Remembrance of Things Past


His smile was warm and tender,
His limbs both lithe and lean,
As from the top board of the campsite pool,
The water he entered clean.
And as from there he surfaced,
His trunks had part slipped down,
Proving that not all of him,
Was glowing golden brown.
Then later he came strolling by,
He gave a brief but friendly 'Hi!'
I thought of nothing then, but this,
And fantasised of friend-love bliss


I was doing backstroke,
The next time he appeared,
And so could watch his progress
As my towel and bag he neared.
Then 'Glory Alleluia,'
Beside my kit he perched
Within its little confines
My heart it truly lurched.
Two further lengths completed,
From the water myself I hauled,
And feigning casual nonchalance
Towards my spot I strolled.


Arms clasping legs, with chin on knee,
Once more he broadly grinned at me,
'I thought this stuff was likely yours,
I chose this spot, and that's because,
I'm staying here alone with mum
And back at home's my only chum.
I need a pal to share the fun,
So thought you'd be the very one.'
He'd chosen me! Joy not to miss,
I fought myself him not to kiss,
Calm as I could I smiled and said,
'That's great!! Alone this place is dead.'


We exchanged names and ages,
Parents' jobs and supposed wages,
We swam and played and talked,
Along the nearby beach we walked,
Often darkness had descended
Long before our walks had ended,
And we strolled, Oh so contented,
Through wooded bye-ways unfrequented,
And on such dusky evening fine,
A sweet and lovely hand took mine.


Straightway he said, ' I'm sorry.
I can't help the way I feel.
I've tried to be quite different
But this is me. It's real.'
I gently squeezed the holding hand
We stood alone on silver sand,
I turned to look him in the eye,
Started to speak; began to cry.
Amid the sobs of joy I said,
Daft twit! I dream of you too, when in bed.


Bed there was none, but rolling dune,
Pine treed, sweet smelling, natures tune.
Flip-flops, tee-shirts, shorts discarded,
We lovingly wrestled, all else disregarded
Soft hard-ons sandwiched by smooth brown tums,
Hands gently caressing exquisite bums,
When bit-by-bit the motion slowed,
We kissed and fondled, gently probed,
Then to position sixty-nine
I nuzzled his, he nibbled mine.


We were so totally as one
We simultaneously shot our cum,
I scooped and tasted, so did he,
Exquisite pleasure, feelings free.
Reversed, our lips met tender, bare,
We joyed to share, show mutual care,
Then arms around each other firm,
The question was, 'Which way to turn?'
Discussion brief was all we needed,
Common sense was what we heeded.


Hand in hand through starry night,
We wandered back towards the light,
Each then to own parental van,
For the days to come we had to plan.
My parents soon his mum befriended
And often to 'Le Bar' they wended,
And there it was, as like as not,
Came invite to party on off-shore yacht.
But both parents worried about us alone
Though we each had our own mobile phone.


His mum then spoke words that left us in clover,
'Why not Duncan to our van for a sort of sleep over?
This party is likely to last all of the night,
But if the boys are together I'd feel it's alright.'
Suppressing a grin from one ear to the other,
I said very quickly,' Please ! dad and mother!'
Soon t'was agreed, and arrangements were made,
Thus into our hands the adults had played,
And free of anxiety for their 'Do' they prepared,
Whilst we only thought of a whole nightlong bared.


I wanted to hug dear Stefan's sweet mum,
For this chance to fondle my dear chum's bum,
Alone without fear of any surprise,
What things might we try between two guys?
For our night of fun together we planned,
As we walked through the evening hand in hand.
From my parents we stole a few squirts of KY,
And hoped they'd not twig us, if their supply ran dry,
Then we waited, & sought board games to play,
To make pass more quickly a very long day.


For after our first initial fervour,
We'd been more cautious, been no further,
Luckily none had been there to see,
Our naked romp dear Stef and me,
For had our intimacy been noted
For boiling oil dad would have voted,
And notwithstanding all our caution,
Some girls picked up 'a real strange notion',
And made a quite unkind remark,
As they walked behind us in the dark.


By eight our parents had departed,
I can't say we were broken hearted,
We sat outside the luxury van,
Supping lager from a can.
Then as twilight took command,
I gently felt for Stefan's hand,
'Shall we go inside now?' I asked,
'It's turning cool, I feel relaxed!'
His smile lit up the evening hour,
'O.K.; You know this van has got a shower?'


As we stepped in and closed the door
I dared not believe just what I saw,
At one end lay a double bed,
With clean white sheets and cover red.
'Mum thought we rather be together,
As all night long we'd chat & blether.
I said I thought you wouldn't mind,
It saves the laundry, and you're kind.'
He said this with an impish grin,
I simply nodded, " O.K. You win!"


Mother's bed's behind that door,
Your being there would be a bore,
So what now then, dear lovely friend?
Alone together, let's not pretend,
or let one precious moment pass
Without a kiss, you silly ass.
Hands held our lips first barely brushed,
Then met and anchored, sounds were hushed,
Our mutual hug, our tight embrace,
Was like some miracle of grace.


How long we stood there, we never knew,
Bodies responded, they lustily grew,
Till Stefan broke off, said 'Just look at the hour,
Lets get ready for bed and take a hot shower'
Quietly because van walls are thin,
Entered the 'bathroom', good job we were slim!
As hot water then cascaded,
Joyfully we each other aided,
With sweet smelling exotic soaps,
And oddly clandestine searching gropes


Front to front, & front to back,
A smooth and soapy sexy attack,
We mounted each one in his turn,
Seeking more of the other to learn.
Buttocks and nipples, ear lobes and thighs,
Were kneaded and massaged along with soft sighs,
Till as body-to-body we sensuously glided,
Our sweetest sensations just, 'whoosh', coincided.
We looked at each other no word needed saying,
Closely hugging with joy, t'was as if we were praying.


When soapsuds and 'stuff' had all washed away,
Soft fluffy white towels came then into play,
Till dry, sprayed and powdered, & of B.O quite free,
On the big bed we threw ourselves, Stefan and me.
We talked for a while about this and of that,
And joshing and joking Stef put on a big hat,
It was all he was wearing and it made him look sweet
Then he asked me to allow him the ultimate treat.
I want you and I to become just as one,
To go deep inside you, to enter you. Fun?


I pulled him towards me, kissed tongue touching tongue,
Fished in bag for the tube, said, put some on my bum.
Turning over I lay and waited with joy,
For this moment of truth, I was loved by a boy.
The jelly itself gave me pleasure so fine
Then I felt the firm pressure of his acorn divine
His arms came around me on chest and on tum,
I could feel him slide in, just a little, just some,
Are you ready my precious? 'Was this just a dream?'
Then he eased himself in, an I stifled my scream.


Once in me he stopped, we lay silent and still,
In the mutual delight of our sweet sensual thrill,
Duncan I love you, was all that he said,
Now and forever, ... but especially in bed.
I love you too, now please move in and out,
The pleasure's exquisite; wish I dared shout.
Something of you Stef, leave deep inside,
So he thrust in then hard, till with pleasure I cried
And just as before I knew when he came,
And with his hand on mine, I did just the same.


A quick mopping up so our secret remain,
Then we cuddled together in the bed once again,
Then as Morpheus wove his rest-giving spell,
We two fell asleep, entwined as I tell,
We both early woke as daylight bright dawned,
Stretched, kissed and then, with abandon we yawned,
Like a well-suited couple we lay quite content,
We'd have been just as happy in an old leaky tent,
But our story continues, day after day,
So rejoice now for us who are both young and gay.

This poem is copyright 2002 Apuleius, to whom comments may be sent.