by Westcliff Writer

Chapter 17

It was high moon on Purity and Sage was flossing his teeth in the washing area of his spherical apartment when there was a bleep. Opening hatch he went out and demisted his front door seeing Relshek standing outside. Sage opened it up and stood silent, an expectant look on his face. Relshek peered at his naked torso before looking up at his eyes.

"You have a piece of white string stuck to your chest."

Sage glanced down and flicked it off.

"You came all the way over here to tell me that?"

"May I come in?"

"I guess, what do you want?"

Relshek walked in and made his way to the centre of Sage's apartment before turning round so he was facing him just as the boy was just closing the door.

"Sage, Adam appears to be upset tonight, and after asking Castro why, it appears you have been trying to take advantage of his new companion from what I can work out."

"I was messing around that's all, and what has it got to do with you anyway?"

"Your friend will shortly be taking part in a medical procedure as you know. The arrival of Castro was supposed to have a calming effect on him and yet it appears this has not been the case after your… messing around."

"You still didn't answer the question," Sage replied, staring Relshek down.

"You puzzle me Sage of Earth, why do you wish to create problems for your best friend?"

"I don't, this has got nothing to do with him, nor has the way I feel about him and his new toy. It's about being here. I don't belong here; you just said it when stating my name… Sage of Earth. I'm bored, I have no friends, nothing to do, I mean, what is my purpose here apart from Adam?"

"You are alive on this planet because Adam requested we didn't terminate you. Your purpose past this fact is a mystery to me." Relshek replied matter of fact.

"Look, let's cut to the chase, you don't like me and I don't like you so what are we going to do about that?"

"Firstly Sage, as I have mentioned before, my emotions towards you are very much concern and frustration, not dislike. However, you are right, you do not belong here and we have nothing to offer you."

"Well thank you for finally adding some clarification on that. Believe me I'd rather not be stuck on this burning rock as much as you don't want me here, so tell me how I can change that."

"That is why I am here, I want to offer you a return journey home."

"Well that's a turn up, I'll let Adam know, and I'll bet he'll want to go too." Sage replied, his eyes lighting up.

"Sage, the trip is for you and you only. Adam will remain here."

"Uh, I don't think so. Once I tell him there is a chance to go back to earth he will be packed and ready before you can say do the zip up."

"Sage you are being offered this trip back to earth on the proviso you do not interfere with Adam's destiny nor try to convince him to go back."

"And if I don't go with the deal?"

"Then you will remain here and live your life in a place you clearly do not wish to be."

Sage folded his arms and paced the room for a while with Relshek following him around with his eyes. The decision was tough because Sage knew that if he was just able to convince Adam enough, he would turn his back on the Puritans and go. But then if he did, the trip would be off anyway and he'd be back to square one.

Sage stopped and looked at Relshek who had not moved. "Why do you insist on keeping him prisoner here?"

"Sage, Adam is not our prisoner, however we do require something from him but that does not mean he is trapped here."

"Then why can he not return with me?"

Relshek walked over and sat down on one of Sage's soft furnishings and took off his white gloves. "If you recall Sage, Adam was a very unwell boy who was only months away from dying. As a volunteer at the Salvation Army during my reconnaissance of Adam I witnessed first-hand the quality of life he was experiencing. He was cold, hungry and very underweight. He had no family and his only friend in the world was you who I understand used him as a sexual pet. Although we do not ask that he thanks us, we do assume his life here is better from that of the one he had. So in answer to your question, I think it is Adam who chooses to remain here rather than anything we have pressured him into like you seem so often to presume."

"Ok, well if all that is true then why is the deal that I don't ask him to return with me? Are you afraid he'll say yes?"

"Fear is not an emotion I would use to describe this situation Sage. All I would ask is that you do not try and influence his destiny."

"So I go home and he stays, what if I start telling everyone you exist, what then? After all, you were going to terminate me because you said the risk of me remaining on Earth and talking would be too dangerous to your people. You seemed to have changed your mind now huh?"

"If you return to Earth, Sage, you will remember nothing of your visit to us. On the home world we are able to administer a procedure to erase your memories… something we did not have the facilities to do on the Trandor or the Pod back on earth."

