Puppy For Sale

by Westcliff Writer

Chapter 23 - Explosions of the Third Kind

I watched as Steven jumped from his bed and started searching our room, for what, I didn't know. I just lay there wondering what he had in store for me, but right now, I didn't care, because this was the best we had gotten on since I arrived, and it was just a relief he was being almost nice to me.

"What are you looking for?" I asked, as he paced from end to end of our room.

"So for this experiment, Jensen, we are first going to need a locked door, this is something you do NOT want mum and dad to see you doing, so do you wanna get that first?"

I shrugged and got out of bed, flicking the catch on the door.

"What now?"

"Now we need a large towel, cos I am guessing this is gonna be real messy."

"A towel? Jesus, what is this all about?"

"You'll see."

"Steven, is this gonna hurt?"

Steven laughed. Jensen dude, pain is not a word I would use to describe what you are gonna feel on your first time of doing this."

"Ok, well there is a towel in my bottom drawer."

"Good, take it out," Steven demanded. "I was thinking we might need a bucket for your first go, but I'm fresh out of those," he muttered, taking the towel from my hands.

He let the towel fall out of its folded position, and lay it out flat on the floor. "I got a glimpse that you were not circumcised so you won't need lube, but, I'm gonna give you some for that extra pleasure."

"Circum… sorry you lost me again."

"Never mind," Steven said, pulling a bottle of clear liquid from under his bed. "Ok, we are good to go."

"Are we? I don't have a clue what to do."

"Ok here's the thing, this might take you out of your comfort zone, and what I'm gonna ask you to do is probably gonna seem weird, but trust me, you need to learn how to do this otherwise mum is gonna be washing your stiff sheets until you move out, and trust me, trying to look her in the eye after she changes your bed is real hard for a few days."

I sighed. "Fine, what do I have to do?" I asked. Steven came up behind me and grabbed hold of my hips, manoeuvring me, so I was now at the head of the laid out towel. He then stepped to the side and got onto his bed.

"Ok, first thing, take off your boxers."

"What?! No!" I said, almost choking.

Steven sighed as if I was declining a perfectly normal request. "Jensen, I have seen it all now, you might as well, and besides, what did I tell you, this will be out of your comfort zone, but just go with it, I promise it will be worth it."

"But what's the towel for, I don't understand."

"Just trust me on that part, it's to save the carpet from your… spillage, shall we say.

"Fuck, am I gonna bleed or something?"

"No of course not… look, just take off your boxers and trust me here."

I blew air through my clamped shut lips and looked at the ceiling, slipping my underwear down to my ankles. I thought that if I weren't looking at my dick, then somehow Steven couldn't see it either. I know, it was a stupid conclusion.

"Ok, so now what?" I asked, turning to look at him.

"Now you get hard."


"Do I have to explain everything in minute detail… yes, get hard… get your dick hard."

"Erm, that's kinda difficult with you watching."

Steven shook his head. "Here, watch some of this, it should help," he said, putting on a movie using his PC. My thoughts were suddenly taken back to that flick, Brokeback Mountain, only this time there was a man and woman on the screen and they were fully NAKED!

I watched the monitor as Steven had suggested, seeing a man put his penis inside a woman rather vigorously. It seemed to do the trick because a few minutes later, I had completely forgotten about Steven being in the room with me and had become mesmerised by what I was watching.

Soon enough my flaccid penis was now rock hard, something Steven took delight in reminding me, snapping me from my concentration.

"That has got to be at least… fucking hell I don't even wanna guess. Jensen, you are built like a fucking horse man!"

"Just shut up and tell me what I am supposed to do… now… well, now I am like this," I said, feeling heat rush to my face.

"Take it in your hand."

"My dick?"

"No your elbow… of course your dick stupid." I did as he instructed letting my erect penis rest in the palm of my hand.

"Not like that, you got to grip it, Jensen. Here, I'll show you." Steven got up from his bed and took hold of my hand and wrapped it around my erect penis. It was strangely uncomfortable having him so close to my nakedness, but at the same time it was hugely and surprisingly erotic.

