by Westcliff Writer

Chapter 26

Earth - Heidgate - Mid Morning

Brandon was just entering the valley of the homeless that was Heidgate when the low morning sun stung his eyes as a building made way for the bright disc in the sky. He had planned to come the previous night but ended up having a rather drawn out argument with his parents as to why he seemed to be out all the time. He had explained that he was looking for Adam, to which his father responded, 'If you find him, dare you not bring him here,' proving that still no love looked like it would ever be rekindled.

The concrete was slippery as Brandon walked along, left like that after an aggressive early frost that had settled in making the damaged tarmac twinkle like millions of tiny gems. He planned to stop at the Laundrette looking for Sage but was suddenly distracted by what was going on up ahead.

Brandon gathered speed while trying not to slip over as he eyed a group of scruffy looking men standing round an NHS ambulance. As he approached he noted that one of the boys was wearing a blue puffer jacket, not so unlike the one he'd previously seen Sage wear.

Rather than going up behind the group, just in case there was an altercation he decided to cross the road to get a sideways look that the one particular boy he was now hoping was Sage. As he got to the other side there was a flurry of voices as a bed on wheels appeared from one of the dwellings complete with a bagged up body. Brandon drew in breath quickly as he looked at where the trolley had come from. He decided to abort his plan of finding Sage and continued to walk past the ambulance and crowd to the other end of the street.

His shoulders seemed to automatically relax as he could feel the voices getting further away. That was until a stealthily individual had somehow been following him undetected.

"Guess he'll be taking all his fantasy stories to the grave with him, you should do the same!"

Brandon turned round seeing Sage standing just feet behind him.

"So it is him then?"

"Fred? Yep," Sage replied, kicking a frosty patch of pavement with his beat up sneaker,

"Do you…"

"Do I know how? Yeah, heart attack, big one."

"I'm sorry," Brandon offered, softly.

"No need to apologise, It's him that's dead.

"Yeah, I guess so," Brandon replied solemnly

"So why are you here, were you hoping to see Old man Fred or something, cause you're a bit late as we both know."

"Actually, I came to see you, but that ambulance got the better of my curiosity."

Sage folded his arms. "Me? What for, I said all I had to at that university."

"Can we go somewhere to talk?"

"Didn't you hear me, I said I have nothing left to say."

"I know you have been having more of these visions, tell me I'm wrong."

"So what if I have, and let's be clear, they are not visions or any other hocus pocus you seem to think they are. It's probably just a dream I'm trying to remember.

"And your eye?" Brandon said, looking directly into it."

"What of it?"

He moved closer to Sage, causing Sage himself to take a pace back. "Why don't you like talking about it?"

"What's there to talk about, it's probably just an infection of some kind."

"Oh C'mon Sage, you don't really believe that do you?"

"Like I said, I don't have anything more to say to you, so now Fred is dead you really don't have a reason to come back here, unless you want Tasty Tina to give you another hand job!"

Brandon blushed slightly but shook the comment off. "Look, I think I can help you find out what these images are that flash into your head."

"And I think that maybe I don't care."

"Oh but I think you do. I think that they are baffling you and you'd love to know what they are."

"Pffft, and you think YOU, can help me with that?"

"I can, I have a friend, she is a hypnotist… she can probe you. Look Sage, whatever you believe or don't believe I think there is some connection between that artefact I showed you, your eye and these visions. If I can help you figure out what they are then it's likely you'll help me in my quest."

Sage tilted his head. "Which is?"

"Uh DUH! Like finding my brother, which is if I recall, something you wanted too. That is unless of course you've got bored of that ambition?"

"I'm a realist, Adam is gone… and it's somewhere on THIS planet, so sorry I can't help you, now I better be going." He turned and started to walk back.

"Hey, look wait a sec, I-"

Sage turned around angry. "You just don't get it do you, you have nothing to offer me so just piss off ok!"

"Well tell me then, tell me what I could offer you to make you do this… you want another lunch or something?"

Sage laughed sarcastically, "Dude, we did the lunch thing ok, and for what you're asking, it's gonna take a lot more than a stale burger!"

"So what then, money? Is that it?"

Sage tilted his head and pulled his lips down. "It certainly talks, but looking at you I'd say you were just out of college and wouldn't have the… facility to entertain me shall we say."

