by Westcliff Writer

Chapter 13

Relshek had now been in the booth with Adam for a little over 2 hours explaining how the various systems worked when designing his Puritan. At the centre of the workstation was a ball that was sunk into the unit. Relshek rested his palm on it and showed Adam how, when he moved it, different things would happen depending on which part of the body was being designed. Adam was excited and asked many questions which Relshek was quick to answer.

"I will now bring an exact replica of your Puritan onto the screen. Due to the power of our computing systems you should not be able to tell the difference between this and the real thing, Adam, so you can be confident whatever you do here will show on your new boy."

"Wow, this is like playing God!" Adam blurted before his demeanour changed somewhat, thinking about the gravity of what he had just announced.

"Are you ok?" Relshek asked, lowering his head to look at his face.

"Yeah, I'm fine, lets carry on."

"Very good. Ok so I am now going to bring up your boy on the screen and we will begin to design him."

Adam's palms were sweaty from the anticipation. He felt strange doing this but also overwhelmed with excitement and wonderment. Relshek pressed on a few buttons and moments later a figure appeared on the ultra-high definition screen. Adam felt like he wanted reach in and touch it such was the clarity and realness, but he chose to sit and be patient while Relshek got the person in an upright angle.

"Where would you like to start?"

"What do you mean?"

"What would you like to design first?"

"Oh, Jesus I don't know, I feel like Victor Frankenstein here… uh, ok um…" Adam rubbed his hands down his white shiny trousers trying to control his odd feelings.

"May I make a suggestion?"

"Sure, I think I need that!"

"Why don't you start at one end?"


"Yes, would you like to start with face or feet?"

Adam ran his fingers down his face before looking up at the featureless being."

"Uh… ok, let's do feet first."

"Ok, so on the panel here you can select feet and then use the ball here to design them. Since you do not understand the panel's symbols, if you just tell me which part of the body you would like to work on I will select it for you."

Relshek, pressed a button and rolled the ball forward. The image on the screen zoomed in so it was filled with just the creature's feet and Adam smiled.

"So am I to assume I can give him big feet small feet and stuff like that?"

"Exactly, Adam, anything you want within reason, but remember the feet must be big enough to support the body and I'll assume you will want everything to be in proportion otherwise it would look a little strange."

Adam pulled off his white silver sneaker like shoes and revealed his own foot. "Make it like mine, but a little bigger." Adam said, hauling his leg up and resting his foot on the workstation. Relshek studied it for a moment before interacting with the panel of buttons.

Adam looked at the screen in awe as in front of his eyes human looking feet began to take shape on the screen. Every detail was being added even down to the nails which Puritans had anyway. Relshek stopped after a while and looked at Adam.

"What do you think?"

Adam got up stroked his chin. "Make the big toe a little smaller, I hate big toes." Relshek complied and slimmed down one of the digits until Adam was satisfied.

Next they moved on to the ankles and legs, designing the knees and calves. Adam gave very detailed instructions on how he wanted them to be and Relshek was doing his best to keep up.

"Make the ankles a little fatter and slim down the calves, I want strong looking legs, but not too fat at the back… and can you reduce the knee bone down a little more, it looks like its slightly protruding."

"Of course Adam, just a moment."

Relshek played around with the wheel until Adam said…

"Stop, that's perfect!"

Relshek then moved onto the midsection which was void of any detail including the lack of genitals Adam noticed again.

"Okeeeey!" He said, rubbing his hands together. "I want a twenty five inch penis with big hanging balls!" Adam creased up and fell back in his seat holding his stomach. Relshek on the other hand did not seem to get what was so funny.

"Adam, that size genitalia would be outside the parameters of a Puritan body, it cannot be done."

"I'm joking Christian! Jeez, you really need to brush up on humour!"

"I am a scientist, Adam; we have no need for humour! "Adam looked up at Relshek and winced before Relshek himself started to laugh. "So, tell me where to begin with the midsection and chest."

"Ok, well I want his penis to be…hmm, say seven inches... oh and make it straight all the way from top to bottom."

"You have very precise requests for this area Adam, I am curious; does the penis size and structure hold great importance to humans?"

Adam thought for a moment. "As a gay person Christian, who enjoys anal sex, yes it's important I get the right size… I'm assuming this being will be able to… well you know?"

"I have researched your procreation habits, Adam, both Heterosexually and Homosexually, and the answer is yes, your post design Puritan will be able to satisfy you sexually. But may I ask why you have chosen this particular length?"