I felt confused.

"Now, take some of this lube and pour some round the head… the end."

"Ok," I replied, taking the bottle from his hand and squeezing some on to the end of my dick.

"Good, now start a rhythm, pulling your hand back and then going the other way… as if you were shaking the ketchup bottle… but perhaps not as rough as that." Steven sniggered.

I tried doing what he said, but my coordination was just all over the place. After a few seconds it was like I was mixing a cake with a spoon. Moments later I heard a tutting from Steven.

"No, no, you're doing it all wrong. Look, hang on." Steven took hold of my hand in his, squeezed, and started to work my dick. Then he bent my elbow for me a little making the rhythm feel less forced. He then kicked the back of my knees a few times with his feet causing me to bend them a little. After that he nodded and went back to sit on the bed, while I carried on watching the movie on his screen.

Within a few seconds the slight adjustments he had made were immediately noticeable. I began feeling a strange tingling sensation in the head of my penis that I had never felt before, it was a fucking nice feeling. I looked over at Steven and he smiled as if to give me encouragement. I wanted to go faster as the pleasure level increased but didn't dare in case it ruined my rhythm. All I knew was, whatever Steven had shown me was definitely on my list of repeatable things to do.

"So how long do I do this for?" I asked, half panting and my legs quivering.

Steven gave an almost evil grin. "You'll see, just keep going," he said.

"I was now starting to feel intense waves of pleasure pulse through me and my whole body started to shake. My breathing was getting… strange, and I wondered how long this awesome feeling could last. At that moment Steven jumped up and stood behind me, clamping his hands on my shoulders.

"Why are you doing that," I asked, trying not to take my mind off the rhythm I had going.

"Don't worry about why I am doing this, just keep going, it will become clear at the end." I wondered if Steven knew something that I didn't, even though I was the one taking part. Then I realised… the only way he would know about all this stuff, was if he had been through it already.

"Now Jensen, at some point, a load of stuff is gonna come out of your dick… it's not gonna be piss or blood so I don't want you to freak out when it does ok?"

I almost wanted to freak out just because he told me not to freak out, but instead I just nodded "O… ok… I… under… stand," I struggled to get out, puffing like crazy.

Something then seemed to change. I could feel a dull spasm working its way through at the base of my dick. It was getting more and more intense, and in turn my body, especially my knees began to tremble like hell. Then, without warning, two things happened to me… the latter of which I will never forget. Firstly, as if sensing something in me, Steven took one hand off my shoulder and slapped it hard over my mouth, and the second, my whole body lurched forward as string after string of this gloopy stuff Steven had mentioned came flying out of my dick. An intense earthquake of pleasure ripped through my body as I literally vibrated in ecstasy. The reason for Steven's hand over my mouth now became apparent as a loud scream escaped my mouth, thankfully muffled. A few more ropes of liquid came out before I suddenly felt limp. I let out a few quiet moans as a total and pure sense of relief and satisfaction flowed through my being.

Steven took his hand away from my mouth and wrapped it round my chest before carefully guiding me to his bed, letting me stiffly collapse onto it. Still breathing heavily, I watched him sit down next to me, before placing his hand on my shoulder again, giving it two taps.

"The boy did well," he said, producing a small chuckle. "So how was it?"

"What… the… fuck… was THAT?!"

"That my friend was your very first orgasm, congratulations. Do you have anything you wish to say?"


"And that is?"

"I am most certainly FUCKING DOING THAT AGAIN!"

Steven creased up laughing, rolling around on his bed, while I lay there like a quivering wreck trying to take in what had just happened to me.

"That's what jacking off is, I'm glad you enjoyed it," he said, getting up from his bed and inspecting the damage. "That stuff that came out is called cum, and boy did you hurl some."

