The Saturday Boy

by Westcliff Writer

Chapter 13 - EVIL

Vince's Taxi pulled up outside the pub and I said goodbye to the guys as I got out. I thanked Vince for the ride home and he promptly pulled away to drop the others off. I stayed outside, looking on until the car was completely out of view before walking through the main doors of the pub.

I walked along the bar, dodging a couple of drunken young guys coming towards me with (no doubt) their fifteenth drink clutched in their hand. They went over to the slot machine and struggled to get some coins out of their jeans to play and I just rolled my eyes.

I eyed both my parents behind the bar busy serving customers when I was startled by a familiar voice raping my ears.

"You boy, just where the fuck is that sissy son of mine?" I looked up to find a very drunk Mr Stanton struggling to keep his focus on me.

"We've been camping for the weekend," was all I said, starting to walk past him. He grabbed my arm and I shot him a look as if to say what the fuck do you think you're doing.

"I didn't give him permission for him to go swanning off on some camping trip boy, where is he now?"

"He's gone home, and he said he had permission so I don't know what you are talking about."

"Are you getting lippy with me son, you want to watch your mouth talking back to me like that."

"I haven't actually said anything that would suggest I was talking back to you. But if you want me to give you a reason to think that, then how is this big man? Why don't you go take a good look in the mirror and see what a sad little prick you are, and then after that…go fuck yourself."

Mr Stanton look enraged, and as I walked away from him grinning he tried to grab me again, but instead he ended up falling off his stool, on to his ass, causing half the pub to laugh, the other half looking on concerned. My mum caught us with her eye making sure I was ok. I think she would have come over and intervened but she knew I could handle a drunken Mr Stanton.

I left him to flail around in his stupor and went upstairs to my room throwing open the window and letting a breeze air out the stuffiness that was hanging in the room. Turning my TV on I fell back on to my bed and toed my sneakers off deciding to relax for a while. There were some jobs to do in the cellar today, there always was on a Sunday, but that could wait. For now I just wanted to zone out into my thoughts and try to process everything that had happened last night.

I had just finished half watching an episode of Friends on cable when my phone started ringing. I jumped off the bed and went into my bag from the camping trip and pulled it out. I was really hoping it was Jack, but seeing Shaun's name killed that.

"Hey you, are ya home?" I asked as I put the phone to my ear.

"Yeah just got in, you have a good time?"

"Yeah Shaun, I had a good time and I know why your calling." Even though I couldn't see Shaun, I knew he was grinning ear to ear down the phone at me.

"So c'mon spill. I wanna know everything."

"Jesus Shaun, really?"

"Yeah really, look I didn't know how I was gonna feel about you and Jack, but its ok, in fact I'm glad for you."

"You really mean that?"

"Yeah I do, I admit when we first got to the camp site I was a bit put out if I'm honest, but then it felt ok. I just have to admit that he likes you and I've dealt with that. So with that in mind…how was it?"

"Well if you really want to know, it was really nice. I didn't know how I was gonna feel, but I just went with it and we had a really good time."

"You had sex then right?"

"Yeah we did, apart from the fact I got a little bit too excited and…well let's just say there wasn't much work involved from my end." I said, sheepishly.

"Are we talking about a hands-free cum shot here?"

"I think we are Shaun Yeah," I replied, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

"Sounds hot, so what's happening with you two now?"

"I dunno, it's all I have thought about since we got back. I really like him Shaun, a lot, but I'm not sure what happens next. This is all new to me and I don't know what's supposed to happen now."

"Are you gonna ask him out?"

"As in to be my boyfriend?"

"Uh yeah, that's the general idea silly."

"Pfft, I dunno Shaun, I haven't even thought about how that would work, I mean he's out at school and I'm really not comfortable with anyone knowing about me."

"People don't have to know at school until you're ready."

"Yeah, and then there is my parents…god my parents, I'm freaking out about that as well."

"Joey, no one needs to know, at least not until you are comfortable with it all."

"I'm really glad you're ok with this Shaun, thanks."

"Hey, no worries man, I don't think there is any point in crying over it. I just gotta accept he likes you and not me, and I wouldn't fight you over him, that would just ruin our friendship, and you are more important than…well you know what I'm talking about here."

"God, I never knew I would feel like this about another guy Shaun, its screwing my head up, but in a good way," I said, chuckling.

"Well like you said, just try and go with it and see what happens. Speaking of things that screw people's heads up, Dean and I talked last night, you know…about me and shit."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, he was ripping into me about just coming out to him the way I did. I explained a few things to him about how I felt, and we even talked more about his brother and stuff. I think that he will be ok Joey, but I've told him to tell his parents."

