by Westcliff Writer

Chapter 25

The High Council Chamber on Purity, Two Days Later

With news that Grand Master Telstrek had been… absent for the last couple of moons, Commander Moorabak along with Lord Kelshen decided it was safe for Adam to return to the planet. Adam had been informed that a ceremony would be taking place in the main hall and had been given clearance to attend. Since Adam had been stuck on a ship for 2 days, Castro had been sent off to Life School once more and had not seen his lover since before his operation, something he found strange. But they had spoken via Intercom and both had promised to speak in depth when he returned later that day.

Adam ran into the hall and wrestled his way to the front just as a high ranking council officer walked on to the main circular plinth where Telstrek's chair sat empty.

"My Lords, Governors of Gerious and Plestina, Noblemen… please be seated."

There was a rumble of noise as shifting Puritans took their seats in the large hall and silently waited. The Councilman stood until the room as once again silent and began to speak again.

"We come here today to remember our fallen comrades. To stand here and remember the sacrifices they made in the protection of our humble planet. On purity, as it's always been, we strive for peace but stand ready to defend ourselves in the face of our enemies. The council business today will discuss various matters as usual but it is important we remember those who cannot be here today so that we can be. I would like to pay special homage to two outstanding servants of our world and they are Lord Relshek of Purity and Lord Commander Skada of Plestina. Although their passing should not be deemed more important than the rest of our brave people who took the fight to the evil Silga just recently and lost their lives, however the two individuals I mention are known all around the planet."

"What about my son!" A Puritan shouted from the crowd.

"And my brother," another yell came.

"My Lords, please, let us show some respect at this time of grief," Lord Kelshen cried, raising his hand up. The Councilman nodded as if to thank Kelshen and carried on.

"I mention Lord Relshek in one respect because he was the one who found our saviour and the boy you see in this hall today. As we speak we are just a moon or so away from being able to cure the suffering of the terrible affliction that has plagued our planet. A cure that will bring those Puritans back to our communities and into the bright sunshine once more. For this, our child, Lord Relshek, we honour your name. And second, to Lord Commander Skada, who stayed on his bridge till the very end, along with his crew, to protect the young earthling from imminent destruction… Yes, we all know… the Council knows, but it doesn't matter, Adam of Earth is safe, and his mission has been a success."

Adam looked nervous as he stood there listening. He eyed Lord Kelshen in the distance wondering how the High council had found out he had been on Skada's ship. The consequences of this had yet to be said in public and Adam wondered if that was supposed to be the case.

"As we lay our dead to rest we thank each and every one of them, and I announce three moons of mourning for our fallen."

Puritans banged their boots on the floor as was the custom when something was said they agreed with. Adam stood still not really knowing what was happening.

"My Lords, please come to order," the Council man shouted, banging his staff three times on the marble floor. The room quickly went silent. "Other business of priority can now be discussed and I pass the first item on the agenda to head of Space Operations, Deputy Lord Commander Tristrometh."

A confident looking Puritan in full dress uniform walked briskly to the centre plinth and bowed to the crowed. "My Lords, after a full debrief I am now at liberty to publish my report of the Silga battle to you all in this room. The information, as is the Puritan way can be made public to your constituents once this meeting is over. I begin with the losses. At relatively short notice we were able to recall fifteen operational ships and bring out six obsolete vessels for the battle. Total ship crew including officers and Commanders stood at four hundred and seventy nine. It is with regret that three hundred and twenty seven lost their lives. Of the ship numbers I can report that all six Obsolete ships were lost in addition to seven operational vessels. Damaged beyond repair was the Hydra, the Kushu, the Semeton and bitterly, one of our two flagships, the Selsha. These will be scrapped at the Planatia Fleetyards on Plestina."

"NOOO!" Adam screamed, running out to the centre of the hall. You must fix the Selsha, you must!" he cried, as tears streamed down his face. "Send her to dock, commit yourselves to repair her."

Commander Tristometh, looked at the boy with contempt. "Earth boy, it is not appropriate to interrupt a council meeting with protests, it is un-Puritan!"

