The Saturday Boy

by Westcliff Writer

Chapter 16 - This Time, The Last Time and Never Again

I paced my room, seething. Up and down, up and down. It really was getting to me that Shaun, my best fucking friend could stoop so low. This was something that was going to end us as a threesome, I knew it. Gone would be those days I looked back on with fondness, nope, Shaun had played his last fucking card with me and I was tired of being everyone's doormat.

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, my anger building to a crescendo. Even after knowing his little plan was gonna get found out he still has the brawn to come along with Dean and pretend like nothing has happened. I stood there in the middle of my room, waiting… waiting an eternity for the two people that I thought were my friends, one of them that deceived me on more than one occasion and the other that didn't understand me.

"Hey Joey," Dean remarked, first to appear.

"Dean," was all I replied, nodding. Then Shaun appeared, a smile on his face.

"Hi Joey," he said walking into my room. I moved forward and punched him as hard as I fucking could, bouncing him back out onto his ass, causing him to smash his head on the wall in the hallway. Blood pissed from his nose, running down on to his chin, before soaking the white T-shirt he was wearing. Dean just looked on in astonishment; I don't think he knew what to do.

"Joey, you broke my fucking nose you asshole," Shaun yelled, like he had a cold. I remained silent, staring him down.

"Joey, what the fuck… have you lost your mind?" Dean uttered, finally finding his voice. Again, I ignored him.

"GET UP!" I screeched at Shaun, before walking into the hall and grabbing the fucker by the scruff of the neck. "You fucking piece of shit, I said GET UP!" Together with leverage from his legs with the help of my hand tight round his neck Shaun got to his feet. He didn't stay there long though as I head butted him on the mouth bursting his lip open. Blood sprayed up the wall behind him and he burst into tears. I didn't care; I was in a mood of pure unadulterated rage.

I wanted to go back for more, he deserved it, he fucking deserved it more than anything, but Dean was now pulling at me, trying to keep me away from him. My brother came running up the stairs and got between Shaun and me telling me to calm down… I couldn't hear him. All I could see was Shaun's cocky face making plans behind my back, playing with Jack's emotions. The Bastard!

"Joey, you gotta settle down mate," Dean almost begged me.

"Get that fucker out of my pub, I never wanna see his face again," I hissed at Roman who was leaning on my shoulders wondering what to do.

"Joey please you gotta let me explain," implored Shaun, soaked in blood and crying his eyes out. "Please just hear me out."

"Hear you out… fucking hear you out, why should I, all this time you have been plotting behind my back. Fucking telling me you were ok with me and Jack when all along you couldn't fucking stand it, could you?"

"It wasn't like that, I just…"

"Just what? Just wanted to see if you could run away with him to fucking tinsel town without me knowing, what the fuck were you thinking you wanker!" I screamed. "Just get out Shaun, I'm sick of the sight of you, your tricks, your deception. Call yourself a mate? Supposed to be my best mate and you fucking stitch me up every opportunity you get, you're a selfish, shallow deceiving heartless bastard, that's what you are, now get out, your spilling blood everywhere.

"Shaun, you can fix yourself up in the bathroom, then I think you better leave," My brother said calmly, helping Shaun to his feet.

"I know how you did it, I know how you called me, it was when you went to toilet wasn't it. You were at the hospital and you went to the toilet and called me. Smart but not smart enough!" I yelled as he walked away.

Roman took Shaun to the bathroom to get cleaned up and asked Dean to shut my door, pre-empting any reprisals from me I suspect. But I was done, my message was clear I felt. My fucking hand hurt though. Once Dean had shut my door he came towards me and pushed my shoulder causing me to fall back on my bed. Unlike Shaun, I was not about to go to town with Dean, he was far to big.

"Right you, you wanna tell me what in Jesus fuck that was all about?"

"Haven't you worked it out, the guy is a fucking traitor, he stabbed me in the back one time to many."

"Was that really an excuse to smash him up like that?"

"If you didn't think so why didn't you stop me?"

"Because before I had chance to react you had already taken a swing at him."

"He thinks I am walkover Dean, you all do, and that was a clear message to him that I'm not a fucking walkover, far from it. If I need to protect something I care about I will." Dean looked and me and shook his head.

"You do realise Mike and Susan are gonna go nuts at you when they see the state of him."