"So you're gonna fry my brain and dump me back in Heidgate not remembering where I came from?"

"At first your memory will be hazy and you will not remember much apart from your name and immediate surroundings. As time goes on this will improve and you will be remembering all that you did in the past, apart from your visit here. We will remove those memory cells by performing a scan of your thalamus. It is a painless procedure and you won't even know you have undertaken it."

Sage shook his head. "You people have this all worked out don't you! How long was you planning this little visit to try and whisk me off quietly back to earth like a zombie, huh? How long?"

"Sage, your tone suggests a content suspicion we are lying or plotting against you. This is not, and has never been the case. I have recently discussed your situation with the High Council and even put forward that I thought it was wrong to hold you here if you didn't wish to be. My intentions are purely one of practical necessity. However, my care and first priority is Adam and I will do whatever is needed to keep him safe and emotionally well."

"You would rather I go though right?"

"I think you would agree you have not fitted in on the planet as well as hoped so if you wish me to speak the truth I do think it is the best option for you and for Adam if you were to leave for earth."

Sage sighed. "So when would I go?"

"I would need to make final enquires but Space Operations has a ship that is leaving the Purity system in about four days' time and will be passing within three light years of the Sol system. If permission is granted I would ask that that ship make a detour to get you home."

"And what about Adam?"


"Yeah, like do I get to tell him or are you just gonna let him wake up one day and find out I've gone?"

"Sage, keeping your trip home to earth was never meant to be a secret. All I have asked… as part of Purity spending the recourses to get you there… is that you do not try and use your close friendship with Adam to try and influence him."

Sage walked over to his rear door and gazed outside seeing the bright lights of the construction teams still making repairs all over the local area.

"Would you leave now please," he asked, continuing to look outside. "I need to think about this."

"As you wish, Sage. Please contact me when you have made your decision. Oh, and Sage… remember our arrangement and the fact you have just under 4 days to decide."

Sage grunted and Relshek took it as a sign he had understood. Leaving him by the door, he got up and left through the front. Seeing Relshek had gone in the reflection, Sage punched the glass of the door with his fist and screamed.

Back in Adam's apartment Castro got up from the seating area after playing with the multicom and walked over to the table where Adam was eating.

Adam looked up and smiled.

"You ok, bored with that thing?"

"My mind was overcome with the desire to ask you why you eat so much?"

Adam chuckled and looked into Castro's big brown eyes that were deep-set giving them such a hypnotic power. "I always wonder why your kind doesn't eat at all."

"We do consume food Adam, just once every two decadons."

Adam leant back in his chair and grinned. "So baby, what do you think is stranger, why I eat so much or why you don't eat that often?"

Castro tilted his head which made Adam melt it was such a cute look. "I cannot decide." Casto's response made Adam bust out laughing and he got up, wrapping his arms round the Puritan boy's waist before squeezing his bum.

"You know you are so cute I just wanna eat you!"

Castro drew back in horror. "Really?"

"Oh baby relax, it's an earth term of affection. What I mean is you are very good looking, I don't actually want to eat you."

"This pleases me as I think the act would be quite painful."

"Well don't worry, my intentions are quite peaceful Castro my little stud!"

"Would you be offended if I undressed for sleep, I am feeling quite tired."

"Sure babe, and please, how many times do I have to tell you, you don't have to ask permission for anything."

"Thank you, Adam. I must try and think of a pet name for you."

Adam raised a brow. "A pet name?"

"You call me baby yes?"

"Oh, I see… yeah."

Castro grinned and walked over to Adam kissing him on the lips. "I will perhaps dream one up in my sleep. I will leave you to finish eating and prepare for sleep as I will be leaving at first light for Life schooling."

"Go for it, I'll be there soon. Oh and Castro?"

"Yes Adam?"

"Make sure when you get into bed you don't leave any clothes on." Adam winked.

"If I am reading you correctly, is this an indication that you wish to procreate?"

"Not exactly, but I do want to explore that beautiful body in its entirety seeing as those silly clothes have got in the way up to now."

