Asean Eyes

Those doe like eyes of velvet brown,they cut my soul to depths unfound
Of whom do these delights belong, that make my heart to hear a song
His smile lights my darkest hours for gentle soul he now portrays
Like cherry blossoms on the wind, my heart now lost belongs to him.

Guilt is now my burdened soul, for deceit is mine that will unfold
For is his beauty be it so great, that my broken heart would wait
For need of him and lusts desire, in truth my heart it would aspire
To but once again hear the cries, of that warrior with asean eyes.

I hear his words with voice so soft, as musical as larks at dawn
Is this my destiny for past wrongs, that I must live with final scorn
On this I fear so much may lay, upon my heart to him betray
To bond my soul with golden ties, Oh warrior with asean eyes.

This storm tossed night my soul to hold, within his hands like precious gold
Could I but reach for him with, mine hands now shroud with sin
Oh beautious youth of far off land, I offer just this sinful hand
For you my love now never dies, my warrior with asean eyes.

This poem is copyright 2002 Arthur, to whom comments may be sent.