I got up and looked to see what he was inspecting. Far from it all going on the towel, I had actually sprayed his PC monitor, chair and desk with my juice, and really the only thing the towel was useful for was the last few drips. Steven didn't seem to care though; it was almost as if he was a proud teacher that had taken me through my first experience.

Now that I had come down from… whatever it was that hit me I felt a strange sense of guilt… almost embarrassment. I tried to pick up some sort of vibe from Steven that he might feel the same, but he just seemed to take it in his stride.

Now I was getting to know him a little better there seemed to be something about him, something I found both grossly obnoxious, but very appealing. When I had first arrived here and met Steven, the pinnacle of everything I hated about him was his attitude, but now, the more time I spent with him, it was his attitude that I found strangely attractive. I almost started to feel I liked him… and because?

Because he didn't give a shit… about anything!

As we both lay in our separate beds a feeling of calm descended over me. The gentle hue of Steven's lamp gave our bedroom a relaxed feel as the now silent household slept in the darkness outside.

Steven was awake and playing some game on his phone. As per usual he lay there bare chested with only a pair of track pants covering his lower body, his large, well-shaped, bare feet, twitched now and again caused by whatever was happening on his screen.

I lay on my side trying to concentrate on my own phone, but finding more and more time was being taken up by looking over at him. I didn't understand what was captivating me so much. It seemed to be beyond my capabilities to put whatever that feeling was into some kind of category. Was it awe, attraction, respect, envy? One thing was for sure, I admired him for his carefree nature. Sure he had been grumpy with me, nasty, aggressive, RUDE and damn right fucking horrible, but now… now he was something being something different towards me.

Was it accepting perhaps?

While my big shiny new experience of tonight had involved one of my most private parts, somehow things didn't seem awkward between us, and for that we both, yes BOTH, had Steven to thank for that I felt. Once it had happened he just acted like normal. The subject didn't feel off limits, nevertheless we didn't discuss it. I had had many episodes where something awkward had happened between Cindy and I… no, not sexually of course, but still awkward, and sometimes we would go days avoiding the topic, or sometimes each other. But this thing I did with Steven's guidance? It just felt like he had taught me something I needed to know. It was like he had let me in on a secret everyone but me knew about. I got the feeling the way he saw it, that it was as natural as teaching me to work my new phone.

"Not tired?" he asked, leaning his head in my direction.

"Just thinking, that's all," I replied, quietly.

Steven sniggered. "About your first Jizz session?"

"No… well yeah, but not just that."

"Well what then?"

"Just how you have changed towards me, in such a short time."

Steven sighed, placing his phone down on the floor and turning on his side to face me. "I hate upheaval Jensen, you gotta realise you coming here was tough for me, and I still think you're a prick."

"I probably am, I know."

"You know, if you want to earn my respect dude, you've really got to start standing up to me more. And that starts by not agreeing with me when I put you down."

"Is that the key to your personality?"


"You were horrible to me because I was nice to you."

"If you want it at its most basic terms, yeah I guess that is part of it." He admitted.

"And the rest?"

"Well, let's be honest here, you are quite fucking weird aren't you. I dunno what went on in that crazy ass place you lived at but they fucking dumbed down your mind until it was fucked."

"I was treated very well there actually," I said, becoming mildly defensive. It was more the words he used that hurt… words like weird, crazy and fucked. I guess Greenstone was responsible for that in some way, but what choice did I have… what choice did they have?

"It was what you said actually… you know, that made me think maybe I was being too much of an ass towards you."

"What I said?"

"Yeah, last night when you threw a hissy fit at me and start reeling off all that shit that happened to you."

"Oh that, yeah well, it's all true and some of it still pretty raw."

"Yeah," was all he said, but his face thoughtful looking. "So did you ever have a girlfriend in the kid prison?"

"No, I was the oldest child there. But you may have heard about Cindy… she was my best friend… still is as far as I know. She's my only friend actually."

"And you and her never…"

"No, we didn't Steven, we weren't like that."

"Fuck man, a nice girl my age in confinement together? I would have fucked Cindy all over the place until she screamed.

