by DJ

Chapter 7

Tadik stretched, and smiled at the feeling that he was the cat who had stolen, not just a saucer of cream but a whole gallon of it. He rolled over on his side and pillowed his head on D'vork's chest. D'vork's arm came round to hold him close, and with the fur tucked round his shoulders, he felt warm and comforted. After days of stress and heartache, he felt calm at last. More than two hours had passed since D'vork had enveloped Tadik's manhood with his mouth and, helped by a gently searching finger up his ass, the Gpuchkian had given him some of the best orgasms he had ever had. Three orgasms, one after the other, between the most tender of caresses that had left no part of his body untouched. During their lovemaking, D'vork had held him safe but helpless as a newborn baby, leaving him content to cling to him and moan and groan in wave upon wave of ecstasy. D'vork had asked for nothing in return. Later, Tadik pulled himself up till he could look down into D'vork's face. He said simply, "Thank you."

"What for?"

"For making me feel special; for giving me something to live for."

D'vork raised one hand to stroke Tadik's unruly hair back out of his eyes. "No thanks needed. You enjoyed what we did; that's the main thing." As he spoke, his other hand reached under Tadik to gently cup his genitals. "At least this part of your anatomy enjoyed it."

Tadik smiled as he felt his cheeks grow hot. "It sure did." He pressed into D'vork's exploring hand before he let his smile fade. "Did you really mean it? Do you really want me to be your companion and consort?"


"So what happens now?"

"Well now, a companion is considered a guest and has the run of the general corridors on this ship; I also have the privilege of inviting my companion to join me on the bridge when the ship is not at battle station alert. My companion lives in my quarters and shares my bed, as you are doing now."

"And what about being a consort?"

"Ah, that's a bit more complicated." D'vork pushed him away a little, and rolling him onto his back, he wrapped his arms round him in a fond embrace. He gazed down at Tadik for a moment before kissing him. Raising his head again, he said, "A consort is usually chosen by the wife and treated with great respect by the whole family. After something like a betrothal ceremony on Earth, there is a period of courtship before the joining ceremony in front of the clan chiefs, which in my case would be my parents. So, how would you like to partake of a little courting?"

"That would be great, but aren't you forgetting something?"


"Your wife isn't here to choose me."

D'vork lowered his head to hide is face from Tadik. He sighed deeply. "And my parents aren't here to betroth us. But -." He raised his head and grinned. "It won't be long before we're in contact with the nearest Gpuchkian satellite station on the fourth moon of Uranus."

Tadik's eyes widened. "You're kidding me! Uranus is eight and a half light years away from Earth."

"Ah, but you are thinking in terms of Terran space travel. We Gpuchkians have been travelling in space a lot longer than you Terrans have. We can reach Uranus in four months, using Quatral Jump, unless we run into any trouble, but we can be in contact with the satellite in about a week. I can have a response from my parents within two days."

"Meanwhile?" Tadik felt D'vork's body bear down on him as the Gpuchkian shifted his weight.

D'vork grinned, kissed him. "Meanwhile, we have some fun. But for now, it's time to sleep."

Tadik didn't like this at all. D'vork had not had any pleasure, and that wasn't fair. "What about you? You haven't had your enjoyment yet."

D'vork his head and kissed him again. "There are things you have to learn before I can do that. Inmahn will have to prepare your body sufficiently to allow penetration without pain. It will take a few days, but it will be worth the wait, I promise. Now let's get some sleep."

Tadik put his arms round D'vork's neck and pulled him down for another lingering kiss. "I'm not tired yet," he said hopefully, loving what the weight of the man was doing to him.

"But I am; I have a ship to run in the morning and you, my sexy young human, have some studying to do."

Tadik reached down to ruffle the fur between D'vork's shoulder blades, causing D'vork to close his eyes and purr softly. "Just one more time, Captain? Please?"

Ten minutes later, Tadik lay with his lover spooned against his back and D'vork's arms wrapped round him, his body still tingled from the last few minutes activity. He may have become, what the rest of the livestock would call a bed-boy for at least the next nine months, but he wasn't going to complain. Even if things didn't work out and he ended up in the slave mines, at least he had a lot of love and affection to look forward to from this huge hunk of Gpuchkian manhood. Tadik gave a sigh of contentment then smiled. Make that two gallons of cream.....