"Jesus, what did he say to that?"

"He said he wouldn't do it, but I said that if he didn't tell them then his brother had actually got away with rape. I really think he is falling apart inside Joey, and I'm scared this is gonna eat away at him unless he gets some help with it."

"Yeah he got a little emotional today just before we left and I've never seen him like that before. I did offer to listen to him if he wanted to talk; you never know maybe he will in time."

"I think he needs professional help Joey with all due respect."

"So do I Shaun, believe me, but if he can't tell his parents then I don't know how he is supposed to get that, unless…"

"Unless what?"

"Well he could always speak to the school councillor, maybe he can do something?"

"I dunno Joey, that could open up a can of worms for Dean. If he says something then I think the school has to tell his parents."

"Hmm never thought about that… look, leave it with me, I'll try and talk to him and see if I can persuade him to tell Vince and Sarah."

"Ok Joey, well I better go. I'll see you at school tomorrow yeah?"

"Yeah ok Shaun thanks for calling, and cheers for being cool with Jack and me, it means a lot."

"No worries see you later."

"Yeah bye mate."

I hung up my cell and lay back down on my pillow. "Who's Jack?" came a familiar voice, which shook me up.

"Roman! What the fuck man, when did you get back?" I cried, darting to an upright position on my bed.

"Hey squirt, I got back last night. So fill me in, who is Jack?"

"Uh…how long were you standing there?"

"Long enough," Roman said, wearing a hard to decipher look.

"Long enough for?"

"Long enough to find out my brother has knocked off another guy," he said winking.

"Roman you fucking asshole, you've been eavesdropping on my conversation, that was fucking private you moron."

"Well close your door then if you don't want people to hear about your sex life."

"I didn't know anyone was here, mum and dad are downstairs, I thought I was alone."

"Well you know what thought done don't you." He stated, coming in fully and sitting on my computer chair. "So was he any good?"

"Roman!" I hissed, going completely red in the face. I wanted to die. "I'm not having this conversation with you."

"Why not? I do get the whole gay thing you know, but I must say, I am surprised little bro, I never had you down as liking a bit of cock."

"Fuck off Roman, if all you're going to do is tease me I'm not talking to you."

"Ah lighten up you soft prick and stop being a cry baby. Anyway aren't you glad I'm taking this so well?"

"Yeah I guess you are actually…look you have to swear you won't say anything to mum and dad, I need time to…well I dunno what I need time for but I just do ok?"

"My lips are sealed bro, so did you fuck him or did he fuck you?"

"We didn't do that kind of stuff," I retorted, feeling odd that he was asking such personal questions without being repulsed by it.

"Well what did you do? Oral, rimming, sixty nine…did you even stick a finger in at least?"

"Fucking hell Roman, how do you know about all this stuff and…and what the fuck is rimming?"

"Rimming? Haha, well that's where someone licks your ass, some guys find it erotic."

"I'm worried that you would know that."

"Joey, when you have someone like Ryan in the band no information is ever left to the imagination."


"Oh of course you don't know him. He's our new Bass player…gay as you like, and he's told me some stuff that would make your eyes water. Such a cool guy though, I've even had a snog off him when we were all drunk one night."

"You kissed another guy? What did Donna say?"

"Hey, I'm comfortable with my sexuality, and Donna knows that. He's a good kisser though. I was hoping to make her jealous, but she just rolled her eyes." He said in a fit of laughter.

"Fucking hell Roman, I really don't know what to say. Thanks for not busting my ass for this though."

"Why would I, you like what you like, no one can help who they are attracted to, Ryan taught me that."

"I like this guy already." I said smiling.

"And just think Joe, at least you haven't got to worry about trying to tell me wondering how I would take it."

"Yeah it had crossed my mind, I just hope mum and dad act the same way."

"Well mum has asked me about you before."

"What…I mean why, and when?"

"Oh it was a whole ago now, I think because of the lack of girls in your life. She asked me if you were gay and I said I didn't think so. But Joey…I don't think she gives a shit either way, so I wouldn't worry about telling her."

"Easy for you to say, you aint the one who has this secret," I said, feeling a little uneasy.

"True, but just don't end up one of these people who wait until their parents are almost dead before they finally admit it."

"It's tempting, but I'm sure it will come out sooner or later."

"Good, just don't be scared about it ok? Oh and do you mind if I borrow a t-shirt from you, all my clothes need washing."