Adam blushed a little, but such was the seriousness in Reshek's tone, it took the edge off the embarrassment. "Uh, well Sage's penis is seven inches and perfectly straight. I um… I like the way he feels inside me so didn't really want to change that, plus any bigger would be painful for me."

"I see, Well I shall create this penis then, please assist me in the detail."

"Sure!" Adam replied, excitement in his voice.

A few minutes later the penis had been completed and Adam got up from his seat to get a closer look. "The testicals look a little small, can I have those a bit bigger… oh and can you make the scrotum skin a little looser, I like low hangers," Adam said, jovially.

Relshek did as requested and a few minutes later Adam agreed it looked awesome.

"Can I ask a silly question?"

"Silly?" Relshek repeated.

"Yeah, um… this is kinda embarrassing but will he shoot or dribble?"

"I'm sorry, Adam, I don't understand."

Adam rolled his eyes and looked at Relshek, trying his hardest not to die of shame. "I MEAN when he ejaculates… cums, will it shoot out of him or ooze out?"

"Oh, I understand you I think. What would you prefer?"

Adam coughed. "I like shooters!"

"That is fine, I can strengthen up the muscle responsible for his contractions, would this be satisfactory?"

"Uh, yeah, I believe it would." Adam replied, Relieved the conversation on that topic had come to a close.

Relshek did as requested, not that Adam noticed any difference, yet to experience the display. Next he zoomed in on the Puritan's stomach and upper torso, something Adam had a clear Idea about.

"I want him strong… like a warrior, but not too tall… say around my height. I want him to save me if I'm in trouble and I want him to be toned, but not too muscly… you know, like a football player."

"This is an Earth sport as I understand it? I am sorry Adam, I am not versed in footballer's attributes. Please give me the diameter of the chest."

"Fuck, I don't know, just make him fit looking!"

"Fit, as in plenty of stamina?"

Again Adam rolled his eyes. "I thought you were here to help… no I mean fit as in good looking."

"Adam, what you find attractive I may not, since this will be your companion might I suggest that it is YOU who should be helping ME?"

"Ok just make him like Max Whitlock, that will do me any day of the week!" Adam started laughing much to the confusion of Relshek who didn't have a clue who he was talking about.

"This person you mention, If you describe each part of his upper body to me I will try and get a close match."

"Christian, I was kinda joking… but, ok!"

Relshek worked for the next hour on making the boy's upper torso just as Adam wanted it before moving round to the next prize part… the ass. This was to be Adam's masterpiece as he directed the ball himself being helped along by Relshek.

With the peachy bum complete Adam chose beautiful dark brown eyes and made them deep set before slightly adjusting the sockets to make them ever so slightly narrow.

Brandon had been locked up in his room for the past hour trying to dig out more information on the Fred guy from Heidgate but he was not having much luck. He did however get the feeling the interview the old man had given to the newspaper may not have been all in his mind. This left Brandon to wonder about how much of it could possibly have been real.

Wolfing down his evening meal he once again set off for Heidgate to see if he could find the old fool and question him, telling his parents he was going to a friend's house.

"I'm not gonna get sucked in… I'm not gonna get sucked in!" he repeated for most of the journey, until finally turning into the abandoned street. His first stop was going to be the play area he had sat in previously. Brandon felt that asking someone from this god-forsaken place was going to be a last resort, but knew it could be a possibility seeing as most people knew him and that might be the only way to find him.

Upping his speed to a brisk walk be turned into the grassy area and sat on the same swing he'd found before. It was dark, cold and eerie, with Heidgate feeling especially desolate tonight. Passing the rows of old houses and abandoned shops just moments ago he had noticed that there were no burning barrels of wood, no drugged up or drunk men… no Tasty Tina. It just seemed too quiet.

Brandon looked up into the sky searching for the moon but it was nowhere to be seen. Either buried behind clouds or in a new phase. Either way, the absence of the white sphere made him shiver with negative feelings. He closed his eyes and tried to gather himself.

"I knew you'd be back!"

The sound of old Fred's voice snapped Brandon back to the present and his eyes blinked open. He pulled out his phone and turned its flash light on and sure enough, walking towards him was the silhouette of the man he recently met wearing a sheepskin coat and corduroy trousers.

"I was hoping you'd come, but how the hell did you know I would be here… like now, tonight?"

With the flashlight held squarely at the old man's face, Brandon watched as he lifted his hand up and pointed off up to his left.

"There." Fred said.

"What am I supposed to be looking at?"

"The window boy, don't you see it?" Brandon craned his neck before settling it back on the man again.

"I see lots of windows… what about them?"