The following day, Sir Rayle contacted D'vork with good news. A few hours in Family Court with a sympathetic judge had resulted in the case against Tadik being quashed. The missing evidence and the incriminating phone-calls had been produced, and further police investigations revealed that Mrs. Versont and her currant husband had been scheming behind her first husband's back for years to get their hands on his money. Once they realised that Tadik's father had laid his own careful plans to outwit them, should anything happen to him, and had created the trust in Tadik's name, they had moved to get rid of Tadik as well. Tadik was now in the clear, and far as the court was concerned, he was a free man; and his mother and Franklin were on their way to a lengthy jail sentence. Unfortunately there was no evidence to link them to Mr. Versont's death at the hands of the pirates.

The news of Tadik's release spread round the ship and soon there was a request for him to visit the prisoners in the pen. D'vork expressed his displeasure, thinking the prisoners wanted revenge on him, but Tadik wanted to see for himself how they were being treated. "They may not like me but they're still humans. If they are not cared for, there won't be much point in taking them to the slave moons, as they won't be in any shape to work. Think about it D'vork; look after them and they'll be more willing to work."

D'vork smiled at him, and nodded. "I think you'll make a good ambassador some day. All right, I'll let you go and see what they want but on the understanding that you take a guard with you."

Tadik protested at first, but it was that or not go at all. D'vork was firm on this and there was nothing Tadik could do or say to change his mind. With four brutish guards who looked more like Orcs straight off the film set of the old classic film 'The Lord Of The Rings,' Tadik presented himself in A'bant's office. The guard captain showed him into a small interrogation room where two chairs and a desk had been placed. Only one prisoner at a time would be allowed out of the main pen to speak with him; Captain D'vork's orders. The first to be brought to him was one of the men who had tried to rape him. The man sat down in the second chair with two of Tadik's guards behind him, ready to spring into action if he made a move to harm Tadik. He sat with his eyes cast down till Tadik asked him his name.

A pair of dark eyes full of suffering looked up and stared defiantly into Tadik's. "I'm David Ogtobe. I've been delegated to speak on behalf of the other prisoners. We are pleased that you have won your case but wish to say a lot of us are also the victims of injustice. You think we were born to be criminals?"

"I don't think that at all," Tadik said quietly. "I know a lot of people fall through the cracks before they can be heard. Would you like to tell me your story?"

For the next fifteen minutes, Tadik listened to David's heartrending story of abuse from his father at an early age, and so learning about the wrong kind of sex; and being forced to become a street bully to survive while catching kids to feed his father's sexual appetite. David looked about fifty years of age and already grey at the temples, and Tadik was shocked to learn he was only thirty-two. His father and his three friends had turned him into a burnt out, drug addicted husk of a man by the time he plunged a knife into his father's chest while the man slept. Then he went to the warehouse used to keep the captive rent boys, and killed his father's friends too. The kids promised to stand as witnesses at his trial that he had rescued them, but the Child protection Agency whisked them away into hiding before they could say anything. "I found out, the day we left Earth," David said, "that another five prisoners are here for the same reasons; they defended some kids and got life sentences because there was no-one to speak for them." David shook his head sadly. "Why do you think they ship us out to the moons of Gpuchk? You can go through all twenty-eight prisoners and most of them are here under false pretences. Gpuchk is far enough away for people on Earth to forget about them, and often they are never heard of again. And when it's time for them to return and claim our innocence, something happens to the home-bound ship and that is the end of the story."

Tadik thought for a few minutes, wondering if his father had been bringing ex-prisoners back to Earth when his ship was attacked. "I'm sorry, David. I didn't know. I just thought I was an isolated case. I'll have a word with the captain and see what he can do. Meanwhile, do you have enough food?"

"Oh, yes." There was a note of sarcasm in David's voice. "I'll say that for the Gpuchkians, they certainly know how to keep their livestock well fed. You don't deliver a half starved slave to market and expect him to put in a full day's work." He gestured towards the fur cloak Tadik wore against the chilliness of the brig. "You seem to have done all right for yourself. Captain's pet, are we?" Tadik stiffened at this, and one of his guards stepped forward with a soft growl. David laughed. "I mean you no disrespect, lad. Get what you can any way you can, and you'll survive. Any chance you can get us warmer clothing of some sort? It's a might chilly down here."

