by Westcliff Writer

Chapter 20

A tearful Adam, accompanied by Castro stepped onto the Delshak, the ship that was to take Sage back home to earth while on an assignment. Sage looked equally upset but tried to be strong for Adam, choosing a mature attitude to try and soften the impact that they might never see each other again.

Sage stepped forward, placing Adam's head in his hands. "I'm sorry for all the bad things I did to you, I just hope you know I'm not a bad person," he said, trying hard now to fight back the tears surfacing. He then looked at Castro. "And you take care of my boy here won't you."

Castro nodded as Adam gripped Sage letting out a full flood of emotion. "Please look after yourself, I'm gonna miss you so much."

"I will, I will."

"Do… do you know when you have to have your operation to erase your memory?"

"They say they'll do it when we are almost home. I'll then be taken back to Heidgate by Podling."

"But where are they going to leave you?"

Sage stepped back and smiled. "Oh, I chose the perfect place."

Adam rubbed his eyes and sniffed. "The laundrette?"

"Yeah, Adam, the laundrette."

"It was a pleasure to meet you Sage, I wish you well on your return to Earth." Castro cut in.

Meanwhile 2 Puritans came through to the reception bay and announced the ship would be departing in 10 heshtons, so Adam gave Sage one last hug before kissing him tenderly on the lips.

"I hope your own operation goes well, and please whatever you do, make yourself a good life here."

"I will Sage."

Adam and Castro were led back into the docked Podling and Adam turned to see Sage being led out of the bay into a corridor and out of sight. Castro tried to comfort him as he sat in a chair and broke down in tears again.

"You know Castro, despite his flaws; he could be one of the most brilliant guys you could ever meet."

"I trust by your display of emotion the both of you were closer than you perhaps knew."

"You might be right," Adam replied as the airtight door closed and the Podling began to separate from the ship with a clunk. "You know, I'm so sorry, I have been so wrapped up in Sage leaving I forgot to ask, how was life school?"

"It was interesting yes and please do not worry Adam, I fully understand your need to say goodbye to your friend. We have plenty of time to converse."

"Thanks baby."

Adam's stomach fluttered as the ship made a series of sharp manoeuvres presumably its way back down to the planet surface. He looked at Castro who was aboard a ship for the first time and noticed that his new boyfriend did not seem fazed at all by the journey, and that surprised him.

"Are you scared?" Adam asked, causing Castro to focus his deep brown eyes into his own.

"Is there something I should be fearful of ?"

"Well, I was just wondering because, well you know, this is the first time you have been in space and it's not like you had much warning you were gonna be."

"Lord Relshek told me that there has not been a space accident for almost twenty doons. I took those odds as comforting and decided I was not going to be scared."

"I like your thinking." Adam replied, managing a small smile. "So what do you want to do when we get back?"

"Since it has been a while since I have seen you I would very much like to have sex, is this ok?"

Adam cracked up laughing. "Forward as usual Castro, I love it! Sure we can have sex if you want, but after?"

"After we can go for a walk if you like?"

"Yeah sounds nice, and you can tell me all about… hey wait a minute, what's going on?" Adam suddenly looked out of the window noticing they were heading away from the planet. He could see the Delshack moving slowly away too and thought he could see something behind the ship but because of the size of the passing vessel and the distance away he couldn't get a proper look.

"Are you ok?"

"Castro, we seem to be heading away from Purity."

"Are you certain?"

"Yes, look!" Adam pointed out of one of the round glass hatches. Despite being strapped into his seat he managed to turn round and hit the intercom panel on the side bulkhead of the small ship.

"Yes Adam of Earth?" a voice came, presumably the pilot.

"Would you mind telling me where we're going?"

"New orders have come in from Senior Commander Skada, we are to dock at the Selsha."

"Huh? But why?"

"Unknown. I will update you as I know more." The intercom cracked and fell silent. Castro looked at Adam who now was wearing a concerned expression on his face.

"Perhaps we could call Lord Relshek," Castro suggested.

Adam banged his head with the palm of his hand. "Ahhhh, I know what this is… Christian said he was going to arrange a tour of one of these beasts, perhaps this is the surprise."

"Perhaps, can I ask, are you interested in combatant military ships Adam?"

Adam smiled. "I think even if you weren't, you can't help be impressed with the size of the Tomleek and Selsha, Castro. Your planet has got some SERIOUS hardware here!"