"He won't tell them it was me, I have too much on him… primarily the fact he's gay. I don't think his parents will wanna hear that."


"No Dean, just a mutual secret to be kept. So?"

"So? What do you mean so?" Dean asked, tilting his head sideways

"Well, what side of the fence do you sit with this? You think what he's done is right?"

"Whoa, Joey I don't know the full story and I think it's unfair for me to choose between the both of you. You are both my pals and…"

"No Dean, a pal is someone you trust, someone who looks out for you. Shaun is not a pal. Shaun is a self-centred opportunist who will walk over anyone to get what he wants, that much has been proved."

Dean puffed air through his lips. "Yeah, and I dunno when he went like that, or why for that matter."

"I do, ever since Jack came on the scene. He doesn't seem to get that Jack's not interested, and I don't know what he hates more, the fact Jack is not interested or the fact Jack is interested in me. Whichever it is he seems hell bent on fucking things up for us, and you know what the hilarious thing about this entire thing is Dean?"

"You're gonna tell me no doubt."

"It's that he thinks no one knows what games he's playing, it's fucking sad. How the hell does he think he's gonna get away with all the things he does? Doesn't he realise that Jack and me are gonna talk… its laughable."

"Do you want me to talk to him?" Dean asked. I think he knew the answer.

"We're done Dean, that's it, he crossed a line that he can't come back from with me." Dean was about to say something when my door opened and Roman walked in not looking impressed.

"Dean, you need to leave please, thanks for what you did today but I need to talk to my brother."

"Yeah, sure Roman, Listen Joey, let me talk to Shaun ok, let me find out why."

"I already know why Dean. Nothing he can tell you I don't already know. And knowing Shaun lately, he will probably be telling you a pack of lies. You trust him if you want, I won't stand in your way, but this is it for me."

Dean tapped my leg and got up to leave, nodding at Roman as he left my room. Roman closed the door and stood glaring at me.

"You beat him up pretty bad you know."

"No less than he deserved," I muttered, refusing to meet my brother's gaze.

"I mean he could press charges against you."

"He wont."

"What makes you so sure?"

"Oh for fuck sake Roman, I've had a gut full today, do we really have to talk about that asshole. Let him do what he wants." I snapped, tired of this all being about Shaun.

"Why are you doing this Joe?"

"Why am I doing… are you for real Roman?" I asked, totally bemused at the question.

"Let's have a hypothetical conversation here."

"I can't, I need to get Shaun's blood off the wall before mum or dad see it."

"Yeah well I've already done it, they will never know." He declared, and I looked up at him surprised.

"You did? Well that's good."

"You're welcome!"

"Sorry, thank you. So what does this hypothetical conversation contain then?"

"Joey, just say for instance you didn't get involved with Jack and he left hospital and ended up staying with Shaun."

"Would never happen, he wouldn't go with Shaun." I stated, shaking my head.

"So if you know that why are you getting so worked up over the games Shaun is playing? If you feel confident that Jack has feelings for you then why let it bother you what Shaun tries?"

"Two things here Roman, firstly it bothers me because he is telling Jack that I don't want to be more than friends and Jack in his current state believed him which caused problems."

"And second?" asked Roman.

"Second, it's the fact he is willing to throw away a long standing close friendship to get what he wants, and those two reasons alone I think are enough to get upset about, don't you?"

"Enough to head butt him?"

"You're damn right that's enough, and I can't promise if you and Dean had not been here I wouldn't have finished the job off."

"You mean kill him, you can't be serious."

"Maybe not kill him, but put him in hospital for a long time, see how he likes it."

"Jesus Joey, I've never heard you talk like this before, are you sure you're not getting a little too involved with this Jack guy?"

"Don't you get it Roman; this is not about Jack, or me. It's about my best friend doing the unthinkable and thinking he can get away with it. Look we are going round in circles here. I did what I did because I felt it needed to be done. Like I said, I'm tired of being made a fool of, being walked over. Now things can start getting back to normal."

"You really think that?"

"I know that!" I said, determinedly.

Down in the cellar I felt more relaxed. I was on my own for a start, away from assholes, other people, and… well just human beings, and I had, had enough of those for a while. The whirring of the cooling fans helped to calm my soul as I scrubbed the cellar floor with bleach, for once not minding the dirty job. There was an order to put away after and two guest ales to be made up. I was looking forward to passing the time doing these jobs, and I knew at that point it must have been a bad day.

