On Darkest Night

This light I see on darkest night is but illusion
Should I feel life's dregs weigh upon my mind
Of friendships gone and feelings lost
This night is mine to loose in dread and fear

Does love lost and found again not prove to me
That no man should cut from me that which is mine alone
To spend and spread for one unfound upon my dying frame
This love I have for him unnamed by rote he is but love unclaimed

Is this the end of time that he would loose me untamed
To roam a night without passion sated
Let him live with his passion hidden among the ashes of life unseen
That he may rise above abnormal self to see the love his eyes not foreseen

To this love I do devise that he may feel a loss not given
That strive among those less feeling his bounty of love not donated to his cause
Is this the way that all endings portray this lost art of hearts desire
To him I say tell me my worthless soul that I may write upon his bones
The requium of loves lost not found to ease his hurt

This my loves last on eventide is but a song of pleasure found
That he may see to me a shimmer in the cloud of mystery
Give to me this wakeniing hour that I may feel your pleasured hand
Upon my breast that I may seek not your desire but youthful joust
in this our last hour at hand to give to you my love unbound.

This poem is copyright 2002 Arthur, to whom comments may be sent.