"Yes, we have eighteen ships in active service and I understand there are plans for more."

"Hey, how did you know that?"

"Life school, it was one of the first things we were told actually. I understand there is a threat looming by a hostile alien race."

"The Silga… they told you about that?"

"Yes, amongst other things."

"Uh… did they happen to teach you what the Silga wanted?"

"We were told that they wish to eradicate us as a species and plunder our rich resources," he replied casually as if it was nothing special. Adam meanwhile couldn't help feel a little relieved in some ways, glad that the new boys were not being told that HE was the reason their planet had been bombed weeks ago.

On board the Selsha, Commander Skada and Lords Kelshen and Relshek were already aboard discussing the latest developments regarding the Silga and Adam.

"I wish to thank you for your support Skada, I know I have asked much with this favour." Kelshen said sincerely.

"I am curious as to what your end plans are here my Lords. Are you planning to wait until Grand Master Telstrek passes on?"

Kelshen looked at Relshek rather hoping he had at least thought that far ahead. "May I be so bold as we are amongst friends? Telstrek needs to be removed from power. Purity is being held back by his out-dated views not to mention the ever gaining control his advisors appear to be gathering. No, we need a new leader… strong willed, younger and more dynamic."

The room was silent as Relshek finished his opinion, both Kelshen and Skada surprised that he held such strong views regarding their leader.

"And who did you have in mind, Lord Relshek?"

"Beton could be a candidate. Look at it this way Commander Skada, if Beton had been leader of our people the military would have been bolstered by as much as seven ships more by now. Instead, Telstrek cancels production through fear of Purity being labelled as war mongers by our interstellar neighbours. And now look, we have a potential war looming with the Silga and we have a fleet size of able ships one fifth of theirs."

Skada nodded. "You make a good point Relshek, but to speak of the removal of a Grand Master is extreme, I must say."

Lord Kelshen was about to offer a view when the intercom crackled into life. "Commander Skada, the podling containing the Earth child Adam and his companion is ready to dock."

"Very good, we are on our way," he replied, pushing back his seat and standing up. "Puritans, we will continue this discussion another time. First, let's go and reveal our immediate plans to the boy."

"Thank you Lord Skada, I am grateful for your assistance, as is Lord Relshek," Kelshen said, tapping the commander on the shoulder.

Adam and Castro were waiting in a reception area of the huge starship and looked up when a pair of metal sliding doors fizzed open. 3 Puritans walked in and Adam, now having got to know Relshek's and Kelshen's walk knew it was them. But the other guy?

Adam got up and walked over to them. "What's going on, why are we here, and why were we not told?"

"You will have many questions Adam, all I would ask is that you remain calm and we will answer them."

"Not that line again Christian. I thought I was here for a tour and some guy back out there says I could be in danger!"

Castro remained silent while Adam ranted.

"We have decided that for security reasons you will remain here for the time being. I am having all the equipment needed for your gene extraction operation transported here and once you are out of danger you will return to the planet, it really is as simple as that."

"What danger, you mean those alien bastards who attacked us?"

Relshek looked back at Skada and Kelshen wondering what to reveal. "Adam, there has been a development from the High Council. Grand Master Telstrek thinks that having you on our planet will bring war to Purity."

"Yes, I thought I already had from what you had told me weeks ago after we were attacked."

The comment did cause Castro to raise a brow but little more than that, Adam noticed.

"Yes and the Master wishes to eliminate that problem as soon the gene extraction is over," Kelshen chimed in.

"What problem? You… you don't mean… you don't mean me?"

Castro got up and came to Adam's side, looking defiant. "NO!"

"Castro, please remain calm. The reason Adam is here because I wholeheartedly agree with your feelings." Relshek said, and Castro seemed to relax.

"So what, I stay up here forever, on this ship. I'm getting the feeling that if he wants me gone, dead or whatever, then how can I go back to Purity? Are you gonna send me back to earth instead because I will not go without Castro, you know that right?"

"Adam, Adam, calm down, you are getting ahead of yourself. Admittedly we are still trying to come to an agreement on what to do long term, but your place on Purity is not in question. You are loved, respected and worshipped by most of the planet. Regardless of what Grand Master Telstrek and his advisors think, the will of the people is superior."

