
no other finds it so, but it is irresistible to me
and will be my undoing yet.
That lovely form -
so slim, so fair -
those eyes of blue and golden hair;
its gentle tresses curling round caress the ears and face.
The legs - so firm - are covered with a down of soft white hair
bedewed with droplets, damp from standing in a shower
they merge, and go through buttocks slim and round
to golden body - white where last year's sun was kept away.
Imagine this, then let your fingers stray -
Caress the hair and feel the perfect form,
begin the dawn of life again
and nibble ear and neck and face,
Then wander, tongue,
and with yourself embrace
and raise to fever pitch
When muffled beating of a drum bids all be still,
And peace to reign throughout.

Written in 1969, while at school, and regularly in contact with and showering with, boys I was attracted to. Copyright 2002 It's Only Me from Across the Sea, to whom comments can be sent.