The Only Way to Fly

by DJ

Chapter 10

Using his bulk to shove Daley aside, Rob leaned over Billy, rolling his eyelids back and checking the pulse just under the left side of his jaw. "Och, dinna worry ye head laddie. He's no but having a wee fit. There's no ye can do aboot it till he comes oot of it. He'll no doot need the loo in a hurry, when he comes roond, then a wee drink o somethin'. Just water maybe." Relief flooded through me and I had to sit down on the bed.

As if on cue, Billy's eyes flickered open. He met Rob's hairy gaze and frowned. Rob chuckled and said, "Wondrin' how your lover grew whiskers so fast, laddie?" He gave Billy a quick kiss on the forehead then straightened up and winked at me. Billy sat up, gazing at us in confusion. Signalling to Daley he patted his stomach then mimed retching. Daley and I helped him off the bed and steered him, rubber legged, towards the en-suite bathroom opposite the bed. There wasn't much room in there and Billy waved Daley and me back and staggered in on his own, shutting the door on us. We listened to him retching, helpless to do anything till he opened the door and shuffle out, pale and frightened. He swayed and I scooped him up in my arms. Rob and Daley stripped the duvet and pillows off the bed and we laid Billy down on it. Trilby appeared at the door and said, "The doc's on his way."

Billy signed rapidly that he didn't need one, but Daley shook his head. "You're having one, sunshine, if only to put OUR minds at rest. Your dad might have coped with this kind of thing but we don't know one end of a fit from the other"

Billy signed, "Fit? What fit? I missed my tea, that's all. I always feel sick when I don't eat."

"A fit is what you just had, laddie," Rob said, "so dinna argue with Doctor Robbie. Now you just do as ye told and stay put till we have a wee word with the doctor." He turned to me and added, "Sit on him if ye have ta, but keep him here. I'll bring somethin up for him ta eat. Maybe some o' that soup we had f'r tea last neet." He grabbed the pillows and made Billy comfortable, and when Billy started to sign something, he pointed a warning finger at him. "Shut it - and stay put."

Billy's hands dropped to the bed and he pulled a face at Rob. The Scot aimed a punch at him and Billy closed his hands and moved his thumbs in small outward circles, his eyebrows raised, eyes looking up at the ceiling.

"I'll give ye "All right, okay" ya young sprat," Rob snapped, his eyes twinkling. To which Billy mouthed "Bully" and sat back with his arms folded defiantly across his chest.

"Oh, Aye," Rob retorted. "I'm that all right, an ye can think y'self lucky it'll not be me who's sittin on ye." Billy shrank back and trembled in mock fear, his eyes wide, then he grinned as Rob ruffled his hair. "Cheeky!"

Once Daley and Rob had left the room, prudently closing the door after them, I sat down on the bed and took hold of Billy's hand. "You gave me a fright, I can tell you. One minute we were getting...acquainted shall we say; the next you were out for the count."

"Oh yeah?" Billy's signed one handed. His eyes glittered up at me. "Getting acquainted were we?" He caught his lower lip between his teeth and raised his eyebrows.

I grinned at him. "I don't think I need to sit on you, do I?" I said, and landed a smacker on his lips. Immediately I felt his arms go round my neck, pulling me close, and he turned his head slightly to allow our mouths to fit together better; our time of bliss cut short by a knock on the door. Billy let me go and I sprang up, heat pushing up my face. Daley popped his head round the door jam, winked and pushed it wide open to admit a young man in a quilted car coat over a striped rugby shirt and track suit bottoms. A smear of mud on the side of his face indicated he had made a quick exit from whatever game he had been attending. I grinned and said, "What was the score?"

He grinned back and said, "Fifteen four to our side up to my being pulled away." He shook my hand. "I'm Doctor Finchly. Hi, Billy, if you've made me miss the best try of my life for nothing, I'll have your guts for garters. I need new ones anyway." He winked at me, excused himself and went into the bathroom. He came out a couple of minutes later wiping is face and hands on a towel. Then he got down to business with the contents of the medical bag Daley had carried in.

While he was examining his patient, I noticed Daley opening drawers and pulling clothes out. When he had a good armful he made for the door, and my curiosity got the better of me. "Going somewhere?" He paused to give me a look as if he thought I was really dumb, and walked out of the room. I followed him out and saw him walk into the room opposite; which happened to be Trilby's room, and kick the door shut.

I was dumb all right. I couldn't see a thing in front of me even if it had hit me on the nose. I knocked on Trilby's door and Trilby opened it, grinned and stepped back to let me in. Daley was putting his clothes in one of the dressers. He turned and stood with one hand on his hip, the other on the dresser top. "Well?"

I found I had a lump in my throat. I coughed to try and clear it. "I... er...need to talk... umm... in private." I glanced towards Trilby.

Trilby harrumphed at me. "There's nothing you can talk to Daley about that I don't know about, and a lot more too."

"Well..." My throat dried up completely and I stood there feeling foolish with my mouth working like a fish.

"It's about you and Billy?" Daley said, "I thought so; sit down and we'll talk."

I sat on a bedside chair while Trilby and Daley sat on the bed. I noticed how close they sat, how comfortable they were with each other. Daley said, "What is it you want to know, Mags?"

"Well...umm... everything."

"What do you mean everything?" There was no mirth in Trilby's eyes; he was deadly serious.

"Well, there are things I need to know; about what gays do, you know?"

Daley and Trilby glanced at each other than look at me with friendly sympathy. Daley said, "You mean you don't know anything?"

"Absolute zilch." I replied with a sheepish laugh. I felt my face go red, and I had to look down at my hands, I was so embarrassed.