"That one on the corner is my kitchen window, just up there," he pointed again. "I normally sit there and read my books. Gives me a great view down to the park here, wouldn't you say?"

"So you just sit up there and spy on people like some old perv?"

"Actually since it's the middle of winter and night time, no one mad enough apart from you really sits down here."

Brandon tried hard to think of an answer back but gave up, deciding to stay quiet instead. "Look, for the record I still think you are completely bonkers, but-"

"So bonkers you felt the need to come out in this weather to talk to me. Well anyway, since you think that, I'm goona get back in the warm, take care kid."

"Wait… wait, don't go! Look, you're right, I'm here, so tell me everything you know and I promise to keep an open mind."

"Boy, I don't care if you keep an open mind or not, I know what I know and have seen what I seen. What you think of me or what I say really don't concern me."

"Again, you're right, I was disrespectful, but you gotta see it from my point of view, yes?"

"Are you coming in or what?" Fred asked, walking away.

"What? Oh… I guess."

"Bring the cheeks up higher; I want him to have a nice smile… I mean, you guys do smile right?" Relshek just looked at Adam and didn't say anything. "Oh, and I don't want a curved bridge on the nose, can you get rid of that… I want him to have a straight nose."

"How is that?"

"Yeah… maybe a little…STOP! Yeah that's nice."

"Ok, Adam, anything else?"

"Can you turn him to the side?"

"One moment."

"Hmm, there is an ever so slight overbite… can you bring his chin out slightly, and make it a little wider."

Relshek worked quickly over the station pressing buttons and rolling the ball in every direction. The new boy was almost complete with Adam now making very minor tweaks to his new person.

"Are you happy?"

"Give me a sec!" Adam replied, staring hard at the boy before him. "Now you have done his chin his neck looks a little puny, can you make it a little more stronger looking, but keep the shoulders as they are. I wanna see if it looks ok."

Relshek did as commanded and stepped back for a moment. "Is that alright?"

"Fuck I don't know, I mean, yeah, it looks beautiful, but what if I change my mind?"

"You can't, Adam, this is not a toy, this is a person!"

"I was asking myself more than you I think. Christian, he looks perfect, no more changes, I've decided."

"Ok now all that is left is the hair and skin tone."

"Cool, now that I know… I want olive skin and jet black hair… make him complete!"

"Would you like it short so it can be styled later or a pre chosen length?"

"Keep it short so I can make him a super model!" Adam laughed.

"Ok, how is this?" Relshek asked, giving the boy a short back and sides with a touch more length on top.


"Good, now where else would you like hair to grow."

"Oooh, ooohh… give him real hairy legs… I think a lot of hair on those strong legs would look really cool… and sexy of course!"

"This much?" Relshek dusted the boy's legs in a layer of black straight hair."

"Make the hair curl slightly."


"Yeah perfect, that's fine. Now I don't want any hair round his anal area but I want a rich trail that goes from his belly button to his penis… oh and make him hairy around his genitals, the more the better!"

"Is this ok?"

"Yes, yes, yes!"

Adam took 3 paces back and looked at his creation. His eyes travelled from head to toe slowly, taking in every contour of the magical view before him. He was impressed, not with himself but with how awesome this planet was starting to become for him.

"Now Adam, listen, you need to be aware of some things."


"You'll notice I have not been able to change the ears or the markings on the boy's head, these are hard wired into a Puritan and cannot be removed."

"Removed? Are you kidding me, this guy's markings make him super cool and give him attitude! As for the ears, meh, they're hardly noticeable." Adam replied, once again looking hard at the boy on the screen.

"Well, I am pleased you approve. There are other things you should know."

"Hmm, why do I feel uneasy with the way you just said that?"

"I do not know, Adam, I meant not to scare you."

"Tell me what these things are then."

"I know you are excited about what you have created, but your creation stops at the physical, Adam. What I mean by that is, you will not be able to control him or treat him like your property. He will grow with his own free will and will make his own decisions. In other words this is not a robot as much as you might view it as one."

"Christian please! I know what he is, he's a boy."

"Yes Adam, a real boy with a beating heart and blood in his veins."

"Why are you telling me this? It's not like I have given you the impression that I am going to mistreat him."

"From my research of your planet, Adam, I-"

"Oh here we go!"

"I have seen certain examples of how one person can treat another."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Such as the way some men on your planet treat the weaker sex, and how some people-"

"You mean females, right? If you do then don't let a woman hear you call them the weaker sex." Adam started to chuckle.

"I have also seen how in your history how one group of people will use others to do things for them against their will. This is not the purpose of this boy Adam."