Lord Skada stepped forward. "Master Adam of earth. I have been made fully aware of your current situation and what you plan to do to help Purity stay prosperous. On my honour as a Flagship Commander, myself and my crew will do whatever is necessary to keep you safe."

"Even if it means war with the Silga?" Castro asked, having been listening intently.

"Even if it means war with the Silga." Skada repeated, slowly and sincerely. "From the latest report from Space operations, they are already on their way as we speak. We will give them a good fight."

"Really Lord Skada, you omitted to tell me this," Kelshen said, rather surprised.

"Yes, I am sorry. I was dealing with the issue at hand. We are currently bringing all weapon bearing ships back to the Puritas system. Space operations are even considering bringing out some of the older decommissioned vessels to bolster out fleet."

"Can we win?" Adam asked.

"Without the Tomleek and this ship, absolutely not, but with these new vessels, we may have a chance. Reports are that there are twenty ships heading this way, but our listening posts have yet to confirm the number as definite. We will know more in the next day or so."

"Should Adam and I be worried about being aboard this ship while the Silga are coming?" Castro asked.

"Let's be frank here young Castro. If the Silga unleash a bloodbath on the planet it will be better that you are up here. I am rather hoping they do a scan for humans and realise Adam is no longer on the planet's surface and this way they may decide to postpone an attack. Our intelligence shows that Silgara, their home world, is rapidly running out of resources to mount these intense multi ship invasions and to fire off weapons that have no target of much use, well, I am hoping they will think twice."

"But what if they scan me here and twenty ships aim their weapons at this ship, we're all dead anyway right?"

"No, because we have jamming equipment to stop that. I am very confident we can keep your inhabitancy aboard this ship a secret. Now, unless you have any further questions I am expected on the bridge."

"Thank you Lord Skada," Kelshen said. Skada took a polite bow and left the room.

"Adam, Castro, I will show you to your quarters and then Adam I will need to see you in about forty Heshtons for a conversation about your procedure."

"Guess it's almost time, right?" Adam asked, swallowing hard.

"It is my son, but please do not be apprehensive, we have all the necessary equipment being brought up and you will be very comfortable here I give you my word. Now follow me please."

Castro lay back on their new soft bed and started to caress Adam's private regions. Adam had his eyes closed and was enjoying the attention he was receiving after such a break in seeing each other. His cock was already hard as the young puritan pushed his hand inside the waistband of his boyfriend's loose white garments.

Castro stopped briefly and started to unbutton the torso section of his white all in one jumpsuit while Adam pulled himself up on to his elbows and watched intently.

"You know I could never get bored of your perfect body," he remarked, as Castro revealed his pecks. "Take off your mask, I wanna kiss you."

Castro did as he was asked, leaving his jumpsuit in favour of unclipping his facial covering. Castro's rich, thick jet black hair had grown just a little in their short time apart and it was now long enough to develop a sexy bed head look after being enclosed in his mask. Adam sat up in an L shape and ran his finger nails down Castro's naked well-formed chest and watched his boyfriend's face change to a subtle expression of lust not quite witnessed before.

The Puritan continued his task of removing his suit by standing up and stepping out of it, revealing a tight pair of woven netted boxer briefs Adam had requested made for him. The lining of his thick erect 7 inch dick could clearly be seen pressing against the gappy material and the sight caused Adam to lick his lips unconsciously.

"How long is forty heshtons again, baby?"

"Well its about-"

"Never mind, its enough," he interrupted, mesmerised by the total perfection just one foot away.

Castro climbed back onto the bed and started to kiss a waiting and wanting, Adam. Adam wrapped his legs round his boyfriend's as if trying to get as much of their flesh to touch as possible.

"I really want you inside me," Adam whispered, before nibbling on Castro ear.

He pushed Castro on to his back before straddling him… running his hands up and down his chest and tummy area. Castro closed his eyes and took in the beautiful soft feeling of Adam's digits all over his skin. Adam then began to play with the curly hairs that led down from his belly button to his pubic region before reaching in to his underwear and pulling out Castro's thick straight length of meat, now glistening with rich clear precum.

He sat forward so Castro's dick was behind him and leant down, starting to lick the fresh scented recesses of his boyfriend's armpits. Castro moaned quietly, arching his hips and a pushing out his peachy chin until Adam was ready for what he had requested. He took a large gob of spit and smothered Castro's hard cock in it before nudging himself back and upwards getting ready for his eagerly awaited impalement.

