The Only Way to Fly

by DJ

Chapter 11

Suddenly shy, we nuzzled each other, getting used to each other's scent, the feel of each other's body where we touched, skin to skin, warmth to warmth. We explored each other's backs, and I gloried in the neatness of Billy's muscles, still boyish but well toned from long usage of the drumsticks. I loved the feel of his hair against my cheek, so fine and silky. His hands were gentle against my back as he stroked me, feather-light in their search. Breaking away for a moment he leaned over to switch on a CD player on the bedside cabinet on his side of the bed. Soft music filled the air, and I lay back against the pillows so he could turn and stretch out with me, and then I rolled him onto his back and gazed down into his eyes, reading the sudden message in them, " You won't hurt me will you? "

"As if I would ever hurt you," I breathed as I lowered my mouth to cover his, and he welcomed me, putting his arms round my neck in full submission as Jeffrey Osborne sang "On The Wings Of Love" I guessed Osborne was right, it was the only way to fly. As we kissed, I pulled the sheet away till both of us were naked, and raising my head I looked down the length of him, savouring the clean lines of his torso and the young penis sprouting from a gossamer web of silky black hair, and growing even as I looked. I'd been told to take things slowly but I couldn't wait. I showered him with kisses from his neck to his groin, cupping his young scrotum in one gentle hand as I licked up his penis till I reached the glans. There, I paused as I felt Billy shudder. I glanced up at him and found him lying, eyes closed, and beginning to gasp. I went back to kissing and licking his penis then moved my lips to the treasure in my hand, lifting it gently. I kissed it and licked it before resuming my exploration of his rapidly stiffening penis, relishing the answering shudder as I once again reached the glans. I had been told to tease him, so I stopped and looked up. One my side of the bed, the cabinet held several pots of the lotions Daley and the boys must have used on me.

I knelt up and chose one, opened it and put it to my nose. It smelled of honey and I remember the aroma from when Daley did something special to me. I scooped some out with a finger and put the pot back on the cabinet. I scooted down to where I could kneel between Billy's spread thighs, all the while knowing he was watching me with widening eyes. I started stroking his perineum, moving ever nearer his anus where, at last, I placed one finger against sphincter muscle, and began to probe gently. I went back to his penis and began the same procedure Daley had used on me, hoping I did half as well as him. Billy wasn't all that big and I found I was able to take all of him in my mouth. I guessed Billy had told Daley what he wanted and Daley had prepared Billy to expect all this. So much so, that, when I glanced up the length of him, I saw him breathing deeply and fighting to relax his muscles. I probed further and felt the sphincter give a little. I inserted another finger, heard him gasp, but felt no tension. I chanced a third finger and must have touched that special place at last, because I felt a change in his penis and I began to suck.

It was strange at first, not having done this before. Astonishingly, I felt his love hole relax completely and knew it was time to go further. Draping his legs over my shoulders, I eased myself closer till my thighs were under his buttocks, and then used the residue of the lotion to lubricate my own rapidly swelling shaft. Billy's eyes were wide as he watched me manoeuvre into position, and as I pressed myself against his hole, he reached out his arms to me, wanting me near, wanting me to carry on. Suddenly, I was afraid, my confidence deserting me, but I felt his legs tighten across my shoulders, pulling me forward, willing me to go on, wanting me inside him. I felt my penis sliding in as I leaned forward with his penis in one hand, till I could almost kiss him. It took a few minutes, inching in, bit by bit, and waiting for Billy to adjust to the intrusion. At last I was fully entrenched in a warm tunnel that gripped me tight; such a new and marvellous feeling, I almost cried. Billy reared up off the pillows to meet my lips as his hands clutched my head, tangling his fingers in my hair. It only took a few seconds for us to reach our peak, Billy coming first into my hand and then myself in a burning rush that knocked me silly. I ended up lying on Billy who gasped for air then I heard a whisper in my left ear, "I love you, Mags."

Surprised, I lifted my head to stare at him. Of course! Why not! It was his larynx that wasn't working, not his ability to use his mouth to form words. There were tears in his eyes and a smile on his face, and I covered that smile with endless kisses. "I love you too, Billy. Talk to me some more." I put my ear to his mouth and he whispered, " I've always wanted to talk to you, but I didn't know I could. I loved you from the moment I saw you. I just knew you were meant for me."