"Christian, firstly I am not from Nazi Germany… I'll explain who they are another time, but seriously, I have no intention of doing anything like that to Castro!"


"Yeah, that is what I am going to name him… Castro!"

"Hmm, how very… human!"

"Maybe… so when will he be ready?"

"Once I activate the design process it will take around 3 days to complete. He will then need to undergo a series of tests to ensure there are no defects internally. We will also test his motor functions before assessing him for release."

"Will um… will he have to wear a mask?"

"He will be fitted with his first immediately after leaving his incubator. The reason for this is it will be his sixteenth birthday soon which is the time he will reach full sexual maturity. But, because you are a non-Puritan, he will not need to wear the mask in your company as long as you are alone."

"Yeah why is that?"

"Because his desire is only too much when in contact with one of his own. You may have noticed I was able to take my mask of in front of you?"

"Yeah I did"

"This is because although there is an urge there, it is controllable because I am in the company of a human and not a Puritan."

"So it's kind of like two magnets?"

"I'm sorry I don't follow."

"Well if you put two magnets together they have a very strong attraction, but put one magnet next to something non magnetic and nothing happens, right?"

"A crude analogy, Adam, but yes this is essentially correct."

"So he's always got to wear his mask when out on his own or with another Puritan?"

"Yes he will."

"Great, I'm gonna be with someone who'll be unfaithful the first chance they get if he forgets to put it on around someone of his own kind."

"That will never happen, Adam. He will be trained soon after consciousness that the mask is the way of life. For the first earth year he will be on an intensive schooling program to enable him to learn the basics of life."

"A year? Is that all. How is he supposed to learn all that in a year."

"Trust me Adam, he will, it is in our makeup."

"Great! Horny and over intelligent!"

"Cup of tea?"

"Huh… oh, no thanks," Brandon replied to Fred while lost in a sea of old photographs on the man's lounge wall.

"Well, take a seat, you're making the place look untidy standing there like a statue."

"Are these all of you?"

"Most, thats me on the old Britannia steam ship, nineteen fifty four."

"I don't see any aliens here." Brandon said, wearing a wry smile.

"If you're gonna poke fun lad, best you be off, I've got nothing to prove to you!"

"Relax, I was kidding. So tell me what you know."

The old man tutted and hobbled over to his single armchair and fell into it. Brandon looked round the rest of the room which seemed to be stuck in a mixture of different decades; the only thing modern it seemed was the television.

"There are two things I know and one I suspect, how about I start like that?"

"Ok, so what are they?"

"Firstly I know beings not of this earth have been here. Second I know beings not of this earth killed those three men I saw in the news. Lastly, I suspect that they… whoever THEY are, have your brother."

Brandon shook his head, scepticism washing through him. "It's Fred right?"

"How do you know?"

"Tony told me… Look Fred, I am sitting here listening to you say that so calmly like you really believe it but to me it… its sounds, I dunno…"


"Well yeah!"

"Lad let me tell you something, back in the fifties people used to think ever going to the moon in real life was ridiculous and yet we went."

"But that's different, going to the moon, as much as it sounded silly in the fifties, was still done by humans… things that we know exist. Like, we know humans exist because we are them and we know the moon exists because we can see it. Going to the moon seemed impossible because of the technological barriers at the time."

"You fell right into my trap there son!" Fred chuckled.

"What trap?"

"You said it was impossible because of the technological barriers, right?"

"I did."

"So who is to say that these beings from another world don't now have the means to come to earth. Like we didn't have the means to visit the moon on the fifties, we did in sixty nine. What if, now time has moved on, these people have the means to travel here?

"But it's impossible, space is too big, how would they get here?"

"Space seems too big because you are thinking about it from a human perspective. Beings coming to visit us seems impossible because you are thinking about it from a human perspective. Boy, open your mind… humans are not at the top of the space race, in fact I'm betting we are pretty far down the pecking order. What I'm saying is you need to think that somewhere out there is a civilisation that has the technology to do things we can only dream about."

"And you really believe they exist?"

"Yes! Now whether you wish to make fun of that is up to you, but let me be clear, boy. I have no reason to deceive you. I have said you can leave any time you wish if you choose not to believe me. I have nothing to gain financially for my views from you or anyone else, AND, I am not going crazy despite what others around here might think. So the choice is yours, you can stay and listen to what I have, or you can leave with no hard feelings and we'll say no more about it."

Brandon pulled his knees up and got comfortable before sighing.

"Ok, tell me what you have."

"What I HAVE is a good question, lad!"

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