As the human slowly sat down on his cock, the Puritan's eyes jarred open, followed by his mouth. Adam took this an expression of pure pleasure, turning him on even more. He continued to lower himself down until Castro balls were the only thing not inside him and Adam reached round, rolling them in his fingers causing Castro's dick to twitch and harden even more for a brief moment.

"C-c-can you not move for a moment, please?" Castro asked.

"Really, already?" Adam replied, winking. We haven't even got to the main event yet, but I forgive you since this is all new to you, you horny bastard!" Castro smiled, but concentration soon came back to his face as he was trying desperately not to unload in Adam's tight ass.

The boys locked eyes as Adam very slowly began to lift himself up before equally slowly gliding back down again. He reached round and felt Castro inside him feeling a cock that was as hard as a brick, while always keeping his eyes on Castro's to make sure he wasn't pushing him over the edge. Castro's breathing started to increase in force and his face was becoming red and flushed. Adam made a mental note of that image wanting to use it if ever there was a solo moment he came across. Moments later the young Puritan moved his hands so they were now gripping Adam's hips.

"That's my boy, you work me," he said in a slow seductive voice.

Adam was enjoying teaching Castro the basics and found his inexperience an added turn on. He knew that he would have to do most of the work in the meantime but looked forward even more to the fact that one day Castro would know exactly what to do and EXACTLY what buttons to press to get him going.

Adam began to gather speed and Castro began to form sweat on his brow. His face was now bright red, his whole body trembling and shaking. His lips were pursed tightly together and his eyes were squinting… and Adam was riding him loving every little detail on his face, as their dilated pupils remained locked on eachother.

"Working hard to keep that load in?" Adam teased, twisting his hand round and pulling at Castro loose nuts again.

"I can't… I can't hold it any longer."

"Then don't, let it go… cum for me."

Castro's head rose off the bed and his mouth opened wide. He seemed briefly rigid, tense and silent but then suddenly, letting out a loud high pitched grow, he dumped the entire contents of his ball sack deep inside the recesses of his new lover's bowels, complete with a final thrust that Adam felt was momentarily painful, causing him to yelp. Adam, now fully aware of a Puritan orgasm length, continued to ride him hard, still feeling the gush of thick spunk erupting from his boyfriend. Castro banged his head down on the bed four or five times letting out screams of ecstasy, his body quivering violently, his fists clenched, as he tried to push more and more of his dick inside Adam. Adam meanwhile was now at a furious pace, not so unlike being on a bucking bronco until moments later his own trip to nirvana started and he jetted out 6 or 7 ropes of hot white cum onto Castro's neck, cheeks and nose while crying out grunts of his own. Adam, now coming down from his own climax had to somehow try and carry on as Castro was STILL in the throes of his, until finally, gradually and exhaustingly Castro's thrusts became more measured and his head dropped down on the bed for the last time, his staring eyes wide at the ceiling of the room, utterly spent.

Adam leaned forward and gave his lover a passionate kiss. One which Castro delayed joining in with as he was so zoned out from his first fuck.

"Good?" Adam asked, leaning on his palms and grinning like a Cheshire car.

"I… I have never felt… yes it was good!" Castro replied, exhausted.

"You know, seeing how much you Puritans cum, I am actually scared to let you slip out of me."

"I apologise we produce excess, Adam."

Adam laughed and with a slurp let Castro's flaccid cock fall from his ass. He felt full and knew it was ALL down to the amount of juice up him so ran to the bathroom facilities just off to the side of their large spacious quarters before a rush of air and spunk jetted from his colon, making a rather comical sound

"Oooooh, I think I'm pregnant," Adam cried, jokingly.

Castro frowned. "That is biologically impossible," he called back. Moments later there was a buzz on the intercom door.

"Hmm just in time then," Adam said to himself knowing it would be Relshek. He got off the toilet and walked over to a panel on the wall and pressed the crescent shaped button.

"Adam, is that you?" Relshek asked.

"Yep, you wanna talk now?"

"Yes I'll be up to your quarters in ten heshtons."

"Cool, I'll get dressed then."

There was a brief silence. "I shall not ask why you are not already,"

"Nah, I wouldn't," Adam suggested, now grinning.

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