I nodded. "Daley told me about your premonitions. Do you have them often?" Billy shook his head then frowned and looked away. "What is it Billy?" He shook his head again, and the tender mood evaporated as we untangled ourselves. We used the tissues Daley had left on the cabinet to clean ourselves up then Billy lay down with his back to me. There was a duvet folded up on a nearby chair. I got off the bed, unfolded it and draped it over the bed. Sliding under it, I gathered Billy in my arms till he fitted snugly against me. "If you love me, we should have no secrets." I said. "If you've seen something bad I need to know about it. I have to if I'm going to help you." Billy shook his head again and I felt his shoulders begin to shake, and I realised he was crying. "Hey, come on babe, it can't be as bad as all that." I turned him to face me and gathered him in a loving embrace. He turned his face into my shoulder and I stroked his hair while he wept quietly. After a while the crying stopped and I raised his head with one finger under his chin; his eyes were closed, long thick eyelashes splayed against his smooth cheeks. His breathing had slowed and I realised he had fallen asleep. I held him in my arms for a long time, wanting to protect him from all his troubles whatever they were. The last thing I remember was kissing the top of his head and vowing to myself that no matter what happened in the future, I would be there for him; if only he would open up to me.

Morning came with bright winter sunshine filling the room. I reached out for Billy and found he wasn't there. The clock on my side of the bed showed the time to be eight thirty five, and I wondered why he was up so early. Then I remembered he was going back to school today, albeit reluctantly on his part. I raised my head and saw him standing by the wardrobe mirror, adjusting his school tie. He glanced at me through the mirror and gave me a quick smile. His signed, " Lazy hound. " Picking up a navy blue sweater from a chair by the wardrobe, he came to the bed and leaned over to give me a lingering kiss. Straightening up, he signed, "Have to go, Mags. As you can't drag yourself out of the pit in time, Daley has offered to drive me to school. See you later."

"Oh yeah! Leave me to face those nosy louts downstairs on my own? I thank you very much!"

With a cheeky grin he signed, "You're welcome," and backed away before I could grab him. After tapping his watch he waggled his fingers at me and hurried out of the room, leaving me to ponder on the kind of welcome I would have downstairs. Was this how newly-weds felt, meeting their family after their first night together? But they had each other's support; I was on my own. I found that, during my session with Daley, or perhaps before, someone had transferred my clothes and stuff into Billy's room. I dressed in a warm tracksuit and trainers, made the bed and went downstairs, making my way to the kitchen where I hoped to avoid too many funny remarks. Rob was there, cooking something at the stove. He glanced my way and nodded. "Do you want full English, laddie, or something lighter?"

"A bacon sandwich will do," I sat down at the table and helped myself to a mug of tea. Trilby came in and ruffled my hair as he passed me, and sat down at the end of the table. Rob put a plate of bacon in front of me and pointed to a pile of thick slices of bread. "If ye want toast you can make it y'self."

"Bread's fine," I said, and reached for some.

Trilby pushed the butter dish towards me, smiled and said quietly, "Welcome to the club."

I reddened, and kept my eyes firmly on my plate as I buttered my bread and made my sandwich. I had eaten half of it when Rob turned away from the stove with two plates of full English. Taking the chair opposite me he said, "There's somethin' botherin the wee laddie this mornin'." He stared at me as if I knew the answer. I shook my head at him and he went on, "Lost his temper and smashed a mug."

I shrugged my shoulders. "He was all right earlier on."

The guys left me alone, as if nothing special had happened, and I realised I had been worrying over nothing. In fact, they were more inclined to show their affection for each other in front of me instead of playing things down. Rob was the first to openly display his love for his partner, giving Todd a smacker on his cheek as he sat down beside the giant Scot. I knew they were doing this to lessen my feelings of embarrassment, and I appreciated it. After breakfast we got back to rehearsals, and spent the time nitpicking at the many problems we had found, mostly sound, till we were satisfied with our performance. We didn't notice the time passing till we heard the phone ringing. Daley dashed off to answer it while we took a break and I tuned up my tenor sax. When Daley came back we knew from the look on his face that something was wrong.

"That was the school secretary. Billy's in trouble and they're calling the police."

"What?" I almost dropped my sax. "Why, what's happened?"

"Billy attacked a teacher."

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