Brandon was seething inside but felt desperate to get him in front of Debbie none the less. "Okay," he started through gritted teeth, "What is your price?"

"To have my mind probed by a stranger, not to mention letting you have the knowledge that comes from it? I'd say 2 hundred should do it."

"WHAT?!" Brandon cried, reeling back. "Two fucking hundred, I don't have that kind of money."

Sage shrugged. "Pfft, see ya then!"

"A hundred," he blurted quickly as Sage began to walk away again, "Take a hundred, it's all the money I have, like anywhere!"

Sage stopped and thought about his offer. "A hundred and your ass," he settled on, causing Brandon to frown.


"Ass, your shit tube, chocolate escalator, your poop chute, you dig now?"

"Ok, ok, I understand, my ass! But what do you want with my ass?" Brandon asked, genuinely not knowing.

Sage laughed heartedly. "Eh, I want to fuck it?"

Brandon stepped back looking horrified. "What the fuck, Sage I ain't into that, look you get a hundred out of me, that's enough surely!"

Sage walked towards Brandon until their chins were almost touching. "Two things dude, firstly, you want this deal done, well you are fifty per cent down on my offer, and in my world? That's a no deal! Second, if you ain't got that kinda money then I have just offered you an alternative. Now to me it's simple! Either you give me a hundred and let me get off inside your cute little straight ass to get this deal of yours done, or, you…can…go…fuck…yourself," Sage stated, prodding at Brandon's chest as each word was spoken.

Brandon swallowed hard as Sage backed away before turning round and walking once again.

"I'll be at the laundrette if you change your mind!" he called, as Brandon let out a lung full of air it felt like he'd been holding for a week.

Later on that day Brandon had made his way to the University to see Sam in his room in between his classes. Sam had the artefact out again studying it under a microscope he had borrowed from a lab, Brandon sat quietly lost in his thoughts.

"There a reason why you're here?" Sam asked, his eye still firmly over the glass piece

"What?.. oh, erm, what do you mean?"

"Well since I opened that door to you all I've had is a hello. Everything ok?"

"Fred's dead."

"Huh? Really? When?"

"Dunno, today I guess. Went to see if I could find Sage and there was an ambulance parked up. They brought him out just as I got there."

"So uh, I guess you can keep this thing," Sam said, holding up the artefact.

"Yeah I guess so."

"Anything else wrong, you look pretty cut up about a bloke you didn't really know?" Sam asked as he went back to what he was doing.

Brandon closed his eyes briefly, took in a deep breath and looked over at his friend who was again fixated with the scope. "Sam?"

"Yeah?" he replied dreamily.

"If you really needed something and to get it meant you had to be fucked anally by another guy, would you do it?" he asked deadpan.

As Brandon finished his sentence Sam slowly looked up from the microscope and fixed his gaze on his friend. "S-s-sorry, could you just run that one by me again because I could have sworn you just said-"

"Yes I did just say that… so answer the question, would you?"

"Brandon, have you taken some fucking street drug or something, I mean is this really a serious question?"

"I'm gonna take it from your reaction that the answer would be no."

"What, did you really think I was gonna turn round and say, hell yeah Brandon, and while you at it why don't you give double penetration a go for the hell of it if you need something that bad."

Brandon sighed, not fazed by Sam's reaction. "Just thought I'd ask."

Sam shook his head. "Look man, we all got a little bit of gay in us deep down, but the whole in out in out ass play pumparooni? Well that's just not cricket! Anyway, why in god's name are you asking me?"

"This Sage dude won't go under Debbie's spell shit unless I give him two hundred big ones!"

"Sorry, so where does you getting dicked come into this?"

"I said I didn't have two hundred and offered him a hundred. He said he would accept the hundred and a fuck."

"And you said no right?"

"I didn't say anything in the end, I just let him walk away."

"But you're goanna say do one right? Right Brandon? RIGHT?

Brandon lifted his head up and looked at Sam saying nothing for a second, until, "Would it really be that bad?"

Sam put his finger up to his lips. "Hmm, let me think about that, oh no, I can't because I ain't never let a guy put his dick in my ass."

"I better go," Brandon said, getting up from the beanbag he'd been laying on.

"Are you sure, you're welcome to stay if the folks are still giving you grief, I got class soon though if you don't mind entertaining yourself for a couple of hours?"