"I will remove all garments and lie naked ready for when you come for sleep."

"It's come to bed, Castro."


"It's not come for sleep, it's come to bed."

"Ahh, I see. Ok well I will see you when you… come to bed."

"Atta boy."

Castro walked off to use the washing area. He splashed his face with water before placing his head in the teeth cleaning contraption. Within minutes the task was done and he made his way out, patting over to the bed.

As he begun to unbutton his body suit Adam slowly lowed his fork onto the plate and immediately became mesmerised with the action of his new boyfriend across the room. With the buttons undone Castro dropped his left shoulder out of the garment to reveal a well-defined arm. The same arm Adam had designed with Relshek. It was toned, smooth and blemish free just like the other one which was now visible. Castro lowered the suite down to his waist wearing it rather like a racing driver would after a hot race… the arms dangling down, but unlike the racing driver, Castro was wearing nothing on his torso giving Adam the perfect view of his compact tight upper body.

"Fuck!" Adam whispered, squeezing his kneecap, as his boy stretched causing several body muscles to flex and contort in the light. Adam had purposely left out a six pack telling Relshek he didn't want one of those over muscled pricks, but what he did do was make his stomach tight, flat and with a style at the bottom which made it look like his legs slotted into his waist. Upon viewing the real thing Adam was convinced he had made the right choices because Castro was in his eyes, simply perfect.

The Puritan boy turned round and was now giving a staring Adam a full on frontal view of his whole naked body. Adam's appetite was fast being replaced with a lust that made him want to dive out of his seat and lick Castro's olive skin all over.

"Adam, you appear to be staring at my penis, is it ok?"

Adam quickly looked up dragging his eyes to Castro's face. "Uh, sorry… yeah, your cock is amazing, that's why I was staring. Adam couldn't help but dip his eyes again to look at the flaccid member hanging between his baby's legs. It was connected to two beautiful low hanging nuts that swung slightly whenever Castro moved. Relshek had done a very good job with his instructions and given Castro some of the loosest and low hanging big balls Adam had ever seen in real life or in a porno, he thought.

He cast his eyes down a little further homing in on Castro's legs which were well defined and covered in a thick layer of curly dark brown hair making them look super sexy in his eyes. Moments later the cute Puritan turned round to pull back the white soft sheet he would be sleeping under revealing a butt that really DID need the word bubble attached. Adam focused on it relentlessly while he had the chance seeing it was TOTALLY smooth with not one strand of hair. It oozed sex appeal as the blemish free body part sat down on the bed and Castro swung his legs in before finally pulling the sheet over his tight chest.

"Well thanks babe, that short little display has sealed the fact I will cum in under a minute if we do anything sexually tonight.

Castro smiled. "Due to the fact you will not allow me to wear my mask I too feel that my seed will not remain in my testicals for an extended period.

Adam sniggered. "You really know how to make a sexy sentence sound scientific, you guys must be hard wired to think Science eh?"

Castro's smile faded. "I am sorry Adam, please feel free to teach me different ways of expressing myself. If we are to be together I would like to learn about your planet and its ways."

Adam got up and walked over to their bed and sat on the edge. "Castro, unlike here peoples personality differences are much wider on Earth. Also this is not just about you getting used to me, it's about me getting used to the way you word things. I can only pass on to you what I act like and say. Some earth people you really don't want to know about. On Purity there is order and things seem straight forward and uniform. People on Earth they… well they just don't all act like me or even similar."

"I think I understand, but I do intend to make it my priority to try and understand some of your less straightforward words."

"Please do… hey maybe one night after life school we could use the multicom and I'll show you my planet and some of the stuff on it? Adam suggested, placing his hand on Castro's inner thigh, stroking it softly.

Adam eyed his new companion curiously as his face started to look strained causing his markings to crease slightly. He began breathing hard as if short of breath and his legs started to quiver. Adam immediately looked concerned, letting his mouth drop open a little.

"Baby, are you ok?"

"Um, would… would you mind not stroking my… rrrruuuumpghh." Castro jolted his hips up off the bed before quickly ripping off the sheet.

