Oh Island Sands

An emerald gem among azure sea’s
I tread upon the sands of shimmering sun
To gaze but once again on bronzed delight
Take from my breast, my heart, from my eyes my sight
For fare youth all mine I give to you on island sand

Raise not my life from clutching depths
That I may but once again feel your soft caress
With eyes ashine over sparkling sea’s
To be my love and look upon this beggard man
That you may give final favour with thyne hand

To touch, to hold is but a dream to be fulfilled
That you may come to arms outstretched
On beckoning smile I seek your applause
Oh winsome youth do justice for this cause
On islands sand his statue stands for sole desire

Be this my last entreat bronzed youth of emerald place
Surround my need for loves release
This move you make to tempted signal come
Let this our night be one with two backs
That desire is slaked by final lust on island sand

This poem is copyright 2002 Arthur, to whom comments may be sent.