LGBT News Worldwide

Where is the news?

It's here and opens in a new tab

It's updated each day at or around noon, UK time. Thirty days of archive material are kept.

We provide an aggregation of a great deal of LGBT news, taken from global sources. A lot of it is hopeful, some is negative, and it's biased towards the countries where there is something going in in the LGBT news.

We try very hard not to be political when we edit the content, though most of the editing is automatic. What we do is remove things that ought not to be present, and highlight the things we feel are important. We chose the topics to include. The system does the rest.

Why do I have to click? It used to be here!

Until 8 March 2016 we were able to embed our LGBT news aggregation service here. It was great and looked great. That all changed when, the service provider, moved to a fee based model. Our ability to embed it vanished, literally at midnight.

The "paper" still exists, that's the good news. It's still updated daily, but you have to be on the service provider's site to read it. It's here and opens in a new tab. And, there at the foot of it, there's the ability to subscribe to receive it by email. That is entirely separate from our site's email subscription service, and is under the service provider's control.