Adam watched in awe as rope after rope of thick Puritan semen pulsed from Castro's penis and onto his stomach and chest drenching it. Unlike a human climax that stopped after a few squirts, Castro's head slammed back onto the pillow as he yelped out, his face turning bright red as boy juice continued to flood out of his throbbing Puritan dick! Adam ran to the bathroom and grabbed a body towel returning seconds later to start mopping up the cum that was now running down both sides of Castro's stomach. With the ejaculate now subsiding but the orgasm seeming to continue Adam just looked on in wonder and excitement as Castro's body tightened up while wave after wave of pleasure was clearly ripping through him. He whimpered loudly as it continued, his fists clenched and his butt squeezing tight enough to crack a walnut. Adam looked between his legs and saw that the muscle between is ass and nuts was still pulsating furiously, but there was nothing left to pump out.

Nonetheless his contractions continued.

Adam was starting to realise that a Puritan orgasm was one intense ride as even after the act of cumming had stopped, his climax continued on, just as intense as at the beginning. It was now approaching close to a full minute Adam was sure, and still Castro seemed totally in the grip of an extended stay in nirvana.

Adam's own dick was throbbing with excitement as he wondered whether to just crack one off over Castro's already soaked body or wait until he calmed down. Finally after almost 90 seconds, it looked like Castro's shattering sexual event was nearing a close as he seemed able to focus his eyes back on Adam looking totally relaxed, yet completely drained.

"You ok?" Adam asked, smiling from cheek to cheek.

"That… was… unexpected," Castro replied, still panting furiously.

"But did it feel good?"

"I just had my first sexual climax yes?"

Adam cracked up laughing for a moment. "You sure did and fucking hell I have never seen so much cum in my entire life!"


"Let's just say, what you put out in that awesome display would take me about twenty five sessions to do."

"I see. I would like to say sorry for such a premature climax Adam, I have not been wearing my mask and it has been having a building effect on me for some time now."

"Why didn't you say?"

"Because I understand that for a human the mask must seem odd compared to the way you look so I assumed you would prefer if it remained removed."

"Yeah but I don't want you to feel sexually pent up, I know as male how frustrating that can feel and god, you must have it really bad with your raging hormones so Relshek tells me?"

"It is true that the feelings I was having today were starting to inflict a powerful sensation throughout my body but I found if I focused hard enough I could control it."

Adam shook his head. "Seriously though, that must have felt fucking amazing, I thought you were going to start levitating… and that pool of spunk you produced… WOW!"

"Would you like to ejaculate yourself?"

"I think tonight yeah, I'll just get it over with and we'll have a proper snuggle time soon. It won't be as intense as yours though… in fact I know I am going to make this look boring."

Castro sat up in bed and wiped himself over with the now saturated body towel. "May I watch?"

"Hmm, into voyeurism are you? Haha, yeah sure."

Adam pulled his white bottoms down revealing his leaking 7 inch straight dick. Running his fingers over its throbbing deep purple head he lubed it up before gripping the shaft and starting to stroke. Castro seemed fascinated with this action and began again to touch himself. Adam meanwhile could already feel this was not going to be a drawn out process and started to breathe heavily before quickly jetting out 6 healthy spurts of boy juice all over Castro's legs. He jolted several times as his penis became sensitive before flicking what was left on the end off into Castro's groin.

"Hmm, you did not produce much seed I note?" Castro remarked, as Adam opened his eyes now back from his trip to pleasure land.

"Baby, for me? That was a healthy load, one of my biggest it felt. But you're right, compared to you Puritans it probably looked pretty lame judging by what I witnessed you do. Anyway C'mon, let's get in the sonic shower and I'll clean you."

"That would be nice."

Brandon was slouched on a beanbag. Conversation in full swing about his findings on the internet and the artefact he had been shown. Only this time he was not at Fred's, he was bending the ear of his friend Sam who happened to be doing an Astronomy degree at the local university.

"Wait wait wait, slow down and back up a bit, so this Fred guy, did he actually see these aliens?" Sam asked, swinging in his computer chair as music played in the background.