Tadik rose to his feet and stuck out his right hand. "I'll see what I can do. I'll talk to the captain and come and see you later if I can." He turned towards the cell door, and then remembered something that had been nagging at him since his time in the pen. Turning back to David, he said, "Tell me something. Why did you and the other men try to rape me?"

David gazed up at him with eyes full of amusement. "We weren't attacking you; you weren't supposed to be there. Ajek Torm was our target."


"Because his ass is anybody's. He was well known for putting his body about in school, in jail, on the streets. People who know him, call him 'The Gang-bang Kid'. The bigger the gang the better he likes it. What we almost did to you, he would have wallowed in it. I knew something was wrong when you were brought in to the transit room at the jail. When I first saw you I thought, 'hey the kid's got a sugar daddy and got himself cleaned up.' You looked too clean and quiet. When the men grabbed you in the pen and you freaked out, I couldn't stop them. All I could do was to try and get to you first. I tried to protect you by making it look like I was fighting to be the first shot." He shook his head. "I don't know how I could have held them off if the captain hadn't broken things up."

Tadik nodded and held out his hand again. "Thanks for that, I appreciate what you tried to do." David shook his hand again and Tadik asked, "How do the other men feel now they know I'm not Ajek Torm?"

"Most of them are pretty cut up about what they almost did. They want to apologise to you in person."

Tadik nodded. "I'd like to give them the opportunity. Seeing them one at a time is going to take some time. I'll talk to the captain for permission to come into the pen if you can guarantee this isn't a ploy to jump me the minute I step in there."

"There'll be no need for you come into the pen; just stand at the bars and they'll talk to you."He woul

"Fine. I'll bring some paper and pens with me so you can all write your stories. Then I'll go through them with you." Satisfied, David let his guards take him back to the pen and Tadik went back to D'vork's quarters to talk to Inmahn first. Half an hour later, Tadik presented himself in front of the pen with Inmahn at his side. All pretence of an effeminate nature gone, the android proved himself a capable secretary, and the prisoners warmed to his helpful nature, making the job of gathering all the information about their misfortunes that must faster.

By the time D'vork came off duty, what he had thought to be a minor problem turned out to be a serious one, with Tadik quite prepared to fund Sir Rayle's involvement in getting all their cases reviewed. To Tadik's delight D'vork took the initiative in contacting his legal friend in London.

"Do they remember their case numbers?" was Sir Rayle's first question.

"All but three have remembered them." Tadik replied.

"In that case I can proceed. Give me the names of the three who don't remember their numbers and I'll try and find their case files. Scan and send me the papers that you have. We only have a few more hours before our antiquated Terran communications system makes our contact difficult. If I don't get back to you in time, please assure those men that I will do anything and everything to find the truth about what is happening. It could be this has been going on for some time, maybe years. When you get to Gpuchk, have your government check with the prisoners on your moons to see if any of them are in the same predicament; and by the way, congratulations, on the reversal of your conviction, Tadik. It's a pity you have to wait another eighteen months or so before you can reap the benefits."

"Thank you, Sir Rayle. It wouldn't have happened without your help." Tadik was sitting next to D'vork at the console. He slipped his hand into D'vork's and squeezed it. "And don't worry about me. I've got enough to keep me occupied while I wait." He gave D'vork a faint smile and got one back, which the wily Englishman picked up on. He raised one eyebrow and cleared his throat. "Yes, well, Inmahn did inform me of certain developments. Go easy on him, Captain. He's a midget compared to you, if you know what I mean."

"Don't worry, my friend. Inmahn will have him fully prepared. Don't forget I'm half human and know all about the human anatomy."

By this time, Tadik's face was a beetroot colour. As D'vork closed the contact, he turned to the captain and demanded an explanation. D'vork looked uncomfortable as he drew Tadik onto his lap. "As I explained to you last night, without some prior preparation, I would hurt you. So, for the next three days, you will stay in the medical wing with Inmahn."

"What for?"

D'vork moved him off his lap and stood up, and cleared his throat. "Inmahn, you explain everything. I'm going for a shower."

While Tadik cast a confused stared at D'vork's receding back, Inmahn sniffed and hissed one word, "Coward."

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