"And you Sir are a dishonourable Puritan," Adam shot back, full of emotion, pointing his finger sharply at the officer. The crowd stayed silent, stunned. They had never witnessed an ordinary person of no rank question a member of the High Council before."

"WHAT! This is preposterous, remove this boy at once," Tristometh demanded.

Nobody did anything. Instead, there began a gentle, quiet chant from a few Puritans in the crowd which slowly got louder as more joined in.

"Earth boy, Earth Boy Earth Boy," came the calls. Louder and louder. Feet started to bang on the floor as Commander Tristometh darted his eyes round the room before looking back at the High Councilman as if asking him to intervene.

Intervene he did not. Instead, in the midst of the now deafening noise he stepped forward and ushered the Space Operations commander off the stage and then raised his hand. The room came back to order.

"I was going to leave the next item I will announce until last, but it seems only natural now to bring it forward. In light of recent events I am hereby informing the council members that Grand Master Telstrek has been removed from power on a vote of Nineteen to Four. There will now be preparations for a World Vote! Other business will be postponed for two moons. Please inform your constituents and make ready for your candidates. Lords dismissed!"

Then, with three bangs of the Councilman's staff the crowd cheered and filed out in jubilation. Adam, frozen to the spot suddenly aware of what this could mean caught a glimpse of Commander Moorabak looking at him. Then without saying a word, he nodded to the Earth boy before walking out of the hall leaving Adam alone in the great hall.

Adam got back to his apartment and slumped into one of his chairs, exhausted, both mentally and physically. It had been a surreal couple of days and it was really the first time in a while he felt that life had briefly returned to something of normally, whatever that was on Purity.

As his eyes grew heavy he had flashbacks of the images on the Selsha that would make him crease his forehead. The bloodied bodies and mangled limbs filtered through in super high definition before fading and making way for what had happened in the great council hall.

Just as he finally began to drift off he heard the hatch open on his front door and sprang up.

"BABY!" He cried, running towards Castro. Castro dropped his small white case on the floor and buried his tongue into Adam's mouth passionately. "I'm… so… glad… to… see you!" Adam said, breaking the kiss in stages to talk.

"I have missed you Adam, welcome home!"

"Oh my god, it's been so long, how are you, are you ok, do you need anything, how was life school, I'm sorry I wasn't here."

Castro chuckled and led Adam over to a seat and sat down. "Life school was very good, I did feel apprehensive going, but I was informed by Lord Kelshen that there was little point me staying until you could get back down to the planet."

"Yeah it's been a rough couple of days, but I'm here now." Castro took of his mask and revealed a face of sorrow. "Hey, baby, what's wrong?"

"I was informed about Lord Relshek, I am sad for both him and you, Adam."

"Yeah he got a raw deal, but you know what?"


"He got done what he needed to and I know he would be made up that he did. It worked Castro, the operation was a success, Christian got what he needed and now they have it in some lab."

"I'm so pleased, Adam."

"Yeah, you sound it," Adam replied, smirking at Castro's conservative response.


"Yes babe?"

"Can I ask you something?"


"People are talking. They are saying that there will be a world vote and you may be Grand Master."


"Is it true?"

Adam sighed, and fell backwards on to the headrest of the chair. "I don't know what's going on right now Castro. I mean, yeah, I have been told by a Commander that could be the case, but as far as I understand it there will be other candidates so it might not happen."

"I have learned that the role of Grand Master is the most important on the planet, Adam."

"It is yes."

"Are you ready for that, if you are chosen?"

"No, the whole thing scares me so much I want to vomit."

"What will you do with me if you are proclaimed Grand Master?"

"Do with… Baby, what do you mean?" Adam asked, wearing a concerned expression.

"Will we still be together?"

"What are you talk… of course we will, you are my life partner, where I go, you go."

"I'm glad, Adam. I am very fond of you and I want to stay with you until my life ends."

Adam got up and knelt down in front of his lover, looking him in his beautiful big brown eyes. "You got it!"

"I'm glad. Oh, while I was at life school I have been able to learn a few of your earth words, though I must admit some of them are confusing."

"They teaching you about little old earth in that place?"

