In My Room I Stood That Night

In my room I stood that night,
Roofs dark against the bright streetlight,
Only branched trees stood between,
Where I was, and my dear dream.

Parker Street; ' Thirty Three!'
Two hundred yards away from me,
Imagination ran quite wild,
My mind was totally beguiled.

Was he in bed, or going there?
In bathroom, shower, or still downstair?
His lissom body I could 'see',
Shedding clothing just to pee!

I watched as if on 'mind T.V.'
A T-shirt fell, bare torso free,
Socks and slippers cast aside,
Slim beauteous feet he need not hide.

He sat, I dreamt, half on the quilt,
My hopes and fantasies I built,
Track-suit bottoms slid to floor,
'SHIT!' Mother's just come to my door!

Why ever are you standing there,
Staring out at dark night air?
Un-curtained window? Pretty girl?
Vehement denial, mind a whirl.

Well get to bed there's a good lad,
But don't forget to 'goodnight' dad.
Tomorrow will be a nice surprise,
So make quite sure you early rise.

What's this surprise? I ask straight out,
Tell me what it's all about.
Today Jim I met Mrs Keyte,
Lives just round there in Parker Street.

She's new to Oakwood, so're her sons,
I've asked them round for tea and 'buns'.
I hope you'll welcome them my dear,
The older one is in your year.

I embraced my mum and kissed her,
Popped down and kissed my dad,
I'm not quite sure what either though,
But I think they thought me mad.
I was of course delighted,
Was my mother second-sighted?
All I'd planned for, she'd achieved,
Could this really be believed?

To my darkened room I hurried,
Then to the window scurried,
There I totally unclothed,
And to the universe exposed.

There I tried to wish my body,
Into flight like Peter Pan's,
Then I tried to see it fly,
But gave up and heaved a sigh.

Unclothed I snuggled into bed,
Twixt my legs my pillow fed,
And then I gently moved my bum,
Knowing soon that I would 'cum'.

As sweet exquisite feelings grew,
Bedside tissues? Grabbed a few,
And buried deep in their soft fold,
Came dreaming it was James' warm hold.

This poem is copyright 2003 Apuleius, to whom comments may be sent.