"You want us to teach you, right?" Daley asked me. "I think we can sort something out. Let's get the doctor's visit over with and then we'll have a little chat with Billy, just Trilby and me. There is something we have to ask you though." I looked up at them, and Daley asked, "Mags, do you love Billy, or this is just curiosity to know what we get up to, an exploration into having sex with another male? A new experience shall we say?"

I looked into Daley's eyes and knew I couldn't lie. "I love him, Daley. I really do. I never thought this would ever happen to me but it has. I've already promised him I'll stay with him no matter what happens. But I just don't want to make a fool of myself and spoil things for him. I don't want to disappoint him: he's too precious to do that to him. Is it true, he's not had much experience either?"

Daley nodded. "That's why we have to talk to Billy."


"Because it would be easier if we knew what Billy likes; what he wants.


Daley shrugged his shoulders. "You're going to be his first, Mags. That's important. We'll be your teachers, and when it comes to the most important time, I promise, you'll know exactly what to do and how to do it. Agreed?"

"" My felt my blushes go up several degrees. "Can't you just tell me what to do or give me books to read?"

Trilby chuckled through his beard. "Every snowflake that falls is different and has its own unique pattern? We're all made different, and there aren't enough books to tell you what's right for you and Billy. At least let me and Daley show you the basics." Stunned, I nodded then left the room in a daze. It was really going to happen, and faster than I could have imagined, but I never thought I would agree to hands on tuition, because that was exactly what Daley and Trilby were offering. Being touched and have things done to me by these guys was not the way I had intended things to be. I had to think hard about this for a while.

I met Dr Finchly coming out of Billy's room and called Daley out, glad of something to take my mind off my own problems. The doctor said Billy was sleeping so we went down to the lounge where we found most of the band having a cup of tea, and we all listened intently to what the doctor had to say. "Billy normally has what is known as Petite Mal, a mild form of seizure. It's quite a common symptom with brain tumours. Some patients only have an absence from the world for a few seconds then carry on without knowing they have had a fit, and can be treated with drugs to stop the seizures. Others black out completely, like Billy did today, although he doesn't usually have such a strong one. I think today's was aggravated by all the tension of the last couple of weeks, and going through an MRI scan is no picnic. I had one myself last year when I took a crack on the head during a rugby match. The tube is small, only just big enough to take a human body and you have to lie very still for at least thirty to forty-five minutes. It was so claustrophobic I was climbing the wall by the time it was finished. I don't want to interfere with hospital's directives, so I won't prescribe anything stronger than the drugs he's taking at the moment. I prefer to hear what the treatment team say on Thursday. Just keep Billy occupied, and try to keep his mind off Thursday, but call me if you need anything or you have any further questions." He picked up his bag, nodded to Daley, and Rob showed him out.

When Rob came back, we made more tea and chatted quietly about nothing in particular, but I knew the guys were itching to talk about Billy. I was grateful that they didn't want to pump me with questions, and I settled in a corner of the lounge, with just my own thoughts for company. The evening meal was equally subdued. Billy had chosen to stay in his bedroom with Rob taking a tray up to him. We watched TV for a bit, and then most of the guys turned in for an early night. Daley asked me if I wouldn't mind washing the dishes while he and Trilby went and had their chat with Billy. I broke two mugs and almost swamped the kitchen floor before I finished; I was that strung out. I tidied up the lounge, brought in more logs and coal for the fire, and settled down to read the papers Mr Watson had brought us. That lasted five minutes before I tossed them aside. The TV was crap so I switched it off and decided to go upstairs for a shower.

On the landing I met Trilby, and just like a loving granddad would do to a child, he took me into the bathroom and introduced me to details of personal hygiene I never knew existed. Like a lamb to the slaughter, I submitted myself to him, even when he led me into Billy's bedroom where the bed had been draped with a silk sheet. He asked me if I wouldn't mind being blindfolded. When I asked the reason why, he just smiled and held out the blindfold. I thought it a ridiculously childish idea but, if this was something Billy wanted, then okay I'd go along with it. I looked round the room, expecting to see Billy but there was no sign of him. Once I was completely blind, I felt someone take me by the hand and lead me to the bed. Standing beside it, I felt gentle hands unbutton my shirt. Soon I was naked and hands gently pushed me down on the bed and laid me face down. Slowly, hands caressed me from my shoulders to the soles of my feet, using soothing lotions, and I found the sensations heightened by having the sense of sight removed from me. Contrary to my being embarrassed, I began to find the event rather pleasant and relaxing.

Fingertips travelled up the insides of my legs, moving in sensuous circles while others worked on the insides of my arms. I felt myself relaxing as I had never done before. I had visited gyms and massage parlours over the years, but only as muscle toning aids to keep my body in trim, but this touch was entirely new, as if I was being physically mesmerised. I hardly noticed when they turned me over and began the same process, touching and stroking me all over from neck to toes, and it was only when I felt my penis respond to all this attention that I realised that there were more than two pairs of hands. I tensed, and began to protest, but a very persuasive voice whispered in my ear, telling me to relax and enjoy. From that moment everything blended into a sensual episode of submission and response, including being penetrated for the first time ever and ending up with the mightiest orgasm I had ever experienced.

I roused to silence and semi darkness, and the first thing I noticed were the candles, lots of them dotted about the room. Then I became aware of Billy sitting cross-legged beside me. He gazed down at me, watching me with subdued interest. He had a silk sheet wrapped loosely round his body, reminding me of a photographer's model posing for the camera. I noticed his hair was damp, and he smelled faintly of a fragrant soap. I sat up slowly and gazed into his eyes. His face softened into a questioning smile. I looked down at myself and saw that I had been covered from the waist down by part of the sheet. Had he done that, I wondered? He sat facing the head of the bed and we only had to lean over a little for our lips to meet in a light kiss, then he melted against me and I held him in my arms, feeling the velvet softness of his skin.

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