"Oh no, this is something I did in my spare time. But apparently now we have visited your world a few times we now have more data which was picked up partly by old style radio waves I understand it. This has now been made available on the Multicoms."

"So what have you learned?"

Castro got to the edge of his seat and twisted to face Adam, looking a little pleased with himself. "Ok, so I learned that cool means good?"

Adam cracked up. "It sure does."

"But the word cool means no heat right?"

"Yes, that is its real meaning."

"This is why I am confused."

"Yeah, we say some pretty strange stuff. So was that it?"

"No, I have also been intrigued why you call me baby, and I now understand this is an affectionate term given to someone you feel deeply for yes?"

"That's right. Well done."

"I also heard this on one section. Yeah, like you wanna get me some fried chicken, you dig?"

Adam dove up and pissed himself laughing. "Wow, that was great, you even got the accent right!"


"Accent. Like dialect Castro, In my world there are many different languages and each language will have its own dialect depending on where you are living."

"Hmm, Strange, people on Purity all sound the same."

"Well I think that is because you are all conceived the same way here."

"Perhaps. Anyway Let us talk about you."


"Yes, like what you intend to do if you get selected as Grand Master."

"I was trying not to think about it."

"I am here, Adam. Although I cannot not offer you much in the way of support, I am here to help if I can."

"Baby, just you being by my side is all I need. I just wish you didn't have to go to life school."

"It is mandatory, Adam."

"Yeah, don't remind me."

"So will you please excuse me while I get dressed into my apartment garments?" Castro got up and began walking towards the bedroom quarters when Adam reached out and grabbed his arm.

"Hey? Every time you come back from that place you seem a little more submissive. I don't want you to be like that and starts with getting one thing straight."


"You never have to ask permission for anything, do you understand?"

"Have I offended you?" Castro asked, blinking his big brown eyes almost making Adam melt into the floor.

"No of course not, just try to be a little more, uh… well relaxed. You and me are equal. Sometimes you make me feel like I own you."

"In some ways you do Adam, after all you created me."

Adam's face grew dark. "I never wanna hear you describe our relationship like that again."

"But it is a fact, Adam, and I am not ashamed of that fact."

"Yes but it don't sound right."

"Very well I will not speak of it again."

"See, there you go again, don't back down so easy. If you believe in something argue with me."


"Yeah, fight back."

"You want me to hit you?"

"I mean verbally fight back, not physically."


"Look, I'll show you." Adam walked over to the small table and picked up a flexipad, then came back again and stood in front of Castro. "This FlexiPad is black."

"But it is white."

"Not BUT, Castro. Is it white or not?"

"Yes it is white."

"No it's not it is black," Adam retorted, making out he was being arrogant to judge Castro's handling of the statement.

"Adam, I assure you the FlexiPad is white."

"It's black. Do you believe it's white?"

"It is white, Adam."

"Then argue it is."

"I am!" Castro replied, a hint of frustration.

"Good," Adam remarked. "But it's black in my eyes."

"The Pad is white Adam, OK?"

"Excellent, but I still think it's black."

"The fucking Pad is white, now be quiet!" Castro snapped.

"Success! Hey wait a minute, what did you say?"

"I said the pad is white and be quiet."

"You said fucking, that's not a Puritan word."

"It's an earth word, I am well aware, I thought I would use it so you would understand that I meant what I was saying. I heard this was a forceful word to drive home a point?"

"Meh, the main thing is, you argued for what you believed in. The trouble with you Puritans, unless you hold a position on the high council, no one thinks for themselves. You are what we call sheep, on my planet."

"It is our way, Adam. It has been for thousands of doons. But I do strive to be more… how would you say it? On your level?"

"And I yours in some ways. Anyway, thanks baby, you took my mind off the last couple of days and it's helped me to clear my mind a little."

"I am pleased I was able to help."

Adam, positioned on all fours being pumped from behind by Castro could see the intercom flashing on the wall as he moaned in pleasure from his Lover's act of penetration. Noticing Castro had begun to build considerable speed he was inclined to ignore it giving Castro the time to enjoy his orgasm when he finally came. It was also apparent that he was lasting longer evidenced by the fact that it was Adam this time that had to keep his hand away from his dick feeling he would climax at any moment from the waves of pleasure he was experiencing each time Castro impaled him.