"Nah, I need to get home and eat. I'll speak to you soon, yeah?"

"Yeah cool Bro, and hey, maybe you can find out what happened to your brother without all this weird shit that's being floated around."

"Yeah maybe," Brandon replied dejectedly "See ya soon."

It was approaching eleven o'clock at night when the beat up door to the laundrette opened and a sad looking Brandon exited, his face wet followed by Sage who was grinning. Sage patted him on the back before flicking through a wad of notes held in his other hand.

"Pleasure doing business with you, and thanks, you were pretty good."

"Whatever," Brandon mumbled as he began to limp away, his belt still flapping loose.

"Hey don't look so down, you should be proud, you have a very tight ass, there's not many people who could get me to spunk that quickly without foreplay. But I must admit, your grunting was a turn on."

Brandon turned around. "You are Satan's fucking child do you know that. Just remember we have a deal!"

"On this street, we keep our promises; I'll see you at the address you gave me in four days at midday!"

"Yeah, just try not to OD with the money you ripped off me!"

Sage laughed, shaking his head before heading back inside leaving Brandon standing cold in the street, as one more stray tear ran down his face.

Two Moons Later on Purity

An invitation by Commander Moorabak, had led Adam and Sage to visit his 2 story apartment down on the coast. As the Commander showed Castro the different animals and plants in his yard area, inside the apartment, Moorabak's life partner was looking at pictures of earth and some of the material that was available on the multicom to do with Adam's home planet.

"So what is this huge line that runs the length of this area here, Adam of Earth?"

"Oh, that's called the Great Wall of China."

"I see, and what does it do?"


"Yes, what is its function?"

Adam shrugged. "Well nothing now, it's really old. A long time ago it was there to keep enemies out of China."

"And this China?"

"Well that is called a country on earth. You see it's a little different on my planet as there are different countries."


"Uh, how can I explain it?"

"What he means to say Tharason, is that Earth is ruled by different factions," Moorabak said, walking towards his partner and Adam as Castro followed.

"Yeah, that's right, factions. So like, on your world you have one guy who rules the whole place, but where I come from… and let me see if I can remember this… there are over a hundred and fifty recognised areas called countries and these countries are led by different people."

Tharason chuckled. "Sounds like absolute chaos, young earthling."

"It is but we think it's better than absolute rule by one old dictator," Adam replied, and suddenly wondered if his comment sounded arrogant.

"Adam, you know why I asked you here?" Moorabak asked, changing the subject.

"The Grand Master thing?" Adam replied, feeling nervous all over again after having relaxed for two days.

"The World Vote will begin tomorrow Adam, now listen, I-"

"Whoa, can I just have a minute before you rush into this. And I really would like you to include Castro in whatever you say, I don't want him left out, we are equal!" Adam said, a little offended he's life partner had been left standing behind Moorabak." Castro, come and sit down, you need to be involved."

"Yes Adam, I apologise."

Adam rolled his eyes. "Castro, how many more times…submissivezero!"

"Yes, submissivezero, I must remember."

Submissivezero was a term Adam came up with to remind Castro when he was letting either Adam or someone else dominate him. Adam thought of the term after feeling like he was berating him all the time when he felt Castro was being undermined, most of the time by Adam himself. It was also a way to not embarrass Castro in public by using a code word instead. Castro had said he was incapable of embarrassment as it was a human unique emotion, but none the less Adam and he agreed submissivezero could be used.

"I apologise Catro, please join us."

"Thank you Lord Moorabak." Castro replied, sitting down.

"Now Adam, we must urgently start thinking of a strategy for power. As I am moving around the planet frequently I am very happy to be your main kanatoth. With your status already known throughout I am certain I can get another fifty Kanatoths to campaign for you. All I need to know is what you stand for?"

"Huh? What I stand for, how the hell should I know, up until recently I was a guest on your planet. Even now I don't know what makes this place tick."

"Then think of Earth, if you wanted to create a utopian world what would you do?"

"Pfft, I dunno, heal the sick?"

"Adam, medicine is not an issue on Purity, think of another."

"Save the whales?"


"Whales, it's a fish," Adam said, giggling.

"Moorabak stood up and looked down on him. Master Adam, I must insist we take these matters seriously, if you wish to win power you-"

"Yeah well what if I don't? You just assume that I should be grateful for having the opportunity to do this but you know what Lord Moorabak, I'm scared… more scared than I have ever been of anything. I'm… I'm just this kid, a long way from home trying to make a life on an alien planet with the boy I love and I'm about to be asked to lead a planet with hundreds of millions of people on it."

