I woke both bright & early

I woke both bright & early
Killed my ‘boner’ with a pee
Showered and sprayed and powdered,
Till ‘I’ quite fancied ‘me’

I dressed with care. Abnormal!
Nothing ‘strange’ must mother see,
But I put on my best underwear,
‘Be Prepared.’ Now that’s the key.

‘You’re looking nice this morning.’
I was greeted with a smile,
‘How had she sensed the efforts?
Don’t let the words me rile!’

‘I always look quite lovely,
I’m your golden wonder boy,’
‘That’s why you’re looking very crisp!’
Repost came straight away!

‘O.K. you win,’ I ate my toast,
With honey dark and sweet,
‘When are these people coming round?
This tripartite family Keyte?’


There is a dad as well, you know,
But he is far away,
He travels widely round the world,
Here tomorrow – (but) there today.

I watched some grotty cartoons,
Till the hoped for fun could start,
Endured the worst of ‘Loony Tunes’,
With smile and noisy fart


They rang the bell; their voices sound
And like a starburst in the night,
Entered Mum and son and brother,
With smiles that were delight!


Embarrassing and gushing,
Mum welcomed all the three,
Offering cups of coffee,
Coca Cola or just plain tea


James just sat and grinned at me
And I soaked up what I could see,
Two gorgeous boys lit up the room,
Despite maternal boring gloom.

We soon got tired of being good,
Waited till mother said we could,
Leave the room and go upstairs,
To play perhaps? Truth or dares?

We tumbled through the bedroom door,
Ended heaped up, upon the floor,
Then little brother, bold as brass,
Took advantage, smacked my ass.

I grabbed his ankle and he fell,
Joining James, and me as well,
Then just as natural as could be
We started wresting all we three.

Then before long, I realised,
It was me who’d been surprised,
They both ganged up and held me down,
With laughing eyes, deep sexy brown.


James sat upon my heaving chest,
His little brother? You have guessed!
I could have thrown them off with ease,
But why? Thinks ‘Oh stay there, stay there! Please!’

Sam it was who set the tone,
With a question very silly,
‘My brothers got a big ‘un’
So, how big is YOUR willy?’

James roared with wonderous laughter
Then told his brother off,
You can’t say things like that you know,
You’re really just not old enough.

‘Am so.’, said little Sammy
I know all about these things,
I’ve seen you in the bathroom,
Seen the white stuff ‘rubbin’ brings

James now looked disconcerted,
Hissed, ‘You sneaky little sod’
I’ve got a mind to ‘tan’ your arse,
You devious randy little ‘grass’.
Then suiting action to the word,
He grabbed his brother, little turd,
And pulled his shorts and pants right down,
And smacked the bottom pinky brown.

He did not do it very hard,
It more in fun than anger seemed,
Young Sam just giggled; having fun?
A rosy glow on his left bun.

‘It’s your turn now’, James turned to me,
‘He does deserve it you agree?’
Deserved or not lust drove me on,
I gently smacked the other ‘one’.


Sam turned and smiled, a cheeky grin,
‘I like your touch. You want to sin?’
10 years old; leading me on?
This was danger: best he be gone!

Just then a voice from down below,
Called both the boys, they had to go.
Sam shot off: to James I said,
‘Just sit there a ‘mo’ upon my bed.’

I followed Sam right down the stairs
Their mother stands, to go prepares,
Can James stay here a while with me?
Just a nod from mum, and she’d agree!

(To be continued.)

This poem is copyright 2003 Apuleius, to whom comments may be sent.