"Yeah you know where they are, just make sure I get it back," I said, watching him take a Nike t-shirt from my chest of drawers. "So enough about me, how was your tour?"

"Exhausting, we did twenty five venues, but we had a blast and it was fucking fun fun fun. I just got to see if I still have my job to go back to now. I was only supposed to be away for two weeks, but then our roadie found some more venues for us to do so we stayed on."

"So how much money did you make from all this,"

"Well, after we accounted for all the costs and travel etcetera, I think we made around two grand each. Some places paid more than others and we even played one gig for food and drink only," Roman said, chuckling.

"Well I'm glad your back Ro, I've missed you."

"Yeah I've missed you too squirt, so how have mum and dad been treating you?"

"Like a slave as usual, in fact I still have some stuff to do today, but I wanted to chill for a bit first. I take it you've heard Jack is working here now?"

"Yeah mum mentioned it, so just in case I'm wrong, it is the same Jack that you're banging right?"

"I'm not banging him Ro, but yeah it's the same guy. Although after last night I don't know how this working relationship is gonna work." I said, in a thoughtful pose.

"When is he back here to work then?"

"Oh, he just does Saturdays at the moment, but I would like him here Fridays and Sundays as well, but I'm not sure mum and dad would be up for paying him extra, I need to speak to them about that."

"Hmm, well you should have Jack come over soon to meet me; I'm really interested to see if my little bro has good taste in men."

"Oh Jesus Roman, please don't embarrass me in front of him, I know what you're like."

"Hey, give me some credit; I'm just curious that's all."

"Well you'll see him next week anyway, unless he comes over earlier."

"Ok I won't badger you on it anymore. Well I guess I better start putting this washing through the machine, I'll catch up with you later…oh and have you seen my lube?"


"Yeah my jerk off lube, it's not in my room where I left it."

"Oh, yeah hang on, I borrowed it, I think it's under my bed."

"Why do you need it, you're not cut?"

"I had a sore on my dick, I just used it for…Fuck why am I even telling you this. Here you go, I didn't use much," I said passing him the small bottle which was under my bed. Roman just smirked at me and left my room.

I laid back on my bed and tried to work through the emotions that were whirring through my brain. Roman knew I was gay and he was cool with it. I dunno if that freaked me out more than if he had gone nuts over it. I settled on the fact it was a good thing and smiled that it was one less person I would have to tell when the time came.

Down in the Cellar I was connecting up a new barrel when my dad came and stood behind me making me jump.

"Hey Joey, how was the trip?"

"Shit dad, you made me jump, yeah it was good, I see Roman is home."

"Yeah he got back last night, he was hoping to see you, but I gather you and him have talked by now yeah?"

"Yeah he came into my room. What are you doing down here?"

"I need a new bottle of vodka, there are a group of guys up there knocking them back like the world is ending."

"Oh right, so what time are you finishing today?"

"I'm due in the kitchen at around eight, I think your mum and Christie are working the bar tonight, I'm hoping it's not gonna be busy cos I got no pot washer."

"You should get rid of that guy dad, he has more time off sick than he works," I said frowning.

"He's cheap Joey, and he is getting better, He's a new dad so I can understand he needs to care for his child."

"Yeah but we aint a charity dad, he either wants a job or wants to be a stay at home dad."

My dad laughed. "You sound just like your mother…I'll see you later."

"Yeah ok dad, see ya."

Moments later I could hear my phone going off and I muttered some expletive being disturbed again. I was trying to get some work done. I went out in to the bottle room and pick up my cell that I'd left on one of the crates. "Hmm, Jack," I said to myself as I pressed a button to accept the call. "Hey Jack, you ok?"

There was no answer and all I could hear was what sounded like Mr Stanton shouting something. The sounds were muffled and then I heard a piercing scream before the line went dead. I tried to call him back but it went straight to voicemail, which was about the time when my hand started to tremble.

Panic started to invade my body as I ran upstairs to the bar as fast as I could. I got to the top and tried him once more, but again, it went to voicemail. I rushed through the bar towards the apartment catching my mum looking at me with a concerned look on her face. I ran up the stairs to get my brother, tripping on the way up as I did. I saw him appear in the hallway obviously wondering what the noise was about.

"Joey, what's up, you look pale man?"

"Roman, Its Jack…I…I think he's in trouble, will you come with me?"


"To his house…we need to get to his house."

"Joey, what's this all about?"

"Roman please! We don't have time; I think his dad has gone too far this time."