"One point four billion actually, Look Adam. You have my undying support and the support of a council of your choosing."

"Support, support, but what does that actually mean? What support can you give to a person who knows nothing!"

Moorabak tapped his mask. "Morals, loyalty, trust, kindness, belief, strength, understanding!" He reeled off ."Adam, those are your existing building blocks… those are the foundations this planet can sit on with you in power because that is you!. Support is the act of building branches based on those qualities and this is how we will build a NEW Purity, a BETTER Purity and a STRONGER Purity for all our children and theirs too," he went on pounding his chest. "Adam, Castro, let us do this, let me and the other Kanatoths HELP you do this, and I promise you that YES, while it may not be easy, while it may not be a quick fix, I absolutely believe you can be what this planet needs, because Adam, you ARE the right person, you ARE the one… the one we have all been waiting for, the one the whole planet has been waiting for. So don't sit there and say it can't be done, stand up and shout out for yourself, for Relshek, for Skada, shout out for all of Purity, the planet you love and say… I will make this planet the greatest place in the universe and I will do it because I am the right person TO do it!"

Adam got to his feet, his jaw still dropped open, a wave of pride, confidence and motivation suddenly running through him. He got up, and with a fist pumped into the air he shouted. "I WILL MAKE THIS PLANET THE GREATEST PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!"

"Good! now tell me what you stand for!" Moorabak asked again passionately.

Adam's eyes narrowed, his face taking on a steely expression, and then with anger making his lips quiver he leant into to Moorabak's masked face. "Before anything can be done I want to CRUSH the Silga, THAT'S what I stand for most of all!"

Underneath his mask Moorabak smiled, before adding. "As a Commander in Space Operations, I could not agree with you more."

"We need to make the military stronger."

"Yes," Moorabak agreed.

"We need to build more ships, bigger ships, more powerful ships, more weapons, more guns, more officers. We need to make Puritas a military Super Power. Then and only then will we be strong enough to take the fight to the evil that keeps returning!"

"YES Adam!" Moorabak shouted excitedly.

"Castro, thoughts?" Adam asked.

"The Silga killed Lord Relshek, they need to be punished!"

"So, a strong Purity through military rebuilding, A cure for our afflicted citizens, what else, Adam?"

"I want to have the science quarter research into getting rid of these masks you wear so the beauty of a Puritan face can once again be seen."

"Ok, and how are you going to resource this?"


"Are you going to train more people in the field of science and create a separate branch to facilitate this huge undertaking?"

Adam looked puzzled. "Yeah why not, we just train thousands more dudes and ask them to create a vaccine or something, right?"

"And how will you balance the economy?"

"There's no money here, what is there to balance?"

"Adam, surely Lord Relshek told you about the trading system that allows our planet to function. There may be no money but we all must trade something with another to keep the system working. Oversupply in the Science Quarter and you tip the balance with the Manufacturing Quarter sending it into undersupply."

Adam sat there trying to recall a conversation he'd had with Relshek about this exact problem. He disappeared into his thoughts for a few moments while Moorabak's voice faded into oblivion.

"The craftsman who makes the furniture trades it for something he wants in return. For items that cannot be traded because there is an absence of someone to trade it with, High Command issues tokens which can be used for luxuries such as vacation time or better education for their children for example."

"So there is a currency then, these tokens?"

"Tokens are not classed as currency Sage. To have currency requires that items must be worth something more or less than another item. To use your furniture question again, a chair for example is worth no more or less than a family vehicle. Since everything is of equal value or of no value at all then there is no need for currency."

Adam slowly came back to the present…

"That was when we had twenty science officers come back to the ship," Moorabak said chuckling, Adam just looked at him not having a clue.

"I'm sorry, what were you saying?" Adam asked.

"Never mind, so do you wish for me to launch this campaign?" Moorabak asked.

"Yes, but one more thing,"


"Tell them, if I do get power, I want a new way of doing business here otherwise the way I see it, and correct me if I am wrong, nothing will ever get built fast enough if we have to keep this stupid balance between the Quarters."

"Yes well, that one will be hard to sell; I'll see what I can do."

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