"Joey?" My mum called.

"Down here, what's up?"

"Could you come up here please?"

"For fuck sake," I muttered. "Coming!"

I wandered upstairs to where my mum was waiting at the top of the stairs. She had a look on her face that told me I was probably in a bit of trouble. Maybe she found some blood on the wall and questioned Roman until he gave me up. But no, it was worse.

"Joey, the police are upstairs and they want to talk to you, what the hell is going on young man."

"Shit, erm, I'm sorry mum but I may be in trouble because of Shaun."

"Shaun, what's Shaun got to do with this?"

"I hit him… badly." I said lowering my eyes.

"Oh Jesus, this is all I need. Well you better go and talk to them, I'll come with you. You are going to send me to an early grave you know that?"

"I'm sorry mum, really I am."

"Just get upstairs and get this straightened out."

I walked through the bar and up to the apartment to find to officers in uniform waiting in the lounge.

"Joey Cork?" asked one of the officers.

"Yes that's me; I know what this is about."

"Hmm, well my name is Pc Brent and this is my colleague Pc Doyle. We are here because we have received an accusation from Susan Winters that you assaulted her son Shaun Winters?"

"She is correct, I did."

"Hang on officers; doesn't he need a lawyer present or something?"

"No ma'am not at this point, we are just trying to establish the facts right now, but since Joey is being cooperative this should be quite straight forward."

"Hmm, well what's going to happen now?" my mum asked, worriedly.

Officer Doyle stood up. "Joey Cork, I am arresting you on suspicion of assault with possible intent to harm. You do not have to say anything but anything you do say maybe used as evidence in court. Do you understand?"

"You're arresting him?" my mum blurted out.

"Yes," I replied, it was all I could think of. He did it, Shaun actually did it, he dobbed me in, I was shocked.

"I'm assuming handcuffs will not be necessary Mr Cork?"

"No officer, they won't."

"Now hang on just a damn minute what is going to happen to my son where are you taking…."

"Ma'am we need to take your son in for further questioning now, you have the right accompany him but as he is over sixteen as you have stated we will be able to question him alone."

The officers led me away, thankfully through the side entrance to a waiting squad car. I was put in the back and driven away, with my mum telling me she would sort something out so she could come down soon.

As we headed through the streets towards the police station I still felt calm, and I still felt he deserved it. At the same time it all felt a bit unreal. I had never been arrested for anything, not even stealing a can of coke before, let alone assault. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but actually felt more like laughing. I decided to do neither.

"So what happens now," I said to the officers as we neared the station.

"You'll be processed." Was all the reply was.

"Processed, that sounds like something you do to meat."

"It's just a term Mr Cork, you'll be taken in and questioned about the events that led to Mr Winters getting assaulted and then a decision will be made as to what to do with you next."

"Right, I see." I said, sighing.

At the police station I was led into a room and left on my own until a man walked in wearing a navy blue suit.

"You must be Joey Cork?"

"Yes that's right who are you, some kind of detective?"

The man laughed. "No Mr Cork, I'm your assigned lawyer, I'm here to help you. My name is Peter Aldis"

"Oh right, well what am I supposed to do, this is such a mess."

"Right well, this should be a cut and shut case. I saw your mother outside she says you have admitted the assault yes?"

"Yeah, I thought it better to just tell the truth."

"Well in this case Mr Cork, you did the right thing. So let's start with that."


"So, tell me what happened from the beginning and try to be as detailed as possible, it will give me more ammunition when you are questioned."

"Ok well…"

I went on to explain how it all happened and why it happened. I told him everything, leaving nothing out, and you know what, it felt good actually, getting it all off my chest to someone who wasn't directly involved, and he was very sympathetic to my… lifestyle.

Soon after we talked an officer came into the room and questioned me, with my solicitor instructing me what to say at certain points. It was likely I was going to get off with a fine and would have to pay compensation to Shaun for my actions but apart from that I would be released the next day on bail until having to attend court for my plea. I was guilty of course and I just wanted this out of the way. For now though it was off to a cell which was the only point where I became really scared. I was able to hug my mum as I was led away, much to her protests, but my solicitor said it was just a formality and I would be let out at the latest by noon in his experience.

It was gonna be a long night!

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