The Saturday Boy, Two Years On

by Westcliff Writer


How it all Turned Out


After getting back from my pampering day with Mum, things seemed a little bit different. Different as in I felt like a weight bad been lifted from me. Things between Jack and me continued to settle down too. We talked a lot more and I became less paranoid when I saw him talk to other guys in the club. I felt like we had been on this long journey of discovery. Kind of like a new star that had now collected all its matter and was about to ignite. A star that was now ready to settle down into a gentle burn.

My theory sessions were going well and although I had been initially pessimistic about the whole thing, some of what my therapist said made a lot of sense. We went back to my childhood and discovered triggers that led to me being the way I was. She suggested that I had not had the support from my parents that I maybe should have had. That part made a lot of sense. She also said that because I was scared of not being noticed by my parents that in turn led to my rather compulsive behaviour.

Jack had started his new job which was going really well. He seemed to be a different person now that he was earning his own money. He always seemed to have an interesting day that it gave us something to talk about other than the club.

We had started to save too. I got the feeling Jack really wanted us to have a place of our own. It was not something I had put a lot of thought into, but he had convinced me that our future needed to be away from the club for our own sanity. The club was rather like a bubble in a way, and with all of us together it felt like we had no space… no time to miss anyone.

Since mum had had a talk with me I became less reliant on Roman for support. It was probably good timing actually because Roman's time was being taken up more and more by Olly. It was nice to see them both happy but I often felt they were at times, distant with each other. I had asked Roman if there was anything wrong, to which he replied no, but something was there, even if it was small.

Some other big news that came my way was that Dean had gathered the courage to tell his parents about James. After the phone call telling me Dean seemed to go on a communication blackout, but from what Vince told me, they called the police and it is being dealt with as a private family matter. I think that was code for me to not ask too many questions. I felt really sorry for Dean's parents. Just as they had got their eldest Son back, they find out he is an incestuous rapist. Most of all I felt sorry for Dean though, because he was the biggest victim out of this and yet he will probably suffer the most, which is so often the case. After finding out I had the lovely responsibility of telling everyone who didn't know. I got Dean's permission of course telling him that it would be better coming from me rather than reading it in a paper if the media ever got hold of it.

So far I hadn't seen anything.

Jack and I had planned to go away for the weekend a few weeks back but that had been put off due to dad fracturing his foot down in the cellar. The consequence of this was that I had to cover extra duties at the club. But we did end up going for a short break to Paris which was awesome. It was a very honest weekend where we assessed where we had been in our relationship and where we were now. It was funny actually, because although we were being completely honest with each other I always felt like Jack wanted to tell me something but just couldn't bring himself to do it. I dunno, maybe it was all in my mind. But we returned home feeling stronger than ever and I think that was the point of his plan.

As the days warmed up and the nights got longer, Jack and I would try to get out more together. Sometimes taking long walks before my night shift started at the club. We chatted about so many things and laughed about the past. Jack took me back to the time when we met, and I took him back to a more unpleasant place where his mum was killed. We hadn't really talked about that in the last couple of years because so much of my stuff had been going on. The truth was, I don't think I had ever really heard so much about Jack as I had done these last few months. I realised how much of his energy had been taken up with my problems and it was a testament to his loyalty that we are still together now.

I don't know what the future holds, who does. We all go through life thinking we know what we want, we know who we are and know where we will end up, but that is so far from the truth. My life feels like one long yoyo just slowly bouncing up and down, from good to bad to good again. Thankfully right now is a good period and I would really like to stop the yoyo where it is, but life has a way of creating Dramas when we least expect it. All we can try to do… all I can try to do is be a good honest person, be open with how I feel and not let the demons warp my mind.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Saturday Boy because I want you to know, I certainly enjoy being with him.

The End

I would like to give my eternal thanks to Lisa who edited this story to make it grammatically flawless. She also gave me ideas on different sentence structures which I really hope made the story flow while you read it. As always, massive thanks to all my readers who stayed up late to read when I posted late, all your comments, reviews and feedback have been awesome.

The Characters in TSB have been thrilling to write about and I hope you fell in love with them as much as I did. It's been quite a journey hasn't it? From that holiday in Grand Canaria to Jack and Joey saving up for a place of their own, they have both been through the mill and back out the other side.

Thank you once again for your amazing support and I hope you enjoyed the story.


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