Castro hands gripped Adam's hips tighter and tighter, to the point where he was making indentations with his nails, and then finally it happened. Castro seemed to stop before drawing back his cock like a snooker cue about to break and ploughed into Adam's bowels with a sharp thrust, as he cried out in ecstasy. Adam could feel the unloading of Castro's semen inside him which was enough on its own to complete his own task of coming. 5 or 6 hot jets of seed shot out with such force it left Adam trembling from both his hand and knees and Castro continued to push with all his might inside his lover's ass.

As per the norm for Puritans, Castro's orgasm was a drawn out spectacle and Adam had to rest his hands, choosing to rest his forehead on the bed while Castro continued to unload himself. Finally he felt the pressure release on his hips and Castro relaxed a little. Adam turned round to see he had tears in his eyes such was the ferocity of his climax.

"That… That was intense," Adam announced, as Castro slowly pulled out of his red raw opening. Moments later he jumped off bed and ran to the toilet just in time for the floodgate to open on his wrecked sphincter.

"Would you mind seeing who is on the intercom Cas?" Adam called as Castro's seed oozed from his colon.

"It is Lord Kelshen, he has been waiting outside."

"Shit!" Adam, mumbled. "Better let him in."


Adam got off the toilet and wiped himself with a pair of old boxer briefs before throwing on a white robe and appearing in the main apartment. Lord Kelshen came in, looking flustered and walking as fast as his frail elderly body would carry him.

"Master Adam!"

"Kelshen, what's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong my child, I have spectacular news." He announced trying to catch his breath.

"What, tell us."

"We have just tested the first six Puritans with the Solitaryarolous disease and I am overjoyed to say that the incubated gene solution has worked. We were right, Lord Relshek and I were right!"

"Oh… my…GOD! So a cure?"

"It seems so, my son, it seems so."

"So what happened?" Adam asked, almost bouncing round his apartment.

"We took three different sub species and placed them in a room. As you know, those with Solitaryarolous show no signs of sexual desire even without wearing any inhibitor masks. We then injected them without replacing their masks. Two of the sub species reacted almost immediately while the other one took slightly longer. Using a serum we were able to permanently alter the gene structure using the cell make up of what you provided thus bringing the makeup of the infected Puritans into normal parameters. We noted that uncontrollable sexual desire took over in two of the subspecies in just under seven heshtons, while the other occurred in eleven. We then replaced the masks which returned their state of emotions back to a normal functioning state and then removed them again after sixty heshtons."

"And what happened?" Adam asked, excitedly.

"There was an immediate attraction and hardly any time delay between removing the mask and uncontrollable sexual desire."

"You've cracked it, the cure works?"

"I am almost certain. We will be removing the mask just after the next sunrise to see if the effects are indeed permanent, but our tests show cells are stable and show no sign of mutating into the variety that causes the affliction.

"Wow, well, it all sounds really complicated but I think I get the key information. Oh Lord Kelshen, I am SOOO HAPPY!"

"I too my son, I can now die peacefully knowing my work is complete."

A tear began to run down Adam's cheek, an emotion that Castro clocked as he stepped forward and hugged his boyfriend. "It's also so sad Relshek could not be here to see the final stage, he would have been so excited." Adam said, his voice croaking with emotion.

"He would, he was a brilliant scientist and one I will miss deeply until I pass over myself soon."

"So… so what happens now?"

"Now we will replicate what he have so it can be distributed out across the isolation farms, which is where most of the inflicted are now kept. They will then be able to return to their families and lead normal lives."

"That's great!" Castro said, getting a look from Adam at his rather unusual burst of emotion.

"I will leave now, I still have much to do until my body gives up. Thank you Adam, from me, from the people and from the sufferers, this is a moment in history for our people!"

"Glad I could help," Adam replied, modestly. It would take a few days to really sink in as to what Adam had done. Something that would keep him smiling for a long time.

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