Steven had just finished that sentence when a switch flicked inside my head. Pure unadulterated rage was injected into my bloodstream and I flew out of bed clamping my hands round his neck.

"Don't you EVER talk about her that way again or I will cut your fucking throat with a knife!" I spat aggressively, spraying his face with saliva from my contorting mouth. "Do you fucking understand me?!"

Steven's eyes were bulging out as he managed a petrified nod. "Jensen, I…I can't breathe!" he wheezed out. I felt like I was in a trance, just locked there in pure anger at him until a choking sound coming from his mouth snapped me out of my zone.

I let go and brought my hands up to my mouth. "Fuck, what did I do, fuck what did I do?" I whispered to myself.

Steven dove up coughing and spluttering, his breathing loud and wheezy as he placed his own hands round his neck as if to aid himself.

I staggered backwards until the back of my legs hit my bed and I fell to a sitting position, still holding my open mouth. Steven just stared at me as he got his breath back.

"Well say something, do something… hit me, anything just don't stare at me like that." I said, a panicked tone in my voice

"Why, because it looks like I'm staring at a fucking crazy person?!"

"I'm sorry, I don't know why I got so angry, I didn't do that."

"Didn't do… what the fuck are you on about? Of course you did it, I have the fucking marks to prove it!"

"I mean that's not me, I wouldn't do those things."

"So what, are you saying the voices in your head told you to do it?" he hissed.

"Here, let me see," I said, getting up and walking over to him. Steven backed up like a scared rabbit.

"You stay the fuck away from me, you… you fucking weirdo."

"Steven, I'm sorry, please…"

"You could have strangled me, you fucktard!"

"Are you going to tell your mum and dad?" I asked, my lips starting to tremble.

Steven seemed to soften for a moment. "No, they'll probably just say I provoked you seeing as you seem to be the blue eyed boy at the moment, and I'm scum."

"Look, I just freaked out because of what you said about Cindy, you don't understand what we have been through… what she has been through. Her parents threw her out on to the street when she was a little girl. They actually threw her out on to a cold street Steven, no food, no warm clothes… nothing. They sold their house and flew off to Brazil leaving her all alone. Can you imagine, I mean can you actually imagine that?"

"I didn't know, maybe I should have thought, but I aint fucking apologising, I don't apologise for anyone… especially people who flip out and try to strangle me… oh, and then throw in the line they are going to kill me!"

"I didn't say that!"

"What the… are you for real, how can you stand there and say that to me, when I was the one who you said it to?"

"I didn't say that, I would never say that."

"Jensen, you said it!"

I took a defeated seat on the end of Steven's bed and tried to think. Did I really say I was going to kill him? I thought.

"I am going to see my doctor tomorrow," I announced, immediately wondering why I said it.

"I think you fucking need to, you really are not right in the head… now you are forgetting things."

I pulled my knees up to my chin and hugged them with my arms before burying my head within. Emotions of the sad kind gripped me as I wondered if I was slipping back to something frightening again. I had felt pretty good these last few days and now… now this.

I gently wept, not caring if Steven thought I was a wimp, it was just how I felt and I couldn't stop it. I had got so angry, said some awful things and not knew how I got to that stage. Dealing with flash moods as Doctor Listern called them was bad enough, but the ones that are so bad I blanked them out were the scariest because for a split second you are not in control. I mean, how can you be when you don't remember doing certain things.

I waited for a moment expecting Steven to scold me with some nasty comment or tell me to get away from him again. It was rejection I realised, that scared me more than anything. But instead of a harsh voice, or a shove coming my way, I felt a warm hand on my shoulder gently pulling me.

As I let myself be moved, I found myself being shifted towards Steven, until my head was nestled against his chest. With his arm wrapped round me I gently cried, feeling the faint sound of his heartbeat against my ear. He stroked my hair soothing me, and whether it was the moment I was in, or just for the lack of anything else to say I uttered the final words I remember.



"I think I'm attracted to you."

"I know."

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