"What are you talking about…what's his dad got to do with this?"

I was getting frantic now, Roman was asking too many questions and I needed to get to Jack right now. "Call the police," I said, probably sounding like a mental person.

"What…the police…and say what?"

"I don't know Roman, I don't know what to do. I heard him cry out and what sounded like pain. I need to get there; please will you come with me?"

"Uh, yeah sure Joe, Do you still want me to call the police?"

"Yes, please, do it, do it now…in fact let me do it. Go and tell mum what's happened and I'll meet you outside."

"Ok, just let me get some shoes on."

Roman left for his room and then came rushing past me moments later, trotting down the stairs. I went into the lounge and picked up the home phone and dialled nine nine nine.

"Operator, which service please?"

"Uh, police please."

The dispatcher put me through and I explained to the police department what had happened and what I had heard. I told them Jack's address and they promised to send a car round there immediately. After getting off the phone I ran downstairs and was met by my very concerned mother.

"Joey, you need to stay out of this and let the police handle it, old man Stanton could be dangerous."

"Mum I have to see him, I can't just sit around here, and besides Roman is gonna come with me."

She sighed and was about to tell me not to go again, but realised I was going anyway, so she let me pass to catch up with Roman outside.

"Where is your car?" I asked him, looking around.

"Across the street, come on lets go, but you need to direct me, I dunno where this guy lives."

"Yeah no worries Ro."

We got in his car and he sped off towards the traffic lights, fucking red as usual. I sat there jogging my foot up and down willing the lights to change. "Calm down Joey, I'm sure things are gonna be ok."

"You don't know his father, he's a fucking monster Roman…a fucking monster. I bet this is about him going camping. All the poor guy wanted to do was come out with us and have fun for fuck sake," I said, starting to feel emotional.

I directed Roman through various back streets until we entered Jack's road. I could see blue flashing lights bouncing off the windows of houses as we went past them. Two parked police cars came into view and an ambulance was just pulling up as we got to his house. I jumped out of Roman's car before he had even stopped and ran through the open front door, dodging a policeman's hand as he tried to stop me from going in.

I entered the lounge and was nearly sick when I found what looked to be an unconscious Jack slumped up against the wall, his face covered in blood. His father was being handcuffed and I walked up to him losing it completely.

"You fucking evil piece of shit!" I screamed, and spat in his face. I wanted to head-butt him, but I was being held back by another policeman. "You are going down for what you've done you fucking asshole, I hope you fucking rot," I was struggling to get at him. I wanted to fucking pound his face like he had done to Jack, god I wanted him dead.

Two paramedics came rushing passed us and started attending to Jack who was non responsive as one of them asked if he could hear them. Old man Stanton was led away out of the house and put into the back of a cruiser.

"Do you know this boy?" One of the policemen asked.

"Yeah, he's my friend, we go to the same school and he works at my parent's pub."

"Do you know where his mother is?"

"No…no I don't, I just got here like you guys did. Will be go to prison for this?"

"I can't say, right now we need to make sure your friend gets the care he needs."

"That fucking monster needs to be electrocuted," I hissed, turning my attention to Jack's battered body.

"Does his father have a history of violent behaviour?"

"Damn right he does, and he and his mother just put up with it." I said, anger spilling out from me.

"Sir, we have found a woman upstairs, expired. Looks like she was strangled," Said one of the policemen to what I assumed was his boss.

"Dead!" I cried "Are you saying his mother is dead?"

"It looks that way young man, yes. I think it's better that you leave the house now son."

"I need to be with…right ok, yeah." I ran out of the house to where Roman was waiting. Jack was being stretchered into the ambulance, and I ran over to my brother and asked him to follow the ambulance, not before hugging him and bursting into tears.

"What's happened? Is he gonna be ok?"

"Fuck Roman, this is a fucking nightmare."

"Hey, shhh, it's gonna be ok Joey."

"No its not, his mother is upstairs in that house, dead, and Jack doesn't know."

"Oh man, really, what the fuck went on in there?"

"That THING is gonna pay for this, I'll fucking kill him myself. I'll stab that fucker until the knife breaks, I fucking mean it. You hear me you fucker…YOU FUCKING HEAR ME!" I screamed at Jack's father as they drove him away.

Roman pulled me into another hug and I sobbed uncontrollably in his grasp. I had just had the most amazing weekend with my friends and I couldn't believe what was now unfolding. I felt broken, but this wasn't about me. I needed to be with Jack…I had an unrelenting drive, need and urge…

To be with Jack!

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