"He said he's seen them but only said it once and I don't know if he was drunk or having a senior moment, but he believes it."

"Sounds like bull to me. He reminds me of those people who go on TV and say they've seen stuff just to get on screen and make a few pounds."

"Yeah Sam, I would agree with you straight away, but this Fred guy, he ain't made a penny and hasn't even shown anyone this lump of metal he showed me."

"Look Bran, don't take this the wrong way, but, do you think you might wanna believe all this stuff because Adam is missing and it feels like it's an explanation to what's happened to him? I mean, don't get me wrong, with what I study at Uni, hell we are all into stuff like aliens and life on other worlds, but pal, nothing has ever been seen let alone proven and this Fred guy just sounds like he has an overactive mind."

Brandon lay back in the beanbag and blew air through his lips before sitting back up again. "I've called the hospitals, searched missing persons, spoken to the police… who don't wanna know because he chose to be homeless and I've even tried contacting a few of his old friends."

"And?" Sam asked, leaning forward and resting his elbows upon his knees.

"And nothing! It's like he has vanished off the face of the earth, if you pardon the pun."

Sam waved his humour away, smiling. "Want a beer?"

"Sure, why not."

The slim boy got up from his computer chair and wiped his blond locks away from his eyes and left the room. Brandon meanwhile placed his hands behind his head and started to daydream about finding Adam.

Brandon could hear Sam coming back up the stairs of his parents' house. He usually stayed on campus but his mother had insisted he come back for a proper meal. Not that Brandon minded as Sam's parents place was nearer than the Uni.

With the sound of clinking bottles now imminent, he got up and held his hand out ready to accept it as soon as Sam appeared again.

"I was thinking downstairs that no news is always good news so they say."

"Yeah Sam, but sometimes I wish he would just get in contact with me just to let me know he is fine. I know it's horrible but each day that goes by I wonder if he is rotting away in some ditch somewhere. I have these visions of him trapped and not being able to get help."

"He's a tough lad Adam, very resilient I'm sure he has just moved on or something."

"Shame things ended like they did for us but as my parents said, it was either them or him and I selfishly needed a roof over my head. If I had been the age I am now back then I would have told them to stick it and lived rough with Adam if I had to."

"You did what you thought was right at the time."

"Yeah and destroyed the trust and friendship my brother had in me, good choice huh?"

"Did it ever bother you that he was gay?"

Brandon looked up at Sam, frowning. "No of course not! True, I never understood it because I was not brought up TO understand it, but I never saw him as anyone else. He was Adam before and Adam after. Jesus, please don't think I caused any of this, it was all my parents, they're bigots sometimes."

"Haha, all the time you mean," Sam sniggered.

Brandon smiled shyly. "Yeah, guess you're right. So anyway, what do you think I should do?"

"About Adam?"

"Well yeah, but more about the alien encounter."

"If you wanna keep your sanity I'd stay away from the silly old fool, hes just feeding you his fantasies, for all you know he could have had that thing made in a workshop."

"Arrrgh, but Sam if only you met him you would see what I mean, he's just too genuine and stupid to be making it all up."

"You say this guy worked for secret services?"


"Then don't be fooled about him acting stupid, he's a lot smarter than he's letting on. I can tell you GCHQ does not give jobs to stupid people, let alone keep them for forty years."

"Which brings me to the question again, what if he is telling me the truth."

Sam dropped his shoulders and looked at Brandon seriously. "You really wanna find out if this is worth pursuing?"

"You have a plan?" Brandon asked, suddenly excited.

"Look, I can't promise anything but…"


"If you can get that artefact to me I'll take it to Uni and show it to a couple of Professors I know. One is a geologist and the other a meteorologist who is also a keen advocate of the premise we are not alone in the universe. Maybe one of those can take a look at it and see if it was made here or came from… somewhere else shall we say."


"But Brandon, don't get your hopes up, it might just be a stupid piece of metal that just happens to look like something special."

"Oh no Sam, you wait until you see it. Just gotta find a way to persuade Fred to let me borrow it now, and so far he hasn't been keen"

"That part I will leave to you."

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